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The Sacred Feminine


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Judicial Bastinado

I was early and new Mistress would not approve so I sat patiently on a bench in the nearby park waiting for my time to come with nervous apprehension. I was booked to receive my sentence of 200 strokes to each foot and knew I would receive each and every one of them. Finally the clock neared 11 and I set off nervously to the location I had been given.
I knocked on the door and waited nervously. After a few moments I heard boots slowly and purposefully coming towards the door and the door opened. "Enter" said miss Spiteful and I did so quickly and nervously trying to avert my gaze. Miss Spiteful was dressed in uniform and without further ado ordered me quickly upstairs which I did so fearing insubordination would lead to even further punishment. I was ordered to quickly strip and made to stand naked in the punishment room head bowed whilst miss spiteful examined me. Prodding and probing me with her staff I was made to feel the worthless wretch that I am or why else would I have been here to receive my deserved punishment. "Lay down anrms and feet outsretched" was the order shouted swiftly and sternly to which I immediately complied. "So you are here for a bastinado.....200 strokes.....well 200 strokes is what you shall receive and you will take every one without screaming or I shall repeat the stroke.....do you understand". "Yes" I replied nervously as Miss Spiteful bent down and grabbed my wrist. With my face on the cold hard tiled floor I did not dare turn my head but felt a leather shackle being fastened around my wrist and the clasp padlocked closed. I was feeling turned on at this point and could not help but feel myself getting aroused as I was shackled. My other hand was grabbed and a second cuff locked onto my wrist without any compassion or mercy. "Hand behind your back...NOW" ordered Miss Spiteful and I did so knowing that as soon as the cuffs were locked together my fate was sealed. Then a pump up gag was taken and roughly pushed into my mouth and pumped up before a blindfold was placed over my eyes. I was now helpless and laying on the cold hard floor of the punishment room wondering what was to happen next. "You will receive your punshment in batches of 10 strokes to each foot. I will use a vriety of implements and you will take each stroke quietly....understood". I nodded and grunted through the gag. I was now very nervous and Miss Spiteful clearly was not going to waste any breath on me but rather was going to ensure I received a long and painful punishment. Never before had I taken anywhere close to this number of strokes before and as this was to be a judicial punishment I knew that Miss Spiteful would not be stopping until she had reached the desired number of strokes. My fate was sealed.
Unable to see I felt my ankles pulled apart and locked into a long spreader bar that was clipped in the air and I my ankles began to be hoisted into the air. Helplessly I was laying on the floor with my feet dragged upwards, an ideal position to enable Miss Spiteful to apply the Bastinado to maximum effect. "Lay there and ponder your fate. Your punishment will begin in 1 minute". As I lay there I could see nothing and started to regret my insubordination. 200 strokes per foot was going to take a long time and I had no idea how hard the strokes would really be. "Thwack....thwack.....thwack....thwack.....thwack.....thwack....thwack....thwack.....thwack......THWACK" My god they hurt! The batch of 10 came down in a remorseless continuos tempo with no spoken words. Miss Spiteful was here to do a job and that job was to punish me. "now the other foot" and she proceeded to mercilessly beat the other foot in a similar fashion. "Hmmmmm 1 batch of 10 on each foot....only 19 more to go" said Miss Spiteful witha  sound of glee in her voice. The second batch swiftly followed on my now tenderised foot. There was no warm up and the batches of 10 came down in an even merciless tempo with little time to recove in-between. Just a small pause for Miss Spiteful to admire her handiwork and move on. Occassinally I would squirm and a stroke would land not to Miss Spitefuls satisfaction but she was little concerned and simply re-took the stroke with a little more force. I guess I was here to learn a lesson and my god was I learning a lesson. As we approached 100 I was begging forgiveness and pleading with Miss Spiteful to stop but there was to be no stopping. No remorse was shown as she was simply dishing out the punishment sentenced and of course I only had myself to blame. I was by now sweating profusely from the beating my feet were taking and Miss Spiteful was certainly not holding back. She was using a variety of implements on my feet and I could see none of them. All I knew was that some hurt far more than others and when a batch of 10 began with a painful implement my heart would sink.
After each foot had received 10 rounds (100 strokes each)I felt my legs being lowered. My heart raced. Miss Spiteful was not as bad as I had read and she had decided that 200 strokes would be too much and was letting me free. I felt a huge sigh of relief. "You will now have a brief rest....we are halfway through. Lay down on the floor you disgusting wretch". My heart sank...I was still strapped and laying on the floor. I was only halfway through my punishment and my feet were throbbing. I was made to feel worthless and pathetic which of course I was and my rest was to be brief. I could hear Miss Spiteful returning to the beating position and my ankles were again raised into the air with no remorse except this time a little higher. I was lifted slightly off the floor with my now enlarging penis just brushing on the floor. Miss Spiteful spotted this and firmly grabbed hold of my throbbing organ. "Hmmmm what have we here" as she stroked it several times. Wow that felt good. I was now beginning to feel good. "Shall we masturbate this thing" she said as she stroked my penis gently to my pleasure..."No she said" as she quickly let go sensing my pleasure from my pulsing body and quickly launched into another 10 strokes. By the end of the next 10 strokes my penis had shrunk to a lifeless limp being as my body was consumed by the pain. I was now begining to wonder if I would get to 200 per foot and was squirming and writhing as Miss Spitreful held my foot firm and applied each batch of 10. By now she had worked out which implement was the most painful on ym feet and not only did the temp increase but the finaly 6 batches per foot were applied with the most painful of her implements. She scoffed at my pain. "You wont be goign out in bare feet this summer my boy" she remarked, referring to the lovely blue hue appearing on the soles and sides of my feet where here Bastinado whip had wrapped around the edge of my foot. Finally the limit was reached, the final two batches being given very hard and with little pause. My feet were pounding as I felt my feet lowered to the floor and the shackles removed. "Stand" to which I did as quickly as I could but found standing quite difficult on my tender feet.
With the shackles removed I was ordered over to the punishment chair and I hobbled over, much to Miss Spiteful's amusement. Sat on the chair I was offered some water and allowed to replenish my fluids as I had lost rather a lot judging by the pool of sweat left on the tiled floor where my beating had taken place. Not knowing what was to happen next I was suddenly strapped naked into the punishment chair. By now I had a large erection which Miss Spiteful promptly attached electrodes to. Having enquired in an email discussion beforehand about how painful electrics were I was about to find out. Slowly and delicately she attached electrodes to my now erect member and carefully attached them to her electricval box. The feeling of electrics was wonderful like the best mastrubation job ever as it gently pulsed my cock and cock head. Without warning the power was upped drastically and I screamed. This was done several times. "You see boy my electrics are VERY painful......next time you will discover just HOW painful they can become but now I must take a semen sample". Removing the electrodes Miss Spiteful then proceeded to masturbate me swiftly and expertly to a shuddering climax shooting my load long and far. Boy what a session i cant wait for the next one where I have been told I will be masturbated at the BEGINNING!


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