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Kim had Her victim Jim Dawson on the floor of the Goose pub in Stratford east London in the deadly Neck Scissors. His neck was held in an unbreakable vice by Her booted legs. One of Her legs was around the front of his neck as She gripped his neck in Her steel like legs while on the other side he could feel Her boot heel hold him in a grip that was impossible to break as he begged and begged for mercy all to no avail. At the same time She moved Her legs up and down holding his head in the most terrible grip as She bounced it up and down on the floor with steady rhythmic moves and ignored his screams as his head hit the floor hard over and over again .The pain was now becoming unendurable as he was groaning with pain yelling at Her to stop Yet She was enjoying Herself too much particularly as She had a huge crowd staring at Her in awe and wonder forgetting all about the football match that was on the TV.

What was worse was that at the same time She was pulling his fingers right back  in her leather gloved hands as he screamed  longing for his terrible torment to stop.



‘Well Jim you really are getting what you deserve aren’t you and what’s more I’m totally humiliating you right in front of your mates. I’m really having a great time crushing your cranium You’re going to have to learn that when a foreign visitor arrives in your country you greet them properly. You do not disappear into the pub as if watching football is more important and your f—g ignorant wife whom I’m going to deal with later does not disappears to the bingo!’

‘What’s more you arsehole you do not let out a rottweiler dog to attack MeI know I beat him back easily but you do nor expect someone to stay in  your house and keep a dangerous dog there !Perhaps the Body Scissors will teach you a bit of sense!’

Withy that She changed Her position at once and then proceeded to wind Her mighty lefts right round his stomach until she could hear his ribs cracking as he once more pleaded to Her for mercy all to absolutely no avail The pain was so intense that he began to cry just like a little baby right in front of his mates.



‘Look at them bacon and eggs (legs) never seen nuffin’ like em in all me bleedin nelly duff (life)!’ shouted out one of the pub customers

‘They’re like f---g tree trunks what are they made of f—g steel?’ shouted another.

‘Es crying just like a kid oil fowt ‘e was a tough geezer!’

‘Pleas faw gowds sake luv oi didn’t know you was coming! ‘Jim shouted out as Her legs crushed into his ribs.

She turned round and with another move had his neck in the Calf Scissors as he yelled out in pain screaming once  more as he felt that every single bone in his bone was about to be broken


‘What do you f----g mean I told you on several occasions what time I was coming! The truth is you’re more interested in watching West Ham play than anything else in the world!’


‘What’s even worse is that you let your some a poor little boy all alone in a house on his own and with a dangerous dog! I think you deserve the Face Scissors for that!’

With that She sat right on his face burying his whole face right under Her leather skirt as Her legs went right over his face. He lay the in the pitch dark as he could not breath at all groaning  feeling  that he could not take any more as the full pressure  of Her mighty  body bore right down  on his face. He really did feel that death was imminent as all he could smell was the aroma of leather and perfume as he lay there totally and complete crushed.

She then wound   Her legs right round his face as Her boot heel went into his mouth almost choking him.  He blubbered like a little baby as he could hear Her shout above him.


 Eventually She let him go as he lay there a helpless wreck sprawled on the floor as the whole crowed was now laughing at him in complete derision.

 ‘Gord is face looks like bleedin beetroot!’one of them shouted out.

Kim then turned round to the crowd.

‘One thing you ought to know about this bastard is not only was he not in his house when I arrived but he leaves his poor 8 year old son all alone in the house! What’s more the child’s face is covered in bruises! He obviously hits his son and abuses him!’

‘So he’s a charlie chester (child molester)  is he!’one of the customers shouted.

‘He’s a right bleedin nonce ! Put him through your pins and pegs (legs) again luv!’

‘I’m going to put you through more Scissoring Hell in front of these people even if it makes you a cripple!’

She turned around and once more Her massive legs were around his head and he was suffocated under Her long leather coat.

This is the Reverse Head Scissors!



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