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The Sacred Feminine


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Robin's Electrical Torture

Up to now, Miss Spiteful had worked to my tolerances but not exceeded them. That was about to change!

I was lying spread-eagled, my arms and legs tightly secured with ropes that dragged them wide apart. I was gagged and she had connected my genitals to her electrical device. She had moved a chair to sit beside me, the device on her lap. The session was only just half way over. "This is what you came for, slave" she smiled, "Electrical Torture!" She caressed and teased my nipples and I saw them grow firm and hard in anticipation of what she was about to do to me. "You remember my web site, slave - no concession for wimps?" I nodded and grunted to indicate agreement. "You also remember that my electrics can go from "barely perceptible" to "screamingly dreadful?" Again I grunted. "Well, it's now far too late for you to have regrets." She laughed, "Now I am going to really hurt you. It is going to be dreadful - and you will scream!"

Her hands moved to the device's controls. "First we'll establish your "limits" She switched on the device. "I want you to grunt the moment you feel any sensation." She turned the intensity control a fraction and I grunted as I felt a barely perceptible tingling in my genitals.

"Good. Now I want you to remain silent until you really can't take any more!" As she advanced the control the sensation turned from pleasant trembling to pain and then to unbearable pain. I cried aloud behind the gag in wild protest as the shocks grabbed my genitals. She noted the setting on the dial and nodded, satisfied, and switched it off. Instantly the pain vanished.

"I am just going to check your ability to stand that much, slave." She turned on the device again and once more advanced the intensity until I was begging desperately for her to have mercy. "Did I hear you trying to beg for mercy, slave? I'm afraid I shall enjoy this far too much to even consider giving you any mercy!" She switched on the device again, allowing the shocks to be stimulating without real pain. "This time the level will go beyond your limits so that I can check how much is needed to have you screaming!" The needle on the dial moved up.

I begged her to stop, to grant relief from the pain ripping my testicles and penis. She smiled, pleased. The needle went on moving. My body began jerking and struggling in its bondage. I was screaming, the agony truly unbearable. Screaming again and then again! The pain stopped and I lay gasping and shuddering. "One more thing for you to learn, slave," she snapped, "there will be pauses between the sequences of pain and during those pauses you will not attempt to speak or plead. I only want to hear you whimpering or sobbing: nothing more. Do you understand?" I tried to say I did but the gag distorted the words into muffled sounds. "Good," she said, "because if you disobey I shall punish you."

She paused and looked at me, her face seraphic and smiling. "Just so that you will know what to expect for disobedience, know what my punishment will be like"

Her hands moved on the controls altering the sustained setting she had used while experimenting to find my "limits"; she set the control to manual, the setting at the level at which I screamed and - .

I shrieked wildly as a jolt of current slashed my genitals.

A second, third and fourth shock rippled them. I screamed each time; screamed again and again as she demonstrated how I would be punished for trying to plead for reprieve or release.

"I did warn you, slave, that I have absolutely no compassion for other people's feeling because I enjoy torturing them far too much to consider any but my own! And you did ask to be taken beyond your tolerances with electrics, that you had longed to submit to a Dominatrix who revelled in cruelty, was genuinely sadistic and expert and who had no mercy. So what happens now is going to be quite atrocious suffering - for my enjoyment!"

She ran a hand tauntingly between her thighs. As one of her gallery pictures had been titled - a "Strange Love", an outrageous sexual delight.

"I am going to start by watching your body "dance" for me and your screams will provide the music." She set the controls to run the device so that it went from zero to the level at which I screamed and back to zero again onto to repeat the sequence automatically.

She switched on the device.

The control was on "Slow". I began to beg, and then scream; my body twisting and shaking desperately to try to alleviate the pain. It came again and again and peaked with my struggling vainly and screaming uncontrollably.

It cycled slowly twice.

She changed the speed to "Fast". Scream after scream were forced from be in quick succession three or four times before she altered the speed once more to Slow. I lost count of how many times screams were dragged from my agonised body before she switched it off for the promised pause in which I might recover.

I lay there shuddering and gasping for breath; I was desperate not to speak or plead.

I was whimpering without pause. "Good. I enjoyed that. So we'll do it all over again!"

I couldn't help myself. "Oh no, please, in God's name, no, no, no - please, I beg you!" Of course the gag made nonsense of the words, but words they undoubtedly were.

The shocks were savage. Six separate shocks that had me shrieking as each hit my genitals. "I did warn you, slave!" she laughed, "now to repeat your dance!" Again the rhythm of the shocks, slow, slow, fast, fast, fast and altered at her whim made me scream for mercy she had no intention of granting.


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