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The Sacred Feminine


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The Agreement

Miss Spiteful chatted with Her associate, and dear friend, Ms. Malicious in the office of the Headmistress as They anticipated the imminent arrival of Their next appointment. The incredibly gorgeous Norsewoman, Ms. Malicious, had, Herself, arrived just this morning from Washington D.C., at the special request of Miss Spiteful. She spent much of Her time traveling between Washington and Norseland, serving as special attorney and liason between the two countries at the Norsican Embassy. Her other less-publicized duties included those that She performed at Miss Spiteful's behest, as legal counsel and assistant to the Headmistress in Her quest for World Female Domination.

"Yes, but I will allow our test subject one last opportunity to recant his intentions. his acceptance must be totally voluntary. I feel it imperative that We start slowly at first, and build momentum as We gain local support from the Female public, as well as those that hold higher offices. We can't reveal our hand yet."

"I suppose that You are right, as usual, Miss Spiteful (sigh). I am just so anxious to move forward with Your plans and seize control from all males, as We rightfully deserve."

"I couldn't agree more, Ms. Malicious. Patience is a virtue of the Female, however, and it is to Our advantage to take baby-steps at first, and build on what We learn here. Ensnaring Our first American male volunteer guinea pig is an accomplishment, nonetheless. You can share in the joy by watching Me totally break him with My 8' bullwhip tonight!!"

"Can I not share in the joy by administering perhaps a few dozen rapid strokes of My own on him Myself? I happen to be a fairly accomplished Flagellatrix and algolagnist in My own right!"

"But of course, Ms. Malicious. A tandem assault may very well be in order here!"

"By the way, he will adore Your lovely, natural arms. he has a fetish for Women with natural, exotic arms, as We Norsewoman possess, unlike the fake, prententious, vain Female counterparts prevalent here in America. Our gorgeous arms and lethal whips will control and bury countless males in Our wake before We are done! I noticed him gazing at My fabulous blonde arms earlier, and will take it upon Myself to viciously punish him for it later, when he can better endure it.

The doorbell rang sharply at 7:00 pm. "he's here! Right on time," She beamed. "We can continue this conversation afterwards. Please wait here in My office as I answer the door."

"Hello, james, you may enter. Kneel and kiss My gloved hand. This one, I am righthanded."

"It pleases Me that you didn't tuck tail and run away after I set you straight yesterday. Are you resolute in your decision?"

"Yes, Miss Spiteful. i am anxious to begin my new life."

"Short-lived as it may be... you are about to embark on a journey that you could never imagine in your wildest dreams or your most horrendous nighmares, little man. Are You prepared for what lies ahead?"

"i think so, Ma'am..."

"You think so? you must be for certain, boy. This is it, the beginning of the end. Either you leave My sight forever, or you submit yourself to Me here and now!"

"i submit, Miss Spiteful. i need Your whip so badly, Ma'am! Please!!"

"Very well then. Stop whimpering! your pathetic, whiny voice makes me want to double your sentence tonight, already."

"Listen carefully, boy, one last time, while you still have a choice. What you do here is permanent and binding to the end. You must agree to surrender your life to Me without question. You become Mine, a slave relinguishing any and all hope of personal freedom and all human rights. I will break You totally: physically, mentally, and emotionally with the whip. When you are reduced to nothing but a bloody, quivering mass, I will train You to My specifications, to prepare you for the finale. Cowering under My whip will be the coin of Your realm!'

'When I am satisfied with your progress, suffering, and agony, I will take you to Norseland with Me. There, by proclamation of Norsican Law, you will be inescapably bound: hoisted with your feet dangling above the ground, and suspended with your arms and legs spread wide by taut steel cables at your wrists and ankles."

"The sentence will be announced aloud for all who care to hear: that you be made to pay the ultimate price, and be executed forthwith. you shall publicly state your consent and your desire to honor Me with your sacrifice. you will humbly beg with all of your heart to be whipped to death. My training methods will be emblazoned upon your very soul and will have prepared you for this moment. As the scenario unfolds, it will all seem very natural and familiar to you. We will have practised this together countless times beforehand!"

"I shall then proceed to personally administer the sentence. The training and conditioning that you will have received under My tutelage will allow Me to prolong your mortal agony for hours. Whenever you faint, you will be repeatedly revived, until it is no longer possible to restore you to consciousness. you will incessantly plead with Me, as your Owner and Executioner, to mercifully finish You off and end your suffering. I will be pitiless, as expected."

"Have I painted a rosy enough picture for you, boy? Does the reality of your fate still appeal to you even now?"

"i can't refuse You, Ma'am. It is too enticing. You have a powerful effect on me. i have to experience it, all of it, Miss Spiteful. my needs are beyond my control. The urge is overwhelming and irresistible! Yes!!"

"Fearless and unflappable, huh? I like My boys that way! So be it. I have tried My best to dissuade you."

"you may stand, boy. Come with Me then, your fate is nearly sealed!"

Miss Spiteful led the way back into the familiar chamber from the previous day, to where Her office was situated. james followed blindly, driven by his lust for the whip, and entranced by the impossible situation he willingly had flung himself headlong into.

"Let's get the formalities behind us. I can't control it much longer, either... I am just beside Myself to take the whip to You! Watch your step, boy, the slightest miscue could earn you 500 in an instant! Don't cross Me!! God, I could slice you with 1,000 strokes tonight and not bat an eyelash...."

"Ma'am, do You think i could take 500 tonight?"

"No. Unfortunately, you have no experience in taking such a brutal bullwhipping yet, but don't tempt Me! you deserve it and are in over your head already. Once I have permanently scarred your entire bare back and toughened your hide to My satisfaction, I will have no reservations whatsoever in whipping you to within inches of your very life, until the bitter end. What you endure tonight is but a mere taste of what I have in store for you."

"Nonetheless, you will be totally broken tonight, and will be forced by Me to beg that I spare your life...I can hardly wait!! you haven't the slightest idea what a real bullwhipping on your smooth, unmarked back will be like. I will go very hard on you even tonight, boy. I had my chamber specially soundproofed when it was constructed just for this very reason. I want to see just how loudly I can crack My bullwhip on your bare, defenseless skin, and revel in the heartrending screams that it will wrest from you!"

"Oh, Miss Spiteful! Please don't delay any longer! Let's get on with it!"

"Very well, then. There is someone I wish to introduce you to. On your knees this instant!"

"james, this is Ms. Malicious, an associate of Mine from Norseland. You may kiss Her gloved hand. She is lefthanded."

Ms. Malicious extended Her gloved hand towards the boy, and he could not believe his very eyes! In contrast to the blonde Miss Spiteful, an incredible beauty in Her own right, james found himself kneeling beneath an exotic, brunette Norsewoman. She and Miss Spiteful were of similar build, each over 6 feet in height, with powerfully-toned physiques. They both were dressed in similar attire, as well: black jodhpur riding pants, spotless leather riding boots, leather gloves flared at the wrist, and white cotton blouses with sleeves upturned to mid-forearm. He could not avoid noticing the exotic, dark, natural hair that adorned the brunette's forearms from underneath Her blousesleeves, to Her immaculate wrists, and beyond. he did as instructed, and pressed his lips to the gloved left hand. Both Norsewomen made mental note of the blatant transgression for future reference.

"If I can have your attention, james! Ms. Malicious is here to assist Me with the legal paperwork and formalities necessary to begin your training. She is a brilliant attorney on many levels, and has prepared the legal, binding documents of the agreement between U/us that you are to sign, here and now."

"I am quite anxious to proceed with the sentencing phase, so a brief explanation will be given at this time. you will be given permission, at My discretion, to read through them more thoroughly, later, during your recovery. Ms. Malicious, if You will, please."

"james, I have just returned from Washington D.C., where I met with the U.S. Attorney General, Ms. Westerling, to discuss your case and the legal ramifications associated therewith, to prepare and process the agreement between you, and your new Owner, Miss Spiteful."

"Without incorporating too much 'legalese', I will briefly explain this to you, as Miss Spiteful has instructed."

"There are three basic parts to the agreement. The first being the Consent Form, which is a consensual/non-consensuality statement giving Miss Spiteful your express consent to begin and proceed with, for as long as She so deems and desires, a training program of you by Her, of Her own creation and choice. you, being of sound mind and body(?), will hold Miss Spiteful harmless, blameless, and without liability for anything whatsoever that can, and will, occur to you under Her authority. It is legally binding immediately upon your signature."

"Secondly, is the two-part Norsican Request for Asylum Application and the attached Norsican Contract of Slavery. They are related in that one supercedes the other. By authority of the Attorney General, Ms. Westerling, you may seek asylum in Norseland while still on American soil. In doing so, you become a legal immigrant of Norseland, and are subject to Norsican law above and beyond any American law that binds you here."

"As it is perfectly legal for Norsewomen to own and enslave consenting males in Norseland, the Norsican Contract of Slavery legally binds you as sole property to Miss Spiteful, and strips you of any and all human rights and freedom of choice, immediately, upon acceptance of the Request For Asylum by the Norsican Government. I anticipate that I can push the Request through the system there within three working days, after My return to Norseland tomorrow evening. In other words, you can be whipped as sentenced now, and will be totally enslaved to Miss Spiteful as a virtual subhuman animal before you even recover for your next encounter with the bullwhip! Am I good or am I good?!"

"Now, lastly is the third document which I alluded to. This is the requisition for Norsican Death Warrant. This will legally allow and force you to be whipped until you are dead once you are in Norseland. The dates and relevant details will be fully, and legally arranged prior to that time. So all will be in readiness for the ultimate day of your existence! The requisition requires all three of O/our signatures of recognition and consent: yours as the condemned, Miss Spiteful as your Owner, legal Spokeswoman, and Executioner, and mine as Miss Spiteful's legal counsel. This is so exciting! Don't you agree?"

"Yes, Ms. Malicious, quite mind-boggling, too.."

"Very well, are you quite ready to finalize things once and for all?"

"Where do i sign?" james gulped.

"Simply follow my instruction and pay attention. Initial where indicated here, here, and here...and sign thusly here and here. Next, the same thing, but here, instead... Now, finally, to put you to death, right here and here, initial here. Miss Spiteful, sign right here, please, if You will. Thank You. And now mine. There, that's it! We've done it!!"

"Yes, indeed, it is done! His fate is finally sealed. Excellent job, thank You, Ms. Malicious! I am ever grateful to You."

"Crawl over to Me, now, boy!" commanded Miss Spiteful.

james did so without hesitation. The Headmistress took his chin tightly in Her gloved fist. "Look at Me, boy. There is no other but Me in your pitiful little subsistence from now on! I am the sole reason that you take every breath, and I will be the reason that you take your very last!"

james felt Her gaze burn into his very soul, and actually saw Her eyes narrow into sinister, steely slits as She admonished him from above. She was transforming right before his very eyes into the personification of evil that She had aptly warned him of. Only did his lust for agony and torture in service to Miss Spiteful and Her arsenal of lethal whips dispel any of the mounting fear and dread that crept over him and suffocated him from within.

"It seems to Me, if I am not mistaken, (and I never am!) that you had mentioned your displeasure with the program of discipline afforded you so graciously here in My correctional institute. Is that not correct?"

"i wasn't displeased, Ma'am. i just felt..."

"you felt that the treatment You received here was too mild. you became greedy for sterner, more harsher measures. Measures that you felt were due you, but that you had never earned!"

"That isn't exactly what i meant. i wanted Your training, Ma'am, Your more severe methods. To learn and grow under You."

"Enough! I don't appreciate your criticism of Me and the unique methods that i have strived to introduce here, to undeserving, spoiled, self-centered, male underachievers as yourself and your fellow classmates."

"Now you will experience firsthand, what you really deserve, what I have in store for you. Is the reality setting in yet? Do you realize the utter hopelessness and desperation of your situation? How goes the old adage? 'Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it!' Just remember that you can't pray your way out of Hell!"

"I promised that I would sentence you to your first, inaugural punishment, following your consent and submission to Me. I always keep My word."

"james, I hereby sentence you to 250 full-cracking lashes of the bullwhip on your bare back. There shall be no mercy. As a reward for Her exemplary service, Ms. Malicious shall assist Me in My duty. The last 50 lashes shall be a double bullwhipping, 50 strokes simultaneously by each of Us...So actually, that makes 300, does it not? Did We miscalculate? Ms. Malicious, should not the whipping boy be punished in steed for the errors of His Superiors??"

"But of course, Miss Spiteful, You are again right, as usual...."

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