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The Huntress Caning

The Huntress

A BDSM Fantasy

Peter Mann © 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

The newspaper ad read: “Wanted: Lady wishes to meet athletic men or women willing to play in an intense bdsm game. All expenses will be provided”.

I had seen the ad before. It had appeared in the local newspaper, every four or five months, since I had been in this city. I had never answered before. This time, I called the number in the ad. A woman answered.

“I live on a private wooded estate outside the city”. She said. “I’d want you to play the part of an animal, a deer or a rabbit, whatever you think best” she said “and to try to avoid capture by a Huntress, which would be me. No money would be required from you. I can pay your moderate expenses. To make the hunt realistic for me, and for you, there would be an agreed penalty for you, in the event that you don’t succeed in escaping the hunt. The penalty would require some more of your time. There will be no danger to you, no physical damage. This would be fully explained and negotiated, and we’ll only play if we both fully agree to everything. There would also be an incentive, a worthwhile financial reward to you, if you escape. Again, this is to make the hunt more realistic.”

I listened to her talking. I had never met her, but I had heard about this lady, and her advertisement, in conversations at the BDSM society in my city. She was somewhat of a local legend. There were many rumors about her, but no one seemed to really know anything for certain. She called herself Diana. She never came to our meetings, but her newspaper ad appeared every two or three months. It was two months now, since her last ad. She was rumored to live somewhere outside the city. There was a rumor that she was very sadistic, but no one seemed to know of anything specific. Only a few people would admit that they had met her. No one knew what she did for a living. There was a rumor that she was the daughter of a Mafia person. I made it my business to find out as much as I could. I found a very common rumor that she liked to handcuff her men and then play some kind of “hunt” in her estate, with the men naked, like animals, and she the huntress. But I could not get any clear details, only rumors. I discovered that some of the men who had answered her ad in the past were members of our local bdsm group, and I eventually managed to talk to some of these men, at BSDM parties. They all were reluctant to talk about their experience. When I asked them about it, they would not answer. A few admitted that they had been in a hunt, but would not say how it had ended. When I asked what the penalty was, and what the monetary reward was, they all refused to answer. I suspected they had not declared the reward on their taxes. I told them I was thinking of answering the Lady’s ad. When I asked for their advice, they would say nothing. One man finally said “if you are sure you want to experience what she offers, then go ahead and try your luck. That’s what I did. You only live once, after all”. He was somewhat drunk when he said that, so I don’t know how much to rely on that advice.

However, I was fascinated. It was clearly some kind of special experience. It was obviously safe, since all the men who had played were still around. But they had obviously experienced something intense, something they would not talk about. I had to find out about this! I decided to accept the invitation. Who knew if the ad would ever appear again? I had to take this chance.

But I would make preparations! I had heard a lot of rumors now, and some had to be true. I did not know all the details, but I knew for sure that she held some kind of a simulated hunt, and she used handcuffs. And she held her play-hunt inside her wooded estate. That information would be my edge. I was not going to be a helpless rabbit in her hunt! I found her address from her phone number. I found that her property was very large, a secluded country estate 20 miles north of the city. I studied a map. I decided to park my second car along the west road adjacent to her estate. All handcuffs use a standard key, so I’d leave a spare handcuff key in the glove compartment. And some spare clothes too.

The night before I was to meet her, I parked my older car on the quiet country road at the west side of her estate. When I drove up, I discovered that her property was enclosed by a high wire fence, with barbed wire at the top. But I found a drive-in gate on the west side that was wide open. I left my car on the side of the road, in the darkness, a few yards from the gate. I walked a mile down the road to a small gas station, and called a taxi to get home.

I arrived at her house the next evening, driving my best car. She was dressed beautifully. She was dark haired, early middle aged, I’d guess, but it was very hard to say her age. She was not young, but not old either, and had a very good body. She moved with grace. She was well spoken. I found that I liked her immediately.

“I am Diana” she said, shaking my hand at the door “and I am pleased to meet you, Peter. Thanks for coming. I hope we’ll have fun together. Please come in. Come and help me cook.”

She made dinner. I helped her. I didn’t know how to cook, I just did as she said. I saw that she had some tattoos. I saw them as I helped her with the cooking. She made roast chicken. The wine was very good.

During dinner, we talked about local BDSM gossip. After dinner, over brandy, the conversation shifted to our own interests. Mine are complex, so I just gave her a simple version. I just told her that I was a sub. She smiled. I saw that she knew I was not telling her everything. But to my surprise, she didn’t ask me more questions. Instead, she started to tell me of her own interests.

“I’m sure you’ve heard stories about me, Peter? But you have not got much detail, am I right? I’m a very private person, and I only reveal my interests to a few people, people who I decide will appreciate what I do, and what I offer. I think you are such a man. In fact, I know you are”.

“Do you want to know more about me? You can be one of the select few who knows everything! To learn everything, you will have to listen to what I say, and then follow through with my offer”.

“As long as you are straight with me, I will be completely straight and open with you. I will never lie to you, or deceive you. Now to the point: I offer you a hunt, with you the hunted and me the huntress. I offer the thrill of freedom if you escape, which will be simulated by a monetary reward for escape, and will demand a penalty if you’re caught, to simulate the animal fear of being caught.”

“What do you get out of this? And what sort of penalty and reward if I escape?” I asked, drinking more brandy. It was very good brandy. In very expensive glasses too. I was slightly drunk. But I was also wary. I liked the reward, but did not like the sound of a “penalty”, whatever that might be.

“What I get, is first the thrill of the hunt, and second, the enjoyment of making you suffer the penalty, if I manage to catch you. The reward, if you escape, is $100.”

I was disappointed about the reward. I had been expecting a few thousand, since she was obviously well off.

She took out a photograph album.

“Please be patient, and hear me out. I think you are someone who is compatible, and will be attracted to what I offer, if you will hear me out. I’d like you to look at a few photos, if you don’t mind” she said.

“You might find these photos disturbing, but if we are to proceed, you need to know exactly what I do to the men or women who I capture in my hunt. These are photos of those I have captured in the past. As you can see, I cane them. I mean, a real caning! Look and see how! Each of the men in these photographs has been well caned! I know, because I caned them”.

“Would you mind looking at my photographs? If you decide it’s not for you, that’s perfectly ok, and you can leave now, with no hard feelings”.

“But I think you are the sort of man who will strongly desire to proceed. And when you do decide to proceed, I want you to be completely clear about what I’m offering you.”

I turned the pages, slowly. Each page had photos of a different man, and sometimes a woman, during or after caning. Some of the men were the same people who had refused to tell me about their experience. Some were strangers. All had clearly been severely caned, their buttocks and thighs and calves completely covered with raised, vivid weals. In all the photos the men were securely restrained. In most photos, the photographs were obviously taken after the caning had ended. In these photos, the men were still restrained, but were lying quietly, their faces turned from the camera. The weals were very clear in these photos. In the other photos, the restrained men were obviously still undergoing their caning. Those photos, with the agonized faces staring at the camera, were the most disturbing. It was clear that the men were either begging frantically, or yelling in absolute agony. They were photos of men in the process of getting a hard caning! I lingered over those pages, they were both deeply attractive and frightening to me. I pulled myself together. I quickly closed the book and pushed it away. Now I understood why no one had wished to talk about their experience here. Their pictures were so very disturbing. It showed men at their emotional and physical extremes. A window into their souls. I realized that their own memories were too degrading and painful and shameful for them to ever talk about it. I also realized why Ms Diana prized these photographs so much. They were photos of men under her complete control.

Ms Diana quietly took her album back from me.

“I see that you are one who understands the value of this” she said quietly.

I was unsettled. I drank some coffee. We were both silent.

“You really did cane these men” I finally said. I looked at her.

“Yes, I certainly did. I caned them all. And very hard, I assure you. And I enjoyed it! I am a Sadist. I enjoy punishing both men and women equally well. I much prefer to punish men, however. Nice and hard! With the cane! There, you have it.” she said.

“And didn’t you worry about how they felt” I said. It was a stupid question, but my head was whirling. The pictures had excited and frightened me.

“If you mean, did I make sure that they had understood, and had freely agreed, that their penalty would be a hard caning? Yes, of course! I would never cane anyone who had not agreed to it! But if you mean, did I worry about their suffering: no, I didn’t. Why should I worry about it? They had freely agreed to it. They could yell all they want. They only got what they agreed to!”

She stood, and faced me.

“Now, to business. You have seen what I do to the men I capture. I think I’ve made it completely clear. I cane them, nice and hard! So, now you know the rules, do you want to play?”

“Before you say anything, I want to say again that all the men in these photos were fully informed that the penalty was a hard caning, and freely agreed to that penalty, if they failed to escape my hunt. And each had their fair chance to escape. Some men escaped, and some didn’t. For those that escaped, there was no penalty. Only those men who failed to escape have their photos in my album. These men naturally wanted to change their minds, once they realized they had to accept their caning. And naturally, they started begging when I started on their caning. But of course, I did not allow that to make any difference. They had agreed to the penalty, and I made them pay it. An agreement must be fulfilled. A bet is a bet. If they had made a bet with the Mafia, you can be sure that they would have been obliged to pay it, every cent. It’s the same with me”.

“Also, I want you to understand that all of the men in these photos were eventually freed, with no permanent physical damage, once they had completed their caning, to my complete satisfaction, and I was satisfied with the photographs of their weals. I had to repeat a few canings, to get good photos. But none of the men were permanently damaged, and they all only got what they had agreed to. They all had weals, of course, from the cane, but those faded in a few months, at most. It was all completely consensual, completely safe. You may be assured that I only operate in a safe and consensual way”.

“So, now you can leave, if you wish, Peter. But, if you want to proceed, you must take your chance of the fate of those in my photographs. You will have to take the risk of being hunted, and possibly captured, by me. You must agree to be hunted naked. And if you agree to a hunt, and if I manage to capture you, then I promise I will cane you, exactly like the photographs you have just seen. I promise you will experience a thorough, hard caning, every inch from your tail bone down to your ankles. And your caning will be photographed. Once I have satisfactory photographs of your caning weals, and your facial expressions as you are caned, your photographs will be included as new page in my album, to be viewed by all future boys who may wish to take this challenge”.

“And if I escape in this hunt?” I asked.

“Well there is that possibility, I suppose. Then, of course, you will be free. With no caning. And with $100 cash.” She smiled.

I hesitated. I knew I could escape. But the reward was disappointing. Only $100. But I also loved the idea of defeating her, of escaping from her penalty. It was low risk that I would be caught. I knew I could escape, since I had heard of how she operated, and had taken good precautions to ensure my escape. But, I was still worried. I could not take the slightest risk of having to endure a caning like I had just seen. I could not take a caning like that.

She saw my hesitation.

“Don’t you think you can escape my hunt?” she asked “ Or is the penalty for failure too much for you?”

“No, I’m not afraid of your penalty. I will escape, I’m sure of that. I hesitate because I’m a careful person. I don’t like to bet. There is some risk here. It’s a terribly severe penalty if I lose. Although I’m confident that I would escape.“

She laughed “To me, it’s that severe penalty that gives all the excitement to the hunt! You men seem to think that a shotgun slug is ok for animals! I’m not asking anything like that. Just some temporary pain! Enough to make the penalty very meaningful, to you! I want you to have a very good incentive to want to escape, just like an animal would! And if you escape, as you seem sure you will, then there is absolutely no penalty at all”.

I still hesitated. I knew exactly what she meant. It was the thrill of the possible penalty that attracted me. But I could not bear the risk of being tortured! Although it fascinated me, I had never been able to take much real pain. But that made it even more exciting.

She continued.

“I agree the full penalty is severe. If you worry about not being able to take the full penalty, I can understand that. So I offer you this: if I catch you, this first time, you must agree to endure just six hard strokes of the cane. Can’t you even agree to that?”

I squirmed in my chair. I had seen how hard she used the cane! I knew that I could not endure even six, now I had seen the weals she made! Not even one stoke! But I didn’t want to admit that to her. I calculated. I could agree to her offer, and get $100. I knew I could escape. There was no chance I’d get the cane. I had planned my escape already! So there really was no risk to me!

I was inclined to to accept her offer. There was a risk, true, of some unexpected problem in making my escape, but I had planned and prepared well. And it was too exciting an offer to refuse! I might not get another chance to play this game. Others had played it. I would play it too. But I would win. I would escape! I was completely fascinated by the penalty. I could not bear the penalty. But the thought of the penalty excited me! My mind was in a whirl. At last, I decided I would do it. It was too exciting an offer to walk away from. But I would be cautious, I would not risk the full penalty. She had offered me a reduced penalty. I would take that offer. There was no risk, really, I had prepared my escape!

I said “I agree. It’s so very exciting. I accept your challenge. But I only want to risk six strokes, and even then, only if I am captured.” I smiled back.

“And you understand that you MUST pay your penalty, the six hard strokes, if you lose? I’m like the Mafia: all bets MUST be paid.”

“yes, yes, yes, I understand”. I understood the risk. That was what made this game so exciting.

“Excellent! We are agreed. I will trust your word, and I promise I will keep mine. So, please, now take off your clothes! You will be hunted naked, as we have agreed.” she said.

“May I use your bathroom first?” I said.

“No. Undress. I want to hunt you naked, starting now, just as you are. You can pee in out the woods, if you need to” she replied.

“Now strip, immediately. Or I will be harder on you later, when I catch you!”

I saw that she seriously expected to capture me. She obviously didn’t know I had prepared my escape. She seemed so cool. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. But I knew better than her! She would never catch me!

I stood, undressed and put my clothes on my chair.

“Turn around, hands behind your back!” she ordered.

I obeyed. I felt police handcuffs fastened on my wrists. I tried not to smile. I had heard about her handcuffs, and had already expected them. I was completely prepared. I could see that this would all go according to my plan.

Then I felt police shackles being put on my ankles. I had not expected that! But by then I was handcuffed and naked. It was too late to protest now!

She walked to the patio door, and threw it open. Outside, the night was pitch dark, we were far out in the wooded countryside.

“Out you go, boy! Into the woods, naked and shackled! Run and hide, if you can! It’s all my private property out there. I will give you exactly 20 minutes, then I’ll come after you. And when I catch you, as I will, I’m going to bring you back here and give you the most agonizing experience of your life. It will be only six strokes, since that’s all you agreed to, you wimp, but I’m good with the cane, and I promise I’ll have you yelling after just the first one! You had better believe I mean it!”

“Now, run for your life, like a scared rabbit”. She pushed me out into the night, and closed the door behind me.

Out you go, boy.

She quite frightened me, with that talk of hard caning! I could tell that she really believed it! I stood there for a few seconds, breathing deeply. I had to get my bearings. My car was out on the road, if I could figure out the direction.

Suddenly, bright lights snapped on all around the house. I stood there, naked and shackled, hypnotized in the lights. Then I impulsively started to shuffle towards the cover of the darkness of the woods. The shackles only allowed small steps, so I could not run, but I could do a  fast shuffle. My ankle shackles jangled as I ran, and I realised I was making tremendous noise as I crashed though the brush in the woods, my shackles clattering. But I had to get into the darkness somehow! The shackles started to hurt my bare ankles, and I had to slow down. Branches scratched at my naked skin as I pushed into the dark woods. At last I was in the sheltering darkness. I stopped and tried to calm myself. I had 20 minutes before she came after me! Plenty of time! I calmed down. I was naked, handcuffed and shackled, but my head was now clear. My plans had been made, I knew what to do. I recognized the direction to my car. I stumbled on through the dark woods. I could only move slowly now, because the shackles were making my ankles sore. At last I came to the wire fence. Through the heavy wire mesh, I saw the metallic gleam of my car in the starlight. In a moment I was through the open gate and up to my car. I thankfully leaned against the car in the darkness, the metal cool against my hot naked skin. I was sweating heavily from the exertion. I twisted my handcuffed hands around, and pulled the car door open. Time was passing, but I estimated I still had a good five minutes left. My fingers finally found the handcuff key I had left in the glove compartment, and after a minute of fumbling, I managed to unlock my handcuffs. I tried the key in my ankle shackles, and to my surprise the same key worked. I thankfully pulled on the clothes I had left in my car, and tossed the cuffs and shackles on the back seat. I listened for a moment. I could not hear her coming after me. I started my car, and drove down the road with the headlights off. When I was good distance away, I turned on the headlights. Then the radio. Loud rock and roll! I had escaped!

I drove home in triumph! She had tried her best to capture me, but I had escaped! I had risked a severe penalty, and had won! I was probably the first man to ever escape from Diana, the Huntress, I thought, proudly!

The next evening, my phone rang. As I expected, it was Diana calling.

“Please accept my congratulations” she said quietly. “You escaped from my hunt. I owe you $100. You are clearly a very special and talented man, much cleverer than the other men I have played with. I admire you. You made a calculated bet, betting your intelligence and strength against the severe penalty I asked. You won. And you won well”.

I accepted her congratulations with grace. I was very pleased with myself. I was grateful to her, really, for the game. It had been fun!

“I will of course never reveal your secrets, Ms Diana, and I will never tell anyone that I managed to escape from you” I said.

“That is very good of you” she said. “But I also request one more chance, one more challenge. This time for $1000 to you? Would you consider that? Because you escaped my hunt, you can set any conditions you wish, if you will let me hunt you again. I will honor any agreement we come to, and will make sure that all promises we make are fulfilled.”

I had of course already thought about that. I had decided that if she would let me set my own clear rules, I’d be up to another challenge. I had enjoyed the thrill of escaping, and the possible penalty had made it very exciting. I did it once, and I could do it again! I’d enjoy doing it again! And I could do with $1000 cash.

“Yes, but the conditions are that you can only use standard police handcuffs and shackles on me. They must use a standard police handcuff key. No unusual keys must be needed”.

“And, next time, I must have 30 minutes head start, before you try to find me”.

I had decided I should ask for more time, in case of any unexpected tricks she might try to spring next time. The penalty for failure to escape was that I would have to endure one of her tortures, so I had to be absolutely and completely sure I could escape.

This would be fun. The penalty for failure was high: one of her torture sessions. The thought made me shudder. But I realized that what she had said was true: it was the potential severe penalty that made the challenge so very exciting to me. I would not have been interested in the hunt, if there was no penalty.

But I was not reckless. I was determined to plan carefully, so that I would escape again. I suspected she might look for my car this time, since it was obvious I had must have had some transportation to make my last escape. I therefore made a different plan, something she would not expect. I would leave my car parked, just as before, with clothes and a handcuff key. But this time, that would be a diversion. If she found my car, she would think that was my escape plan, as it had been before. But, this time, in addition, I would leave a second set of clothes, a cell phone and a spare handcuff key in a plastic bag hidden in the woods just inside her property fence, a short distance from my car. I decided to also include a wire cutter, just in case she locked the gate next time! Once I had the cuffs and shackles off, and had dressed, I could walk out along the road, or drive home if she hadn’t found my car. If she had moved my car, I would simply walk to the local gas station and call a taxi. My plan was foolproof! She would not suspect I had a backup escape plan! The risk of getting her punishment made the whole challenge idea very exciting, but I obviously needed to make sure I did not actually get the punishment. The penalty was too severe for me to really take. I had seen her photos, and she had made it very clear that the same would happen to me, if I failed to escape.

When I escaped this second time, it would be a triumph for me, and I would find that very satisfying. I had promised I would not speak of her activities. But, if I escaped a second time, I decided I would be justified in telling a few close friends in the BSDM community of my adventure, and my success in her game. It would be too good a story not to tell!

A few nights later, I arrived for my second visit. she made me an excellent dinner, with some very fine wines.

After dinner, she smiled at me and asked “are you ready for the hunt, now, sir?”

I stood, and bowed. I had drunk too much wine again.

“Yes, Madame Diana, I am”. I undressed and put my clothes on my chair. I was eager to begin. I also need to pee desperately, and I remembered that last time she had wanted to me to do that out in the woods. That seemed fine to me. It was on the way to my car, and my carefully planned escape.

When I was naked, she put down her glass.

“One more thing. I have agreed to all your conditions. So it’s only fair that you should agree to just one of mine. I want you to agree to the FULL penalty, this time. If you fail to escape, you’ll get a full caning. Not just six strokes. A full caning! Just like the photos I showed you. You will take the cane, just as long as I decide, until I get perfect photographs for my album. Is that agreeable?”

I smiled. I was slightly drunk. “If you want that severe penalty, you must be willing to also put up a corresponding reward. Like $10,000, when I escape. I mean, ‘if’ I escape. If you will risk that much, in cash, then I will risk the full penalty” I said.

Later, I would see clearly that I had drunk too much wine at dinner, and was caught up in the excitement of the moment. She, of course, knew this, I realized later.

She immediately stood. “I agree! $10,000 to you, if you escape tonight! That is nothing to me! I’m wealthy by inheritance! So $10,000 for you, if you escape, and I get to apply a full caning if you lose!”

She laughed. “Now we have agreed, let me say, as my father used to say: I promise to honor my agreement, and you will honor yours!”

She picked up her purse.

“Please turn around, and put your hands behind your back. I have your handcuffs for tonight, here in my purse. They use a standard police key, just as you asked”.

I put my hands behind my back, and she came up to me. I heard the metallic clink of the handcuffs as she took them out of her purse. I felt one cuff being locked on my left wrist, then the other on my right wrist. I immediately sensed these handcuffs were different from the previous ones she had used. I pulled at them. They seemed much more restrictive than the type she had used before. They kept my wrists held closer together and parallel to each other. I pulled at the new cuffs again. They were securely locked. I felt her tighten them around each wrist, until they were firmly gripping my wrists. Then I felt her use the key again.

“Relax, boy. I’m only using the key to double-lock your cuffs. It’s for your own protection, since you will be wearing these for some time!

“There. Securely locked. Nice and tight! Now they are double-locked, they won’t tighten up when you run. That would be dangerous for you, when you run though the woods! It’s my duty to take care of you now, my little rabbit, since you’ll be in my care for some time after tonight!”

“Don’t worry. I am not cheating you. These cuffs will still unlock with a standard police key, just as you asked.”

She stood back.

“I’ve put you in standard US police handcuffs, just as you specified. But they are a hinged type, not the chain type I used last time. This is just a little surprise I decided to spring on you! I’m not breaking your rules, you didn’t specify any particular type of handcuff. These unlock with a standard handcuff key, just as you specified. But, here is my little surprise: you won’t be able to unlock these cuffs, even if you get access to a key! Because it’s impossible for the wearer to reach the keyhole when they are locked on!”

I grimaced and twisted and pulled at the cuffs. I felt with my finger tips, to find the key holes. She was right! I could not find them. I knew that the key holes must be facing up away from my fingers! Where I could not reach them, or even see them. When I got my hidden key, it would be impossible for me to put a key into the handcuff locks. I had not expected this! But it was too late to protest now I was handcuffed, and had made my agreement! I would just have to deal with this unexpected development.

Whilst I was feeling my handcuffs, I suddenly realized she had snapped shackles on my ankles. They were already locked on before I had noticed they were being put on me. She double locked them too, and put the key in her purse.

“These ankle shackles are also standard police type, as you specified! You see I have kept to our agreement in every detail. I would not want you to feel that you had been cheated out of your chance to escape. I follow the principle my Dad taught me: When I make a bet, I keep it. And so do you.”

"And now, just as you requested, you will have thirty minutes to hide. Then, I'll come out and hunt you. And you know what you'll get, if I find you, don't you? I see in your eyes that you do! It’s the FULL penalty this time! Not just six little strokes! Think about that! I can see that you already are! You will have to run well tonight, little rabbit!”

She walked to the patio door, and opened it.

“Outside, please!’ she said. “Your time is already running. You have twenty eight minutes left now! Then I’ll hunt you. Remember, if I catch you, I promise I’ll make you suffer! You’ve seen my photographs! Think about the cane, as you run! That’s in store for you, if you are caught! Now, go ahead, run!”

I was shaking with fear now. This was real! And I had foolishly agreed to the full caning! I had to make sure my escape plans worked!

I shuffled to the open patio door in my shackles, and out onto the dark patio.

“Twenty five minutes left. Better start to run.” she called, then she shut the door behind me, and I heard it lock.

Better start to run

I was so scared! I knew she meant everything she said. I still had my escape plans. But, I was really scared by the thought of the penalty if I didn’t escape. It would be best to back out of the agreement! I hadn’t expected these new handcuffs!

I banged my handcuffed hands against the closed patio door. “Please! Please! Let’s talk about this! I don’t want to use these handcuffs! You didn’t tell me you would use these! Let me back in! Let’s talk about this. I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want the full penalty!” I called to her.

The door remained shut, and there was no reply. Inside, the lights were turned off in the dining room. I heard another distant door slam shut.

She had left me alone in the darkness, outside her house, naked and shackled.

I was scared. This was not what I had planned for! These new handcuffs had upset my plans! Neither of my hidden keys would help me get out of these handcuffs! I knew I’d never be able to get these handcuffs off, even if I got to my key. I would have to find someone to unlock them for me. But who?

I was frightened, but that made me even more determined to escape. I simply had to escape! I could not bear the punishment she had promised me if I was captured! So I had to escape! If I could to get one of my carefully hidden keys, at least I could probably get my ankle shackles unlocked. Then could run faster, and quietly. I could not get the handcuffs unlocked without assistance, but if I could my ankle shackles off, I could run until I could call a friend on my cellphone, someone who would be willing to drive out from the city and pick me up and unlock my handcuffs. It would be embarrassing for me, being found naked and handcuffed, but that was better than being captured by Diana! I absolutely, positively could never let that happen! I knew what the penalty would be! She had explained it very clearly! I must have been insane to risk it!

I felt that I was very close to lapsing into a complete panic, but I forced myself to continue thinking. I frantically shuffled off into the dark woods, my shackles jangling at every step. I first had to get to my car! I forced myself to think. No. I should first get my cellphone! Then if I couldn’t get to the car, I could at least hide in the woods and call a friend from town to come and help me.

I turned away from the track to the gate, into the wooded area where I had hidden my plastic bag, with my cell phone and spare clothes and key. I knew time was passing, and she would soon be coming after me. After five precious minutes of desperate stumbling around in the dark woods, naked, my shackles jangling, I finally found the tree where I had hidden the bag. The bag was no longer there! I recognized the tree I had put it by, but the bag had definitely gone! I pulled at my handcuffs and sobbed in frustration. She must have seen me hide it! She must have taken it! That meant she knew of my backup plan! And she probably knew of my car too! She was probably aware of all my plans! I shuddered in horror at the possibility of falling into her hands! She had carefully shown me what my fate would be! And the possibility was looking more likely all the time!

There was once chance left for me: I had to get to the road, and to my car, get my hidden handcuff key, and hide somewhere until I could find someone willing to unlock my handcuffs. I just hoped that she hadn’t figured out where I left my car last time. I had stupidly left it in exactly the same place!

I ran off again towards the gate. My ankles were now burning from the constant rubbing of the shackles on my bare skin. My wrists were sore from frantically twisting my wrists in the tight handcuffs. In the darkness I ran straight into the wire fence. I fell back, down a slippery slope in the darkness. It was wet at the bottom of the slope. When I struggled back to my knees, I immediately fell down again. I realized I was at the edge of a small muddy pool. When I finally got back to my feet, I was wet and filthy with small leaves and mud, all over me. Everything stuck to my sweaty naked skin. My hair was stuck down over my face and eyes with dirt and sweat. I managed to find a less muddy area at the edge of the pool, and kneeling, I was able to put my face down into some grass and wipe the hair back from my eyes.

I swore, and struggled back upwards. The shackles and cuffs made it very hard. I lost my footing and fell and slid back several times. I was totally covered in mud by then. I finally managed to crawl over the top of the low slope. It would have been easy if I had not been chained, but the handcuffs and shackles had made it an almost impossible task. I was sore and exhausted when I finally made it. But I could now see my car through the fence! So she had not found it! I still had a chance to escape!

I felt my way along the fence until I came to the wire gate. It was closed! And a heavy padlock secured the gate bolt!

At the same time, I heard her voice calling from the direction of the house “Thirty minutes is up! Ready or not, here I come!”

I sobbed. I put my back to the gate and tugged at the padlock with my handcuffed hands. It was futile, but I was completely desperate now. I thought of her photo album, and immediately broke into a hot sweat of frantic fear. I could not bear any of the tortures she had shown me! Not one! And I had agreed to all of them! I had a sudden and uncontrollable need to pee. I had no choice but to let it out, immediately, kneeling naked in the darkness. I could hear my pee gushing on the wire fence, and splashing heavily back onto my filthy legs. I was finally, completely, totally degraded. I was naked, filthy, hot and sweaty, tightly chained, pissing in the woods. She had turned me into her hunted animal! If she found me here, I would be helpless, cuffed and shackled, naked. And I knew exactly what she had in store for me! When I thought of her photo album, the terror of that gave me the strength to get to my feet. I had to try again to move, but silently now, since I knew she would be coming after me. If I moved too fast, I knew my shackles would make a sound, in the quiet night air, and give me away. I got back to my knees, then gently lay down on the soft ground. I careful squirmed away from the fence on my stomach. Every few seconds, despite my efforts, my ankle shackles would jingle, but only quietly. I so wished I could get my handcuffs off. Every time my chains made a sound, I would freeze. Then I would continue. In this way, I crawled about twenty yards away from the fence, behind a dark bush of some type. When I was hidden from the fence, I carefully got back to my feet. I knew if I had to make a final run, I would need to be on my feet.

I stood motionless in the hot night, naked, sweating, my wrists cuffed behind my back, trying to slow my heavy breathing. My heart was thumping with my desperate exertions. Now I had to remain as still as possible! I gripped the tree trunk behind me with my handcuffed hands, to help retain my balance in the darkness. The woods were pitch black, here away from the road and the lights of her house. The mosquitoes bit me, but I remained still. If I remained completely still, here in the  dark, under the trees, she could not find me. It was my only hope now. My wrists were still handcuffed behind my back, and my ankles still shackled. My only hope was to remain absolutely motionless, in the darkness. Eventually, she must give up looking for me!

I remembered her words as she had locked the restraints on me that evening. "You have thirty minutes, then I'll look for you. And you know what you'll get if I find you, don't you?" Yes I did know! She had taken care to show me the detailed photographs of tortures she planned to use! 

I stood completely motionless, trying not to breath. Twenty minutes passed. I suddenly saw a dark shadow move along the trail to the gate. I heard the gate’s padlock lifted, and a quiet laugh when she found it still locked. It was Diana! She now knew I was still somewhere in her woods, naked, handcuffed and shackled. Her prey.

The shadow moved back into the darkness. I stood still, sweating. Absolutely motionless. I was terrified!

Suddenly I heard a sharp crack, and felt an impact and stinging pain on my chest. I yelled out in shock and fear. I fell back, crashing into the bushes behind me. I fell over on my side. I had been shot! I yelled in panic “please don’t shoot! I surrender! Please! Don’t shoot!”

I saw a shadowy figure walk up to me. She was dressed in a dark tunic, and was holding a rifle! I lay in the dirt at her feet, chained, naked. I babbled, begging not to be shot. I was completely at her mercy.

She laughed. “Please! It’s only a paintball! You’re such a wimp. But, I’ve caught you, now, fair and square! Get on your knees, before me! Stop that noise! You aren’t hurt!”

She held the paintball rifle out for me to see.

“My new IR nightsight is really worth the money! You were completely clear, even in the darkness under the trees. I got a perfect chest shot!”

It’s only a Paint Ball

I was still lying on my side, stunned and shocked. She pulled me to my feet. She wiped the paint off my chest with some leaves. I was sobbing in pain and fear, like an animal. She quickly put her hands out and felt my handcuffs, then felt my ankle shackles. She tugged at them each, to make sure they were still in place, and still locked.

I stood quiet and meek. I was still in severe shock from the paint ball.

“Good boy! Still cuffed and shacked, just as I like my men! You didn’t get free this time, did you? I always let my boys escape, if they don’t agree to the full penalty! If they think they have escaped, they usually come back again for another game, just like you did! But when they agree to my full penalty, I never let them escape!”

She shone a flashlight on me. “My God, you are absolutely filthy! Where have you been? Have you been rolling in the dirt intentionally, you pervert? Whatever, it’s nothing that a good hose down won’t fix! Let’s get you back to the house, and hose you down! You’re going to be locked up for the night! We’ll start on your torture bright and early tomorrow! We have a lot to do!”

I finally recovered my voice. I was still in shock. “Please, Ma’am” I croaked hoarsely. “Please unlock these handcuffs. I can’t get them off! I give in! You have won the hunt! Please let me go now, please, Ma’am.”

“Yes, I have won. Now, you will pay the penalty you agreed to. In full!”

“No, no, no! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean that! Please! Please! Not that! I know I thought I wanted it, but I truly don’t! I only thought I wanted it! It was just a fantasy! I really don’t want it! Not a real caning! Please! I don’t want a real caning! You can’t do that to me if I don’t want it! Please! Please don’t!”

She looked me directly in my eyes. “Stop your whining! Don’t give me that con-consensual shit! I showed you all the photographs of my other canings, and you agreed that would be your penalty! I knew you wanted it! Why did you agree, if you didn’t want it? Now, I’m going to give you exactly what you agreed to! No more and no less! There is no more discussion! Begging won’t help you, now.”

Yes, I have won. Now, you will pay the penalty you agreed to. In full!

She passed a leather strap around my neck and buckled it. She clipped a leather leash to the collar. She pulled the leash downwards with one hand, and took my balls up with her other hand. She expertly wrapped a few turns of the leash around my balls, then tied a simple knot. She took the free end of the leash in her hand, and gave me a sharp tug on my balls. “Please!” I gasped, my balls aching. She laughed in delight at my pain, and gave another harder tug. I yelled out, in even worse pain “Please, please!” I yelled madly, in the frantic way men do when their balls are in pain. I realized, with horror, that she was truly and literally a sadist. She enjoyed torturing men! I had known it before, of course, but only in an intellectual way. Now I could see it, at a raw and ball-wrenching level, my own balls in fact, which was a whole new way of seeing reality. I think I had somehow assumed that she would forgive me, and after some discussion, she would let me go home without punishment. But now---I suddenly, for the first time, as I felt her grip on balls and she stared into my eyes, had absolutely no doubt that I would get everything she had promised I would get.

“Come along!” She said, tugging on the leash again. It hurt my balls every time she did that! “Come on! Keep up with me, unless you prefer sore balls! It’s your choice!”

Come Along

“When I get you back to my house, it’s going to be the full caning for you, boy! You are going to get a full caning, just as I showed you in my photo album, except it will be YOU this time! Jut as you agreed!”

She stepped out along the path, shining her flashlight on the track. She walked briskly, so I had to run, since the shackles only allowed me short steps. She tugged viciously on my balls whenever I slowed down. She clearly enjoyed doing that. “Come on boy!” she laughed, whenever she tugged on my leash. I followed her, naked, handcuffed, sobbing, my balls aching. I knew that a full caning awaited me!

She led me, sobbing and helpless, back to the house. She chained me to the stone patio in front of her house, with a heavy chain and steel collar. She removed the cuffs and shackles once my collar was padlocked. She threw me a blanket, then went into the house and closed the door.

She chained me to the stone patio in front of her house

That night, I was left locked in my steel collar, chained on the patio to sleep, my cock and balls burning from her treatment.

Just as she had promised, at noon the next day, she caned me. I was then chained back on the patio. The next day, I was caned again. It went on every day! It was pure agony! And she just laughed! I was chained each night, and caned every day. She took a whole week over it. After she finally was satisfied I was suffering to her satisfaction, and had taken clear photographs or each caning for her album, she put me back on my chain.

She took her time. The canings went on, and on, for weeks. I was chained each night, and caned each day, without mercy. I had not realized a woman could be so cruel. But she was. And she clearly enjoyed her work, taking great care to inflict each caning carefully, and with precision, in the most excruciatingly painful and humiliating way. When I begged for mercy, she just reminded me that I had agreed to it. She moved on, and did every caning slowly and carefully, enjoying everything, making sure I was taken to my limits, and then sadistically taking me much further. Everything was carefully photographed for her album!

Eventually, everything ends. And so, eventually, I was released. I was allowed time to recover, chained on the patio. I gradually realized that I had not been permanently damaged in any way, it had been only temporary pain. I became calmer, and when I was calm, I was released from my restraints and allowed to return to my home. I found that all my bills had been paid whilst I had been away. And my apartment had been regularly cleaned. My refrigerator was stocked with excellent, expensive foods and drinks. She had clearly valued me, and had spared no expense to make me comfortable.

I stayed alone for a while, at home, recovering from my ordeal. My buttocks and thighs and calves were covered with weals. She had used the soles of my feet too, but there were no weals there. Gradually, the weals began to heal. Eventually I began to feel able to go out again. I eventually agreed to attend a dinner meeting with some bdsm friends in my city. A newbie was there at the dinner. He had heard I had been with Ms Diana, and was desperate to find out about my experience. None of my friends would ask me about it, despite their curiosity, sensing I didn’t want to talk about it. But this guy kept pestering me to tell him about my experience. He asked me if I thought he should answer Ms Diana’s new ad. I avoided his question all evening. But he just kept on asking. I finally looked at him, and said “if you are sure you want to experience your fantasy, then do it. You only live once”.


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