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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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First Blood




A Fight In A Restaurant

The Bank Women stood outside Mazzinis. They were desperate for a good fight and could not wait to get their hands on their enemies the Mafia. Since they had fought and won every single fight they had become addicted to fighting. Like their wonderful Boss Madame Spiteful they had become complete and total sadists delighting in fighting and inflicting the most dreadful pain and agony on their opponents. There was now no greater pleasure in life than being absolutely victorious in a fight without a hair being touched in return!

As they stood outside they all began to sing the BD Fighting Song to the tune of 'London Bridge is Falling Down.

'BD Women are coming now coming now!

There's no escaping!

We hate scum and Mafia, Mafia. Mafia

Your crimes are over!'

They carried on singing at the tops of their voices as they wanted the scum inside to be terrified out of their wits.

Just then Madame Spiteful kicked in the door hard with the steel cap of her boot. The BD Women were inside!

Inside there were quite a lot of diners and they all stared in wonder and horror as 4 leather clad Bank Women, who strode in looking so confident and assured. At the side were the Mafiosi all around the sides of the restaurant. It was like a scene from the film Kill Bill with Uma Thurman.

The diners knew that a fight was about to break out and rushed to the door in a stampede, terrified of being caught up in the violence that was sure to come!

Madame Spiteful walked over to Luciano Mazzini looking so confident and relaxed. He was a short fat man and in size and strength she absolutely overpowered him.

'Well Luciano I've come to take over your restaurant. As far as I'm concerned it now belongs to the Bank. I’m giving you the easy way out. You and your goons can leave now and hopefully return to Italy. Or you can stay and fight. You will of course lose as there's nothing you can do against us Bank Women. We are just invincible!

You canna tella me whata do Madame Spitefula! This isa my retauranta!' he shouted at her.

With one blow, her mighty hand went crashing hard against his face. He screamed in absolute pain.



'Don't you dare speak to me you Mafia scumbag!' she screamed in his face as loud as she could as tears began to roll down his face.

‘I’m going to deal with you later you shithead after I've dealt with the scum here and beaten them! Now stay there like a good boy and I will punish you later!'

He stood there looking so abject and defeated clutching his swollen and now bleeding face crying with pain.

She stood majestically before the Mafiosi who were now pouring in from the street into the restaurant. The 3 Enforcers stood by her side ready to do battle. The Mafiosi were all armed with knives chairs, chains and snooker cues. They knew all about the reputation of the Bank Women and that this was going to be a fight to the death!

Madame Spiteful walked over to all 30 of them feeling so confident and self controlled.

'Right which one of you wants to get me first?’ Are you all afraid of just one person?'

One of Luciano's brothers Giovanni shouted out

'Go getta her she only a woman!'

4 Mafiosi moved towards her-one had a knife. another bottle. another a chair and another a chain. They were all trying to look as menacing as possible.

Suddenly one of them moved towards her with a knife. With absolute expertise she kicked it out of his hand with her powerful boot heel. He let out a piercing scream that could be heard right across the room and into the street.


With one move she picked up the knife from the floor and sliced him across the face. He screamed as he she had taken out his eye and his nose all in one expert move. With one more move she expertly lunged into his throat. The whole move was done with absolute precision as an example to all the other Mafiosi who looked on with horror.

The next one made an attempt at hitting her with a bottle. It was totally futile as she just kicked up high in the air .He yelled as the pointed heel of here boot went right into his hand.


With similar expertise she took the bottle and with absolute ease broke it hard down onto his head. He fell in a dead heap on the ground next to the other goon beside him.

The next one tried to attack her with a chain. He made an attempt to hit her but it was totally feeble. With expertise again she simply brought her boot heel into his solar plexus hard. He let out another terrible scream as the chain came flying out of his hand.


She casually picked the chain up from the floor and wound it right around his neck smiling as she did so. She was really enjoying herself. With one move she pulled. His face went bright purple as he slumped on the floor dead.

The next one made an attempt to attack her with a chair. She easily dodged out of the way as she caught the chair from him with her superior strength. With one move she pushed him against the wall with the chair legs. With another she rammed the chair leg hard into his throat. Blood came pouring out of his mouth as with one last gasp he fell on the ground dead to the world!

'Well that was easy enough!' she said gloating over the 4 dead bodies

'It's your turn next Marcia!'

Marcia kissed Madame Spiteful on the lips as she walked over to her enemies displaying her magnificent Black body for all to see.

'Right which one of you goons wants to fight me?' she smiled.

Giovanni shouted sat them again.

'Come onna she only ona woman!'

4 more moved towards her. The first one had a chair in his hand. He came running towards her yelling something in Italian

With one amazing move she kicked up in the air with her amazing athletic skills. The chair literally went flying up to the ceiling. She caught it with just one hand.

She moved menacingly towards her opponent holding the chair in just one hand. With split second timing she brought the whole chair crashing into his face. He let out the most terrible scream as splinters of the chair were embedded deep into his skull. He lay there a completely lifeless heap!

'Right which one of you goons is next?'

One of them stood in front of her with a bottle in his hand. She was just so much bigger and taller than him. With one move she just wrenched it out of his hand and brought it crashing down on his face as he fell with a thud onto the floor yelling in agony.

Suddenly one of them came from behind armed with a snooker cue. She easily managed to kick it right out of his hands with her almighty legs. He stood there as she picked it up from the ground. She held it and with one move she lunged into his stomach with the pointed end. He let out a scream as he fell on the floor dead to the world.


One of them had a long knife in his hand while she had a snooker cue. He knew he was no match for her. He made an attempt to lunge at her. With one fast move she thrust into his throat hard with the pointed end. He let out a yell of agony as one more body lay on the ground!


4 more lay dead as Marcia walked away triumphant as usual.

Marcia walked towards Lucinda and handed the snooker cue to Lucinda

'Lucinda darling show them your skills as a snooker cue fighter!'

Lucinda the Coloured Enforcer walked towards the goons showing off her huge muscular body. They moved backwards knowing what incredible fighters these Bank Women were.

'Come on, fight me you bastards!' she shouted.

Just then 2 of them moved towards her with their cues It was hopeless. With one swift move she brought the first cue down knocking it completely in hald. With another move she smashed the end into his solar plexus. He doubled up in absolute agony yelling with pain and writhing on the floor. He would soon be dead from internal injuries!


The other came towards her. He tried to move towards her but her easily parried the blow. She knocked the cue clean out of his hands. At the same time she brought it crashing down hard on his head. Blood came streaming out as he lay on the ground groaning in utter torment.

The goons realised they could not match her skills as a cue fighter. One of them had a long serrated knife in his hand. He made an attempt at lunging at her. She brought the cue down hard on his hand. The knife went down on the ground as he roared with pain.


She picked up the knife moving towards him smiling in triumph. He stood there shaking with fear as she pointed it at his throat. With one move she lunged forwards. It went right through his throat penetrating right to the other end!

Another goon was behind her again with a long knife almost like a sword. She moved towards him. He made an attempt to move forwards but it was hopeless. She pushed forwards mercilessly and poked him right in the eye with the sharp end of her cue. He was screaming for all he was worth. She stood over him gloating at his torment. With one move she drove the end of the cue straight through his throat!

They all cheered as Lucinda left the centre stage victorious again!

It was now Christine the White Enforcer's turn to prove herself. She knew she could not be as good as Marcia and Lucinda but she still wanted to prove her skills especially to her Boss Madame Spiteful.

She walked into the centre of the restaurant looking so gorgeous for all to see.

'Come on boys!' she said in her husky sexy voice 'Surely one of you can attack me!

Suddenly one of the goons rushed at her with a chain .She simply put her foot forwards and he went flying across the room landing on the floor. She knelt down and picked the chain up. She then wound it right round his neck and pulled hard. She could hear the bones crack as he lay there dead.


Another one came at her with a broken bottle. With one skilful move she knocked it out of his hand with the chain. She took the broken bottle and moved it towards his face. With one move she pushed it right into his face blinding him .He let out a terrible scream of pain. He fell on the floor screaming. He would soon be dead with blood loss!


2 more came towards her with glasses in their hands. She still had the chain in her hand .With one brilliant move she brought the chain straight down crashing into his face. He bellowed with pain as blood came pouring down. As he lay on the floor screaming she picked up the glass.

She moved towards the other one. He moved his glass towards her but missed completely. She thrust forwards and dug the whole glass straight into his face. He fell on the floor just like his friend screaming for all he was worth with the glass splinters covering his face


Once more Christine had proved her vicious fighting skills! The other 3 cheered her fighting prowess.

16 corpses lay on the floor .Screams of torment could still be heard from those who were still just alive. the whole floor was running with blood. The Bank Women were winning easily!

Madame Spiteful stepped forwards.

'Come on Ladies.16 dead 14 to go!'


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