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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
The Bank Women
A Visit To A Miscreant
Operation Bad Debt
The Criminal's Family
Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
Torture To Death
A Visit To Prague Part 1
A Visit To Prague Part 2
Operation Open An Account
A Fight In The Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
Torture Of The Kingpins
The Women Use Force
The Women Take Control

The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair

Alice And Anna
On The Beach
The Bisley Boy
Silk Stockings On A Ladder
A Merry Ferry Christmas
Stella and Fanny

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Arrival At The Institute

The Dominafuhrer

The New Recruit

The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine


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Miss Malcahy's Detention
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The Weight Loss

I Sign A Contract

The Convict

The Convict/My Prison Folder


A Caning By Miss Spiteful
Always On The Bare
A Visit To Greenwich
At My Lady's Pleasure
Ball Shackle Story
I Met Claire In A Coffee Shop
Judicial Bastinado
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Long Weekend
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Shoeshine Boy
Slave To The Cane
The Basement
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The Escape Artist
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The Valkyrie

Episode 1


The Vision
The Agreement
First Blood




A Visit To A Miscreant

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk dressed from head to toe in black leather. She was dressed in the Bank of Domination fighting outfit. She was wearing a BD leather hat with the BD logo that was similar to the old HSBC logo, only with 2 whips below the red triangle. She was wearing a shiny black leather jacket and a studded collar. She also wore tight leather hot pants. She had on thigh length boots with 6" heels and steel toe caps. Around her waist she had a long cat o nine tails, handcuffs and knuckledusters. To complete the effect she had on a leather mask. She looked ever inch a Dominatrix, so beautiful and deadly!

She was determined to get that bastard Cartwright at all costs. How dare he earn all that money and not give it all to the BD! How dare he refuse to open an Account when she had ordered him to do so! She would enter his property this evening and nothing would stop her. The idiot thought that hiring security guards could deter her. Nothing on earth would stop her and her Enforcer Lucinda from breaking in .She was quite prepared to put him to death if that was what it required to force him to open an Account and take out a Mortgage with the BD!

What made her even angrier was that she had just received an offensive Email from him that read as follows:

'Look here Spiteful you bitch! I'm not opening an account with your f---g bank so leave me alone! You can't force me to do anything! Who the hell do you think you are ordering me around? I’ve hired a security company called Jaguar to protect me and they're all big nightclub bouncers. I’m a barrister and I know my rights so get the Hell out of my life!'


She was so furious as she started to hit the table with her crop.

She replied at once.

Look here you bastard, Cartwright, I'm coming to get you and there's no escape. Don’t you dare just call me Spiteful. I’m Madame Spiteful and don't you ever forget it! I'm coming to get you and that crooked outfit of a security company, that employs illegal immigrants, will be no protection. Those guards are just a bunch of fat bastards, whom I and my Enforcer will beat easily and kill if necessary. After that I will personally torture you and interrogate you in my Dungeon. As far as I’m concerned you're a complete miscreant and have no rights at all. You’re in very serious trouble Cartwright!'


She sat there fuming thinking of what she would do to Cartwright and those security guards. Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Lucinda the Coloured Enforcer looking so gorgeous in her leather BD uniform.

Madame Spiteful walked over to the lovely Lucinda and kissed her fondly.

'Well Lucinda we have a lot to do. This will be your first Mission that will involve proving your fighting skills to me. We’re going to break into Cartwright's property beat him up and if necessary kill all his security guards and then ‘persuade' him to open an Account and Mortgage. I will then bring him back to the Dungeon where I intend to torture him and where I will sentence him to 3 days' imprisonment!'

I want you to change into leather hot pants and thigh length boots just like me. You will also carry a cat o nine tails, knuckledusters, handcuffs and a crop. I want you to become a One Woman Fighting Machine!

She did exactly as she was told. Soon she was changed and ready for action!

They both left the Bank together looking so terrifying clad totally in black leather. They were both real tough Dominatrixes, though of course Madame Spiteful was the toughest of all!

They drove to Doddinghurst. It was a very pretty village that lay 4 miles from Brentwood. The Old Farmhouse where Cartwright lived was a large mansion that lay in its own grounds just outside the village.

Madame Spiteful parked the car just about 100 yards from the house.

'Right Lucinda I'm going in first. After I have taken out the first security guard you will follow and enter the grounds further on. I will call you on my mobile when I want you to break in!'

Madame Spiteful left the car and moved towards the grounds. With her brilliant athletic skills she was soon over the walls and inside the grounds of the property. She hid behind a bush in the distance.

She could see one of the goons in his Jaguar Security uniform. She moved quietly towards him. Soon she was behind him.

'So you are trying to stop me entering the property .You haven't been very successful so far! Why don't you try throwing me out?’ she said.

He was a big fat ugly bastard with a bald head and an earring. He had clearly never seen such a muscular leather clad Dominatrix before. He moved slowly towards her.

With one swift move she brought the steel toe of her boot crashing into his testicles. It was a deadly accurate blow.


OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!' he screamed as he fell on the ground writhing in agony.

'Well I think its time to bring an end to your wretched life as a security guard!'

With that she brought her 6 inch heel down into his Adams apple. It sliced cleanly through. His life was at an end!

She rang Lucinda on her mobile.

'I want you to break in further forwards We'll attack the house in a pincer movement!’ she said.

Lucinda moved forwards. She was a brilliant athlete too and easily scaled over the wall. As she reached the top she saw a security guard right beneath her.

With one movement she leapt on top of him bringing him down. He made a feeble attempt to resist but she was easily beating him as they wrestled together. She then held him tightly by the neck. He was now groaning in pain unable to resist. With one powerful movement she had snapped his neck right back.



He lay on the ground a completely lifeless heap.

Meanwhile 2 security guards had heard the screams of their dead colleague and were running towards Madame Spiteful. She stood there in her black leather magnificence showing no fear at all.

One of them had a knife in his hand that he was pointing to Madame Spiteful.

'You're not seriously thinking of using that are you?' she said as she moved towards him.

He tried to lunge towards her but he was no match for her superior strength. With one powerful move her leather booted leg shot up in the air. He let out a piercing scream as the knife went flying up in the air.


With one brilliant move she caught the knife by the blunt end. She moved towards him. He was absolutely terrified

'I'll show you how to use a knife. You go like this!'

With one move she cut him right across the face .Blood came shooting out.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!' he screamed as the blood flowed and flowed.

He fell on the floor writhing in agony and clutching his bloody face. Soon he would be dead through blood loss. She tossed the knife onto the grass as she smiled at his agony.

The other security guard just stood there gazing at his colleague who lay in absolute torment on the ground more blood streaming from his face.

Madame Spiteful just walked up to him. With one swift move she put her leather gloved hand under his crotch. With another move she brought her knee up hard into his testicles. He let out a terrible scream of pain as he fell on the ground next to his colleague yelling with pain for all he was worth.


'That's just what I like a good bit of Cock and Ball Torture! 'she smiled.

Meanwhile Lucinda was moving towards the house. A security guard moved towards her.

'Where do you think you're going?' he said.

'I've come to enter the house and you're not stopping me!'

He made an attempt to stop her but it was completely useless. She brought her powerful fist forwards and punched him hard in the stomach.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! 'he screamed clutching his stomach. Her mighty muscular body stood right over him.

'Please don't hit me again!' he whined looking up at her.

PLEASE!!!! 'he yelled absolutely terrified.

She knelt right over him. With another lunge she punched hard again into his stomach smashing every one of his ribs. He screamed for all he was worth.




He lay there an unconscious heap. He would soon be dead with internal injuries.

There was one security guard to take care of who was standing by the house.

Madame Spiteful moved towards him. He turned round in terror to behold a big muscular Dominatrix.

With one swift move she tripped him up with her leg and he went crashing down on the ground. She knelt down and brought her booted legs hard around his neck. She was smiling taking such pleasure in his misery and pain. Her legs were like legs of steel; nothing could break her powerful hold. Suddenly she twisted and she could hear the sound of broken bone as his neck was snapped.



All 6 security guards were either dead or cripples for life. They would never work again!

Madame Spiteful saw Lucinda in the distance. They ran towards each other embracing passionately.

'Oh Madame Spiteful I've had a wonderful time beating the crap out of those security guards!’

'So have I Lucinda! There’s no greater satisfaction than beating and torturing! Now let's get that bastard Cartwright!'

She stood outside the front door.

'Right Cartwright open the front door like a good boy! You've lost miserably. Give yourself up NOW!'

'Please Madame Spiteful don't hurt me. I’ll go away and give you all my money I promise!' he whimpered from inside the house.

'The only place you're going you bastard is my Dungeon!'


He did as he was told .He was a short balding man and looked so wretched besides her leather clad beauty.

She grabbed him by the hair and he screamed with pain.

'You're coming with me back to the Bank with me! As I am a complete and total sadist I'd like to punish you first for your misdemeanours!'

'Please Madame Spiteful have mercy. I know I did wrong!' he cried.

She pushed him hard against the wall. He was now blubbering like a little child. She brought her leather gloved hand up and down his cheek. Suddenly she moved.



'That's for failing to open an Account and Mortgage when I ordered you to!'



That's for your rude and offensive letter!'

Blood was now pouring out of his nose.



'That's for your rude and offensive E mail and calling me a bitch!'

2 more teeth went flying out of his mouth.



'That's for using security guards to protect your house!'

More teeth came flying out. He had almost no teeth left. His face was a mass of blood. He was now in agony crying hysterically.

'Come on you bastard!’she shouted in triumph as she handcuffed him tightly.


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