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The Bossy Bank Women

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The Bad Debtor
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The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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A Visit To Prague Part 1
A Visit To Prague Part 2
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A Fight In The Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
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The Women Use Force
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
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First Blood




A Visit To Prague Part 2

Madame Spiteful strutted out into the street followed by Christine and Madame Nadvlada. She was determined to capture Vinter at all costs and to bring him to justice. Madame Nadvlada drove them to the Prague Intercontinental Hotel. All of them walked in with complete confidence hitting their crops against the sides of their boots.

They walked straight into the reception. The Manager Mr. Indra was sitting behind the reception desk. Madame Spiteful walked straight up to him.

'Right, which room is Vinter in?' she demanded with a voice that showed as a complete Dominatrix she was totally in control.

'I'm terribly sorry. He said that he does not want any visitors. I can't tell you which room he's in'

With one move she grabbed him hard by the testicles, her leather hand going down to clutch him hard in a vice like grip.

'You'd better tell me exactly which room he's in or I will simply rip your penis and testicles off. It will make the most terrible mess on the floor so I really would advise you strongly to cooperate with me. What's more I like to be addressed as Madame Spiteful at all times. Is that totally clear you piece of shit?'

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! 'he bellowed so loudly that all the hotel could hear. He had never come across such a massively powerful Dominatrix in his life.

'He's in room 21 on the second floor Madame Spiteful! Please let me go I beg you!'

PLEASSSEEE!! 'he whimpered

She grabbed him by the collar digging her leather gloved fingers deep into his neck. She continued to squeeze his testicles.

'We are Bank of Domination Women and when we ask questions we demand an immediate and truthful response! Do I make myself quite clear?'

'YES CERTAINLY MADAME SPITEFUL! 'he groaned in absolute agony.

She let him go and immediately he fell on the ground writhing in pain for all the guests to see!

The Bank Women ran upstairs to catch their prisoner. Madame Spiteful was furious that he could afford to stay in a top class hotel and yet not pay his debts!

They were soon in the corridor near Room 21 They could see that Vinter had hired 6 goons to protect him.They were standing outside his door trying to look tough. They were all big fat bastards. Madame Nadvlada turned to Madame Spiteful

'So this idiot thinks he can protect himself with a bunch of fat bastards does he? These are obviously a bunch of ex prisoners probably from other East European countries!'

'These idiots really think they can protect themselves by hiring security guards. Can't they understand there's no escape at all from me or any other BD Women?' replied Madame Spiteful.

Madame Spiteful walked up to the first goon. He pretended to look tough but it was clear that never in his life had he come across a woman of such size and stature. She stood over him with her height and it was quite clear he was totally intimidated by this Superior Being.

'Now look her arsehole- we are going to make it easy for you. You 6 goons can all leave now and let us take our prisoner away. Otherwise you face having the living daylights beaten out of you by me and my 2 colleagues. Now what do you want?'

'Ve are ere to protect him!' he said trying to sound tough but really shaking in the presence of this powerful Dominatrix.

'Right well you'd better try protecting him as I'm now going into that room to get him and you're not going to stop me!'

She walked straight up to the door accompanied by Christine and Madame Nadvlada.

The goon made an attempt to stop her.He tried to pull her back He was absolutely no match for her superior strength and power.With one swift move she took his arm and brought it right behind his back.She could hear the all familiar sound of broken bone.He fell on the floor screaming with pain as he felt the sheer pain.



She brought the heel of her boot down and positioned it right on his adam's apple.He began to cry with pain and pure terror.

'It's lights out time you ugly bastard. Don't say I didn't warn you!'

With one move the heel of her boot sliced cleanly through his neck. Blood came pouring out as he lay there dead to the whole world!

It was now Madame Nadvlada's turn to demonstrate her fighting skills. One of the goons came running towards her with a knife.With lightning speed she kicked up in the air.He let out a terrible piercing scream .She picked up the knife and moved towards him smiling with pure satisfaction.

She said something in Czech as she moved the knife up and down his throat. He was sweating in terror as he knew that his life was about to come to an end. Suddenly with one move she lunged the knife right into his throat. He fell down on the floor with a terrible thud. She stood over him rejoicing in her victory.

It was now Christine's turn to display her power.One of the goons came running towards her with a chain in his hand. She dodged out of the way and he went crashing into the wall. He tried to hit her again. With one incredible move she kicked hard into his stomach with the heel of her boot. He let out a scream as he went flying forwards.

She stood over him and picked up the chain. She wound it right round his neck and pulled hard. There was a loud crack as he slumped on the ground his neck twisted right round.

'That was brilliant Christine - you really are demonstrating your fighting skills! Now it's my turn' said Madame Spiteful.

She walked towards one of the goons.He stood there transfixed as she stood right over him.He was totally overpowered as he gazed in awe at her standing over him.She suddenly grabbed him by the hair as he let out a yell of pure agony.She then brought his face hard down into her powerful knee. There was a loud crack as she could feel the bones of his mouth break and teeth come flying out.

He fell backwards clutching his teeth and jaw bellowing with pain. Being a complete sadist she stood there smiling at his misery. She knelt down on top of him. With one blow she brought her hand smashing down into his neck. Once more she could hear the sound of broken bone.


Once more she demonstrated her invincible fighting skills! One of the goons came for Madame Nadvlada holding her from the back.With one swift move she easily did a judo throw hurling him right over her shoulder. He went crashing down the corridor.She stood over him glowering at him lying on the ground. She said something to him in Czech as she stamped hard with her boot heel into his neck. He lay there a lifeless heap!

It was Christine's turn to deal with the last goon.He stood there looking at his 5 dead colleagues. He was surrounded by 3 massive BD Women and he did not know what to do!

Christine walked towards him looking so beautiful and smiling.

'You're not really thinking of running away!' she said as she put her arm around him. She was so gorgeous and so deadly!

Without warning her strong leather gloved hand was around his throat.She smiled at first and then began to clutch him harder digging her razor sharp nails in. He went red and began to let out a loud scream as her nails dug in further.



She let go as he fell backwards in a heap on the floor.Once more Christine had demonstrated to her Boss that she could win any fight!

Madame Spiteful savoured one more victory. She looked at the mangled corpses that lay on the floor and thought that this was an even greater victory than the one she had fought with the Bank Women in the pub in England (see Episode).Once again the BD Women had proved their invincibility beyond all doubt!

She walked over to Madam Nadvlada

'You were brilliant Madame Nadvlada. Thank you so much for your assistance!'

Don't mention it Madame Spiteful. There's nothing I like more than beating the shit out of male bastards like these. I learnt all about fighting techniques and torture at the Other World Kingdom'

'Next time I come to the Czech Republic I will come to the OWK! I'd love to visit a land of total Matriarchal control!'

She walked over to Christine.

'Christine you were wonderful again I want you to win every single fight just like that one emerging completely unscathed. I don't want one hair of your gorgeous body to be touched. Is that perfectly clear?' she said sternly.

'Yes certainly Madame Spiteful. I just want to serve you faithfully as your Enforcer all my life! I think you are a wonderful Boss!'

'Right let's get this bastard Vinter!'

'Right Vinter we know you're there. Open this door now. Your security guards have failed miserably to protect you!' Madame Spiteful called out sternly.

He hesitated at first.She was furious that her orders were not being obeyed.

'Open up Vinter you've lost! Either you open up or I'll break this door down with my boot!'

He opened the door knowing quite well that disobedience to her orders meant instant death.

He opened the door. He emerged as a short fat man who reminded her of a pig.

She immediately grabbed him by the collar and slammed him with full force against the wall.

'So you bastard Vinter- you thought you could escape by leaving the country. Don't you understand wherever you go I will find you and there's no escape.You have lost all your possessions and have lost everything! I will take you back to England and you will spend a week in agony in my Dungeon!'

With that her mighty hand came crashing across his face.



Fountains of blood came pouring out as he was in complete torment.

'Madame Nadvlada what do you want to do with this bastard?'

There's no one I loathe more than a bad debtor. I'd like to give him a good slap too!'

Madame Nadvlada moved her leather gloved hand up and down his face smiling as the true sadist she was.With one sudden move her hand went crashing across the other cheek with incredible power.



2 teeth came flying out as more blood cam pouring down his face.

'Christine it's your turn next!'

Christine walked up towards him. Even though she was so deadly he was overpowered by her beauty and the all powerful smell of leather and perfume.

'You have been a very naughty, naughty boy running away haven't you?'

She moved her hand gently at first up and down his sore cheek. Then she brought it back smashing across his face loving every minute of it.



More blood came pouring out as 2 more teeth came flying out.

'Well Vinter your face looks a complete mess to me I'm taking you back to my hotel where you will be strapped up until I take you back to England tomorrow!' said Madame Spiteful in total triumph. With that she handcuffed his hand. She then dragged him by the collar walking over the 6 dead bodies on the way.

She turned to madame Nadvlada and Christine enjoying their victory.



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