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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
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The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
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First Blood




Accept A Mortgage - Or Else!

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk in the Bank Manager's Office. She looked so impressive and beautiful as usual in her black leather Bank of Domination uniform. It was 7 AM and she was already at her desk. She lived and breathed work. She was a Bank Manager 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She expected the same kind of commitment from her 3 Enforcers Marcia, Lucinda and Christine. She would tolerate nothing less!

She thought of the day before and what a wonderful success it had been. She had personally dealt with a bad debtor and his solicitor by beating them severely, joined by her wonderful Enforcer Christine. They had been tied them up severely using the techniques of Japanese Rope Bondage that she loved to practice. Both of the prisoners were still in the Dungeon having spent the night in the most excruciating torment trussed up like animals with their heads down on steel beds probably unable to sleep even a wink!

Afterwards Madame Spiteful and Christine had gone round to Richards' house. Madame Spiteful was a qualified Accountant and Valuer. She had been through all Richards' possessions and it was clear they were not enough to realise the debt of £X000. Even taking his car into consideration they were not worth even £X000.

She had ordered a firm of bailiffs that were connected to the BD to remove all his possessions and clean out his house completely. The only way to realise the debt was to sell the house. The Bank would get its money and costs from the sale while Richards would have to put the rest of the money into a special Account. If he ever misbehaved again the Bank would seize the rest of his money. Richards would emerge from the Dungeon not only needing medical attention, as would Snellgrove, after the torture he had endured, but homeless as well!

She had taken full colour photos of both of them trussed up in the Dungeon for an advertisement in the Brentwood Advertiser that would go out today. It read as follows:


This is what will happen to you if you fail to make repayments on a loan or a mortgage or represent anyone who does!

What happened to these 2 will happen to you. You will be taken to my Dungeon, beaten mercilessly just like them and tied up in Japanese Rope Bondage. I will then take your possessions to realise the debt including your house if necessary.


I know every bad debtor and how much they owe exactly. There is no escape. Even if you leave the country my Enforcers and I will pursue you relentlessly!

I will be contacting you at once if you are a bad debtor. If you are having difficulty making repayments through financial problems you must contact me IMMEDIATELY!

Do not go to a solicitor or a debt councillor; I am the only person you will see about your debts!

Don't ignore debt. It will not go away and I will not go away!






As she sat at that desk she realised that it was not enough to do something about bad debts .She also urgently had to extend the Bank's business. She sat there studying figures and saw how small the BD was compared to all the other banks in Brentwood. This was largely due to the total mismanagement of her predecessor at the HSBC, as it was, the bloody useless Mr. Baker. She had written to the Chairman Lady Breakneck asking for his pension to be withdrawn completely. She had a good idea to actually have him thrown in the Dungeon for his mismanagement!

She was determined to have as many people in Brentwood have Mortgages with the Bank as possible. In particular she wanted those with the highest Mortgages to transfer them to the Bank. As well as that she wanted everyone applying for Mortgages at estate agents to apply to the Bank. Finally she would send out letters to every homeowner in the area requesting' them to transfer their mortgages to the Bank and to open Accounts. Under Mr. Baker's useless management the HSBC or BD as it is now, only had 5% of the Mortgage market. Madame Spiteful was determined to make it 90% or even 100%.

She had targeted the person with the biggest mortgage in the area. His name was James Cartwright. He was a company barrister probably earning about £x a year. He had a huge mortgage of £x and owned a farmhouse in a village called Doddinghurst outside Brentwood. She was determined that he should open an Account with the BD and transfer his Mortgage too. She was determined that the Bank should get his money!

She decided to write to him as follows:





Dear Mr. Cartwright,

It has come to my attention that you do not have an Account or Mortgage with the BD.

Naturally I take a very serious view of this. I am requesting that you complete the enclosed forms and transfer your Account at once and take out a Mortgage with the BD immediately!

Please would you complete the enclosed forms? The Mortgage we can offer is far better than your existing one with Abbey National. Our interest rates our far lower and we give you a free valuation.

I am quite serious about this and request that you respond to this letter at once. I am quite prepared to discuss this with you in a reasonable way, but if reasonable discussion does not work then I am quite prepared to take a more physical approach.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,






She had sent the letter the other day and received an immediate response.




Dear Madame Spiteful,

I have no intention of having anything to do with your Bank at all, so leave me alone. We are living in a free country and I can bank with and have a Mortgage with anyone I want.

I know your reputation for violence. If you try to enter my premises or use force on me I have hired a Security company to protect me.

Please will you leave me alone and stop making threats against me.


George Cartwright


She wrote an immediate response.

Dear Mr. Cartwright,

I am in possession of your rude and offensive letter.

I know this is a free country, but I expect you to use your freedom in a sensible way to open an Account with the BD that will give you a far better service than your existing bank.

It looks as if reasonable persuasion does not work with you in which case I will take a more physical approach.

I will be visiting your premises without warning in the next few days and will persuade you to open an Account and Mortgage with the BD.

I suggest that you get rid of that Security Company and stop wasting your money, as they will be no protection at all from me and one of my Enforcers.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely




It was 8 AM and there was a knock on the door for the 3 Enforcers to present themselves. As usual they looked absolutely stunning. Marcia, the Black Enforcer, the biggest of all came in first, followed by Lucinda the big Coloured Enforcer and finally, still looking big and muscular, the lovely White Enforcer Christine. They all stood to attention in front of Madame Spiteful in their gorgeous shiny black leather uniforms ready for their orders for the day.

Madame Spiteful stood above them towering in her leather clad wonder.

'Right Ladies we have a very busy day ahead of us. We are moving into the Mortgage market. My ultimate objective is for every business and home to have a Mortgage and an Account with the BD in this area. We will start by spending the day at the 3 main estate agents in Brentwood. Lucinda you will be with me at the largest, Hairstow Heves, Marcia you will spend the day at Hicks and Christine you will be at Keighers.'

'Our object is to get every single customer who comes into the estate agents to get a Mortgage with the BD. As usual you will start with friendly persuasion telling them all the Benefits e.g. low interest rates.

'If that doesn't work you will start with physical persuasion. I find a good Cock and Ball Torture always works on a man! If it's a woman a good squeeze on the nipples works excellently!'

'I will conduct the first interview myself just to show you how to do it. After that I will leave you alone and I will be in the Bank. Every time you see a customer you will ring me just make sure every customer ends up with a Mortgage and an account with the BD. I don't care if you make them cripples. I want their money - it's as simple as that. Is that understood?'

'Yes Madame Spiteful!' they all said together. She then turned to Lucinda

'Right Lucinda, it's your second Mission. We're calling on a barrister whom I want to open an Account and transfer his Mortgage. We’re going to his home in Doddinghurst. It will almost certainly involve a fight as he's got security guards to protect him. It will be a great opportunity to display your fighting skills. We will then deal with him and use 'persuasion' on him!'

'I'd love to Madame Spiteful I can't wait!' she said looking so excited at the prospect.

'Well let's all go. Our objective is total success and nothing else!'

She walked out of the office followed by the 3 Enforcers. They all walked together down the High St as if they owned it which in effect they did! They all walked straight into the office of Hairstow Heves. Madame Spiteful walked straight up to one of the clerks who was doing nothing.

'Right, where's the Manager?' she shouted at him making him stand up in front of her.

'He's in his office with a customer' he replied showing obvious fear.

'You call me Madame Spiteful you arsehole! It comes at the end of every sentence! It's on my name badge. Can't you read?'

He stood to attention as the 4 Bossy Bank Women strode right into the Manager's office. The Manager's name was John Lawrence.

The Manager was sitting with a customer.

'Right get out of your office Lawrence NOW! The Bank of Domination will take over your office today. I’ll see this customer myself!’ shouted Madame Spiteful in a tone that allowed no disobedience.


Lawrence did as he was ordered running out of the office as fast as he could. He did not want to confront 4 big Bossy Bank Women! Madame Spiteful sat next to the customer and put her arm around the back of his shoulder. He was a small nervous looking man.

'So what's your name? she asked in a friendly tone.

'Trevor Ritchie 'he said nervously.

'Trevor, make sure you call me Madame Spiteful all the time. So have you found a property?'

'I think so Madame Spiteful' he said nervously.

'And have you arranged a Mortgage?'

'Well Mr. Lawrence was going to arrange one with the Woolwich, Madame Spiteful'

'Well Trevor, I'm afraid I don't want you to go with them. I want you to take out a Mortgage with the Bank of Domination. We offer lower interest rates, free valuation and assistance with removal expenses. Don’t you think that's generous Trevor?'

'Can I go away and think about it?'

Her manner changed as her hand moved around his neck.

'No you can’t Trevor you will get a Mortgage with the BD - you have no choice Trevor! Also you forgot to address me correctly. I have very sharp nails Trevor which can penetrate right through your neck!'

He was getting really scared as her leather gloved hand was now hard around his neck.

'Yes certainly Madame Spiteful.' he groaned feeling her nails digging in.

'That's a good boy Trevor and who do you bank with?'

'Nat West Madame Spiteful' he groaned.

'Well you're going to have to change Trevor. You will open an Account with us today!'

'Yes Madame Spiteful’ he said sweating away and almost in tears.

'Now be a good boy and fill in these forms and then give them to Miss Lucinda my Enforcer who will be here all day!'

`Yes certainly Madame Spiteful' he replied knowing he had no choice.

She took her hands off his neck and allowed him to leave the room to fill in the forms. She turned to the other Enforcers.

'Well that was easy wasn't it? I think every other case will be as easy. All you have to do is apply a little pressure!'

'Now Marcia and Christine you will go to the other 2 estate agents, while you Lucinda will stay here. Make sure every single customer opens a Mortgage and Account with the BD.


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