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The Bossy Bank Women

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Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
The Bank Women
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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The Bank Women Use Persuasion

Madame Spiteful left Lucinda at Hairstow Heves; Marcia at Hicks estate agents and Christine at Keighers. She went back to her desk at the Bank. She was determined that every person and every business would have an Account and Mortgage with the Bank of Domination. Her aim was 100% of the market. She would stop at nothing less!

Her 3 Enforcers were now at the various estate agents waiting customers. Their aim was that every single person going to an estate agent’s would have a mortgage with the Bank of Domination. She decided first of all to write a letter to the Managers of all the estate agents.


Dear Mr.

I am writing to you to instruct you to refer all your customers to the BD for Mortgages. I will take a very serious view if you refer them to any other bank or building society. I will know about this as I have gone into your database and know every single person who is looking for property in the area. If I find one person from now on whom you have not referred to the BD I will personally deal with you physically.

Also you must allow my Enforcers and I to take over your office on any day we choose. Effectively your estate agents are now under the control of the BD. That means that every time you sell a property you will pay 40% of the commission to the BD.

My orders are to be obeyed without question. If you disobey your health and safety is seriously at risk.

Yours sincerely,



While she was at her desk she decided to write a letter that would go to every resident and business in the Brentwood area.

Dear Mr. Mrs. Ms

It has come to my attention that you do not have an account with the BD. Naturally as the Manager I take a very serious view of this matter and am asking you to complete the following forms and send them back to the BD by return of post.

Our Bank offers far better facilities than any other bank including:

*Low interest loan and overdraft facilities.

*Late opening hours to 6 PM 3 days a week

*Free gifts

*Friendly staff called Enforcers who will give you a free massage at any time.

This is a very generous offer that you are advised to accept. I must warn you that I am determined you open an account with the BD. If friendly persuasion does not work then I will be forced to take a more physical approach.

She then wrote an addition to the letter to go to homeowners.

It has also come to my attention that you do not have a Mortgage with the BD. I also take a very serious view of this and am asking you to fill in the enclosed forms immediately.

We offer an excellent service including

*Lowest interest rates in the country

*Assistance with removal expenses

*Free valuations

*Remortgage for almost anything you want.

You are advised to take advantage of this extremely generous offer NOW!




Madame Spiteful's aim was nothing less than 100% of the market. She would not accept anything less! She ordered her wimp of a secretary David to send letters to every single household in the Brentwood area even if it meant he would have to stay up all night!

In the meantime the Enforcers were working away at the estate agents. The biggest of them all, Marcia the Black Enforcer, was at Hicks in the High St. She had walked in her black leather BD uniform determined to kick arse at all costs. She had been told by Madame Spiteful to start off with a friendly approach. However, being a complete and total sadist, just like Madame Spiteful she found this very difficult.

She had, in fact, just walked straight in and demanded to see the Manager; his name was Mr. Ward. She walked straight in and told him to get out of his office. When he hesitated she had grabbed him hard by the collar, frogmarched him out of the office and just thrown him on to the pavement!

She then walked back into the office and put her magnificent leather booted legs on the desk. She yelled at one of the clerks to bring her a coffee at once. She was really revelling in her power as she ordered him to get out of her room and return to work at once!

She sat there for some time waiting for a customer to come in. At last one of the clerks entered and told her someone was looking for a property.

'Right show them in now and get out back to work!' she yelled.

Eventually a really pompous man entered the room. He looked amazed at this huge Black woman sitting there with her booted legs up on the table.

'So you're looking for a property? Have you arranged the Mortgage yet?'

'No I haven't. I might go to Abbey National.'

She got up from the desk and towered over him in her leather splendour.

'First of all you address me as Miss Marcia - it's on my name badge. Secondly, you're going to the Bank of Domination for your Mortgage!'

'Look here, you can't tell me what to do I'll go where I like!'

She grabbed him by the collar. With one blow her mighty hand went crashing hard twice across his face.



'The first blow was for failing to address me correctly. The second was for talking to me an Enforcer in that tone of voice. Now, are you going to change your attitude because there is plenty more where that came from?'

He groaned as he stood there clutching his face. Blood was streaming from his nostrils.

'Now are you going to accept a Mortgage or do you want some more?' she yelled as her leather gloved hand moved up and down his face.

'YYESSSSSSSSSS MISS MARCIA!’ he whined in pain knowing that she meant exactly what she said.

'Now with whom do you bank?'

'Lloyds TSB Miss Marcia’ he groaned.

'You're going to bank with the BD aren't you?'

'Can't I stay with them? I've been banking with them for years Miss Marcia!'

'No you can’t! What’s your name?'

'Christopher, Miss Marcia' he said making sure he addressed her correctly or else.

'Well Christopher if you insist on banking with them rather than us, who can give you a much better deal; you will not only get some more slaps across your face, but you may even get a good hard belly punching too. Is that what you really want, Christopher?'

'Please noooooo Miss Marcia' he groaned terrified of the consequences of disobedience.

'Well you will be a good boy and fill in all these forms. I will lock you in a room and only let you out once they have you have filled them all in properly. And if you defy me again Christopher this leather gloved hand will knock out some teeth. Do you understand, Christopher?'

'Yes, Miss Marcia' I understand he groaned utterly defeated.

With that she marched him out of the room into another room and locked the door securely. He would not be let out until they were completed perfectly!

Meanwhile Christine the other Enforcer walked into the other estate agents, Keighers, down the High St. As she walked in the staff were so impressed with this voluptuous woman dressed in her leather clad beauty.

She walked straight in and demanded to be shown the Manager's room. One of the clerks took her to the door of a room marked Mr. Johnson. She strode straight into the room and ordered him to leave.

'Now look here I don't know who you are but this is my office and I request you leave now!'

She walked towards him and sat next to him. He was overwhelmed by her beauty and the smell of perfume and leather.

'So you're not prepared to give up your office are you?'

'No I'm not; I don't know who you are!'

'Do you know where I'm from?'

'I can see from your badge that you're from the Bank of Domination.'

'That means you do not speak to me like that you worm and you also address me as Miss Christine. You need to be punished for your defiance Mr. Johnson!'

With that her leather gloved hand moved hard down his trousers and grabbed his testicles


'Are you going to be a good boy and leave your office or do you want me to squeeze even harder?'



She eventually let him go and he collapsed in a heap on the floor crying.


With that she kicked him hard and he went flying out of the room. He got up and ran out of the building crying like an infant.

She turned around to the staff.

'Does anyone here want some CBT just like that?'

NO MISS CHRISTINE!’ they all shouted at once.

'Right bring me some coffee and get on with your work!' she shouted making everyone know she was the Boss!

Eventually a customer arrived. She was a petite attractive woman with blonde hair. Christine went over to greet her.

'Good morning, I'm Miss Christine an Enforcer with the Bank of Domination. What’s your name?'

'Nigella, Miss Christine' she said showing Christine who was so much bigger and more muscular the deference due to someone in authority.

'Have you found a property, Nigella?'

'Yes I have and I would like a mortgage with the Bank of Domination as I hear your interest rates are so low compared to every other financial institution Miss Christine!'

'That's quite true Nigella. Fill in these forms now and I'm sure well be able to arrange a Mortgage.'

'Whom do you bank with Nigella?' she asked.

'Nat West Miss Christine. Please could I stay with them as I know the Manager and he's been very helpful?'

'No I'm afraid not Nigella you're banking with us!'

'Suppose I stay with Nat West, Miss Christine?'

'Then I'm going to have to rip off your bra and squeeze your nipples hard with my powerful hands Nigella and you will suffer a lot of pain!'

'Please don't Miss Christine I will do anything you say; please don't hurt me! 'she cried.

'It's all right as long as you're a good girl and accept a Mortgage and open an Account, I won't hurt you. Now go in the other room and fill in the forms like a good girl!'

She did exactly as she was told while Christine went into her office to await further customers!

Meanwhile Lucinda was still at Harefaced Heves after Madame Spiteful had left her on her own there after dealing with Trevor (see previous Episode). She was a really impressive Coloured Woman. All the staff there were terrified by her majestic presence and made sure they had their heads down working.

Just then a short plump man came in looking for a property. At once Lucinda walked straight up to him.

'Good morning, my name is Lucinda I'm from the Bank of Domination. What’s your name?'

'Richard Cunningham' he said really impressed by her leather uniform.

'Well Richard can you make sure you call me Miss Lucinda - it's on my name badge. I’m an Enforcer with the BD and I demand respect!'

'I'm sorry Miss Lucinda!' he said looking down in shame.

'Well Richard, have you found a property you like?'

'I haven't yet Miss Lucinda I'm still looking.'

'Well have you arranged a Mortgage yet?'

'I have an offer from the Nationwide that I think I will take up!'

'I'm sorry Richard but you're taking out a mortgage with the BD. Whom do you bank with?'

'Nationwide too Miss Lucinda.'

'You're going to have to switch that to the BD. I've got the forms to complete if you'll follow me into my office now!'

'I'm sorry I really want to stay with the Nationwide. I’m in a bit of a hurry so if you'll excuse me!'

Suddenly she put her leather gloved hand under his trousers. He winced with pain.

'Richard, for a start, call me Miss Lucinda all the time. Secondly you're going nowhere. You’re going to open an Account and a Mortgage with the BD or you won't have any testicles left. I’m afraid it's as simple as that!'

With that she dragged him to the office by his testicles to the amazement of all the office staff.

He was still groaning with pain when he was inside her office.

'Are you going to be a good boy and open an Account now Richard?'

'I'll do anything you say Miss Lucinda I'll give the BD all my money Just please don't squeeze my prick and balls any more!’ 'PLEASE!' he screamed.

'Right Richard I'll let go. Fill in these forms like a good boy!

As he was filling them in she moved over to him and put her hand right down his crotch. He whined again in pain.

'Richard as you've been a good boy and done as I say I will give you another service from the Bank a free massage or a good hard wanking!'

With that she moved her leather gloved hand up and down his prick with fast movements. He began groaning again. Soon he had exploded over her leather gloved hand. She made him lick the gloves clean thoroughly.

Just then the phone rang, it was Madame Spiteful.

'Oh hello Lucinda I'm just checking to see how you are getting on!'

'Madame Spiteful I've just given a new customer a good wanking or a personal massage as we call it! Before that I gave him a full CBT!'

'Lucinda I love giving CBT and personal massage. I’ll be right round there!'

Certainly, I look forward to seeing you Madame Spiteful!'

She was around at the estate agents in a few minutes. Lucinda ordered Richard to stand to attention when he arrived.

He began to sweat as she walked in knowing he was in the presence of a Superior Being.

'Well, Richard you're a new customer with the BD aren't you?’ she said

towering over his puny frame in her magnificent leather uniform.

Yes Madame Spiteful!' he said looking standing to attention and looking so scared.

'You will be a good customer. If we offer you a Mortgage you will make repayments without fail and on time. You will never overdraw without permission or you may have to spend time in the Dungeon. Is that clearly understood? Richard?'

She began to squeeze his prick and balls in her leather gloved hands. He had gone through a lot of CBT for one day!

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!' he groaned under her vice like grip!

YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' he screamed in agony.

He fell on the floor crying with pain. She dragged him up by the neck.

'You will fill those forms in correctly if it takes you all day. Now get out of my sight!'

He ran out of the room in terror.

She kissed Lucinda on the cheeks and told her to carry on with the good work.

She then joined the other two, Christine and Marcia, in the other estate agents. They were having a similar success; in fact the whole day had been a brilliant success with every single customer being 'persuaded' to open an Account and a Mortgage by any means possible.

Soon customers were realising the consequences of not cooperating with the Bank and the excellent benefits the Bank offered. Soon there were queues outside the Bank and estate agents with people desperate to open Accounts and Mortgages with the BD.

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk feeling so proud of herself and her success. Soon letters would be going out to every single householder in the Brentwood area and would arrive tomorrow. Madame Spiteful was so pleased with herself and her 3 Enforcers!

She was truly


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