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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
The Bank Women
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Operation Bad Debt
The Criminal's Family
Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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A Visit To Prague Part 1
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Operation Open An Account
A Fight In The Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
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First Blood




Operation Kill All Criminals

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk ready for more action. It was 6 PM and she was still at work. She loved her work and could not leave it. There was still more work to do 'persuading' people to open Accounts with the Bank of Domination. She would not rest until every person and business in the area of Brentwood had opened an Account within the Bank!

She was looking through her E Mails on her computer. Suddenly she saw one that came from David Sciven, Jo Sciven's brother (see Episodes A Judicial Punishment and the Bad Debtor).

You may remember in those Episodes Madame Spiteful and Marcia had been round to Joe Sciven's filthy pub in Shenfield Road. Marcia had beaten and killed the other 2 brothers, Chris and Jim. Madame Spiteful had personally dealt with Joe himself by beating the living daylights out of him and killing him too. Now David wanted his revenge though he did not know he was up against a true Dominatrix like Madame Spiteful!

It read as follows. Like his brother it was clear he could not spell at all and was semi literate.

"You f------g bitch Spiteful. So you and that bleedin Black cow killed all me bruvvas. You wont get away wiv fis you f----g cow oill bleedin well kill you, you aint gettin away wiv it oi got friends and well bleedin well kill you

even if we shoot you!

David Sciven"


Madame Spiteful replied at once

Dear Mr. Sciven,

Your E mail shows what a semi literate retard you are, just like your brother

Don't worry I will get you and kill you just like all your gangster friends. There’s absolutely no escape at all from me. I’m coming after you Sciven. No one, but no one, threatens me, a BD Manager! How dare you! I’m coming after you, you bastard and I will find where you live. I have always believed the best form of defence is attack!

Yours in fury,




Madame Spiteful then looked David Sciven up on her database. She could locate anyone's address in the country through their credit card details. She found out that Sciven had 3 credit cards and what was worse, none of them were with the DBase managed to locate his home address which was in Canning Town, East London. She was determined to get him and put him to death if necessary. No one defies Madame Spiteful and lives!

She first of all decided to contact the Manager of the Newham Branch of the BD, her name was Madame Vicious. She had heard all about her, that she was a huge formidable Black Dominatrix who had no tolerance for crime or criminals at all. Madame Spiteful had actually met Madame Vicious at a Conference of BD Managers that was held regularly. Although she certainly was a huge and formidable woman, she was not quite as large and tough as Madame Spiteful who had the reputation for being the toughest Manager in all of East London and Essex!

She decided to contact Madame Vicious.

'Madame Vicious, its Madame Spiteful here!'

'Oh it's very good to hear from you again Madame Spiteful. How are you?'

'I'm fine Madame Vicious I'm just ringing you as I would like to do a joint Operation with you. Its part of the War Against Crime launched by our wonderful Chairman Lady Breakneck. You know its all part of the 3 Operations as she calls them, Operation Bad Debt, Operation Open An Account and Operation Kill All Criminals. Today I would like to take part in a joint operation with you as part of Operation Kill All Criminals.'

'Oh that would be great. I, together with my Enforcers , have been waging a ruthless operation here in Newham, where we have put at least 10 criminals to death. Chairman Breakneck as you know really believes the only way to deal with crime is to put all criminals to death. I would really welcome your assistance Madame Spiteful as I know what a wonderful fighter you are. I would really love to do a joint operation with you and your Enforcers!'

'Well an ideal opportunity has arisen to really kick some arse. I've just had a really offensive E mail from a man called David Sciven the brother of Joe Sciven. You may remember I put him and his 2 brothers to death in the most agonising way in his pub. However there is one bastard remaining, his brother David. He honestly thinks he can get revenge on me, a BD Manager. Well I want to show him that he's going to end up well and truly dead!'

'That would be great Madame Spiteful. I do know for a fact there is a pub in Canning Town called the Albert. It is where the criminals of all the East London area like to go. It would be an excellent place to start Operation Kill All Criminals. I have longed to attack it for months and this would be a great opportunity.'

'I do know there's a criminal family who go there called the Chandlers who are almost certainly friends of the Scivens. This would be an ideal chance for me to get the ringleader Fred Chandler. I have put one of his brothers, Terry, to death already. This would be a golden opportunity to really deal with criminality once and for all!'

'I will see you later Madame Vicious with my Enforcers .We shall be ready to put every criminal through the most dreadful deaths possible!' said Madame Spiteful putting down the phone.

She contacted all three Enforcers. She told them to stop whatever they were doing and to present themselves to her at once. She also ordered them to bring long knuckledusters, cat-o-nine tails, leather crops and knives.

Soon they had all presented themselves to her. They all looked so impressive dressed from top to toe in shiny black leather ready for some serious criminal busting!

She stood in front of all three of them looking as impressive as ever in her black leather wonder.

'Right you 3 you must know that you are all Enforcers 7 days a week 24 hours a day. That is why I have summoned you now to give you your instructions for your Mission. This is the most dangerous Mission you have ever been on: that is why I have called all 3 of you today. It is part of Operation Kill All Criminals!'

'We are going to beat and destroy the criminal fraternity of East London. I will personally put to death David Sciven the brother of Joe Sciven in the most excruciating way possible. He has dared to threaten me, a BD Manager, and for that death is the only punishment possible. We will be joining forces with Madame Vicious, the Manager of the BD in Stratford.'

'We will be taking on a violent family called the Chandlers. Madame Vicious wants to put the head of the family to death herself. Meanwhile you will fight and beat the rest of the family. You will fight them to the death and show no mercy at all. You will fight with every weapon at your disposal. I don't care what you do I just want them all killed. This is Operation Kill All Criminals and it means what it says!'

'Come on Ladies let's get fighting. Let's really enjoy ourselves fighting evil today!'

They all got into the car with Madame Spiteful driving. London only laid 16 miles away. Christine sat in the back seat next to Lucinda. She was getting wet with excitement longing to give those criminals a good beating and to demonstrate her fighting skills to her Boss Madame Spiteful, whom she loved and admired so much.

The Newham BD Branch was situated in Stratford in the shopping centre. They were met by Madame Vicious the Manager. Though not quite as muscular as Madame Spiteful she was still an enormous woman, being huge Black and strong with arms and legs like tree trunks. She was an expert crime fighter as she had to be working in a fairly rough area like the Borough of Newham.

Like the others she was dressed to look as terrifying as possible. She wore the BD leather hat and leather mask and was dressed totally in black leather. As well as that she wore a long black leather cape which she wore when she fought criminals. She well and truly lived up to her reputation as the 'Terror of Newham'!

She kissed Madame Spiteful on the lips.

'It’s so wonderful to see you again Madame Spiteful for our joint Operation together. It’s great working with other Branches. As Lady Breakneck so rightly says we in the BD are all one big happy family together engaged in one cause to make as much money for the Bank as possible and to defeat all crime totally!'

With that she passionately embraced her colleagues the 3 Enforcers Marcia, Lucinda and Christine.

She took Madame Spiteful into her office and offered them all coffee.

'Right I thought I would tell you all about the criminals we are up against. They are mostly from the Chandler family who are a bunch of criminals heavily involved in protection rackets and drug dealing. They are probably worse than any criminals you have had to contend with in Brentwood. Being a natural crime fighter I have fought and killed one of the Chandlers.'

'However I still have not managed to get my hands on the leader Fred and the two other brothers, Gerry and Tom. I desperately need to beat and kill them. They have eluded me so far. I have chased them everywhere but they know I'm on their trail and keep running away.'

'Yet tonight is my opportunity. I have an informer called Rosie who works as a barmaid at the Albert in Canning Town. She says they are all there tonight. What’s more they have been really abusive about me saying 'That Black cow will never get us’. Also Sciven is there too. He keeps saying 'I'll get that bitch Spiteful for killing my brothers even if I have to blow her f--g head off with a sawn off shotgun.'

'We really need to get those bastards!' she said absolutely furious.

'Come on Madame Vicious I can't wait to get my hands on them too. Let’s go now!’ said Madame Spiteful.

Madame Vicious drove the car. The pub was situated in Butchers Road off Newham Way.

When they arrived it was a grim old Victorian building in its own grounds. Music was blaring out at full volume. Madame Vicious was determined to burn the place down after all the criminals inside had been beaten and put to death.

All five Bank Women got out of the car. Madame Vicious rang Rosie the bar maid on her mobile. Rosie said there were 15 in there plus Chandler and Sciven. She also said they were all the worst villains in East London.

Madame Spiteful turned to the 3 Enforcers

'Right Ladies this is going to be the toughest fight in your lives We are up against dangerous and ruthless criminals. It will be a fight to the death. We will be victorious. I’m going to beat my arch enemy Sciven to death. Madame Vicious will beat her arch enemy Fred Chandler to death too.'

'I will take on three more while Madame Vicious will take on three more. You Marcia, the strongest, will take on four .You Lucinda will take on three. Christine, my darling, you will take on just two, as you have yet to show me you’re fighting skills and you're not quite as tough as Marcia and Lucinda. You will show no mercy to these bastards! Is that perfectly clear?'

'YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' they all called out as one.

'Let's get in there!' shouted Madame Spiteful getting so excited at the prospect.


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