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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
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Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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The Women Triumph Again
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The Women Use Force
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
The Agreement
First Blood




Madame Spiteful's Dungeon

Madame Spiteful and Christine dragged their wretched prisoners Richards and his solicitor Snellgrove to the Dungeon. The Dungeon was actually the Interview Room that Madame Spiteful was transforming into the Dungeon. It was a place where bad debtors, difficult customers and criminals would spend nights and days in absolute agony.

Madame Spiteful dragged her prisoner by the neck across to the dungeon. He carried on screaming in agony dreading the terrible fate that awaited him. He was in the most terrible state of panic as she pulled him with her superior strength to a room marked the Interview Room.

Similarly Christine dragged her prisoner the pompous solicitor Snellgrove by the hair. The pain of her powerful hands was too much for him and he began to whimper too!

They were all soon inside the Dungeon. Madame Spiteful had not yet finished work on the Dungeon; at the moment there were only 2 steel beds where miscreants and bad debtors would be forced to spend the night or even several days.

It would soon become a place of absolute Hell on earth. Once inside, the prisoner would be subject to the most terrible misery possible; he would have no option but to follow to his doom. Inside the Dungeon would be as dark as possible to make it even more frightening. All the prisoner could see was the black leather body of Madame Spiteful and one of her Enforcers towering above him. The fact that it would be so difficult to focus the eyes would make it even more terrifying.

The prisoner would endure the most terrible pain including Corporal Punishment, usually with a cane. He would then be put through the most horrible Cock and Ball Torture at the hands of Madame Spiteful. At the end his bruised and bloody body would be tied up using the most sophisticated bondage techniques, in particular, Japanese Rope Bondage, at which Madame Spiteful was now an expert.

Madame Spiteful had also ordered a full range of Electric torture equipment; the point was to apply continuous and agonising pressure on the most sensitive parts of the body such as the prick and testicles. She had ordered a particularly terrible electric torture piece of equipment called the Pulsar that could be attached tightly to the prick and testicles. The prisoner would be in enough pain feeling it strapped to his testicles but it would get worse as electric shocks would be applied with greater intensity!

Electric treatment would be used as well as CP and CBT for interrogation especially for those who wilfully refused to open an Account or Mortgage with the Bank after a generous offer had been made to them. The prisoner would be suspended from the ceiling and then caned until there was no skin left on his backside. A Pulsar would be applied to his prick and balls while Madame Spiteful interrogated him. Every time he gave an excuse for not opening an Account, heavy electric shocks would be applied until he was screaming with pain. At the end of the Session he would not only open an Account. He would give the Bank every penny of his money just to stop the pain! Naturally Madame Spiteful would enjoy every second of it!

Richards and Snellgrove stood to attention in front of Madame and Christine. The door was locked behind them and then double bolted. There was no escape and nowhere to run to. They could hardly see anything they were surrounded with darkness. All they could smell was the leather and perfume of their tormentors. They stood there in trepidation facing their tormentors who had total power over them. Who knew how long they would have to spend in that place of Hell. Who knew if they would come out alive or even be able to walk again after the beating and the bondage they would have to endure? They were totally and completely at the mercy of a Superior Being the Bank of Domination Manager Madame Spiteful!

Madame Spiteful stood over them in her almost regal splendour dressed from head to toe in shiny black leather.

'Right you bastards!


Orders had to be obeyed without a second's hesitation and soon they were both absolutely bollock naked shivering like epileptics with cold and fear.

She turned to Richards who was now blubbering hysterically like a little child.

'Well Richards, you really are crying like a pathetic little baby - WELL THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE. People who don't pay their debts are no better than naughty little schoolboys and that's how I'm going to treat you. You will receive 3 good hard strokes of the cane across your arse. When did you last receive a caning?'

'At s-school Madame S-Spiteful' he whimpered stuttering in terror.

'Well the time has come for another good caning! You see Richards I adore giving a damned good caning. I find it so empowering to lay a cane across a bare arse. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy myself and you will be in absolute agony!'

He carried on crying like a hysterical child but Madame Spiteful ignored him. She went over to her large collection of canes that she kept in a corner of the dungeon. She collected canes from around the world for a hobby. She decided to choose a really long springy one that was nearly 6' long.

As she moved towards him he began to shake uncontrollably. It was clear he was about to urinate so she shoved a bucket right under him in time. The pee came shooting out and she stood in front of him gloating at his utter humiliation!

'Well you really are a little school boy! You can't control your waterworks. I think you need 2 more strokes to teach you self control!'

She took the bucket away. He could hear the terrible swish of the cane and the combination of perfume and leather from her body.

She moved forwards and held him tightly by his hair.

'Right Richards you're getting 5 hard strokes. You count each one or you get it again. You can scream as much as you like no one will hear you as the walls of this Dungeon are padded. Now keep still like a good boy!'

He could hear the terrible swish of the cane as it made a whistling noise in the air. Then suddenly it came crashing across his buttocks.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He screamed for all he was worth the pain was terrible. He remembered to count just in time.


'You're getting the next 3 over the last one. Remember to count!'








'That was wonderful! There's blood coming all the way down your legs! You're making the floor of the dungeon all messy! You're going to clean that up later!'

'Now keep still as I give you the last one make sure you count or you'll get it again!'




He collapsed in a heap on the floor as Madame let him go. He was clutching his anus as he writhed in the pool of blood on the floor. Soon the pain was so unbearable he passed out unconscious. Madame Spiteful let him lie there until it was time to tie him up!

Madame Spiteful then moved towards Christine. She had been standing in the dark distance with her prisoner Snellgrove the solicitor who was shaking with trepidation. She was holding him hard but the hair and by his bollocks. It was wonderful to see a school leaver, a 20 year old totally humiliate someone who was old enough to be her father! She clutched him by the testicles and held him tightly by the hair in her leather gloved hands as he groaned in pain.

'I really enjoyed seeing you cane that bastard, Madame Spiteful. I can't wait to have a go myself!'

'Please do Christine He is a pompous arrogant prick and you must give him a good caning too. Give him 4 on either hand. Here's a cane that is suited for hand caning. Show the bastard no mercy!'

Madame Spiteful gave her a short cane.

She pulled his hand out in front of her. He looked up in horror in the darkness at the big strapping girl of such superior strength, who stood over him knowing he had to obey her every word!

'Right you fat bastard! I want you to feel the most terrible pain possible. How dare you represent a bad debtor you piece of garbage!'

'I'm so sorry Miss Christine I only did it because he paid me!'

'Oh so he's got plenty of money to waste on a creep like you, but not to pay his debts! Hold that hand still I can't wait to make you bleed you worm!'

It was quite clear she absolutely loathed him!

He held his hand still but the rest of his body was shaking uncontrollably. She moved the cane up and down his hand so he didn't know when she would strike.

The cane moved up high in the air and descended on his hand with deadly precision!



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He bellowed as blood came streaming out of his hand.

'Hold the other up NOW!' she yelled.

He held it in front of her knowing he had to do exactly as she said or face even more torment! This time the cane descended but it was only one stroke



Just then he realised he had forgotten to count. She held him by the throat in her leather gloved hand.

'You bastard you forgot to count!'

'PLEASE NOT AGAIN MERCY!!! 'He screamed!

The cane came down onto his hand with the most terrible force. This time he remembered to count




'Right you scumbag one more to go! Hold that hand still and count!'

She was putting him through the most terrible verbal humiliation and physical punishment and enjoying every second of it!

The cane came crashing down again into his hand. Blood went pouring out of his hand in a fountain!




She let him go. He went flying forwards and fell in a heap on the floor. He screamed and screamed in absolute agony. Soon he was unconscious, a complete bloody wreck lying on the floor!

'That was wonderful Christine! We’ll pick these bastards off the floor and tie them up!' said Madame Spiteful.

Madame Spiteful picked up a bucket of water and threw it right over them. They were conscious again and started screaming once again in agony!

Christine used her bodybuilding skills to lift Snellgrove's big fat body over her shoulders, as if it was a weight in the gym, onto the bed. Madame Spiteful used her superior strength to lift up Richards’s puny body and throw him on the other bed.

Both of them were now face down naked on steel beds still crying in agony.

'Well Christine I'm going to put these 2 through Japanese Rope Bondage. It is a type of bondage that I learnt from a Japanese master called Nawashi Murakawa. It is a very restrictive and intricate form of Bondage. The victim ends up totally helpless and unable to move an inch. It is a type of Bondage I thoroughly enjoy!'

Madame Spiteful then took a long rope that was nearly 30 feet long. She tied Richards' hands with ropes that went round and round creating an exquisite pattern. She then tied his hands to his neck making the rope go round several times until he was almost strangled. She then tied his cock and balls tight and then connected them to his neck and hands. Finally she tied his legs back so that the ends of the legs were connected to his neck. Finally she blindfolded him and rammed a rubber ball hard up his throat. With the terrible weals across his back and the ropes digging hard into his skin, he would spend the night in utter torment!

Christine tied up Snellgrove starting off by shoving a rubber ball hard up his mouth until he was almost choking. She imitated the techniques of JRB used by Madame until he was well and truly trussed up and hog tied like a chicken. He too would spend the entire night in total torment!

Madame Spiteful and Christine gazed at their victims feeling so proud of themselves!

'Come on Christine!' Madame said as she took Richard's house keys from his pocket.


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