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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
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Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
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Operation Bad Debt
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The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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Operation Bad Debt

The morning had come round again and Madame Spiteful was at her desk as usual, looking magnificent in all her shiny black leather. She had arrived at 7 AM as usual for work. She was a total workaholic utterly devoted to her work as a Bank of Domination Manager. She lived and breathed her role and she was an expert Bank Manager in every way.

She was dressed in her black leather fighting outfit that she wore yesterday. She was truly ready for more action as she loved fighting and beating her opponents to a pulp.

She felt so overjoyed with herself after her victory yesterday. She felt so pleased after she had beaten up and killed and maimed for life 6 security guards with her Enforcer Lucinda. She had captured that bastard Cartwright who had dared to refuse to open an Account and accept a Mortgage with the BD. She had given him a damned good slapping which she had thoroughly enjoyed. She had then handcuffed him and taken him blindfolded back to the car. Once he was inside the Bank she had tied and trussed him up completely on the steel bed. He had spent a night in Hell tied up in Japanese Rope Bondage!

She felt so pleased with herself. She had reduced a pompous barrister who was so proud of himself in court to a quivering wreck trussed up like a chicken on a steel bed ready for some serious Corporal Punishment, Cock and Ball torture and severe Electric Punishment!

She was also determined to deal with Jaguar Security the company he had hired to protect him. How dare they try to confront her, a BD Manager and one of her Enforcers! She knew for a fact that they used illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. What was even worse they did not have an Account with the BD! She definitely would put an end to their operations for good!

She decided today to do something for good about Bad Debtors. This was all part of Operation Bad Debt launched by the Chairman Lady Breakneck. The aim was to eliminate Bad Debt altogether even if it meant putting Bad Debtors to death and seizing all their assets! It was also part of the War against Crime that Lady Breakneck was determined to pursue. The view held by her was that bad debtors were also criminals in the sense that they had no sense of responsibility at all.

Madame Spiteful had placed an advertisement in the Brentwood Advertiser as follows:


The Bank of Domination is waging a War Against Bad Debt just as it is waging a War Against Crime. My intention is to eradicate Bad Debt and Crime in the Brentwood area totally. They will become things of the past!

You saw the advertisement in the last advertiser with a Bad Debtor undergoing extreme Japanese Rope bondage after experiencing terrible Corporal punishment at my hands. I can assure you that exactly the same will be happening to you.

Letters will go out today to all Bad Debtors. If you are a bad Debtor you will have 24 hours to pay the debt in full plus all interest charges. If no payment is made I and one of my Enforcers will visit you and take all your possessions including your house. We will then throw you in the Dungeon where you will experience the most terrible agony possible. You will come out of the Dungeon either a cripple for life or possibly dead.





Madame Spiteful looked at the list of Bad Debtors starting with the worst one of all. His name was Jim Sparks. He had a Mortgage with the BD and a loan for his car. Yet he had not made a single repayment for 8 months! Her totally useless predecessor Mr. Baker had tried to get him to repay the money but had just been told to' F----k off and wait for the money.'

What was worse was he was a complete criminal and scum even worse than Sciven (see EPISODE 7). He was guilty of Assault, Burglary and Grievous Bodily Harm.

He was also responsible for harassing his neighbours a Bangladeshi family who lived next door called the Alis had shouted out names to them called them 'f---g Pakis'. His children had urinated in their garden called his children obscene names and thrown bricks through the windows. He had been to Mr. Ali's restaurant the Dhaka Pandora and thrown bricks through the window after coming home late at night from the pub drunk.

He owned a car repair business called Sparks Garage. He was a complete crook as he would overcharge customers. Sometimes the car would be in a worse state afterwards than before. He was known locally as 'Cowboy Sparks’. If anyone complained he and his brothers Terry and Jeff would threaten to beat them up. This man and his family were total and utter scum!

Madame Spiteful's remedy was to evict him from his premises and throw him out of the area for good. She actually wanted to kill them all as evicting him would only mean he would cause trouble somewhere else. She was quite prepared to put him to death just like Sciven.

She had written him a letter ordering him to move out as follows:


Dear Mr. Sparks

I am ordering you to vacate your premises by 11 AM ON TUESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER.

You will also vacate your Business Premises too.

You and your entire family including your 2 brothers must leave Brentwood and I forbid you to come within 50 miles radius# of the area.

You will leave all your possessions including your car behind as I will distrain everything you possess .You will only be permitted to take one suitcase with you and your family's clothes with you.

You are a serious Bad Debtor and a Criminal. You owe the BD in excess of £80,000 that with interest is accumulating daily. You have not paid a penny of your Mortgage and Loan. This situation is completely intolerable and cannot continue any longer.

You are also an evil Criminal. You are guilty of a whole series of crimes including Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm, Criminal Damage and Burglary.

What is worse you and your family have been continually harassing your neighbours in the most repulsive way. The Alis are respectable law abiding citizens. More importantly they are also excellent customers of the BD and it is my duty as the Manager to protect them from scum like you.

I and my Enforcer Miss Marcia are coming around to enforce this order. If you and your horrible family are not out of the premises by that date and time, we will use extreme physical violence against you and your family that may result in your deaths.

For your safety and for the security of the people of Brentwood.


Yours sincerely




The letter had provoked a hostile phone call from Sparks himself.

'Is that Spiteful? What the f----k do you mean writing letters tell me to leave? Who the f---k do you fink you are? Where the bleedin' ‘ell do you fink O'im goin'' he said in his broad accent. He sounded a real scumbag.

'You're getting out of your house and Brentwood too you scumbag Sparks. You owe money to the Bank of Domination and you haven't paid anything for months. You're also a criminal and public nuisance and I'm quite prepared to wipe you right off the face of the earth!' she said in her superior confident tone that showed her word was Law.

'Oi got kids you know too - you can't just throw 'em out like that!' he said with fear in his voice.'

'O'ill call the Police!'

'I'm throwing your kids out too. They’re criminal scum just like you! They have been harassing the Alis just like you have and your son Gary has been expelled from school. What’s more the Police know exactly what I'm doing and support me completely! 'she said in her tone of complete authority.

'Oi ain't done nuffing! Look you can't do this!' he said sounding more afraid than ever.

'I can and I will! I'm coming round today with my Enforcer Miss Marcia so you'd better be out!' she said. She was not physically superior to him. She was mentally far superior and he knew he had lost the argument.

She sat there waiting for the toughest of all the Enforcers Marcia to arrive. She could not wait for a fight and to kill the whole family if necessary!

There was a knock on the door. It was Marcia. Madame Spiteful had ordered her to change into her BD Fighting Outfit. She looked absolutely stunning in black leather next to her Black skin even mote impressive than Lucinda.

She was wearing a black leather hat with the BD logo on it, a studded collar leather jacket and gloves and thigh length boots with steel toe caps. Around her waist she had a cat o nine tails, knuckledusters and handcuffs. She looked every inch a One Woman Army!

'Oh Marcia you're looking fantastic! You’re becoming almost as big and muscular as me!' said Madame Spiteful kissing her on the cheek.

'Today Marcia we are on a Mission of Justice. We are going to repossess the house, the business and all the possessions of a Bad Debtor!'

'What's even more important we are going to wipe an evil and racist family the Sparks off the face of the earth.It will be a glorious fight to the death in which I want you to kill them in an even more vicious way than you did to the Scivens. We may spare his wife and children, though we will have to give them a good beating as they're criminals too!'

'Oh Madame Spiteful I can't wait to get my hands on them! They make the Scivens look like gentlemen!'

'I agree Marcia. Come on let's carry out our Mission.


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