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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
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Operation Bad Debt
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Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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A Visit To Prague Part 1
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Operation Open An Account
A Fight In The Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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First Blood




Operation Open An Account

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk once more feeling so pleased with herself. She had flown back from Prague the previous evening with her prisoner, Vinter, and her Enforcer Christine.

He was now in the Dungeon after being tied up securely with Japanese Rope Bondage. The evening before he had spent in Prague tied up securely to her bed just like a trussed up like a chicken unable to move. He was left there while Madame Spiteful, Christine and Madame Nadvlada had a lovely night out in Prague enjoying themselves at a lovely restaurant called the Franz Kafka. They then went out to a nightclub where they danced away looking so stunning all dressed up in black leather and high heeled boots!

Vinter had been taken back on the plane blindfolded, handcuffed and dog collared. Madame Spiteful had said goodbye to Madame Nadvlada at the airport thanking her so much for her assistance and promising to visit the Other World Kingdom one day, where Madame Nadvlada had learned all about Female Domination.

Vinter was now in the dungeon paying the penalty for his misdemeanours. He was now hog tied up with nearly 50 feet of rope unable to move a single inch, his whole body aching all over. Before that he had been given a really sound caning by Madame Spiteful that had taken almost all the skin off his backside. She was a brilliant caner and could hit with absolute deadly and terrible accuracy - she was not satisfied unless her victim was screaming with agony all over!

This was the terrible price Vinter had paid for not paying his debts to the BD. Madame Spiteful had captured him from Prague and given him a good slapping, he had spent the night hog tied to her bed, he had been taken back to England blindfolded and handcuffed, he had received a good caning, was now in agony in JRB and would probably never be able to walk properly ever again. What’s more he had lost his house, all his possessions and his business. This really was a true lesson to those who did not pay their debts!

Madame Spiteful sat there gloating at yet one more victory. She had effectively won Operation Bad Debt in the Brentwood area. There were no more bad debtors and after the cases of Sparks and Vinter were thoroughly publicised it was unlikely there would be any more. The penalties for not paying your debts were just too terrible to even contemplate especially as full colour pictures of Vinter in JRB his arse covered in welts and blood were being displayed all over the Brentwood Advertiser to strike terror in the whole population of the area. Bad debt was to be a thing of the past for evermore!

What's more with the victory over the East London criminal fraternity crime was effectively a thing of the past for the present. Pictures of the total victory of the Bank Women at the Cock had also been displayed in all local newspapers as a terrible warning of the consequences of all crime.

The next battle to be won was to persuade every person and business to open an Account and Mortgage with the BD. At the present time only 50% of the businesses and residents of the area had mortgages or accounts with the BD in the Brentwood area. The target set by the Chairman Lady breakneck was 90% to 100%.This was going to be the hardest battle of all as there were just so many businesses and residents in the Brentwood area. It was quite an affluent area and more businesses and people were moving into the area every day.

She decided to start by making an example of one business that refused to open an Account or Mortgage. She would force the business to open an Account and this would be an example to every other business in the Brentwood area.

She decided to start with an Italian restaurant called Mazzinis. This was a very posh and expensive chain of restaurants owned by Signor Mazzini. He was known to write books on Italian cookery and appear on TV. He would be earning at least £80,000 a year. What's more his restaurants attracted rich football players and company directors who lived in the area. Altogether there were 3 in the Essex area in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Buckhurst Hill The restaurant in Brentwood alone had a turnover of over £15,000 a week. The BD were desperate to get their hands on his money!

Madame Spiteful decided to use the usual carrot and stick approach that always worked. First of all she would write to Mazzini giving him details of all the benefits of opening an Account with the BD. The letter would finish by stating that if he was not willing to open an Account she was then prepared to take a more physical approach. If he was still not willing then she was prepared to go to the restaurant with her Enforcers and 'persuade' him to open an Account. If that still did not work she was prepared to use extreme physical violence that could involve him and his friends being beaten and if necessary killed and the restaurant smashed up. Whatever happened the Bank would get the money!

She began by writing a letter that she would send and also e mail to him.




Dear Signor Mazzini,

It has come to my attention that you have opened a restaurant in Brentwood. I am therefore writing to you urging that you open an Account with the BD.

I do know all about you from the cookery programme on TV 'Cooking with Luciano' which I have always enjoyed. I have also bought your excellent best selling book called 'Pizza Without Tears'.

It is vital that you now open a business and personal Account and that you also transfer your Mortgage with the BD. Since it has taken over from the HSBC the BD is the fastest growing Bank in the world. I have also checked your Accounts. I have found out that you have income from the restaurants, royalties from your book sales and other undisclosed income which of course I would like to know about. I have now estimated your annual income at well over £100,000 a year. I have also estimated the turnover of just your Brentwood branch as well over £15,000 a week. The BD would of course like to have all this money.

In addition we can offer you an excellent service far better than any other Bank in the world.

We will offer you;

*A business start up pack

*Free consultations with me or our Business Advisor Ms Bankwithus who is an expert in finance and advises businesses throughout the Essex area

* A low interest BD Business credit card.

*Low interest loans should you wish to extend your business or open more restaurants.

*Free gifts such as free holidays and gifts if you take out a BD Loan.

* Free advertising and promotions for your restaurant. Advertising and printing all paid for by the BD!

You must accept that these are excellent benefits unrivalled by any other bank. I am urging you to close your Account with Nat West and to open an Account with the BD at once.

I hope you will comply with my wholly reasonable request. However if you fail to return the forms I have sent to you and open an Account and Transfer your mortgage at one I will have no alternative but to take a more physical approach.

I look forward to hearing from you.






While she was awaiting a reply Madame Spiteful decided to do some research on Mazzini himself. She was particularly interested in all this undisclosed income. From her expert financial knowledge and accountancy training she knew how too read a Bank Account and work out what exactly was a person's real income.

She had strong suspicions that some of Mazzini's income came from illicit and criminal activities. She then accessed the Police database to see if Mazzini or any of his brothers had criminal records. She was right as usual!

She looked at the Database and found out that Mazzini and his 2 brothers Rodolfo and Giovanni were heavily involved in Mafia and criminal activities in particular drug running and money laundering and child prostitution. So some of this money from the restaurant was being used to finance crime! Looking at his biography she found out he was heavily involved in the Mafia in Calabria where he was born.

Madame Spiteful was determined to deal with this bastard! This war on the Mazzinis would combine Operation Open an Account and Operation Kill All Criminals all in one. What an excellent result for her!

Just then the phone rang. it was none other than Luciano Mazzini the famous chef and restaurant owner himself!

'Is thata Madama Spitefula?’ he said in what appeared to be a broad south Italian accent.

'Oh Mazzini how good to hear from you at last! Have you decided to open an Account?'

'I no wanna open Accounta with your banka! You cannot threaten me!'

'Oh yes I can Mazzini! You're going to hand over your money to the Bank. In fact because of your criminal activities I have decided to take over your restaurants and sell them all, you bastard!'

'If you comma to my restaurant I bringa all my friends they breaka your legs!' he shouted.

'I'm sorry Mazzini it's the other way round. I’m coming round to your restaurant with my 3 Enforcers and by the end of today you will all be cripples and you Mazzini will probably be dead!'

'You canna do this!' he shouted though Madame Spiteful could hear the fear in his voice as he knew she meant what she said.

Madame Spiteful then summoned the 3 Enforcers Marcia, Lucinda and Christine into her office. They all looked stunning as usual dressed totally in their black leather BD uniforms.

'Right Ladies' said Madame Spiteful 'We have a dangerous Mission ahead. We're going to fight the Mafia and take over a restaurant. It will be a fight to the death that will end up with us taking the restaurant over. The bastard of an owner has openly refused to open an Account as I told him to and what is more he is a criminal. Death is the only answer. I want you all to change into your BD fighting outfits, equip yourselves with cats, knives and knuckledusters. This fight will be even more violent than the fight at the Cock. These people make the East London gangsters look like boy scouts! Hurry up. I want you all back here in 10 minutes.'

'Yes Madame Spiteful!' they all shouted out eager to obey their wonderful Boss.

They were back in less than 10 minutes dressed from head to toe in shiny black leather their leather masks making them look even more terrifying.

They all went out into Madame Spiteful's car. The restaurant was situated quite near to the Bank in High St. It was a large plush restaurant that charged extortionate prices to its wealthy customers.

Madame Spiteful saw there were many cars parked in the road. It was clear that the whole Essex Mafia had turned up. The Bank women stood outside the restaurant hitting their crops by the sides of their boots.

Madame spiteful was itching for a fight as she turned to the 3 Enforcers.

'Come on Ladies!


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