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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
The Bank Women
A Visit To A Miscreant
Operation Bad Debt
The Criminal's Family
Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
The Agreement
First Blood



The Bossy Bank Women

Madame Spiteful walked up to Joe Sciven. He felt so ridiculous and weak in front of her leather clad magnificence and superiority. He had just witnessed the beating and death of 9 of his family and friends by her and her Enforcer the powerful Black Woman Marcia. Sweat and tears poured down his face as he realised his turn had come to be put through the most terrible death at the hands of the mighty Madame Spiteful!

She walked towards him. He began to shake with fear at his total sense of inferiority. She stood there in her leather Bank of Domination uniform ready to put him through sheer Hell! She looked so beautiful with her lovely blonde hair and tall athletic build.He looked so ugly and weak next to her beauty.

She grabbed him by the neck in her powerful leather clad hands. He had felt those hands when she had slapped him only a few moments ago.

'Well you worm Sciven, do you admit that you have been total and utterly beaten?'

'Yes I suppose so' he whimpered still trying to show some defiance.



Her mighty hand crashed right across his face. It was like being hit by two cricket bats at once. Blood came pouring out of his mouth as he had lost 2 of his teeth!

'Well you f---g worm! Why do you think I slapped you?' she said holding him tightly by the neck He was really petrified of her now.

'Because I did not address you as Madame Spiteful, Madame Spiteful?

'Yes that's quite right you worthless specimen. Also you should have answered in the proper way that 'I admit Madame Spiteful that I have been totally and completely defeated and I beg mercy Madame Spiteful.'

He repeated exactly what she had said making sure he got it exactly right or he would feel the appalling pain of that mighty hand once again!

She had him pinned hard against the wall. He felt the might of her superior strength.

'Right you piece of shit I'm going to put you through a Judicial Punishment that will end in your certain death.You deserve to die for your crimes and misdemeanours!'

'A Judicial Punishment is one carried out by a BD Manager on someone like you a miscreant who is guilty of severe criminal offences against the Bank and against Society. It involves the prisoner being put through the most terrible torture before being executed. I believe as does our Chairman Lady Breakneck that wrongdoers like you must be punished severely for their crimes and no mercy must be shown at all. You must pay your debts to Society and be put through the most cruel torture possible!'

'What's more don't give me any shit about Human Rights. You, as a criminal, don't have any at all. You must accept your torture without argument. Do you understand you piece of garbage?'

'Yes Madame Spiteful. Can't you just let me go? I promise I will leave Brentwood!'

Her mighty hand came crashing into his face again; more blood and teeth came pouring out. He now had almost no teeth left. He was now semi conscious and his face was bleeding red and sore all over.

'One thing you'd better get straight is that you never ever speak without being spoken to by me a Superior Being! I don't ever want to hear your stupid voice unless you say 'Yes Madame Spiteful ', especially as you're a semi literate moron who can't even speak or write the English language properly!'

'Right you piece of detritus I will now pass sentence on you. First of all I will beat you to a pulp to demonstrate my incredible fighting skills.Then I will put you through some Cock and Ball Torture. Then I will give you a severe thrashing by giving you 15 strokes of the crop until you are just a bloody mess. You will soon be dead with internal injuries and blood loss and good riddance to bad rubbish!'

'Right let's start you worm . Try to hit me!'

He did not dare knowing her massive superiority in fighting skills.At the same time he had no choice but to obey. He made a totally pathetic attempt to hit. She just moved casually aside laughing at his weakness. With one incredible move her hand smashed with full power right into his face.



His face exploded in a mass of blood broken bones and teeth. He screamed in pain for all he was worth. She prevented him from flying backwards by holding him hard by the collar.

'Sciven not only are you semi-literate! You're a useless fighter too. You're not fit for anything!' She was putting him through the most terrible verbal humiliation as well as beating him physically in the most terrible way.

'Well Sciven you can show me again if you can hit me. Why don't you try again?'

He could barely move his hand he was in so much pain. He made one totally feeble attempt

'Is that the best you can do you useless turd?' she screamed as her mighty hand smashed hard into his rib cage.She could feel every single one of his ribs broken.




He fell on the floor writhing in absolute agony screaming for all he was worth. She stood over him grinning at his terrible pain. She pulled him up by the hair as he carried on screaming.

'Well Sciven the time has come for some serious CBT. I greatly enjoy giving CBT and totally smashing a man's testicles!'

She turned to Marcia.

'How are you, darling Marcia? I didn't mean to ignore you!'

'Oh Madame Spiteful I've really enjoyed watching every minute. I'm going wet with excitement. If only I could carry out a JP too! You really are the most wonderful Dominatrix and Torturess Madame Spiteful. I'm so proud to be your Enforcer!'

'You will, don't worry, darling Marcia In fact I want you to take part in the Corporal Punishment when we reduce his anus to a bloody mess!'

She turned to her victim Sciven who looked so dejected and miserable.

'Well Sciven you've lost all your teeth. You don't really have a nose left and all your ribs are broken. The next thing we have to break is your testicles. Now hold still while I bust them completely!'

She moved the razor sharp heel of her boot into position pushing it hard into his ball sac. At the same time she twisted hard digging her sharp nails hard into the testicles They were crushed to a complete pulp.



The pain was so terrible that he had fainted.Marcia applied some smelling salts to revive him. His body was totally broken and Madame Spiteful was enjoying every minute of it 'Well it's now time for some serious Corporal Punishment something I always enjoy. Marcia I want you to take part. Before I start I want you to contact the Brentwood Advertiser. I want pictures of this fight and the JP to be in tomorrow's Advertiser.'

She did as Madame Spiteful had ordered her. While she was making the call Madame Spiteful stripped Sciven down and turned him right over the chair with his anus right up in the air.

'Well Marcia we are ready now. I'll give the first 3 and you can give the next 3. He's getting 15 altogether. It will be more than he will be able to stand. At the end he will be certainly dead through blood loss and internal injuries. He will get exactly what he deserves!'

Just then the reporter came in from the Advertiser. He looked in horror at the sight of 9 bloody corpses on the ground.He also looked in horror at the sight of Sciven's bloody body with his anus right up in the air ready for a damned good thrashing!

'Right I want you to make a full colour video of this Thrashing. I want full colour photos taken to be taken and printed in the Advertiser. I want everyone to know that if they defy the BD or engage in criminal activities of any kind! What has happened here can happen to anyone!'

With that Madame Spiteful positioned herself to administer a good no holds barred thrashing that everyone in Brentwood would know about. They had to learn that the price of disobedience was death!

She moved towards his naked rump and brought the crop down with full force.




3 huge weals appeared on his rump.He was screaming with pain.It looked as if he could stand no more as he was in such terrible agony.

She handed the crop over to Marcia .

'Marcia give it to him hard I want you to lay the 3 right over those weals!'

I'd love to Madame Spiteful! I can't wait to make him really bleed!

She moved forwards and with full power laid the next 3 over the 3 weals

Blood came streaming out of his backside.



He was now unconscious. Madame Spiteful came forwards and pushed smelling salts under his nose.

'Look here you bastard! You can't keep going unconscious. You've got another 9 to go!' she said as she held him by the hair hard.

She moved back and positioned herself once more. This time she aimed at his ball sac.




YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!he yelled at the top of his voice so that the whole of Brentwood could hear.

'Well Marcia would you like to lay on the next 3?'

'Certainly Madame Spiteful, I want to see plenty of blood!'

She positioned herself and then ran forwards as fast as she could. She laid the next 3 hard over the last 3.

His anus was not really recognisable any more and was just a mass of blood!




Suddenly the screams stopped.Madame Spiteful felt his pulse.It was quite clear that he was dead!

'Well Marcia it looks as if he could not stand any more beating and thrashing. It's quite clear he is dead from blood loss and internal injuries! Good riddance to bad rubbish I say! He has suffered the penalty for his crimes!'

10 mangled corpses lay on the floor and yet not a single hair of Madame Spiteful's or Marcia's hair had been touched. It was a wonderful victory! The reporter from the Advertiser gazed in wonder.

They lifted all 10 bodies out of the pub and threw them in a heap on the ground as if they were just a pile of garbage!

'Come on Marcia, now they're out of the way lets smash this place up!'

Marcia went in first.She took one of the tables and hurled it through the window.Madame Spiteful grabbed the bottles and threw one after another through the windows. Marcia carried on smashing up tables and chairs until there was not one left. Madame Spiteful smashed every singe glass enjoying herself in an orgy of destruction. Soon the whole floor of the pub was just a mass of broken glass and bits of wood.The reporter stood there videoing everything.

'That was great Marcia' said Madame Spiteful. I'm now getting in touch with a demolition company to have the whole building demolished. Also we will call the mortuary to have those bodies removed!'

They both smiled at their great victory as they stepped over the bodies outside.

Madame Spiteful put a notice on the door





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I received an email one day from a chap called Stephen who asked me to visit a website to see if I liked a story he had written. I was pleasantly surprised to see the story was about me and he offered to write more of the serial for my website. The Bossy Bank Women concerns the ruthless world of the Bank of Domination and its sadistic, murderous manageress, Madame Spiteful.