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The Bossy Bank Women

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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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First Blood




The Criminal's Family

Madame Spiteful and Marcia walked out in the morning sunshine looking as terrifying as possible. They were dressed for action ready for a fight to the death if necessary in which they would emerge completely victorious .

The only parts of their anatomies visible were their mouths which were quite prominent as they wore shiny red lipstick to make themselves look so stunning to everyone. They had put on black leather masks. They really were One Women Armies, both looking so beautiful and terrifying at the same time!

They drove to Jim Sparks' house. They were soon outside; what a shithole it looked, really disgusting. The whole front garden was full of rubbish and the whole place looked as if it had not been painted or cleaned for weeks or months.

'God what a dump, Madame Spiteful. I can't wait to just get in there beat the living daylights out of them and get out as quickly as possible!' said Marcia feeling quite nauseous.

'I quite agree with you, Marcia. Even if I sold all his possessions and his house, car and business premises it would not be enough to realise the whole debt! They’re all in such a terrible state!'

'Come on Marcia!’ she said 'let's kick some arse!'

She strutted up the drive cracking her cat-o-nine tails by her side; as she approached she was conscious of the terrible smell. This family had all the marks of criminals. They did not just fail to pay their debts, have criminal records and harass their neighbours they were absolutely filthy as well!

She shouted at the top of her voice.

'Come on Sparks open that door before I smash it in!'

The door opened at once and Jim Sparks appeared at the door. What a filthy specimen he was! He was short, fat and balding with stubble all over his face. He looked as if he had never washed properly and he was wearing a really dirty looking shirt. What a contrast he was from Madame Spiteful. She was so clean and tall and strong and beautiful. It was like the contrast between Heaven and Hell!

She grabbed him by his dirty shirt and pushed him into the house.

'What the hell do you think you're doing here Sparks? I ordered you to vacate your premises by today. How dare you defy me. I am a Bank of Domination Manager and I will not tolerate disobedience from anyone, least of all a scumbag like you!'

Sweat was pouring off his face as he was in her mighty superior presence and could feel her vice like grip around his neck.

'Look 'ere, Spiteful, I got nowhere to take me and me wife and kids, oi told ya!'

Her hand went crashing hard across his ugly face.



He was now shaking with terror he knew the game was up for him!

'For a start you address me as Madame Spiteful you piece of garbage! Secondly, I ordered you and your revolting family to move out! I don't care if the lot of you are homeless as long as you're further than 50 miles radius from this area. What's more I am going to fight you to the death. Death is what you deserve you shithead! I will naturally win the fight as I'm physically so superior to you; I'm also mentally infinitely superior as you're nothing but a semi-literate cretin!'


Her tone and manner brooked no disobedience whatsoever. He did as she ordered. He had to stand there waiting for a fight he was bound to lose right in front of his family; God he was being humiliated!

She walked into his pigsty of a house followed by Marcia. Being such a clean person herself she was revolted by what she saw. She looked so imperious and powerful and it was quite clear the whole family were terrified of her and her Enforcer Marcia. Everything in that house looked so filthy. The furniture looked so old and covered in dust. There were also pools of dogs' urine, as Sparks owned two dogs who seemed able to urinate and defecate where they liked.

In the corner stood Sparks' two brothers, Terry and Jeff, whom he had called to protect him. They looked indistinguishable from him as disreputable and disgusting. There was also his partner in his 'car repair' business, Tony, who was a big fat slob with an earring. In the other corner stood his hooligan children Gary and Tracy. They both looked as if they had never taken a wash in their entire lives. In the corner was his wife whom Madame Spiteful called Fagash Lil, a chain smoker with dirty hair. What a stinking crew they all were!

'God what a complete pigsty this place is! How dare you live in such utter squalor! You harass your neighbours; don't pay your debts, are a bunch of miscreants and live in absolute squalor as well!' Madame Spiteful yelled at them.

'When I sell your house, business premises and all your possessions I won't be able to realise the debts you owe! Still just wiping you lot of the face of the earth will give me enough satisfaction!'

They all hung their heads in shame knowing that, as usual, Madame Spiteful was completely and totally right.

Marcia walked up to Madame Spiteful. Like her Manager she had very high standards of cleanliness and the whole place and the family were really getting on her nerves.

'Madame Spiteful, I can't stand this rat-hole or these people much longer; I just want to beat the crap out of them and get out before I'm sick!'

'I know Marcia I feel as revolted as you; do you want to start the beating first?'

'I'd love to Madame Spiteful!'

She walked up to one of the brothers.

'So what's your name, you unwashed specimen?

He looked up in fear at the sight of enormous Black leather clad Dominatrix standing right over him.

'Terry' he said not looking up.



He literally took off flying across the room. She pulled him off the floor by his greasy hair.

'Look here you piece of shit you call me Miss Marcia. Now I hit you, why don't you try hitting me back?'

He knew it was absolutely futile against her massively superior strength. He made a pathetic gesture to hit her but she just moved right out of the way.

'Is that the best you can do? This is how you hit someone!'

With that she brought her hand right up. With one move it went crashing hard into his stomach.




He went flying across the room again. He landed in an unconscious heap by the other wall. Soon he would be dead!

'That was marvellous Marcia!’ said Madame Spiteful. 'It’s my turn next!'

She walked over to the big fat slob Tony.

'So, you ugly turd, you're Sparks' partner? You really are ugly and you're a cowboy too! Why don't you try hitting me?'

He waited for a while. He then flew into a rage.

'You f----g bitch!' he screamed as he ran towards her in a wild rage.

It was completely futile. She smiled as he ran towards her and dodged out of the way easily. She then caught him by the ball sac in her powerful leather gloved hands. He let out a piercing scream.


'I really enjoy a bit of CBT Tony' she said as she twisted hard. He fell on the floor yelling with all his might clutching his testicles. She stood over him gloating at his misery. She was a good and moral person but at the same time could not stand wrongdoers. When it came to inflicting pain on them she enjoyed every single second!

'I think the time has come to put an end to your wretched miserable existence, don't you?’ she said as she positioned her boot heel into the Adams apple with expert precision.

'NNNNNOOOOO!!!PLEASE MMMAAADAME SSSPITEFFFFFFUL!' he whined, buckets of sweat coming down his face.

'Sorry you bag of shit it’s just too late!'

With that she brought the heel of her boot clean down through the Adams apple. Blood spluttered right out. She withdrew her heel after a minute making sure it had sliced all the way through! He lay in a dead heap as Madame Spiteful felt so pleased with herself for ridding the world of more scum! She looked over to Sparks in the corner who gazed in horror at his family and friends being eliminated one by one in his own house in front of his very eyes!

'Not long now Sparks before you and I are on together; I can't wait!’ she said with such glee.

It was Marcia's turn next; she walked menacingly towards the other brother. The sheer size of her huge black body absolutely overwhelmed him!

'Well, Jeff it’s your turn next. What are you going to do to me you stinking piece of detritus?'

He did not know what to do as he just stood there transfixed before her leather clad power.

'Come on, hit me, just try!'

He moved his fist forwards but it was to no avail as she just laughed at his pathetic attempt. With one powerful movement she twisted his arm right behind his shoulder. He let out an ear piercing shriek of utter pain. With the other hand she twisted his testicles right round until she could hear the familiar sound of broken testicle in her mighty leather gloved hand!



She twisted for all she was worth. Soon his testicles were crushed to a pulp. His arm was almost removed from its socket. She let go as he fell forwards unconscious onto the floor with a thud. She put her boot heel into his neck in total triumph cutting right through. Another corpse lay on the floor!

'Again that was great Marcia. The last unfinished business is for me to deal with this scumbag Jim Sparks!' Madame Spiteful said overjoyed that the fight had come at last. He was standing in the corner shaking in absolute terror as he looked at the 3 bodies on the floor. He knew that the same fate awaited him at her powerful hands. He could not even begin to match her incredible fighting skills

She walked forwards; he could smell her aroma of perfume and leather. He was fully aware of her stupendous muscular frame and knew he had no chance against her at all.

'Marcia we'll give this bastard a chance. We’ll have a fight over six rounds. If he wins, I'll let him go; of course it will be a fight to the death and I know the outcome before the fight starts!'

Clear the floor of these mangled corpses. I want you to stay there as the referee with his revolting children and Fagash of a wife!'

'Certainly Madame Spiteful I'm going to enjoy every second!' she said as she kicked the bodies out of the way. She then held the 2 children and his wife by the hair treating them as the human garbage they were. The 2 children were screaming hysterically as was his wife. They were petrified of the fate that awaited them!

Suddenly Sparks shouted out.

'For Gawd's sake please, Madame Spiteful, just let me and me kids go. We didn't mean no 'arm!' He whined.

'You're going to stay and fight, you miserable coward!' Madame Spiteful screamed at him.

'Now let's see if you can hit me or are you really a complete wimp? '

'COME ON!' she yelled desperate to beat him to death.

He lunged forwards. It was one of the most pathetic moves she had ever seen!

'Is that the best you can do Sparks? This is how you hit, you worm!'

With that her incredible mighty fist shot forwards into his rib cage. She could hear the rib cage break as he shot backwards hitting the floor; he was screaming in agony.




It was clear the blow was so terrible he could not stand up at all.

'ROUND ONE TO MADAME SPITEFUL!' Marcia shouted out in pure glee as she continued to hold her 3 miserable victims by the hair. Madame Spiteful was showing no mercy at all. She dragged her wretched victim off the floor by the hair.

Come on Sparks there's another 5 rounds to go!'

It was clear he could not stand any more. She was physically and mentally superior to him in every way.

'Well if you won't hit me I'll just have to hit you, scumbag!'

Her fist came backwards. He gazed in horror at the dreadful blow that was awaiting him that he could do absolutely nothing about. True to form the fist went crashing into his face. It seemed to go through his face completely as teeth blood and bones came flying out.



He took off from the floor just like a human catapult literally flying up in the air. He landed with an almighty crash on the floor. His head slumped forwards as if it was dislocated from his shoulders. He just lay there as if all life had been totally and completely drained out of him.

ROUND TWO TO MADAME SPITEFUL! 'Marcia cried out as she continued to hold her 3 miserable victims by the hair almost pulling it right out of the roots. Madame Spiteful walked across the room. She looked at his broken and smashed face. It was not really recognisable as a face any more. Blood was streaming in a torrent from his mouth; his nose was totally broken and it looked as if he had lost all his teeth. He laid there a total and complete wreck.

She felt his pulse. He was well and truly dead!


Madame Spiteful went over to Marcia and embraced her passionately. Once more Madame Spiteful was totally triumphant over her enemies; four contorted and mangled corpses lay on the floor utterly beaten! All that remained were Sparks' wife and children. They stood there cringing in utter terror. Suddenly they ran forwards and prostrated themselves licking her boots as if their whole life depended on it.

'Please Madame Spiteful 'ave mercy on me and me kids for Gawd's sake. We didn't mean no 'arm, 'onest. Oi know my husband was a bastard; he used to 'it me and the kids all the bleedin' time. We'll leave now and never come back!'

PLEASE 'AVE MERCY!' screamed Fagash for all she was worth.

'Right all three of you stand to attention with your hands on your heads.' she ordered in her imperious tone.

They all did exactly as she told them. They knew that no one disobeys Madame Spiteful and lives!

'The three of you are criminals. You have been responsible for harassing your neighbours and causing them misery. You, Gary and Tracy, are troublemakers at school and have played truant. However this time I, in my benevolence, will show you mercy. You will pack a suitcase now and leave the area. You will be forbidden from coming within a 50 mile radius on pain of death for the rest of your lives. Have you anywhere to go?'

'Oi ave me mother in Margate, Madame Spiteful' Fagash Lil replied.

'Right, you will go there now. I will order a taxi to take you away!'


They ran upstairs knowing Madame Spiteful had to be obeyed without question.

Soon a taxi would arrive to take them away. They would never be seen again in the Brentwood area ever again. The people of the area were rid of an evil family! Madame Spiteful then turned to Marcia.

'Marcia we have won a great victory over Crime and Bad Debt today that will send a message to everyone in the area for good. I will contact the mortuary to have the four corpses taken away. Then we will get a removal company to take all the possessions. We will sell his possessions, the house and business even though we won't get all the money back as they're in such a terrible state. The important thing is we've got rid of Crime and Bad Debt!'

Come on Marcia!'


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