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The Bossy Bank Women

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The Sacred Feminine


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The Women Take Control

Marcia the Black Enforcer waited outside Walsh's house ready to strike. She was truly the toughest Enforcer of all dressed in wonderful shiny black leather. As she was parked outside ready to strike she thought to herself what a shithole the place looked; the house looked as if it had not been painted in years and there was garbage outside the front. She thought it was even worse than Sparks' and that was saying something! (see The Criminal's Family)

She decided to start by pretending to be polite and asking Joe Walsh if he had completed the forms. She was then ready to use extreme force if necessary including beating him senseless. She was also prepared to take on his partner Fred Lawson and his brother Frank. She would then take Joe to the Dungeon where he would spend weeks, if necessary, in unbearable agony!

She strode down the drive cracking her leather crop against her boots determined to put this bastard through total hell. She knocked firmly on the door and eventually Joe Walsh answered. What a scruffy specimen he was with greasy hair, tee shirt, jeans and unshaven. She looked so powerful and impressive in comparison with her magnificent Black body!

'So you're Joe Walsh. Well I think you know who I am, I'm Miss Marcia an Enforcer from the Bank of Domination. I’ve come to make sure you open an Account with us. Have you filled in the forms Mr Walsh?' she asked pretending to be polite.

'Look 'ere you f----g cow oi ain't opening no account wiv your bleedin bank. Oi told your boss that Spiteful woman. Just f--- off!'

'Look Walsh I'm not going anywhere at all, I'm staying until you are a good boy and agree to open an Account. In fact after I've finished with you I'm calling Madame Spiteful; she's coming round to deal with you afterwards and to punish you for not opening an open an Account!'

'I'm sorry but you can either have it the easy way or the hard way! There’s no way I'm going anywhere. The simple thing for you to do is open an Account this minute!'

'Just piss off you bitch go to 'ell!'

With that he tried to slam the door but it was impossible. She put her massive booted leg right in front of the door. He desperately tried to close it but it was impossible!

With one powerful move she had pushed the door open and she was inside the house ready to attack. She grabbed Walsh by the crotch turned him round and held him hard by the neck; he was powerless to resist. He let out a terrible scream as she continued to squeeze his testicles. He let out a terrible bellow as she applied deadly Cock and Ball torture to him.


He was totally overpowered by her massive strength that was completely superior to him. He stood no chance against her at all and he was soon begging her to stop.

'Please, for gawds sake 'ave pity!’

'Now, are you going to be a good boy and open an Account? because you are in serious danger of losing those testicles! '

Suddenly around the corner his partner Fred Lawson appeared.

'Oi you Black bitch, leave me mate alone' he shouted at her.

She was furious. With one move she threw Walsh onto the floor then she grabbed him by the neck and with one mighty blow punched him hard in the rib cage



'No one, but no one, ever calls me a Black bitch!'

With another powerful move she drove her fist even harder into his stomach.



Every single one of his bones was broken as he fell down on the floor in a heap bellowing in agony.

She turned around; his brother Frank was making a feeble attempt to gab her around the waist. It was futile. She just hit him with full force with her elbow in the solar plexus. He fell on the floor yelling next to his brother.


Marcia knelt down and grabbed Joe Walsh by the hair in her leather gloved hands; he groaned with pain.

'Right you bastard are you going to sign these papers to open an Account or do you want some more CBT. I know you can't write properly so you'd better put your mark on them now!

'Please, for Gawds sake, don't hurt me no more!' he groaned in agony.

She shoved a pen in his hand and he dutifully signed at once.

'Put your cross on the paper like a good boy. You call me Miss Marcia at all times do you understand you piece of shit?'

'Yes Miss Marcia' he groaned.

She then rang Madame Spiteful on her mobile.

'Madame Spiteful I've broken into Walsh's house and made him open an Account. I’ve also given a good beating to him and his partner and brother.'

'That's great Marcia I know you are invincible so I'll come round and deal with him now and then take him to the Dungeon. You’ve done another great job. Have the rest of the day off!'

Madame Spiteful was soon round the house she looked magnificent as ever clad in her leather BD uniform looking every inch the Manager! She stood next to Marcia over the 3 prostrate bodies.

She grabbed Joe Walsh by the throat. He was shaking with terror in the presence of this huge leather clad BD Manager.

'Right Walsh you're going to spend time in the Dungeon as punishment for not opening an Account and for writing that offensive drivel. How dare you, you bastard!'

With that she brought her mighty leather clad hand crashing across his face 3 times. She was not prepared to show any mercy at all to this bastard!






His screams were so loud they could be heard right across the street as blood and tears rolled down his face in torrents. He begged and begged for mercy.

'Please Spiteful no more no more for Gawd's sake!' he yelled for all he was worth.

She brought her mighty hand slamming across his face once more He yelled even louder as 3 teeth came flying out.



'You address me as Madame Spiteful at all times you f---g piece of garbage! she screamed, spitting into his face.

'YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' he screamed making sure the words came at the end of every sentence.

She pulled him up from the floor by his hair and handcuffed him treating him as if he was nothing but shit. She then hurled him into the car ready to take him to the Dungeon, meanwhile Marcia stepped over the bodies as if they were rubbish.

'Goodbye Marcia you've shown yourself invincible once more! I'm taking this bastard to the Dungeon where I'm putting him through some serious Japanese rope bondage!

'Goodbye Madame Spiteful. I really enjoyed putting those bastards through Hell!'

Madame Spiteful dragged Joe Walsh by the hair and hurled him into the back seat of her car as if he was just a sack of potatoes. As she was driving to the Bank she decided to call Lucinda the Coloured Enforcer to see how she was getting on with the Lawrence's

'Hello Lucinda its Madame Spiteful how are you getting on?'

'I'm fine Madame Spiteful I'm just outside the house ready to move in. There's a security company called Lion Security outside I thought I'd deal with the gorillas before I deal with Lawrence himself!'

'That's great Lucinda. Once you've dealt with Lawrence I want you to bring him to me to deal with in the Dungeon I want to show that pompous arsehole who's Boss!

Lucinda walked out of the car towards the 2 gorillas who stood outside the house. They were both big fat bastards with earrings and tattoos. They pretended to be tough but were actually terrified of the sight of a huge leather clad Glamazon like Lucinda who was in reality taller and stronger than both of them.

Right you arseholes will you just move out of the way I want to see Mr. Lawrence on his own to persuade him to bank with the BD, so could you just get out of my way now!'

'Look ere we're ere to protect Lawrence - he no want to open an Account with you!' the gorilla said in a heavy East European accent.

'If you don't get out of my way now I'm just going to have to use force - NOW MOVE!'

The first gorilla hesitated. With one mighty move she brought her knee up with amazing force straight into his testicles. He let out a terrible scream as she could hear every one of the testicles break beneath her mighty knee.



He fell on the ground bellowing for all he was worth in pure agony rolling around and around clutching his broken testicles. One of the gorillas tried to grab her around the waist. It proved to be a very serious mistake. She just bent down and threw him over her shoulder in a brilliant judo throw. He went crashing down on the ground .With one powerful move she brought her boot heel down hard into his stomach. He was screaming with pain.


She had won an easy victory as usual and she left them unconscious on the ground as she waited for Lawrence to turn up.

Soon she could see him walking down the street. He looked in utter horror at the sight of the 2 security guards who were supposed to protect him lying sprawled unconscious on the ground.

Suddenly Lucinda came behind him. With one move her leather gloved hand was inside his crotch He screamed in pain as he was now under the control of a massive Coloured Woman who would show him no mercy at all!

'Well Lawrence it looks like the game is well and truly up for you! Did you honestly think security guards could protect you against a Glamazon like me? Don't you realise that we BD women are totally invincible? You will open an Account with the BD or I will break every single bone in your body!'

With that she dragged him into his house by the crotch. He was in such pain as she forced him to the door. He was begging for mercy but she just ignored his pleas as she forced him into the house showing no mercy at all.

'Right, you bastard, sign this form now or I will give you such a beating you will wish you'd never been born!'

'Please have mercy I'll sign anything you want, I can't stand any more pain so please don't hurt me!'

With no hesitation he signed the forms to open an Account at once. He was shaking in absolute terror of her totally overawed by her incredibly superior power and strength. She rang her boss Madame Spiteful on her mobile.

'Madame Spiteful, its Lucinda, I just wanted to report another operation successfully completed I have just got that bastard Lawrence to open an Account and I've also beaten up his 2 security guards who tried to protect him. They were no match for me at all!

'That was great Lucinda I want you to bring the pompous prat around now, he needs a spell in the Dungeon!

With that she trussed him up handcuffed him and threw him into the back seat of the car. She drove him straight to the Bank where Madame Spiteful was ready for him. He looked so dishevelled and wretched in front of Madame Spiteful.

'Well you miserable specimen you’ve opened an Account at last! You should have done that months ago you worm and this would not have happened. You've only got yourself to blame you f----g worm! You're now in for a session in my Dungeon where you will be well and truly tied up in Japanese rope bondage You're in for some real suffering!'

'Please no Madame Spiteful Not the Dungeon I’ll do anything PLEASE!!!'

'Shut up you arsehole you're about to face absolute Hell!'

With that she dragged him by the ear with her leather gloved hand into the darkness and misery of the Dungeon!

She thanked Lucinda for another successful mission!

Meanwhile, Christine the White Enforcer was waiting outside the house of her victim Jim Denison. She waited outside his house ready to attack. She knew he was lazy bastard and came home every day at 4.30 from his job in London at Euston as a Tax Inspector. She was determined to teach him a lesson.

She looked so gorgeous dressed totally in shiny black leather standing there with such a lovely body. He was walking down the street with his briefcase looking so pleased with himself. Suddenly he turned round and saw this leather clad beauty towering over him. She walked straight up to him and held him by the neck with her leather gloved hands. He started to cry in fear at this huge woman squeezing his neck.

'Well Jim we meet at last. I'm Miss Christine an Enforcer and I'm from the BD I've come to persuade you to open an Account; shall we go inside?'

With that she pulled him inside by the crotch. His wife and 2 children were inside and looked in horror at the sight of their father being manhandled by a large leather clad Dominatrix like Christine.

'Now are you going to be a good boy and open an Account with the BD or do I consider removing your testicles. You are a lazy rude bastard and I really would like to kick the living daylights out of you. You get on my f----g nerves!'

He was in utter torment as she carried on squeezing, showing no mercy at all.

'PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEEE!!! he groaned feeling so much agony under the power of her leather gloved hand. I’ll open an Account I'll do anything you want!'

Within a second he had dutifully signed the forms and opened an Account. She then made him say goodbye to his wife and children. She could not say when they would see him again.

When she brought him to Madame Spiteful he was shaking in terror. She brought him before her wonderful Boss who took him by the testicles and led him to the Dungeon to face a session of Hell in total darkness. Like the other two he was yelling with fear. She thanked Christine for another brilliant job.

The next day pictures of Walsh, Lawrence and Denison were displayed for all to see in the Brentwood Advertiser. They showed them in colour in graphic detail in the Dungeon under severe Japanese rope bondage unable to move a single inch facing hours of pure torment!

Underneath the notice as a message from Madame Spiteful

Dear Residents

These are pictures of 3 miscreants who failed to open an Account with the BD after reasonable requests and generous offers were made to them. They were beaten severely by myself and my Enforcers and are now in my Dungeon going through misery.

I am warning you that exactly the same thing will happen to you if you fail to open an Account. I know exactly who you are and where you live so there's no escape. I’ll be coming after you and will enter your premises without warning at any time with my Enforcers so be warned!



The Manager

The letter brought an almost instant response. Thousands of applications came flooding in until the BD had achieved the target of 90% .Soon this was repeated all over the country until the BD was the largest bank the country and the world taking over every other Bank either by taking over all their customers or threatening them with force.

Soon it was in a position to actually take over the Bank of England itself!

The Government had to accept the power of the BD. A vacancy arose at the Bank of England The Chairman Lady Breakneck ordered the Government to offer the post to a BD Manager and suggested Madame Spiteful as the most suitable candidate. They had no choice but to accept.

Madame Spiteful made Lucinda the Manager of the Brentwood Branch while she took Christine with her to the Bank of England as her Associate. Marcia went to the BD Headquarters to become Top Enforcer working with Lady Breakneck

When they left Marcia and Christine kissed me goodbye saying that I had been a model Resident and they would miss me.



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