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The Women Triumph Again
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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
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First Blood




The Women Triumph Again

Madame Spiteful surveyed the carnage of Mazzinis; about an hour ago it was a very posh restaurant full of wealthy diners. Now it looked a complete wreck with the floor awash with the blood of 16 dead and dying Mafiosi. The whole place was covered in broken bottles, chairs and glasses. The BD Women as ever were totally unscathed with not one hair of their heads being touched. They were winning easily having killed 16 Mafiosi in the most vicious way. They had reduced a once smart restaurant to a scene of utter devastation.

Madame Spiteful walked forwards as usual taking total charge of the situation.

'Right Ladies as usual we are winning easily and I'm having the most wonderful time of my life. We have 14 of these bastards to finish off - don't worry we will be triumphant as usual. We will kill the rest of these bastards easily and I don't want any of you to be grazed in the fight '.

I will take on 5 Mafiosi, Marcia will take on 4 Lucinda will take on 3 and Christine will take on 2; after that I will torture Luciano Mazzini to death, Marcia will torture his brother Giovanni and Lucinda will torture Rodolfo the other brother. Christine you will observe my Darling as you still need to learn torture techniques. Is that clearly understood?'

YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' they all cried out together.

She walked right up to Mazzini rejoicing in her power knowing she would definitely emerge victorious.

'Well Mazzini it looks like the end of the road for you. You’re losing and losing badly and soon I will torture you to death you bastard!'

Sweat was pouring from his brow as he knew quite well that he had definitely met his match in her.

'Whya you do thisa Madama Spiteful I no wanna trouble!' he said in obvious fear of her.

'You're paying the penalty of not opening an account with the Bank of Domination.

You also are a criminal associated with the Mafia and for that you deserve to die! Don't worry I will definitely put an end to your crimes after I have dispensed with your goons and tortured you to death you bastard!'

Mazzini stood there shaking with fear knowing that she meant exactly what she said.

She walked into the middle of the restaurant stepping over the dead bodies feeling supremely confident of herself.

'Right which one of you goons wants to challenge me, I’ll take on 5. Are you ready?'

She looked around and saw 5 goons coming towards her with steel snooker cues. They all had hatred in their eyes as they moved towards her.

One of them shouted out

'You canna winna Spiteful; there are 5 of us!'

'Oh yes I can you piece of shit - why don't you try to attack me with that snooker cue?'

He moved towards her looking so nervous after seeing her fighting skills.

He made an attempt to lunge towards her. With brilliant athletic skills she kicked the cue right out of his hand. She picked it up from the ground and walked towards him looking as menacing as usual. He stood there absolutely transfixed with fear. With one blow she brought it down hard smashing his skull right open. Blood came pouring out in torrents from his face as he let out a terrible scream and fell dead to the world on the floor.


She was demonstrating to everyone in that restaurant just what an expert snooker cue fighter she was. Another goon came towards her with his cue She parried the blow at once knocking it clean out of his hand. With one amazing move she drove it hard into his testicles. He let out the most dreadful scream that could probably be heard right across the whole town


With another move she drove the pointed end of the cue hard into his throat. Blood came out in more torrents as he lay dead on the floor

Another one came towards her screaming with rage. With total ease she knocked the cue clean out of his hand. He screamed as she brought the cue down hard on his hand. With terrible precision she drove the cue clean through his throat. He let out the most terrible scream as he slumped to the floor in a heap.


Another one came towards her. With brilliant skill she once more parried the blow. With complete expertise she moved forwards driving the whole cue hard into his stomach. He let out the most terrible scream as he fell with a thud on the floor.


There was one more to go. This was the easiest fight she had ever had. The goon stood there; he made an attempt to attack her but she parried the bow easily. Another attempt was made but again she parried it. With one move she brought the cue straight into his throat driving hard into him. He fell lifeless another heap on the floor.

She stood in triumph over her dead 5 victims. Only 9 more to go! Madame Spiteful stood victorious as she handed over the floor to the Black Enforcer Marcia.

Marcia stood there so tall and strong in all her Black magnificence dressed as the others in black leather.

'Right which 4 goons are ready to take me on?' she asked looking so pleased with herself.

4 of them walked towards her just with long chains in their hands. She had only her hands and fists to fight with.

One of them came running towards her shouting something in Italian. She dodged out of his way easily. She then kicked hard into his solar plexus. He let out a piercing scream as he doubled up and fell forwards


The chain came right out of his hand She picked it up She then slowly and methodically wound it right around his neck. With a smile she pulled hard. A loud crack could be heard across the room as he lay down dead to the world.


Another goon was coming behind her with his chain. Like a flash she moved and tripped him up with her boot. She knelt above him and smiled as he looked up to her in utter terror. She wound the chain right around his neck making sure the whole chain was ready to crush into the bones of his neck. She pulled back and once again could hear the terrible sound of cracked bone!


She was now holding the chain in her hand whirling it from side to side with complete expertise The 2 goons just stood there holding their chains. One of them made a feeble attempt to hit her but it was futile. She parried the blow easily and brought the chain crashing across his face. Blood was pouring out as he lay on the floor screaming for all he was worth.


With complete contempt she brought the razor sharp heel of her boot straight through his neck!

The other one did not know what to do. He made a pathetic attempt to hit her. With one move she just wound the chain around his arm. She pulled and the all the bone of his arm began to break. He let out the most dreadful scream as tears rolled down his eyes.



He fell down on the floor screaming clutching his broken arm. She decided to put him out of his misery by bringing the heel of her boot clean through his neck!

Marcia walked back in triumph so pleased with her wonderful fighting skills.

It was now Lucinda the Coloured Enforcer's turn. She had 3 goons to fight and she was ready for action. This time it was going to be a fight with chairs as 3 of them moved towards her holding chairs all of which had steel legs.

One of them ran towards her shouting out something in Italian which she translated as 'you f---g cow’. With incredible skill she brought her boot heel up in the air and kicked it right out of his hands. The chair went flying high in the air. She picked it up from the floor .With expert precision she pushed the steel legs forward hard into his stomach. The legs went right through his rib cage like knives. He slumped down dead on the floor!

It was now the turn of the other goon. He made an attempt to hit her but she was far too powerful for him. With absolute expertise she knocked his chair out of his hands with her chair.

With incredible force she brought the chair crashing down hard into his skull. He let out a scream of agony as splinters of the chair were embedded hard into his skull. He fell on the floor yelling for all he was worth.


She had one more goon to take out. He moved towards her knowing quite well he stood no chance at all. She then lunged forwards smashing him hard in the stomach with the chair. He bellowed in pain.


With one mighty move she brought the whole chair crashing down onto his head. His skull was totally smashed in as rivers of blood came pouring out of his head!

It was now the turn of the gorgeous White Enforcer Christine. Smiling she walked towards the last 2 goons. They gazed at her curvaceous leather clad body not knowing how deadly she was.

'So what weapons are you arseholes going to use?'

One of them came towards her with a broken bottle in his hand.

'Are you really going to use that on me you bastard?'

With one amazing move she brought her powerful booted leg high in the air. She cut right into his hand as the glass went flying up in the air. He held his hand in agony as she moved towards him. With one terrible move she ground the glass hard into his face turning round and round as blood came spurting down from his face. He screamed for all he was worth as she was blinding him and destroying every feature of his face.


As he dropped down she faced the last goon.

He did not know what to do as he stood there frozen with fear looking at his 29 dead fellow Mafiosi. She had a broken bottle in her hand as she advanced towards him. He stood there petrified sweating. With one move she lunged forward and effortlessly brought the whole bottle hard into his throat. He fell down on the floor having made no attempt to resist her as blood came out of his throat in torrents.

She walked back to the others in triumph feeling so pleased with her!

It was a total victory. All 30 goons lay sprawled on the floor dead. Not one single hair of the BD Women's' heads had been touched at all.

Madame Spiteful stood before them to congratulate them.

'That was wonderful Ladies. We have triumphed once again!'

She stood before her last victim Luciano while Marcia stood opposite Giovanni and Lucinda stood opposite Rodolfo. Christine stood by them longing to become a Torturess too.

Come on Ladies!'


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