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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


The Vision
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The Women Use Force

Madame Spiteful sat at her desk at the Bank of Domination once more feeling the glow of victory. The week before she and her 3 Enforcers Marcia, Lucinda and Christine had eliminated 30 Mafiosi killing all 3 kingpins. She also realised that Operation Kill All Criminals was proving a total success all over the country; criminals and crime were being eliminated. Lady Breakneck the Chairman had been proved right! There was one way only to eliminate crime and that was literally to put all criminals to death in the most terrible and excruciating way. Lady Breakneck and Madame Spiteful had proved Operation Kill All Criminals a total and resounding success!

Yet there was still work to be done and Madame Spiteful would not rest until it was completed. The main problem was that in Brentwood only about 60% of people and businesses had accounts with the BD. It was essential that this should be changed by every means necessary. Force was now to be used to make people open accounts with the BD including breaking into people's homes, physical violence and smashing up businesses. The target was 90 to 100% and Lady Breakneck would be satisfied with nothing less!

Madame Spiteful decided to write one last letter to 3 families who did not have an account with the BD then decided to pick on 3 families: the Walshes, the Lawrences and the Denisons. She decided that she would use them as an example in order to encourage every other person and business to open an Account.

The Bank of Domination

31 High St



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you once again ordering you to open an Account with the BD at once. You will complete the enclosed forms and send them back to me by return of post by FRIDAY DECEMBER 19TH.I expect them to arrive by the first post.

If you do not open an Account by then you are in very serious danger. My Enforcers and I are prepared to take any measures necessary to force you to open an Account. I have offered you very generous terms, far more generous than any other bank and if you do not take up this offer you must suffer the consequences.

My Enforcers and I are prepared to take any measures necessary including breaking into your house, beating you and if necessary evicting you from your property.

My patience is now at an end. Open an account with the BD or face the terrible consequences! I will do almost anything to get what I want!

Yours in anger

Madame Spiteful the Manager




The only responses came from Joe Walsh and Mr. Lawrence, who was a solicitor.

Joe Walsh sent a hand written scrawl that revealed just how illiterate and ignorant he was in some ways even worse than Sciven (see Operation Kill All Criminals). It was written on a dirty piece of paper. It read as follows;


'Look ere you f-----g cow oi aint gonna open no account wiv you, you can F----K OFF!!'


Madame Spiteful did not bother to reply to this drivel especially as he probably could only read block capitals in the Sun newspaper. She just decided to ring him up on her mobile.

'Walsh, it's me Madame Spiteful. Who the hell do you think you are? You semi-literate moron writing drivel like that! Your standards of English are equivalent to a 4 year old! How can a cretin like you manage to be a plumber if you can't read to write properly? How dare you write to me like that! You will open an Account by that date or I will send one of my Enforcers Marcia around to break every bone in your body so send those forms back today! I know you can't read and write properly so you'd better get help filling them in!'

He was totally overwhelmed by the sheer overwhelming power of her personality. All he could do was shout 'F----K OFF YOU COW!' and slam the phone down.

What a complete idiot! Madame Spiteful was determined not just to break every bone in his body but to evict him from his premises too!

The other response was from the solicitor a Mr. John Lawrence. It read as follows and what a pompous prat he sounded!

Dear Madame Spiteful

I am in receipt of your letter of the inst.

I am not prepared to open an Account with your bank and that's final. The threats you are making are all quite illegal and you could be prosecuted. I will take any action against you to stop you harassing me. I have hired a security company to protect me from you and those female thugs, the Enforcers, you employ.

Please do not trouble me any more

Yours truly

John Lawrence

The letter elicited an immediate response

Dear Mr. Lawrence

Your pompous letter really annoyed me! You’re going to open an Account by the 19th or else I will send one of my Enforcers, Lucinda, around to teach you sense.

Don't talk to me about the law. I have a right to make you open an Account it's as simple as that. Don't you dare threaten me with prosecution. What’s more I'm not the slightest bit afraid of security companies. I’ve dealt with them before and beaten them to a pulp. Don't you dare call my Enforcers thugs; Lucinda will deal with you when she meets you!

Now be a good boy return those forms or your life won't be worth living!

Yours in fury

Madame Spiteful


As for the last family, the Denisons, no response had been received at all. Madame Spiteful had found out he was a Tax Inspector. The Enforcer Christine would deal with them!

Madame Spiteful was now about to have a meeting with her 3 Enforcers. She had ordered them to do research and surveillance on their families so that they knew the best times to break into their houses and force them to open Accounts.

There was a knock on the door. All 3 Enforcers entered led by the magnificent Black Enforcer Marcia. They all looked so impressive dressed from top to toe in black leather. They wore the BD fighting uniform that consisted of a black leather hat with the BD logo, studded collars, leather jackets, gloves, tight pants and thigh length boots with razor sharp heels. They all carried leather crops and cat-o-nine tails. To strike total terror into their victims they wore leather masks. They were all in a mood for a fight and to force those bastards to open Accounts!

Madame Spiteful spoke to them with her full authority.

'Right Ladies the day has come at last, Friday 19th and these bastards have still not opened Accounts. I'm going to make an example of them for everyone else who fails to open an Account. From now on I want you to treat everyone who fails to open an account as a criminal and to be treated accordingly. I don't care what you do today - you will force these 3 families to open Accounts even if you have to kill them; I don't care! All I want is their money! Now you've all done surveillance on these families I want you to give me your reports I’ll start with you Marcia!'

Marcia the Black Enforcer walked forwards. She looked so big and strong in her wonderful black body; her muscles were even more rippling than ever. Hours of practice in the gym and all the fighting she had done had really made her stronger than ever. At the same time she realised the total superiority of her Boss, Madame Spiteful.

'Well Madame Spiteful I have been doing surveillance on the Walsh family. As you know Joe Walsh is a plumber. At least that's what he calls himself. He’s actually the biggest cowboy imaginable. He never does a proper job and every time he does work it goes wrong. He fleeces and overcharges customers all the time! As you know he can hardly read and write so if you write a cheque for the wrong amount he will probably never notice. The place he lives in is a complete shithole even worse than Sparks (see The Criminal's Family) He's got a partner in the business called Fred Lawson and a brother who works for him called Frank. I just can't wait to get my hands on those bastards. Joe will open an Account if I have to break every single bone in his body!'

'That's just the attitude I want you to have my darling Marcia. You must loathe anyone who refuses to have an account with the BD!'

She turned to the Coloured Enforcer the gorgeous Lucinda. She was not quite as strong as Marcia but was the next strongest one of the three.

'Well Lucinda what have you found out about that pompous prat Lawrence who wrote me that appalling letter?

'Well Madame Spiteful I have found out that he's a real crook as a solicitor. He overcharges his clients and has been reported to the Law Society on several occasions. He makes a lot of money out of divorce and he is know to prolong the case for as long as possible just so the he can make lots of money. Well I think the BD should have all his money!

'As for his movements he comes home every night at about 8 pm so that's when I will be ready for him. He’s got a security firm, Tiger Security, to protect him. They’re mostly East European labour ex criminals. I will deal with them just as I have dealt with all the other gorillas!'

'That's great Lucinda; you will beat the crap out of those security guards. Afterwards I want you to bring that Lawrence to me to face a sentence in the Dungeon!’

She turned to the glamorous White Enforcer Christine. The very sight of her dressed in shiny black leather around her curvaceous body made Madame Spiteful go wet with desire.

'So my sweetheart Christine how have you got on with the Denison family?'

'Well Madame Spiteful I've been following Jim Denison. As you know this bastard never replies to your letters. How dare he! I’ve found out he works for the Inland Revenue in Euston in London. I've watched his moves and he's a lazy bastard!He gets into work at 9AM. leaves for lunch at 11.30 comes back at 2 and goes home at 3PM.Yet he gets a good salary of £40,000 a year, the lazy bastard! Well the BD should have that money. I'll be outside his house waiting for him at 4.30 the time he gets home every day!'

'That's wonderful Christine, be as ruthless as you can! He's a lazy good for nothing and a waste of money who does not even reply to letters.It just shows what reprobates the people who don't open Accounts with us are!'

She turned to Marcia.

'Well Marcia as the toughest Enforcer of all I want you to deal with the Walsh family on your own. I know you will win as you are an invincible fighter. After you have dealt with him bring him here to the Dungeon I want to beat the living daylights out of him too!'

'Certainly Madame Spiteful I can't wait to get my hands on that piece of shit!'

She kissed the others goodbye. They all knew she would be victorious as usual.

Just as she was about to get into the car she rang Joe Walsh on her mobile.

'Joe Walsh? It's Miss Marcia. I'm an Enforcer with the BD. I'm coming round to collect those forms for you to open an Account; I know you can hardly read and write but you'd better have them ready or else! Don't try to stop me as I'm going to break into your house!'

'You can't talk to me like that me you bitch!! Who the bleedin 'ell do you fink you are! I've got me mates and bruvva 'ere!'

'I'll just beat them up too! Get those forms ready for me or face the consequences!’


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