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The Bossy Bank Women

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Miss Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
The Bank Women
A Visit To A Miscreant
Operation Bad Debt
The Criminal's Family
Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
Torture To Death
A Visit To Prague Part 1
A Visit To Prague Part 2
Operation Open An Account
A Fight In The Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
Torture Of The Kingpins
The Women Use Force
The Women Take Control

The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair

Alice And Anna
On The Beach
The Bisley Boy
Silk Stockings On A Ladder
A Merry Ferry Christmas
Stella and Fanny

The Story Of T

Arrival At The Institute

The Dominafuhrer

The New Recruit

The Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine


An Introduction

VO Stories

Miss Malcahy's Detention
Nine and a Half Hours

The Weight Loss

I Sign A Contract

The Convict

The Convict/My Prison Folder


A Caning By Miss Spiteful
Always On The Bare
A Visit To Greenwich
At My Lady's Pleasure
Ball Shackle Story
I Met Claire In A Coffee Shop
Judicial Bastinado
Kevin's Poem
Long Weekend
Long Weekend Conclusion
My Visit
Robin's Electrical Torture
Shoeshine Boy
Slave To The Cane
The Basement
The Colony
The Escape Artist
The Huntress Caning
The Language School
The Worm's View
Webb Encounters

The Valkyrie

Episode 1


The Vision
The Agreement
First Blood




The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies

All 5 Enforcers strutted towards the pub 'The Albert' that lay before them. They were all desperate for a fight and some serious action. As they walked forwards with Madame Spiteful they began to strike their crops rhythmically to the sides of their boots; they hit the sides of their boots even harder. As they were outside the pub they began to sing a song to the tune of 'London Bridge is Falling Down’. They all had wonderful voices and they sang at the tops of their voices so that all the neigbourhood could hear:

"BD Women are coming now, coming now, coming now!

There's no escaping!

We hate scum and criminals, criminals criminals!

Your crimes are over!"

They carried on singing outside the pub thoroughly enjoying themselves and hitting their crops to the sides of their boots to the rhythm of their singing. It was quite clear that the criminals inside knew what was coming and had the fear of God put into them. With one mighty move with her boot Madame Spiteful kicked in the front door hard. The Bank Women were now inside ready to face their enemies!

The criminals inside all looked in absolute horror as the Bank Women marched in as if they owned the place. The criminals really were a vile looking lot scruffy: unshaven, fat with earrings, half drunk. What a contrast they were from the leather clad beauty of the 5 Dominatrix who were now ready to do battle!

Madame Spiteful stood in the middle of the pub like the true Bank of Domination Manager she was. She was completely fearless as she stood right in front of the criminals before her.

'Right, you bastards, the end has come for you all! There is no escape for you now! In case you don't know, I'm a Manager at the Bank of Domination together with my colleague here Madame Vicious.

'We are engaged in a War Against Crime called "Operation Kill All Criminals" and it means exactly what it says. We in the Bank are determined to wipe scum like you off the face of the earth!'

'Now which one of you is David Sciven?'

A scruffy bastard, drunk, dressed in jeans and trainers, walked forward.

'Oi am so what do you bleeding want, Spiteful?'

She marched right up to him towering over him with her superior strength. She grabbed him by the collar and he was powerless to resist. With one mighty move her hand went crashing with full force hard against his face. Blood shot up in the air.



'How dare you speak to me like that, you stinking piece of garbage! I’m Madame Spiteful a Bank Manager, mentally and physically superior to shit like you in every single way!

'You think you can take revenge on me you semi-literate moron! I do exactly what I like and what I did to your brothers was totally justified and I will do worse to you! Do you understand you piece of trash?'

He hesitated at first but as he saw her mighty hand ready to strike again he shouted out so she could hear.


'Right go over there and stand in that corner like a good boy and I will deal with you later!'

He did exactly as he was told knowing that mighty hand was ready to strike him into oblivion!

Madame Vicious was ready to move into action. She looked absolutely incredible dressed from head to toe in shiny black leather. The black leather complimented her Black skin. All that could be seen of her anatomy was her lips as like all the other Bank women she was wearing a black leather mask. She wore shiny red lipstick to make herself look so stunning. She wore a shiny black leather cape around her to make herself look really terrifying. No wonder she was called the Terror of Newham!

She walked menacingly towards the bastards in the corner.

'Now which one of you bastards is Fred Chandler?'

A fat balding man came towards her.

'So what the f---k do you want Vicious?' he said making an attempt to look tough in front of all his friends, thinking that just because there were 17 of them and just 5 Bank Women they stood a chance in a fight.

She walked straight towards him. He stood back as he realised just what a big Black Woman she really was!

'You've just made a very serious mistake Chandler!'

With incredible lightning speed she brought her fist right back. It landed hard into his rib cage breaking several of his ribs. She would break the rest later!




He fell on the floor writhing in utter agony as if he had been smashed in the stomach by a steel cricket bat. She was an amazing belly puncher. In fact she had killed the last brother Terry by giving him a really damned good belly punching that made him die through internal injuries.

She picked his wretched body up from the floor. He was squirming in absolute agony.

'Well Fred did you really think you could stand up to me, a BD Manager Madame Vicious the Terror of Newham? You stupid idiot! You are nothing but a big fat tub of lard that deserves to be put to death!'

'Did you honestly think you could escape from me you miserable coward? No one in this whole Borough can escape from me! I’m going to put you and your 2 brothers through the most terrible deaths imaginable! Now lie there and I will see you later when I will bust the rest of your ribs, you piece of detritus!'

Her tone was absolutely masterly and allowed no disobedience at all. He was utterly defeated and had no choice but to lie there until she was ready to deal with him!

Madame Spiteful moved forwards to take complete control of the situation.

'Right ladies let the fight begin! .We'll start with you Marcia the toughest of the Enforcers. It will then be my turn to fight. Then you Lucinda will go on stage. Then Madame Vicious will show her fighting skills. After that it will be Christine's turn to show off her fighting skills. You will go on last Marcia to wipe the last ones off!'

'After all that Madame Vicious will torture her victim to death. Finally I will torture my victim David Sciven to death. Is everyone perfectly clear?'

'YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' they all called out.

Marcia the Black Enforcer walked towards 2 of the criminals who were standing in the corner. She was determined to enjoy herself that night and have a really good time. At the same time she knew that she was up against ruthless and violent criminals who would use any means to fight back.

Suddenly one of them picked up a broken bottle and went running towards her screaming with rage.

'You f---g Black cow!'

She reacted almost instantly. Her boot heel went right up in the air showing her incredible athletic skills. The glass went up in the air. With another move she caught the blunt end.

'So you were going to strike me with this were you and you called me a Black cow!'

She pushed the glass right in his face. Blood came shooting out as if in a torrent.


She pushed once more and turned the glass right round into his face. Even more blood came pouring out It was clear he was blinded as he rolled in agony in the floor.


The next one came towards her. He made an attempt to strike her but failed totally. She moved to the side. Her fist came forwards crashing with full might into his face.



He screamed with all his might as he fell on the floor clutching his broken jaw and feeling teeth coming out of his mouth. He would very soon be dead!

'That was great as usual Marcia. It's my turn next to perform!' said Madame Spiteful.

She was surrounded by 3 of the criminals. One of them ran towards her holding a chair. It was a useless move. Her foot shot up and the chair went flying up in the air. With her expertise she caught the chair. She moved towards him. He was petrified. With one powerful move she brought the chair crashing down on his head. He let out a piercing scream as blood flowed from his face and splinters were embedded in his face.


'That is a lesson for anyone trying to hit me with a chair!' she said smiling.

Another one came rushing at her with a knife. With split second timing she brought her hand down hard on his wrist. The knife went up in the air. With one move she picked it up from the floor.

'So you were going to attack me with this were you?'

She lunged forwards and plunged the knife right into his stomach. He fell in a dead heap on the floor!

The other one had a knife in his hand. He was afraid to use it. He made a desperate attempt to lunge at her. She easily parried the blow. With one move she dug the knife right through his wrist. He let out a piercing scream. She then took the knife out .With one expert move she plunged it right through his neck. What an expert fighter she was!


He crashed a dead heap on the floor.

All the Bank Women cheered Madame Spiteful's incredible performance.

She turned to the Coloured Enforcer Lucinda.

'Come on Lucinda. 5 down, 10 to go!'

Lucinda took centre stage. Suddenly one of the criminals came towards her with a table. He moved towards her. With her superior strength she pushed him back hard against the wall pinning him completely to the wall itself. She then pulled the table back and positioned one of the legs against his throat. She drove it straight into the throat. He let out a terrible scream and then fell down dead as a doornail!

Another one came behind her. With lightning speed she shot round and kicked him hard right into the solar plexus. He went flying backwards. With one move she put her boot heel right through his neck as he died instantly.

The other one did not know what to do. He picked up a whiskey bottle from the bar and threw it at her. She caught it easily in her hand. She walked towards him laughing.

'What the ell are you going to do wiv that?' he screamed in terror.

'This is what I'm going to do you scumbag!'

With one blow she brought the bottle crashing down on his head. He screamed for all he was worth as blood came poring down his face mixed with the whiskey. Bits of glass were embedded deep into his skull. He fell on the floor yelling for all he was worth. He did not have long to live!


She walked back to her Boss Madame Spiteful.

'Another wonderful performance Lucinda!’ said Madame Spiteful

'You're on next Madame Vicious!'

She stepped into the centre of the stage to the cheers of the other Bank Women who were now really having fun.

'I think I'd like to fight the Chandler brothers Gerry and Tom. Come on you 2 step forwards We're on stage together!'

Both of them walked towards her. They were really scared of her and had tried to elude her for so long.

'Right which one will be first? I’ll take you on first Gerry. Why don't you try to hit me?'

He made a wretched attempt to hit her. It just provided her with a great opportunity to hit back.

Her fist came smashing forwards hard into his stomach breaking every single one of his ribs. He bellowed for all he was worth so that the whole neighbourhood could hear.


He fell crashing onto the floor clutching his broken rib cage. She stood over him in total triumph.

'Right Tom you're on next show me what you can do!'

He grabbed a chair and came running towards her. She dodged out of the way and then tripped him up. He went flying across the room like a human catapult.

She stood over him with all her leather splendour.

'So you were going to hit me with this chair were you, you ugly piece of dirt!'

'For Gawds sake Madame Vicious spare me life!' he shouted out.

'Spare your wretched life. Of course I won’t!’

With that she positioned her boot heel under his chin and pushed his head right back. She then pushed even harder and with one move had snapped his neck! As well as being a brilliant belly puncher she was also a brilliant neck snapper!


Just as she was standing over him another criminal came towards her. He came at her with chair thinking she would not notice. How wrong he was as she shot round with lightning speed and grabbed the chair from his hands.

'So you were going to hit me with this were you? Ill show you how to hit with a chair!'

With that she brought the chair crashing down across his face. He let out bellows of pain as blood came pouring down his face and splinters of wood were stuck into his skull. Soon he would be dead through blood loss and injuries!

They all cheered Madame Vicious amazing fighting skills. She was a true criminal killer, the Terror of Newham in every way!

It was Christine's turn next. She was the White Enforcer. She was desperate to please her Boss Madame Spiteful whom she adored and almost worshipped.

Madame Spiteful went up to her and kissed her full on the lips.

'Come on Christine show me you fighting skills. Take 2 of these bastards out.'

'Certainly Madame Spiteful. I really want to impress you!'

She walked over to one of the criminals. He really was so impressed by her beauty. It was a pity she was also so deadly!

'Come on you hothead why don't you attack me?'

He suddenly ran towards her with a knife. With complete expertise she brought her boot heel up and kicked it clean out of his hand. He winced in agony as the boot steel toe sliced into his hand. Without waiting for a second she grabbed hold of his hair and brought his face smashing into her knee. She could see several of his teeth coming out. With one stamp of her boot heel into his neck she put him out of his misery!

The other one tried to hold her from behind .She brought her elbow back and slammed him hard in the stomach. He screamed in utter pain.


She leapt forwards and brought the toe of her boot up high in the air. It connected with his chin as she did a perfect drop kick He took off in the air and went crashing into the bar into the bottles and glasses. His face was covered in bits of broken glass and he was bleeding profusely. His head slumped down as he was well and truly dead!

All the Bank Women cheered enthusiastically as she proved her fighting prowess beyond doubt. Madame Spiteful went over and kissed her full on the lips.

'That was a wonderful display Christine. Next time you can take on more!’

'I really enjoyed it Madame Spiteful. I was so desperate to please you!'

Madame Spiteful was directing the fight with such expertise. She turned to Marcia.

'Well Marcia you are the toughest Enforcer of all Take out the last 2!'

The 2 criminals remaining stood by the bar gazing at their dead colleagues.

'Well it looks as if you have lost badly. I always thought you criminals were a bunch of wimps. What you need is a damned good whipping.' she said as she held the cat o nine tails menacingly in her hand.

With that she took out her cat and brought it down on the floor with a mighty crack.


They both stood there paralyzed with fear at the sheer size and strength of this Black Woman with a whip!

She walked up to one.

'You're first for a whipping!

With that she brought the cat down onto his face. It looked as if an explosion had taken place as blood shot up in the air.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHH!!! he bellowed so that the whole neighbourhood could hear.

'You're next!

She aimed the cat at his testicles, as she brought it down with deadly force.



He fell flat on his face writhing and screaming in agony.

The other one was also on the floor yelling for all he was worth.

'I'm getting tired of this screaming. There’s only one way to end it!' she said smiling.

The cat was over 6 feet long. She tied 3 feet of it round the neck of the first criminal. Then she tied the other 3 feet to the neck of the other. They were both tied securely together by the necks unable to move an inch?

She stood over them.

'It's time to pull!' she shouted she gave one almighty pull. Both their necks snapped together almost coming of their shoulders as she pulled as hard as she could!



The 2 of them were well and utterly dead slumped on the floor together. Marcia unwound the cat from their necks and walked back to the others triumphant.

It was a wonderful victory! 15 corpses of evil criminals lay on the floor. The floor was awash with blood that was nearly 2 inches deep and getting deeper. The floor was littered with mangled corpses, broken glass and broken tables. It was a scene of total devastation and carnage!

What was more not a hair on the heads of the Bank Women had even been touched. They had shown beyond doubt that they were brilliant invincible fighters and that their opponents could not touch them. It was wonderful!

Madame Spiteful went over to congratulate Madame Vicious and the 3 Enforcers.

'Ladies you have been brilliant today. You have totally defeated the criminal fraternity of East London and have come away completely unscathed. We will call today Victory Over Crime Day and it will go down in history! It will send a message to every criminal in the country!'

She turned to Sciven and Chandler who stood in terror in the corner. They knew they had been totally defeated.

'Come on Madame Vicious we still have unfinished business.'


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