Torture Of The Kingpins

The Bank of Domination women moved towards their 3 victims ready to carry out the most painful torture possible on the Mafia kingpins the Mazzini brothers. Marcia stood next to her victim Giovanni towering right over him in all her Black magnificence. Lucinda the Coloured Enforcer stood over Rodolfo. Christine stood next to both of her colleagues ready to assist them and learn how to become the perfect Torturess. All 3 of them wanted desperately to show off their skills as Torturesses to their wonderful Boss, Madame Spiteful.

As usual Madame Spiteful took complete and total control of the situation. She walked over to her victim Luciano whom she grabbed hard by the throat slamming him hard against the wall. He groaned in abject fear and terror knowing the appalling fate that awaited him at the hands of this mighty Dominatrix!

'Well Ladies we've won the most brilliant victory today. We have slain 30 Mafiosi. We won every single contest hands down. We have beaten and killed them without one single hair of our heads being touched and I want every fight to be just like that in future. I will not tolerate you even being touched in a fight and I want you to defeat your enemies in the most ruthless way. As Enforcers I demand that you be invincible!'

'Now you have shown your brilliant fighting skills you will now demonstrate your skills as Torturesses. Marcia, I want you to perform extreme Cock and Ball Torture. Lucinda you will perform Corporal Punishment beating your victim senseless. Christine my darling as you are new to torture techniques I want you to observe and help out Lucinda. Don't worry you will soon have victims of your own to torture and I'm sure you will make an excellent Torturess! Is that clearly understood?'

'YES MADAME SPITEFUL!' they all said together determine to please their wonderful and superior Boss.

She then grabbed hold of Luciano determined to inflict as much pain on him as possible.

'Right you bastard I'm going to really torture you to death. Not only did you fail to open an Account with the BD after I offered you such generous terms, which is unforgivable in itself, you are also a criminal of the worst kind. I’ll tell you exactly what I will do to you, you piece of shit! I will first of all give you a damned good face slapping until you are bleeding all over. Then I will give you a damned hard belly punching. Then I will perform some serous CBT on you. By the time I've finished with you, you will be dead through internal injuries!'

'Pleasa Madama Spiteful I will open an accounta with the BD! Pleasa do nota killa me. I do anything you wanta! I go backa to Italia!'

'The only place you're going to, you arsehole, is the mortuary! What’s more its too late for you to open an Account - you should have thought about that when I gave you the opportunity! Now stand in the corner with your hands on your head like a good boy and prepare for me to torture you later!’


He knew that he was in the presence of a powerful Dominatrix and he had absolutely no choice but to obey. He meekly stood in the corner with his hands on his head dreading the terrible prospect of pain that awaited him.

Marcia stood over her victim Giovanni ready to perform some very serious CBT.

Madame Spiteful walked over to Marcia.

'Marcia there's nothing I enjoy more than giving CBT. I'm sure you will enjoy it too. I want you to become an expert CB Torturess just like me! I will take you to the dungeon after this where I will show you how many exquisite ways I have to inflict pain on a man's penis and testicles!'

'I would love to Madame Spiteful I just can't wait to get working on this bastard's penis and testicles now!'

With that she walked over to her victim Giovanni who was now shaking with terror at the sight of this gigantic Black Woman. He was about 2 feet shorter smaller and weaker than her in every way. He begged for mercy

'Pleasa donna hurta me I leava the mafia Please!' he whimpered

'Shut up you piece of detritus You only ever speak when you're spoken to I don't want to hear your stupid voice What's more you will address me as Miss Marcia! Is that quite clearly understood?'

'Yesa Missa Marcia' he whimpered now about to cry at the terrible prospect of pain that awaited him.

With that she took hold of his penis and testicles in her razor sharp nails. She dug the nails in ferociously into his penis. He let out a scream of pain as her other nails drove hard into his testicles. He bellowed and bellowed with pain as she smiled at his utter agony.



He was now rolling around on the floor screaming with blood coming out of his crotch.

'Well I think those balls need busting!'

With that she dug the heel of her boot hard into his testicles smiling with pleasure.



His balls were well and truly busted as he lay there screaming for all he was worth. Marcia was having the time of her life.

'I think a good kick in the head would stop all that screaming!' she said still smiling.

With that she brought her mighty leg right back and kicked him hard in the head as if she was kicking a rugby ball. Blood shot up in the air as his head was almost dislocated from his shoulders.


His head was just a bloody mess after the kick she had given him from her powerful leg. Marcia the Black Enforcer had proved that she was a brilliant fighter and a wonderful Torturess.

'That was a wonderful example of CBT Marcia!' said Madame Spiteful.

She moved over to Christine the White Enforcer who had been looking at the torture in amazement.

'That was wonderful wasn't it Darling Christine. Now I want you to help Lucinda give her victim a damned good thrashing!'

'It certainly was Madame Spiteful I have always really admired Marcia. She will always be the toughest Enforcer of all!'

Madame Spiteful moved over to the Coloured Enforcer Lucinda'

'Right Lucinda darling you're a great fighter as you have proved on several occasions. I want you to show me your Corporal Punishment skills. Give this bastard Rodolfo 6 on the backside and 3 on each hand!'

'Certainly Madame Spiteful! I really can't wait to give this bastard the thrashing of his life!'

She moved over to Rodolfo. He was absolutely terrified of this Coloured Woman's black leather splendour!

'Right you bastard take all your clothes off now and lie across the table!'


He hesitated for a second and her hand came crashing across his face.



He fell backwards on the floor under her all powerful blow.

'I said DO IT NOW!

'You do exactly as you are told at once or you won't have any skin left. I mean it!'

Within one second he was over the table with his hands on his head ready for the thrashing of his life!

'Lucinda give it to him as accurately and hard as possible. I want to see blood running. Make him count every stroke or he gets it again. Christine you will hold him down by the hair!' said Madame Spiteful.

Certainly Madame Spiteful!’Christine said always determined to obey her Boss without question. She grabbed his hair hard in her leather gloved hand and he groaned in pain under her grip.

Lucinda held the leather crop in her hand hitting it menacingly against her hands. She then took aim as if she was playing a sport and ran straight towards him. With one mighty blow she brought the leather crop crashing down really hard onto his naked rump.




She moved back. This time she aimed just above his exposed testicles.






She had now broken the skin and blood was now running right down his back side. Christine was now pulling hard on his hair twisting it round so it was almost coming out of its roots.

'I think I'll lay the next 2 over the last 3!’

She positioned herself and ran straight towards him feeling so powerful as she did so. She brought the crop down as hard and accurately as possible.



He was now in such agony that he had forgotten to count.

'You'll get that again you bastard for failing to count and you'll get it even harder than the last!'

She ran towards him and brought the crop down even harder tearing right into the skin. He was now in even more agony than ever before. Christine was making him feel even more pain as she pulled his hair even harder and was twisting his nose right round in her strong leather gloved hands.

She was determined to make the last stroke the most painful of all. She moved towards his rump and positioned the crop right next to his ball sac. With one terrible blow she brought it down accurately hitting the whole side of his testicles hard. It was a brilliant deadly blow.



His bellows could surely be heard right across Brentwood. Christine let him go while Lucinda kicked him right over the table as if he was just a lump of rubbish. he lay on the floor unconscious.

Christine went to the bar and took a mineral water she threw it over him.

'Get up you bastard we haven't finished with you yet!'

With that she grabbed him by the hair off the floor and held him still for Lucinda to give his hands a damned good whacking.

'Right you bastard it's 3 on each hand You'd better keep your hands absolutely still I'm going to use the cane on you. There’s going to be plenty of blood!'

He held his hand out straight for her knowing that disobedience would earn him another hard slapping.

She positioned the cane moving it up and down his hand to increase the fear.

Suddenly she brought the cane down with terrible accurate precision.








He was about to fall forward but Christine had him held by the neck in a powerful grip.

'Right hold out the other one!


He realised the terrible penalty for disobedience as he was being tortured in the most ruthless way by 2 invincible Dominatrixes. Blood was oozing out of his hand and 3 huge welts appeared right across the hand.

Lucinda positioned the cane this time on the other hand. She and Christine were rejoicing in the amount of pain they were inflicting!

She positioned the cane ready to strike again with absolute deadly and terrible force. She brought it right behind her head and then brought it crashing down on his hand.








Christine let him go as he fell flat on his face. With one move Lucinda kicked him as hard as she could straight in the testicles. He was in too much agony even to scream. Lucinda and Christine had done a wonderful job. They knew that he would soon be dead from blood loss and internal injuries.

Madame Spiteful walked over to congratulate them

'Lucinda that was a brilliant demonstration of thrashing. You were also very good Christine and you will make an excellent Torturess! You will both have plenty of opportunities for thrashing as there are plenty of people who still haven't opened Accounts with the BD What's more Operation Kill All Criminals is continuing and there are plenty of criminals to be put to death!'

'Right there's still one more criminal to torture and kill the kingpin himself. Luciano come over here immediately!'

As a Bank Manager and a Dominatrix she was used to her orders being obeyed the second they were given. He did exactly as he was told and stood to attention knowing full well that he was in the presence of a superior being.

'Strip down to your underpants!'

Without a second's hesitation all his clothes were off. His semi naked frame looked so puny besides the powerful muscular body of Madame Spiteful.

'What did I say I was going to do to you, you miserable shit?'

'You saida you would slapa my facea. puncha me in the belly anda give me CBT Madama Spiteful!'

'Right let's begin! Hold your face still and put your hands on your head!'

Years of practice had made Madame Spiteful's hands dreadful instruments of torture. To be hit by Madame Spiteful was worse than being hit by a steel cricket bat!

She moved her leather gloved hand up and down his face. Tears rolled down his face.

Suddenly her mighty hand crashed right across his face



2 teeth went flying as blood shot out of his mouth.

2 more slaps came in quick succession as more teeth and blood came pouring out.




His face was now just a terrible bloody mess. He was almost unconscious and there was more pain to come!

'Right hold still I'm just about to break all your ribs!' she said smiling with pleasure.

She positioned her fist and took aim She moved her fist right back. With deadly precision she brought it hard into his rib cage.




With one mighty blow of her all powerful fist she had broken every single one of his ribs. He fell back on the floor like a catapult writhing in sheer agony.

She stood over him as the complete sadist she was thoroughly enjoying his suffering.

'Well Luciano you really do look in a terrible state. The only trouble is I haven't yet broken all your testicles!'

With that she brought the razor sharp heel of her boot positioned over his testicles. With one accurate move the heel sliced right into them. The familiar sound of broken testicles was pure music to her ears.



He was now unconscious his face covered in blood his rib cage totally broken and his testicles smashed .She decided to put an end to this kingpin once and for all. With one mighty kick of her boot she kicked him right across the room like a rugby ball. He literally took off and landed a broken and dead heap right across the room.

The 3 Enforcers cheered her magnificent performance. They all loved her passionately and were so pleased to have her as their Boss

'Well Ladies we have done a wonderful job today. We have totally eliminated the mafia. We have killed 33 Mafiosi. Their dead bodies are an example to all criminals and those who refuse to open Accounts with the BD. I will arrange to have all the restaurants sold and the money to go to the BD. I will also seize Mizzani’s Bank Account and all his assets! We have won a tremendous victory today over crime and miscreants!'


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