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The Sacred Feminine


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Episode 1


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Madames Spiteful and Vicious Torture To Death

Madame Spiteful and Madame Vicious faced their victims who stood there terrified out of their wits. They had just witnessed a fight in which 15 of their colleagues lay in a heap on the ground beaten to a pulp by the invincible Bank Women. Now it was their turn to face torture that they knew meant torture to death!

Madame Spiteful ordered the 3 Enforcers to pile up the 15 corpses into a pile in the corner. The Enforcers stood next to each other ready to enjoy themselves watching a full scale torture session by 2 expert Torturesses!

In the other corner stood Rosie the bar maid who had worked undercover for Madame Vicious. She was overwhelmed by what she saw; she had never seen such a display of fighting action in her entire life!

Madame Spiteful walked over to her as she stood by the bar.

'So what did you think of the fight Rosie?' she said.

'You was all bleedin amazing! You must all be the best fighters in the whole world. I’ve never seen nuffin like it. Wots more not one 'air on your 'eds as been touched! They didn't lay one finger on you. It’s bleedin wonderful!' she said in her broad East London accent.

'You're quite right Rosie, we BD Women are invincible fighters. As you said not one hair of our heads was even touched! Every fight will be like that in future We are engaged in a War Against Crime called Operation Kill All Criminals which means exactly what it says. Our objective is to rid the country and the world of crime altogether!'

'We're just about to torture these 2 bastards to death. We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves as they will have deserved everything they get. After that we are going to burn this shithole to the ground after we have smashed up every single thing in it. I'm afraid Rosie you will just have to look for another job!'

'Don't worry Madame Spiteful oi can't wait to leave this bleedin place. Oi'm so glad you put this bleedin lot to death; they were just a bunch o bleedin pigs! I only stayed 'ere cos Madame Vicious 'ere paid me to be an informant. Otherwise I would 'ave left ages ago!'

'Do you mind if oi stay and watch your torture these ere bastards to death? Oi'd luv to see you put an end to that bastard Sciven!'

'Certainly you must stay Rosie I'd love to see you watch as we put these miscreants through utter hell!'

With that Madame Spiteful turned round to confront her first victim Sciven. As she walked towards him he became more and more terrified. The sheer power of her body dressed totally in leather with her muscular frame that made him look so ridiculous filled him with utter terror!

Suddenly he fell on the floor blubbering like a little child. He began to lick her boots for all he was worth. He knew that he had been utterly defeated and humiliated by her.

'Please Madame Spiteful 'ave mercy on me. O'i know o'i was wrong to threaten you, please for Gawd's sake spare me o'ill do any fink you want!'

PLEASE DON'T TORTURE ME!' he yelled for all he was worth.

She looked at him with utter and complete contempt knowing what a thoroughly worthless specimen he was compared to her. She slammed him hard against the wall.

'Of course I'm not going to spare you, you utterly worthless piece of trash! You’re like all criminals a complete coward and a wimp. You’re able to intimidate people but when someone like me who’s so obviously superior to you stand up to you, you can't cope can you? Well I'm not going to show you any mercy at all. In fact I'm going to start by putting you through some serious Cock and Ball Torture now!'

He stood there in her incredible physical presence feeling so utterly useless and worthless before her. She exuded total power. He was overwhelmed too by the sheer smell before him of leather and perfume.

He knew exactly what CBT involved. Anyone who has been through CBT will know that it is like pure Hell on earth the pain is so terrible. Yet Madame Spiteful enjoyed inflicting CBT more than any other torture There was something exquisite to her about grabbing a man's balls and prick as hard as possible and seeing him wince with pain especially a complete and total scumbag like Sciven!

With one move she grabbed him hard by the testicles squeezing them on her powerful hands. She put her leather gloved hand over his mouth but at the same time could hear his muffled screams. Soon she could hear the testicles being crushed to a complete and total pulp. It was a familiar sound to her as she was such a brilliant ball buster as well as being such an expert Torturess in every single way.

She could see the tears running down his face as her razor sharp nails now dug deep into his prick. Soon it was completely covered in blood as she withdrew her hand. She gradually let go as he fell in a heap screaming on the floor.


She stood there in absolute triumph gloating at the misery of her enemy. She was determined to put him through more agony before she decided to execute him.

It was now the turn of her friend and colleague Madame Vicious. She stood there looking so imperious in her black leather like a Black Giantess!

Her victim Fred Chandler lay on the floor grasping his rib cage in total agony. He had experienced the power of her mighty hand. Now it was time for even more torture.

As he lay there still on the floor he gazed up in horror at the Black Dominatrix that stood in complete power over him. Sweat came down his face in rivers.

'Please Madame Vicious 'ave mercy on me. I didn't t mean it 'onest!'


She was not prepared to show any mercy at all. She grabbed him by the hair and just pulled him off the ground until he was hanging by the hair.

She smiled as she continued to hold him dangling in the air rejoicing at her massively superior strength.

Gradually she brought her fist back. As he saw the mighty fist coming towards him he let out a scream.


With one incredible blow the fist went crashing with full force into his stomach. He let out a scream that could almost certainly be heard right across the whole neighbourhood.



She let him go and he went flying as if he was a missile right across the room. He crashed against one of the tables and landed in an unconscious heap.

'That was wonderful Madame Vicious. Now it's my turn. I thought I would try out some electrics on this piece of shit!'

Madame Spiteful had a full range of electric equipment that she would attach to the tender parts of the body. She believed that for bastards like Sciven she would put them through extremely painful to totally unbearable torture.

She had brought with her one of the most terrible instruments of torture available called the Pulsar. This was a device that she would strap onto the testicles and prick on top of a damp cloth. This would be attached to a chord that would be plugged to a socket. Madame Spiteful would then regulate the voltage from mild shocks to long periods of high electric charge. Her intention was to drive Sciven completely mad with pain!

She attached the damp cloth over his testicles wrapping it right round tightly. Then she secured the Pulsar hard around his broken testicles trussing him up securely. He was whimpering away feeling the complete power of this magnificent Dominatrix who treated him as so much shit. She then put a leather gag on his mouth as she was getting sick of the sound of his screams.

She then stood over him with the control device. With one move she turned on the charge high. His body began to writhe as if he was suffering from an epileptic fit as was convulsed in sheer agony. She laughed as she did this. To her no punishment was severe enough for this bastard!


She smiled again as she increased the voltage. His body literally shot up in the air as he writhed and writhed in sheer and utter agony. She switched the control device off as his body lay there a total and utter wreck. He was now unconscious almost dead to the world.

She took a glass of water and threw it over his face. He woke up and gazed in terror at this almighty Torturess who was now bent right over him looking so beautiful and so spiteful at the same time!

'Well you piece of garbage I've tortured you enough. The time has come to end your wretched existence for ever!'

She was now kneeling right over him with her incredible superior strength. In her hand was a long 3 foot leather chord. She meticulously wound it right round his neck over and over again.

'It's lights out time Sciven. Say your prayers!'

With that she gave one tug of the chord. She was so expert it was enough to break all the bones in his neck. There was a loud rack of broken bone as his life had come to a well deserved end!


She stood up from the floor as all the Bank Women cheered this wonderful BD Manager enthusiastically. Once more she had demonstrated her power and invincibility!

'It's your turn Madame Vicious!'

Madame Vicious the Black Dominatrix BD Manager walked over to her wretched victim Fred Chandler who was lying on the floor in sheer agony. Once more she picked him up from the floor by the hair as if he was just a piece of garbage.

'Right Chandler you see this magnificent leather cape? Well I'm about to cover you completely you look so cold!'

With that she wound the leather cape round and round him until his face was crushed against her huge nipples. It was total darkness inside a black Hell where there was no air or light at all. He was in complete darkness and all he could smell was the powerful aroma of leather. She held him tighter. Soon it became impossible to breath.

She could hear his groans desperate for life as he knew that death by total suffocation was imminent. She gave one last tug as he was now crushed totally against her massive breasts. Soon she felt his lifeless body as she let go released the leather cape He fell backwards with a terrible thud on the floor!

The 3 Enforcers cheered Madame Spiteful and Madame Vicious wildly for their wonderful display of torture techniques. The Skives and the Chandlers had been wiped off the face of the earth!

Madame Spiteful turned to the Bank Women before her.

'Right Ladies I want you to smash up everything in this rat hole. I don't want to see anything standing at all. Every item in this pub must be destroyed!'

They did exactly as she ordered. Madame Vicious took every single bottle from the bar and systematically hurled every one against the windows breaking every glass. Marcia took every glass and hurled them against the walls. Lucinda smashed every table up enjoying every moment. Christine concentrated on the chairs making sure everyone was smashed to smithereens!

Madame Spiteful supervised them making sure they went on a frenzy of destruction. By the time they had finished the whole place was a scene of absolute carnage of broken glass and wood. The floor was nearly 6 inches deep in alcohol and blood beneath which lay the 17 mangled corpses of their victims.

‘Let’s torch this place! 'she yelled.

She ordered Lucinda to fetch a can of petrol from the car. Lucinda dutifully obeyed and came back with a large can of petrol. She poured petrol everywhere pouring the largest amounts over the bodies of Chandler and Sciven. The place would go up in flames with the 17 bodies inside!

Madame Spiteful told the Bank Women and Rosie to step outside. She then threw a match inside.

The whole pub exploded in flames with a noise that could be heard for miles around. The flames would go on burning for days as they shot up into the night sky.

Madame Spiteful and the Bank Women watched feeling so proud of themselves.

Madame Spiteful turned to the Bank Women.

'This day will be commemorated throughout history! she said


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