Chapter 14: After Caning

I had been unstrapped, and the trestle had been taken out of my cell, and the last of the Ladies had left my cell, laughing and talking.  My cell door was locked after the last Lady left. 

My ass burned and throbbed with agony.   I gently lay down on the straw, face down. I spread my legs wide, so my cock could be seen from the door, and kept my hands to my sides. I still desperately wanted to masturbate, but did not dare.

Now I had felt  the cane,  I knew I could never break any rule, no matter how small,  ever again, ever…. ever!  I would  live quietly on my chain, and will be completely obedient and pleasing.  I will never ever, ever do anything that might earn me the cane!

I lay on the straw, wide-awake. My buttocks were still on fire, and I could not sleep.  My cock was hard, and I was longing to touch it.

My cell door bolts were drawn.  I frantically scrambled to the position of respect. I pressed my nose hard to the wall. I spread my knees wide, even though I knew it made my hard cock very obvious. I tried to remain motionless, and perfectly in position,  but I felt my hindquarters trembling uncontrollably.

‘Please God, don’t let the Lady be displeased with me!’ I prayed.

I heard a Lady’s shoes entering my cell. I kept my nose pressed  to the wall.

'I see you are trembling’ she said. ‘Was the caning that bad?’

I felt her hand on my ass.

‘I see that it was’

‘Don’t worry,  I’m not going to have you caned. Although I could!’ 

‘I’m pleased to see you haven’t been masturbating.  I looked through the peephole before I unlocked the door, and I saw that you were not playing with yourself. Keep up the good behavior!'

When she spoke I knew who she was.... she was Susan, the second Lady guard at the Institute, who had been with Ms Mindy when I arrived with my wife, so many months ago. I had not seen since her that time.

'You may lie down, but keep your face to the wall. Put your hands behind your back please.  I'm coming across the yellow line, so keep perfectly still. If you move, I’ll have you caned again'. 

I shuddered when I heard that. I quickly lay down on my straw and put my hands behind my back, I lay perfectly still and looked at the wall. I heard her come towards me, and felt her boot on my neck.

'Don’t be afraid, boy! I'm not going to punish you. I'm going to cuff you now. Relax.......this is just standard security procedure. You must be cuffed, for my safety.'

I felt handcuffs lock tightly on my wrists.

'There. Now you're safe to be handled'. 

She took her boot off my neck and knelt down beside me.

'Relax boy.  Mrs Grange and Mindy all the other Ladies have gone into Prague for dinner. I've brought you an icepack for your ass.  Its completely against the rules, but I’m the only Lady here tonight, so no one will know. You really need're black and blue! Just lovely marks!'

 I felt an ice pack gently placed on my buttocks.

'You may speak. Tommy? Is that your American name? Tommy?’

She pressed the ice onto my buttocks.

“Does that feel better?'

'No, Madame, my ass feel like it’s on fire, all of it. Is it bleeding?'

'No, the skin isn't broken, not at all.  Ms Grange is an expert with the cane. She’s got a government permit to use the cane, which is very hard to get. Our laws allow caning only by qualified people, and the skin must never be intentionally broken. I've seen Ms Grange give over thirty canings, and she's never broken the skin even once. But you do have the most beautiful weals. The best I've ever seen!  It’s a real work of art, back here.  A pity you can’t see it.  I bet it hurts like hell. This ice is getting the swelling down fast, but you will be marked for weeks!'

She laughed.

 'Excuse me laughing, Tommy dear, but I'm a sadist, you know? I'd have given a lot to have you under my own strap tonight, but watching Ms Grange put you though your paces was almost as good…she's such an expert with the cane! She's so good! I'll be able to apply for a license to use the cane next year, and Ms Grange says she'll coach me.’  

‘Don't expect an icepack every time you’re punished.  I would really prefer to leave you here in pain. But more than that, I want you to heal fast.....I want your ass ready for caning again, as soon as possible. Maybe Ms Grange will let me practice on you.' 

She laughed.  'Do you think I'm joking?…. I assure you… I’m not!'

'You'll have an even bigger audience for your next caning, once the word gets around among Mr Grange’s friends about how well you caned today.  You mark and howl so well!  All the other inmates are cowering in their cells after hearing you yelling.... I’ll have no trouble with them tonight. But I'm going to invent some reason to strap one of them….. that cute mommy's boy in cell 4  I think....maybe thirty strokes.....I want to see if I can make him yell like you did'.

'There, the swelling is down a bit already.’

She put her hand on my rigid cock.’ You're really horny, aren’t you, boy.  'It's such a pity Ms Grange keeps all the collar keys in her private safe. Otherwise I’d love to take you to my room in handcuffs, for some private training! But unfortunately I can't get the key to your collar, much as I'd like to!'

She removed the icepack from my buttocks and stood up. She paused.

'Let me check those cuffs!" She reached down and inspected my handcuffs. "'re safe......can't be too carefull! You prisoners can be violent, I know!"

‘Roll over onto your back, prisoner, let me see that cock!’

I rolled onto on my back in the straw, my hands handcuffed underneath me. I looked up at her. 

It was such a pleasure to be allowed to look at a woman again. I had not been allowed to look at a woman for months. Ms Mindy always made me keep my nose to the wall whilst she was in my cell. 

She was standing a few feet from me, in a tight black leather skirt, knee high boots, leather jacket, smiling. She was a goddess!  She was looking at my rigid cock, erect like a flagpole.

Slowly, she began to unbutton her black leather jacket…she let it fall open…. she had nothing under it. Her small breasts were partly visible to me.  She reached down, pulled up her black leather skirt, and slowly pulled down her black lace panties. She dangled them on her finger over my face, inches away, then threw them aside.

She stepped forward so she was directly standing over my chest, legs apart, then turned around so her back was to me. She hitched up her leather skirt, and knelt, one knee each side of my chest.  Without pausing, she lowered her ass and pussy onto my face.  I took a deep breath, then she was on me. She pressed down firmly, and gripped my head with her thighs.  I was smothered in a dark universe of female sensation and scents.  She moaned, and ground herself  into my face.

‘Use your tongue, prisoner’ I heard her voice faintly from outside my dark, soft universe.  I automatically obeyed.  I had been well trained, to obey!

I felt her lean forward, and felt her hands grip my rigid cock. Her strong fingers massaged my swollen balls. Her nails pressed into my cock.

She groaned with pleasure, and moved her pussy over my mouth. She moved, faster and faster,  bearing down harder, tightening the grip of her thighs on my head.  I couldn't breath.... her cunt scents and flavors filled my mind......I sucked and licked as hard as could....I was suffocating in a black universe of woman......

We  came suddenly, together, simultaneously, explosively. 

I heard a voice cry out with pleasure. I was smothered by a sweet darkness, that covered me and held me prisoner.

An ecstasy of pleasure flowed through my body. First burning, like fire. Then cool, like balm. A completetely irresistible pleasure.

I felt her shudder, above me, and her scent grew stronger.  I lay helpless, handcuffed and chained.

She slowly relaxed her thighs from their tight grip on my face. Then she  rubbed her soaking pussy over my face and mouth, smoothing herself all over me, over and over.  I gasped for air, when I could, and kissed her again and again.

I knew…… I would never have such pleasure again, here on my chain.

Finally, she got to her feet, slowly, and began to ease down her skirt. Standing directly over me with her legs spread wide, so I could see directly up her skirt.

I moaned, chained.

She turned around and took a step back, so I could see her bosom…then slowly began to re button her jacket.  I so wanted her.

‘Does that feel better, prisoner?’ she asked, at last.

‘Oh, yes, Madame… was pure heaven’ I said. 

'Then that will be something for you to remember, while you're chained here for the rest of your life, won’t it!'

She laughed and moved away from me, and turned in a circle so I could admire her.

'Now, roll back on your belly, prisoner!  Face back to the wall!  No more talking now! You're back under strict discipline again! …keep perfectly still until I say you can move'.

I obeyed. I felt her boot press firmly down on my neck. My handcuffs were unlocked and pulled off.

She stepped back.

'Get back in position, if you please! Nose to the wall! You won’t be allowed to look at a woman again for a long time'.

I obediently got back on my hands and  knees and pressed my nose to the wall.

'Get your legs further apart, cock boy! Get your ass higher! Show your balls!  Do I have to strap you, boy?. 

I shuddered with fear…. I spread my legs as far as I could, so she could see my balls and cock and ass fully exposed, as was required for prisoners.

'I'll be your guard until further notice, prisoner.  Don't think because of this evening that I'll be any gentler with the strap than Madame Mindy! Because I won't!'

The door slammed shut, and the bolts and padlocks were secured. 

I looked around.....I hoped she might have forgotten  to take her panties, but I saw that they had gone.

I was alone again, locked on my chain. I gathered up my chain in my hands, and kissed the beautiful, heavy links. I loved my lovely strong chain, with an intense sexual passion. 

To continue this story, click I Finally Realise There Is No Release For Me.

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