Chapter 5 - Chained Up

I had frequently fantasized about being chained up in a real cell, so much so that I had traveled all the way from the USA just to be able to experience this. But when I saw the  heavy collar and chain lying on the straw, doubts suddenly overcame me. I suddenly realized I was about to be genuinely locked up,  not just in fantasy, but in hard reality.  I could see that it was obviously a real collar and a real chain.  I could see that escape would be impossible once I was locked into that collar!

The shackles.....the cell....the straw.....the collar....the chain.....the strap......the cane.....this was all much more real than I had expected! I loved bondage, but even two days of this might be too intense for me.

‘I'm not sure about this'  I said, and started to turn towards Ms Mindy. 

I suddenly heard a whistling noise behind me….



I gasped in surprise and pain as my buttocks suddenly received the impact of Ms Mindy’s strap, swung with her full strength.  It was agony,  an intense, searing pain….my ass felt like it was burning.

‘Silence! And I told you to  kneel, prisoner! I'm going to teach you obedience!’ said Ms Mindy.

I heard her move again….she was getting ready for another stroke!

No! I could not bear another stroke like that! I immediately knelt on the straw, my shackles jangling. I obediently lowered my face to the straw.  I was completely in her power as long as she had that strap!

'Good boy!'.

Ms Mindy stooped and  lifted the heavy steel collar. The heavy chain rattled as she  pulled it towards my neck . She closed the collar around my neck. It fitted perfectly.  She picked up the heavy padlock, and I felt her fit the padlock onto the collar at the back of my neck.

I was about to be collared! There was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it!

I felt her turn the key.


The padlock locked.

'Oh my God, she's got me chained' . I screamed inside, but kept quiet.

Ms Mindy gave a little laugh as she stood up, letting the heavy padlock fall against my neck.

'That's a good won’t escape from that collar! No more freedom for you!’

I kept my head down. This woman really had me completely in her power now. And she was not reluctant to use her strap.  I must be very careful not to upset her.  I knew that it was too late for me to turn back now. For better or for worse, I was now locked up.

I heard her footsteps walk out of the cell, then turn and come back to me.

'Lie down on your straw, boy. I’m going to unlock your handcuffs in a moment....I'm sure they are hurting you badly by now...... but before I do, let me tell you that I have put the key to your collar out in the corridor. It’s well out of your reach. So it’s no use you trying anything foolish when I take off your cuffs…. If you're think of trying anything stupid, just remember that you’ll still be on your chain….. and Mr. Strap will be very angry if you try anything!’

She placed her boot firmly across my collared neck, and pressed my face down hard into the straw.

I felt my wrist and ankle shackles and waist chain being unlocked and pulled away from me.  My hands tingled as the painfully tight handcuffs were unlocked. If only she'd unlocked my cuffs BEFORE putting me in this collar, I could have made a break for it! This was a clever bitch!

I dared not move. I knew she could easily break my neck.  I lay motionless on the straw, naked and  collared, with her boot pressing hard on my neck. And what was the point of struggling anyway? No amount of struggling would get me out of my collar. I was secure on my chain. I'd just have to wait for my wife to come down and put an end to this. She will be down in a minute.  When she comes down, she'll get me out of here. We'll go back to Prague and find a hotel.

'Good boy, I'm pleased with your behavior.....keep it up and I won't be too hard on you.......not!'

She took her boot off my neck and stepped back.

She spoke sharply:

‘Get up on your hands and knees, American boy!  Lift your head your chain pulls straight up.... I want to see that chain straight! Now, press your nose against the wall'.

I got to my hands and knees facing the wall. This pulled my 24-inch chain up vertically, tight from my ringbolt to my collar. It was really heavy on my neck.

I lowered my head again, to gain a little slack in my chain, and turned my head to look around behind me.  I saw Mindy had moved back to the other side of the painted yellow line. She held my shackles in her left hand, and her strap in her right.

Ms Mindy looked up.  She immediately stepped forward, frowning, and before I could react, she swung her strap with all her strength. The strap whistled in its arc. The strap landed squarely across my buttocks with the full strength of her arm, in the exact same place as the first stroke.



This time I could not hold back a shout of pain, as my sore buttocks lit up a second time.  It was even more painful than the first stroke! My ass burned with pain!

'I told you to get your nose to the wall, American shit!’ she shouted ‘You may not look around without permission! You are not in your America now! You are in Czech prison! You are not permitted to ogle Czech Ladies!  Ms Grange says it encourages masturbation!  I am Principal Guard of this prison, and I do not tolerate disobedience from any of my prisoners!  If you don't do EXACTLY as I say, I'll strap your ass raw! Don’t think I don’t mean it!'

Her outburst quite frightened me. This woman is vicious!  But there is nothing I can do now!  I obediently pressed my nose hard to the wall. I was her whipped dog, locked on a chain.

I felt her strap press against my burning ass. Cool leather, smooth and powerful.  I trembled, dreading another stroke from her strap. I was helpless under the terrible anger of the 25 year old woman.

She was breathing slower now.

‘Did my strap hurt, boy?  Then don’t even think about intentional disobedience!….that will get you an appointment with Ms Grange and her cane!  The cane is ten times worse than the strap’.

I heard her step back behind the yellow line again. I stayed motionless. I dared not move.

Get your nose to the wall! Head up….keep that chain tight! Get your ass up high!  Straighten your back! Spread those legs….wider…wider…...I want to see your cock and balls hanging there between your legs!

‘Now….from now on, whenever a Lady is present, you will keep that position unless otherwise ordered.... its called the “position of respect”.... on your hands and knees, your nose pressed against the wall, your chain pulled up tight, back straight, ass up high,  knees well apart!  Your ass and balls must be on full display to any Lady that cares to look. You will remain silent. You may not look around without permission!  Don't you ever dare to move from that position without permission while a Lady is present!’

'Whenever you hear the bolts of your cell being drawn, you will immediately take that position!  By the time your cell door is opened, you must be in position! Or else! And you must hold that position until all Ladies have left, and your cell door and hatch are closed and locked. What you do when you are alone in your cell is your own business. You can lie or kneel however you like, and you can shout all you want. No one will hear you here. The only rule is.... you must not masturbate. Not ever! Your wanking days are over, American! We'll be checking on you often, through the peephole, so don't think you can cheat! You must keep your hands away from your cock at all times. Your hands, or your cock, must be visible from the cell inspection hatch at all times."

'Now…. you may take your nose off the wall. Look to your you see that hole?'.

 I looked to my right, and saw a metal-lined circular hole in the floor, about three inches in diameter, that descended into the floor as far as I could see.

"Yes, Ma'am".

‘Put your nose back to the wall again, prisoner! Show your balls! ’  I obeyed immediately, and then held as still as I could.

I felt her pat my balls with her strap. I held as still as I could.

“Good position, boy! Your ass and balls are well displayed!”

‘Now…..that hole goes straight down about 20 feet, to the sewer. That is your lavatory from now on. You will eat, sleep, piss and shit right there. You’ll stay on your chain 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, unless your wife sends us different instructions. Your wife has paid in advance for 12 months, in good US dollars, so I think you will certainly be here for at least that long. And I think she will soon find other nice American boyfriends who look better than you, and she will then not be at all interested in ever letting you out'. 

‘Now I’m going to take your collar key back to Ms Grange' said Ms Mindy. 'When I come back, I'll bring your wife with me, so she can inspect you before she leaves.   When I open the door, you must be in your proper position. And you must remember the rules…you must be obedient and respectful, you must address her as Madame, and you may not speak unless you are asked a direct question, or given permission to speak'.

I heard the cell door close, the bolts move home, and the rattle of the padlock.

I was so relieved that she had gone.  I put my hands on my buttocks to try to cool the pain. I could not have stood even one more stroke of the strap. I started to shake slightly at the thought.

To try to take my mind off my burning ass, I started to spread the straw more evenly over the concrete floor. My chain rattled as I worked.

'It's going to be so deliciously humiliating to have my wife come down to inspect me, chained like this!'  I thought “I’ll be kneeling, chained, my nose to the wall, my ass up and my legs spread!”.

A silver thrill of pure sexual pleasure ran through me at that thought.  I knew that my wife would also really get a kick from seeing me chained like that!  It's just what she likes most in our play.

'When my wife comes down here to inspect me, I'll ask her to let me out in a day, two days at most. I hope she won't mind if I don't stay the whole week. I hope she'll agree to let me out early!  It's my wife's decision now. I'm chained, and must wait until she gives permission for my release '.

The thought of being in my wife's power so completely was overpoweringly erotic to me.

I had got my straw fairly smooth. I gently lowered myself face down on it. The heavy links of my chain clanked as they met the stone floor. And my ass still throbbed and burned.

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