Chapter 20 - Finale

The days passed, and my caning steadily drew nearer and nearer.  I could not bear the thought of another caning, but I was chained, and had no choice but to wait patiently for the day to come. Ms Susan treated me very carefully, and stayed behind the yellow line as much as possible.  She knew that if I could ever escape  from my chain, I would certainly be violent. 

At last,  the day of my caning arrived.

I was awoke early. As always, I was almost mad with hunger, hot and sweaty. I had had a very bad night. I was frantic to escape, because I knew I was to be caned today. I was sore from frenzied hours rolling naked in the straw at the end of my chain most of the night.

Ms Susan fed me. I was so hungry that I gobbled down the awful dog food and licked the floor clean with genuine eagerness. I was then given 30 of the strap by Ms Susan for ‘not licking the floor fast enough’.

I was now alone in my cell, my ass scarlet and stinging from the mornings hard strapping. I knelt in the straw at the end of my chain, my hands pressed to my ass, shouting obscenities at the door.  I kept my knees apart so my cock could be seen by the guards, and kept my hands well away. 

My cock was rock hard from the sexual excitement of the collar and chain, and the thought of the hard caning that I knew was coming that afternoon.

In the late morning, my cell door bolts were drawn.

'Oh God' I thought  'They're here already to strap me down to the trestle!'

I took the position, and waited, sweating, cock hard, my nose to the wall, as a Lady’s footsteps entered my cell.

'Hello Tommy' I heard a soft voice say  'I see from your cock that you are enjoying being here! And you are really looking very good…nice and lean… food must suit you' 

I dared not look around, since that would be intentional disobedience, a caning offence. 

'You may look around, Tommy'.

I lowered my head to get some slack in my chain, then looked around.

It was my dear wife!.... who I had been told had been killed in an accident!

But I dared not speak…... that was a caning offense for sure!

'Nose back to the wall Tommy! It’s not good for you to look at Ladies. It will only excite you unnecessarily’

I obediently put my nose back to the wall and waited in silence.

'They certainly have made you very obedient!  I never thought you could be trained so well. You were always so headstrong and stubborn.  What taught you to be so obedient? Was it the cane?..... or was it the long months locked on a chain?'

I obediently kept my nose pressed to the wall. ‘It was Ms Grange’s cane that finally made me obedient, Madame ' I replied.  I wanted to say much more, but I had answered the question, and I had been trained  not to speak beyond a Lady’s question.

‘Ah yes,  Ms Grange is well known for her expertise with the cane, and  her training methods are famous’ said my wife.

'I am truly sorry if the false report of my death distressed you, Tommy. It was a necessary ruse.... my plan was to leave you here for 18 months, to teach you a well deserved lesson,  then come back and see how you were getting on, and to decide whether to let you out or not.  I needed to find out for sure if you really wanted to stay locked up here, or if you truly wanted to be released.  Ms Grange and I decided that my supposed accident was the only way to find out the truth.  My supposed death gave Ms Grange an excuse to offer you your freedom.  I was listening in the library when Ms Grange gave you the opportunity to walk out a free man. All you had to do was to remain silent, Tommy, and you would have been set free. But you did not choose freedom. Instead, of your own free will, you immediately begged Ms Grange to put you  back on your chain. Isn't that correct, dear? You may speak freely now, Tommy…but stay in, tell me what you think'

'Yes Madame, what you say is true.  I did ask to be put back on my chain. But that was a big mistake,  I realize that now! I didn't realize Ms Grange would treat me like this.  I really do want to be let off this chain now! Please!’

'My dear,  you know that isn’t true. You knew exactly how Mrs Grange would treat you!  You had just spent 18 months under exactly those conditions!  And yet you immediately begged to be chained up again!'

'It’s completely obvious that you really do love being locked up here. Its obvious that if I let you off your chain again, you would only beg to be chained up again.  So I’m not going to release you'. 

'And even if I did wish to release you, I could not. You allowed Ms Grange to co-sign our Contract, so now she has an equal voice to me in our Contract.  It will now require both Ms Grange and I to agree that you should be set free.  And Ms Grange told me at dinner last night that she has definitely decided that she wants to keep you with her, on a chain, for the rest of your life. She really loves you, Tommy’.

‘Please, Madame’ I begged ‘they only allow me dog food, and not even enough of that! They strap me really hard for the slightest  mistake! And Ms Grange is going to cane me this afternoon!  Thank God you came this morning…’re here just in time to save me from my caning!'

‘No, dear, its no good asking me to save you’ said my wife ‘you knew exactly how you would be treated when you asked Ms Grange to put you back on your chain.  So it’s no good whining about your food and your punishment. And it’s not my responsibility any more, dear. My conscience is clear. I gave you the choice of freedom or continued bondage, and you chose bondage, of your own free will, knowing all the facts. Now you have to live with your decision, I’m afraid'.

'But I'm hungry, Madame.....,all the time' I wept.

'My dear darling.....I will get you more food, I promise, I promise....'

'But you won't release me!....why did you come, if you won't release me?'  I was completely helpless on my chain..

My wife threw her head back and laughed.....

'My darling,. But haven't you guessed?.....Ms Grange has invited me here to watch your caning this afternoon! And I’m so looking forward to it!'

I still had my nose pressed to the wall. ‘Please, may I turn around, Madame?’ I asked.

‘No, prisoner, you certainly may not! And you may not speak anymore, either! And don’t think I won’t have you caned if you’re disobedient, because I will’ my wife said sharply.

I shuddered. The last thing I wanted was a double caning!

I knelt obediently in position, my nose pressed to the wall, in silence. I desperately wanted to continue to beg her to let me of my chain, but I had no choice but to remain silent. I knew from her tone that she certainly would report me to Ms Grange if I disobeyed her.

I heard her high heels clicking on the stone floor of the cell behind me.

 'Ms Grange and her other guests are waiting for me to join them for luncheon.  Goodbye dear.....I'm so excited by the thought of your caning this afternoon.  And I see from your cock that you are too!’ 

She walked towards  the door, then I heard her footsteps stop.

‘One last thing Dear…..when I come down to see you caned this afternoon, I want to see your cock still up nice and hard, just like it is now. If it isn’t……then I’ll know that you must have wanked here in your cell…….and you can be sure I’ll report that to Ms Grange when she arrives to cane you'.

'Or do you want a double caning, darling?’

‘Goodbye, dear.'

Her high heels clicked out of the cell.

My cell door closed.  I waited, obediently holding the position of respect, until the door bolts had been secured, and the rattle of the padlock ceased.

I collapsed on to my straw, my chain jangling onto the concrete.

My cock was rigid and aching for release….I must touch it……I just have to…...I can’t resist……..I have to........Ohhhh......

Epilogue:  The  rest of my life

Ms Grange caned me the next day. I can only remember the first 40 strokes, but I was given all 48, I'm told.

The next day, my daily feed was increased to a 12-oz can of dog food, at my wife’s request.

Ms Grange now canes me regularly, on the 1st day of every other month.

Ms  Mindy did marry. She put her  husband  in cell  #24. She tells me that she straps him harder than me.

I have vivid dreams, of slipping my collar and getting free. Also dreams of ice cream.

My collar is still locked. Ms Grange says she has the key.

I'll never be released. I know that now. It’s my fate.

The End.....  for you, dear reader. But not the end for poor, foolish T. He's still chained.

Be careful what you dream about. It might become true.   


Peter Mann

© 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

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