Chapter 2 - I Enter The Institute

A small glass window in the door opened.  I saw a pale face look out through the bars.

‘Please may I see an  ID....only the Lady's ID..... please’ said a female voice.

I had my own ID out, but I put it away. They did not want to see mine, apparently.

My wife took out her driving license, smiled smugly at me, and passed it through the small opening.

We waited again. After a long minute, the doors swung wide open.

Three women stood inside the doorway, in a stone hallway. One was an attractive woman with shoulder length blond hair, about 40 or 45, smartly dressed in dark business clothes.  She leaned lightly on a cane, as if she needed its support. Two younger women stood to each side of her. They looked like they were  in their mid-twenties. They were dressed entirely in black leather.  I noticed that they only looked at my wife, and seemed to ignore me.

‘Welcome, and please come in, Mrs. Crowne. We’ve been expecting you. Please bring your man in. Everything is ready for him’.

The older woman stepped back and motioned my wife to enter.

My wife stepped inside. I followed her. Before I could react, the two younger women stepped to my side. They each took one of my arms and expertly twisted it...... hard .......up behind my back, forcing me down to my knees. 

It was so quick that  I was on my knees before I realized what was happening. 

I tried to get up, and felt my arms twisted even more.....warning me not to resist.

These women were clearly experts in some kind of martial art, judo or karate probably. I did not care to find out!

I heard the heavy door slam shut and bolts slide home. My arms hurt like hell. I could not move.

'Get him ready right away, please'  I heard my wife say. ‘The drive took longer than I had planned. He drove too slowly. I don’t have much time to get back to the airport'. 

Handcuffs snapped on my wrists.  I felt something being passed around each wrist, above the cuffs.  I realized each lady had twisted a chain around each wrist, and was twisting it tight with one hand, whilst holding my arm with the other hand.  I was expertly forced up from my knees and marched down a side corridor. We came to a small room, and I was propelled inside. Each time I resisted even slightly, the chains were twisted more tightly. It hurt like hell. I felt another chain passed around my cuffs, and with a rattle of chain, my cuffs were hoisted up behind me, forcing me over until my head was about waist height to my captors.  The two women released their grips on my arms and unlooped the light chains. I was held bent over, my cuffed wrists pulled up hard behind my back by the chain. I twisted my head, and saw that the chain went up and over a pulley fastened to a heavy beam in the ceiling.  The end of the chain was fastened to winch on the wall, well outside my reach.

‘A little higher, I think’ said one woman, and she turned the winch handle another turn, pulling my wrists even higher.  I was forced up onto my toes, and my head was forced even further down. It was extremely uncomfortable and very secure! I knew I was in the hands of experts.

‘Please, please! that's too high! Please, I’m not resisting’ I gasped. 

"No speaking without permission" said the first Lady.  "Remember that in future".

 'I can take care of this wimp by myself now, Susan. He's obviously not capable of giving any trouble’  one woman said to the other .

‘Thanks Mindy!  I'll see you at lunch. Be careful with him, though. Sometimes the new ones try to kick’, said Susan, and left.

The remaining lady walked slowly around me, then stopped in front of me, hands on her waist, legs spread.  

'Hello down there, Mr.  Crowne! You may address me as Madame Mindy.  Are you comfortable, cuffed like that? I think not!

You are not going to kick, are you!  Not if you know what's good for you!'

'Now, if you behave, I may let your wrists down a little, in a few minutes. But if you don't behave, I’ll hoist your hands even higher. Is that clear, fool?'.

'Yes Ma'am' I groaned. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I was helpless.

She pulled up a wooden chair, and sat down close to me. Her breasts were about the level of my sweating face.

 'Keep still' she said, "I’m just carrying out your wife's orders. She is paying for your stay here, so you don't have any say about anything. Just relax. This won't hurt'.

'Ok, I won't struggle. Just let my hands down please' I gasped.

'I told speaking unless you are spoken to' .

She walked to the winch, and tightened the chain half a turn of the winch.

"There....that's what you get for speaking without permission!"

I tottered desperately on my toes.  My cuffed wrists were on fire and my arms were aching with the strain.  I forced myself to stand still, and the pain in my wrists and arms eased slightly.

Mindy gripped one of my jacket sleeves, and began to rip it at the seam, then began to cut my jacket methodically off, using a  pair of heavy scissors.

Over the next 20 minutes, Mindy systematically cut off my jacket, shirt, and vest, and pulled off my pants, shoes and socks. I was soon completely naked, held bent over by my wrists painfully pulled up in my cuffs.  She dropped my ruined clothes into a garbage bag. The contents of my pockets were carefully put into a large envelope and sealed.  She wrote my name across the sealed envelope, and the date, and tossed it onto a table.

 'You've been good, Mr. Crowne, so I'm going to let your hands down a little now.  If you stay well behaved, I’ll let them down more, later '

The chain lowered slightly. 

'Oh, there you are, darling.... I see they've got you well under control......please come on in, let's get this paperwork signed,  I have to get going’  said my wife.  She was seated at the side of a large desk, with the blonde lady seated behind the desk, sorting through legal papers. 

I was puzzled by that remark...I thought my wife planned to stay here whilst I was here. I wanted her to visit me in my cell each day.  'Maybe she wants to go out and do a little shopping' I thought.

‘Stand in the white circle, Mr. Crowne’ said the blonde lady.

I saw a white circle painted on the wooden floor, about ten feet in front of the desk.  I shuffled over to it, and saw a ringbolt set in the floor in the center of the circle.  I jangled into the circle, and Ms Mindy stooped and padlocked my ankle chain to the ringbolt. 

I stood, uncertain what to do, naked, my wrists cuffed on the small of my back, my ankles shackled to the floor. But I knew I was still in control. I had not signed anything.

The blond Lady looked at me, then started to read aloud from a document on her desk: 

‘Mr. Thomas Oliver Crowne, in the presence of these witnesses, do you consent to be committed to the care of this Institution, for a period to be determined by your wife, under conditions determined by your wife?' 

 I took a deep breath….this was it!……

There was complete silence in the room. My wife suddenly giggled, but immediately became silent again. Everyone was waiting for my reply. They waited.

The silence lasted for a minute.  Longer.

I knew in my heart....this was what I wanted.  This was such a thrill. I wanted this so much, but had never been able to commit to it. I still could not commit. But, there was no reason not to verbally consent. I would be able to back out later, because I had not signed anything.

So I spoke, clearly and loudly.

'Yes, I do consent.'

I heard them all exhale.

 'Contract 3406 has been affirmed in the presence of witnesses. All the papers may now be signed'  Said the blonde lady.

She pushed papers across her desk towards my wife.

'Please sign these, Mrs. Crowne.  All three copies please'.

My wife signed the three copies, and the blond lady and the Madame Mindy witnessed her signature on each copy as she signed it. 

'Thank you, Mrs  Crowne. The Contract between you and your husband is now legally valid under Czech law, and cannot now be changed or cancelled, except by your written permission. Your husband has verbally consented to you having this power, and this is now legally binding in this Country. You may rest assured that your husband will be kept safely locked up, just as you have instructed, until you decide otherwise, as specified in the Contract'.

They seemed to be ignoring me. So I decide to speak. “I think you also need me to sign those papers, before any of this can be legal. And I need some more time to think about this”

Ms Grange looked at my wife “Didn’t you tell him about the laws here?”

My wife smiled.  She leaned back in her chair. “No. I didn’t tell him. Does that affect anything? Legally, I mean? I did assume he would know. Did I have to tell him?”

“No, Ms Crowne, as I told you over the phone, there is no obligation for you to provide any information to the assenting party” said Ms Grange. “Is this required under US law? I hope this is not a problem with our financial agreement. I do need to cover the expenses of keeping him here” said Ms Grange.

“No, there is no problem” said my wife “It would be, for commitment in the US, but not here. And I have full financial authority in the US. So, as long as he remains here, there is no problem for either of us”. 

I did not understand this. I wanted to get out of my chains, and talk about it, before going any further.

‘My dear, I can't sign anything with these cuffs on’ I said to my wife. I was embarrassed at being shackled naked in front of three beautiful women.  I'd feel better if they would unlock my cuffs....they would have to do that if they wanted me to sign anything.

I heard Ms Mindy take a step towards me. Too late....I realized.... I had spoken without permission! It was so hard to remember these rules! But I would be out of here soon.

Ms Grange lifted her hand. ‘That's alright, Mindy. His discipline is very poor, now, but it can wait for a moment. He will learn soon enough! Let

'Your signature is not required in this Country, Mr. Crowne’ continued the blond lady ‘To satisfy our laws, we just need a verbal affirmation from you, in the presence of two witnesses. And I think we have all just heard that. So you will remain shackled. You are now in fact a prisoner.’ 

I looked at my wife. “You said I had to sign the papers” I said.

“Um, well, I may have deceived you slightly about that, dear. I did say that you needed to sign all the necessary papers. But In this country, all they need is a verbal assent. And you have just given that, very clearly. So there are no necessary papers. Too bad for you. You don’t get to change your mind. It;’s all legal now.  You are now legally committed here, under my signature. It’s too late to change your mind , dear, I’m afraid”  my wife answered.

 My wife stood up. ‘Thank you very much, Ms Grange. I appreciate how quickly and smoothly this has gone. It's such a relief to me to have this matter finalized, and to have him permanently locked up, at last! I was worried that he would find a way to back out at the last minute".

"You may relax now.  Its too late for him to back out now, Ms Crowne" said the blond lady  'The contract is signed and witnessed. It’s completely legal. He'll be safe here. We'll keep him locked up, and well disciplined. He has no rights now. None at all!'.

'Very good! Now, Ms Grange, regarding payment of your fees, I have created a Trust fund to fully pay for my husband's expenses here. The Trust is capitalized for 25 years, invested in long-tem bonds, to ensure that interest will maintain the Trust's funds indefinitely, without needing any further action on my part.  The Trust will automatically mail you a new check on this day each year, starting a year from today, and continuing indefinitely. And here is the first 12 months payment in advance’. 

My wife placed a check on the table.

 'What a tease she is'  I thought 'she's trying to make me think she's going to leave me here for good'. But I didn't like her joking around like made me a bit uneasy, what with me being chained like I was.

I pulled at my cuffs....they were locked tight.

My wife walked over to me, and halted about six feet in front of me. I tried to take a step towards her, but I was immediately brought up short by my shackles, which Mindy had padlocked to the ringbolt in the floor.

She smiled, but didn't move any closer. She was just out of my reach, I realized.

 'Its all done, now, darling. Completely legal. Too late to change your mind!'

'In case you're wondering, this is real! I've checked the "until release is authorized by undersigned" box on the contract. And I'm the only undersigned, dear!  So you are legally committed here until I say otherwise.  I do hope you enjoy being here as much as I will enjoy knowing that you are here'. 

'Please, dear'  I said 'I didn't really like that joke about 12 months advance payment and automatic annual payments.....I know you're teasing, but it still makes me a bit nervous.....'

My wife turned away from me and spoke directly to Ms Grange:

'I'm running late.  I'd like him locked up right away, please. I must be on my way back to Prague airport within an hour. My return flight to New York is at 9pm, and I'm meeting a friend in Prague for dinner before I go to the airport'

She glanced at me impatiently. 'He made me promise to inspect him in his cell before I leave. So I have to do that.  I promised him that. I want  to do that one last thing for him”

'I'll have him put on his chain without delay, Mrs. Crowne. I just have a few more legalities to attend to,  some information Czech law requires that I provide to your husband before he's locked in his collar. It won't take more than five minutes, then I'll immediately send him down to be locked up. You are welcome to wait in my private library until he's in his cell and ready for your inspection. Ms Mindy will come to the library and will escort you to his cell. You can be on your way within thirty minutes' .

'That will be fine. I just need to keep that one last promise to him, then I can get on my way."

I was becoming concerned. My wife was putting on a very good act, she almost had me believing she was going to leave me here!  Sweat ran down my forehead and into my eyes.

'Please dear, we need to talk about are joking, of course....I know you are!.....' I called.

Without letting me finish, my wife turned on her heel and walked out of the room.  The door shut behind her.

I was quite angry at that!  I wrestled with the handcuffs. They were securely locked.

Then I suddenly understood what she was trying to do..... she was teasing me again!  'I mustn't let her get me worried... that's exactly what she make me think I'm going to be locked up here permanently.  I should have known she'd try to make me think that!  She so loves to tease me whilst I'm in bondage!   I always seem to fall for her tricks, but not this time!'

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