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Chapter 3 - Legal Arrangements Concluded

After my wife had left the room, Ms Grange remained seated behind her desk, sorting through the legal documents.  I saw her walking cane was by her chair. She must need it to walk, I thought.

I stood, shackled and naked  in front of her desk. I had a sudden urge to run, but I knew myankles were shackled to the ringbolt in the floor. I realized that events were rapidly getting out of my control. In fact I thought they probably already were. Time to start getting back in control!

I twisted my wrists in my cuffs. The cuffs were securely locked, and I could not slip them.

'I wonder where the keys to these shackles are' I thought.  I turned....Ms Mindy was seated in a chair at the side of the room, staring at me, flapping some kind of leather thing,  I could not see exactly what it was.  She was a very attractive girl, she looked really good in leather.

'Mindy probably has the keys to my cuffs and shackles'  I thought.  I was still chained to the ring in the floor, and she was well out of my reach,  so there was no chance of me snatching the keys from her.  I remembered  that she was some kind of judo expert....I don't think I had much chance against her, even if I was not shackled. And I dreaded to think what she'd do to me if I put up any sort of resistance. I shuddered at the thought.

I turned my attention back to Ms Grange. She still sat behind her desk,  sorting through the Contract pages. I felt like a schoolboy in front of his headmistress. A nice looking lady.   Her white silk blouse was taut over her breasts, and I could see the silk tighten as she breathed.

Suddenly, she looked up at me, straight into my eyes. I looked down, then up again, trying to appear less uneasy than I felt. I knew that she had seen that I had been looking at her breasts. Her lips parted slightly, into a faint, haughty smile.

'Pay attention please, prisoner!' she said sharply.

'Now....as you heard, my name is Ms  Grange.  I am the owner and Governor of this Institution.’

‘Firstly, let me reassure you that this is a reputable, professional Institution, and we fully meet this country's strict standards of safety.  Unlike the USA, our laws permit consenting adults to enter into private enforceable Contracts such as the one you have just entered into.  Institutions such as this are licensed by our Government to provide the enforcement required by such Contracts'. 

'To put it plainly, this is a  private prison, and you are now a prisoner here'.

'Your wife is anxious to get you locked up, Mr Crowne, but my license requires that I first inform you of certain conditions of your stay here. It will just take a few minutes. Then you will be taken to your cell. Your cell is ready for you.  I expect you are eager to see it!'  She smiled slightly.

She picked up a green form, and began to read to me from the form:

‘I hereby inform you that you are now legally committed to this Institute under the terms of  the Private Enforceable Contract number 3406, fully signed and witnessed, and legally enforcible under the applicable laws of this country'.

Ms Grange checked a box on the form.

'I'm legally required to inform you of the rules which you will be kept under. The rules here are as follows:

Inmates must be completely obedient and respectful to all Ladies.

Inmates may not speak to any Lady unless spoken to

Inmates must address all Ladies as  "Ma'am"

Inmates may not masturbate’. 

Ms Grange checked another box on the form.

‘This Institution is licensed  to apply corporal punishment with the strap and cane only.'

Ms Grange checked another box on the form.

She looked at me. 'My guards enforce routine discipline with the strap, but are instructed to report any intentional disobedience to me…..I am the only person here licensed to use the cane, so I deal with the more serious offences, the ones that need the cane'.

She turned her eyes back to the paper on her desk, and continued reading.

'This institution is licensed to use all forms of physical restraint'.  She checked another box. 

'Since I would automatically lose my license if an inmate should escape, or cause danger or distress to the local population, I maintain rigid security here. My security policy is very simple, and very effective. I keep all inmates permanently collared and chained, with no clothing or any loose object within reach, in solitary-confinement soundproof cells.  I keep the only key to each inmate’s collar, locked in my personal safe.  As a final precaution, your collar padlock will be carefully inspected each day, to ensure it is secure. No inmate has ever escaped from his collar and chain, and none ever will!  Each inmate stays locked on his chain until his wife authorizes his release, which has never happened yet. In your particular case, your wife has ordered that you be kept on a short chain. For humane reasons, the shortest  chain length that Czech law allows for permanent confinement is 60cms, which you would call 24 inches. So that will be the length of your chain, until and unless your wife gives other instructions'. 

'The law requires that we either supply clothing and bedding, or one cubic meter of straw per inmate. To keep costs low, we only supply straw'.  She checked another box on the form.

'The law requires that inmates be provided with a minimum of one liter of water and one meal a day, which must include all required vitamins per code UN4504/2. To keep costs low, we supply the legal minimum only’. She checked another box on the form.

Ms Grange looked up at me, and smiled. ‘Most inmates do not like the food we serve here, Mr. Crowne, but we are very strict about requiring inmates to eat everything they are given. Our food may not be as appetizing as you are used to in the USA, but it will keep you alive and healthy’.

'Now, do you have any questions, before I have you locked up?'   She held her pen poised to check the last box on the document.

'I'd like to talk to my wife before going further,  Ms Grange, I mean Madame... I don't...'

Ms Grange laughed.

'It's too late for that, Mr Crowne. Once again, do you have any last questions before I have you locked up?''

I decided I could wait until my wife came back to inspect me. I still didn't feel comfortable with my wife teasing me about leaving me here for a year or more. I needed to get that sorted out with her. A week here would be too much, I was beginning to realize. When my wife came to inspect me,  I'd ask her to let me out in two or three days. Meanwhile, I decided it was best to play along with Ms Grange. She seemed a little crazy to me. But she had me shackled, so I would have to humor her until I could get to talk to my wife again.

I did have some questions....

"Ms Grange...excuse me...Madame.... about visitors, I mean inmates,  not being allowed to masturbate.... surely you can't mean that....it's physically impossible for a man to go very long without sexual relief"

'Of course, Mr. Crowne, that's true, and you may certainly have sexual relief anytime your body requires it, but it must be a natural act of your body, not anything you bring on by playing with yourself.  My guards will frequently check on you, and you will be punished if you are seen playing with yourself, or trying to rub yourself against the floor, for example’. 

'Any other questions?'.  

I could not help looking at her breasts again.

She crossed her arms.

'About the chain you mentioned, Madame.... 24" seems very short…..that must be the chain to my ankles, not to my collar, surely. And may I be let off my chain for exercise and bathroom visits, please Madame? "

Ms Grange stared at me coldly. 'The chain is for your collar, Mr Crowne. And as I have already told you,  to ensure security,  I do not allow any inmate off his chain. Never. Not ever. Not for any reason. None at all!

Her eyes flashed..... ‘Get the picture,  boy?’  I lowered my eyes.

'No more questions!....you are wasting my time, prisoner!...you will learn all these things in due course.  I've done everything the law requires, and I have work to do'. 

She checked the last box, and signed the form, with a flourish.  She smiled at me as she carefully filed the form away with the other documents. 

She nodded to Ms Mindy, and behind me, I heard Ms Mindy laugh, then stand and walk towards me. 

I twisted my wrists hard in my locked cuffs. They were too tight to slip.

'That did not go too well' I thought. 'I need to get control of this situation , and fast'.

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