Chapter 9 - My 100th Day In My Cell

The bolts slid back, and with one smooth movement I was in the Position of Respect, my nose pressed  firmly to the wall. I was perfectly in Position, the way Ms Mindy liked me to be.

By my count of the days, using the pitiful pieces of straw I had carefully positioned on my cell floor, I had been here 100 days.

I was still sane, I think. But I was not quite certain. I was locked on my chain. That, at least, was completely certain,

I had to face the fact that my wife was not coming back.  She probably had been in some kind of accident. Or, perhaps she really had  decided to leave me here. She probably thought I was enjoying myself!  Or maybe she knew what a hell this was, and wanted me here anyway! She did ask for a short chain, I remembered! That Trust she said she had set up for my permanent keep here must be real! And I thought she was teasing! What a fool I was.  I was going to be here for ever, on my chain, for sure.

Whatever was happening, out in the world, since I had been chained here, was beyond my control. Whatever my wife had decided for me, I had no control, or knowledge.  My collar was still padlocked.  I had 24” of heavy chain, and that was all I had, and would ever have. I had finally received what I had desired. Now I had to live with it. For the endless years ahead.

I heard Ms Mindy's footsteps enter.

After 100 days on my chain, I knew her routine perfectly. It was the same every fucking day!

I had not been allowed to look at the lovely Ms Mindy since my first day here. Ms Mindy strictly required my nose to the wall whenever she was in my cell. All I was allowed to see of her, now, was her lovely hands as she poured my water and emptied my food on the floor. But I well remembered how pretty she was!

As usual, she hesitated on her fifth step into my cell. That is when she came to the yellow line. I knew her  footsteps. I had heard them every day for the last 100 days now. 

I estimate I had lost at least 20lbs since I had been put here. But I was in great physical condition. I was lean and strong. I had discovered that the best way to pass the  long tedious hours in my cell was to exercise. I did pushups, leg lifts, every exercise I could think of, for hours and hours, every day.  Exercise kept me sane.

I braced for the strap. Ms Mindy had got into the habit of giving me one single stroke of the strap before feeding me. For no reason I could ever figure out. I think it was, simply, because she enjoyed it.

“Here it comes, boy.  I want you to feel my strap every day” I heard her say, quietly.  “It’s from me, to you”.

I heard her take a step back, then the rushing sound as she swung her thick leather strap, with all her strength.


The familiar white hot band of fire seared my buttocks.  I was ready for it, and by my greatest willpower, I was just able to remain silent, although I screamed inside. I was not proud of myself.  Just one more stroke, and I would have been begging, I knew. The strap still hurt just as much as it ever did. But I had become much stronger, physically and emotionally, over the last 100 days.  People say that if hardship doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. I knew that was true now.

She stood back. I heard her breathing heavily.  She was excited. It must be from her exertion with the strap, I thought. I knelt naked, in the position of respect. Chained, my nose to the wall, my ass up, my legs well apart.  I forced myself to remain motionless as she inspected me. 

I knew she was looking for a reason to strap me again. And hoping for a reason.

After a minute, she took my balls in her gloved hand. I kept completely still. She fondled them for a few minutes. She was seeing if I would get an erection. But my fear prevented this. Eventually, she dropped my balls.

“Have you been masturbating, boy?” she asked.

“No Ma’am, I swear I haven’t......please…..I swear I haven’t, Ma’am! Please!”

“Don’t worry, boy! You are closely watched!  I know you haven’t been masturbating! And you had better not! Unless you want a severe strapping!”

“I think you are well trained now! Nice and obedient.”

“Do you ever think of the USA? You can of course forget about ever getting back to the USA, American boy! You are here now! On a nice short chain, to keep you on your knees. And you have me to supervise you. And I supervise you well don’t I? With my strap! I have come to love you being here. I hope this will be your life for now on! You, me, your chain and the strap!”

“You know your American wife won’t be coming back for you, don’t you? Not after all this time. You are chained here, and she is free, with all your money! She has no doubt found herself many new pretty boys by now!”.

“Am I right?”  She laughed, mockingly. 

“But I am here, and I will take care of you. I will keep you under my strict discipline. No escape for you!”

She locked handcuffs onto my wrists, behind my back as usual, her boot pressing my neck hard down into the straw. I lay obediently at her feet, face down in the straw, my hands cuffed behind me, as she inspected my collar padlock. It was still locked, of course.  There really was no point in them checking my collar every day. There was no way I could ever get it off. I knew that now.

She was satisfied. "Your collar is secure. No escape for you today, prisoner!" she said cheerfully, dropping the heavy padlock.

Ms Mindy hummed some little Czech tune, quietly, singing words sometimes, and gently passed her strap across my buttocks, then my shoulders.  She walked around behind me, from my left to my right side.

'You're really are getting to be a  pretty animal' I heard Ms Mindy’s cool voice from above me. 

'Very nice muscles now.... such beautiful shoulders. And nice and obedient too.  So long as you're  on a chain, anyway.  I don't like to think what you'd do if you ever got off that chain! You'd make a nice pet for any Lady now, providing she kept you well chained.....I could almost fancy you myself'.

I heard the food slop onto the floor. I salivated at the sound. I was ravenous, as usual. I hated the taste and stench of dogfood more than I could say, but could not wait to get it.  I was  hungry, all the time.

I waited for permission to eat. I had been well trained.


I immediately struggled onto my knees and ate. I ate quickly, the way Ms Mindy liked. I licked the floor spotlessly clean. I immediately put my nose back to the wall. I did not want to get the strap.

'Good boy' said Ms Mindy quietly. ‘You are a good boy now. I have you trained well, don’t I?’.

I felt her strap press against my burning ass again.  Cool, smooth leather.  She pressed the strap up between my legs, and  pushed my balls up.

'Why don't you give me reasons to use my strap any more?......don't you love my beautiful strap any more? I really love to strap you, you beautiful animal, I really do, very very much.  I’m even dreaming about you at night now.  But you give me no reasons to strap you, any more!  So I'm going to start watching you much more carefully. I suspect that you are masturbating secretly. Am I right? If you are, I'll catch you, one day, my darling, and then.... do you know what you'll get?  I’ll strap you… on your balls!'

I trembled with real fear . I could not possibly take the strap on my balls!!!!!

And I knew she meant it! She would do it. She was a sadist! I could no longer take the risk of masturbating! 

If only I could get out of this collar!

My cuffs were removed and her steps receded. The cell door slammed and locked, as it had done for a the last 100 days.

I gasped with relief that I had managed to get though another visit with just one stroke from her strap. 

I lay on the straw and put my hands over my burning ass.  Ms Mindy had never given me more than  three strokes at a time.  I knew the strap became increasingly painful as the number of strokes increased.....Mindy took pride in applying the strap in exactly the same place each stroke! I could not imagine what 20 would be like. 

I would try not to masturbate from now on. I was sure she was watching me, looking for a reason to strap me. Maybe she’ll get tired of watching me, if  I wait.

I drank some water, then immediately started to do my chain jangling. I desperately wanted to masturbate. But I dared not. The exercise helped take my mind off my desire.

I would try for two hundred consecutive pushups today!

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