Chapter 17 - My Second Chance

I had a wonderful dream.... in my dream, I managed to slip my collar off.  I ran to Ms Grange's room, and found her asleep in her bed.  I crawled quietly into her bed and took her in my arms. She stirred and said..... 

'Wake up, prisoner’...

I said 'wake up, prisoner!'

I awoke.

I was on my straw, on my back, naked, in my locked collar, on my chain.  Ms Grange stood before me, smiling at my erect cock. She leaned on her walking cane.

'Why are you not in the Position of Respect, prisoner?' she asked.

I immediately took the Position: my nose to the wall, my chain taut, on my hands and knees, my back straight, my ass up, my knees apart. My rigid cock was probably obvious to her. I fully expected to be punished for not being in position when she entered. But she said nothing.  I heard her walk up close to me.

“I am still considering when I should cane you, prisoner. Are you prepared for another caning?'

'Yes Madame'

'You seem very calm, prisoner, do you obey me so readily now?'

Madame, I now understand and accept that this is my proper place. Chained. Under your rules. And that  I must obey you without hesitation, or question.'

'You are correct. You are my prisoner, and will remain such. But, the pain....of being caned..... why don't you beg for my mercy? Please tell me.”

“Madame, it’s hard for me to admit this. I still have some pride, even after all this time, chained. But, as I see it,  the caning you gave me was justified, because I was clearly disrespectful to you. I apologize for that. And I have been committed to your care, in a proper legal manner. Since I am in your care, I must accept your discipline”.

“You speak well, boy, but that won’t get your collar off! Or any mercy, if I decide to cane you”.

'Now, lie down, face to the wall, put your hands behind your back. I’m going to cuff you, prisoner. Don’t move'.

Her boot pressed down on my neck, and I felt the familiar waist chain, cuffs and shackles being locked on my wrists and ankles.  I kept my eyes fixed on the wall.

She walked out of the cell, then returned......she dangled a key between my face and the was the key to the padlock on my collar!

She unlocked the padlock and  pulled the collar open. The padlock and collar dropped to the straw.

I could not believe it! I was out of my collar! I was free from my chain!  After 18 months!

'On your feet, prisoner. Go out of your cell, and turn left'

'yes Madame' . I got to my feet in my cuffs and shackles.

'Don't you want to ask why I'm doing this?'

'I'm puzzled Madame. But I am afraid to ask'

'You have become a very good prisoner, Mr. Crowne. We have trained you quite well. You are not the arrogant man you were when you arrived here.’

‘You shall know the reason shortly.  Proceed to the left as I told you, and go to my office, the office where you were first committed to my care, last year'

'Yes Madame'

I entered the office, shuffling in my shackles, my wrists cuffed behind my back. She followed and padlocked my ankle chain to the ring in front of her desk. She sat down behind her desk, and put her walking cane against her chair.

I stood before her, shackled and naked, my eyes down. I was her prisoner.

'Mr. Crowne, I have something to tell you. There has been a skiing accident in Vail, Colorado, and your wife is sadly dead.  She died a week ago. She did not suffer'. 

I stood silent.  I was devastated. I loved my wife so very much.  I would have accepted any punishment to save her. I felt so bad that I had been locked up here, and was not with her when she died. But I realized she was part of an old, lost life, a life before I came here.  I had ceased to think of her, except as a beautiful lost dream from my past.

Quietly, I explained how I felt to Ms Grange.

'I know I am here forever, Madame. My wife will never be able to authorize my release now.  I suppose it doesn't make any difference, because I know she never would have released me, even if she had lived'.

'You are correct about the last statement, Mr. Crowne.  Before she left here, she told me privately that she had decided to leave you chained here for the rest of your life. She told me that she really believed that this was the best place for you to be, where you would be most happy. She did love you.'

'However you are not correct about your other statements, Mt Crowne. You are in fact a free man now. Czech law requires that  Contracts become void 7 days after the death of either party in a two-party Contract. So as of today, I have no legal authority to keep you imprisoned here any longer. I've confirmed this with my lawyers.  Strangely, because the trust your wife set up is outside the Contract, the trust will continue, and will send me an annual check to cover your costs here, every year, for ever, or until the lawyers can figure out how to legally dismantle the trust. I will of course return any more checks they send.  It will cause me some financial problem to have to return this money, because I have high medical bills. I will have to  find some way of replacing the income, and I must try to find some way to do this without having to let staff go, or reduce the high security standards I maintain here for my prisoners'.

‘This Contract is now void’ Ms Grange said, tossing a folder onto her desk.  'so I must now set you free.  I have brought the keys to your shackles, Mr. Crowne, I’ll have you unlocked in one minute, and will have new clothes brought in for you.'  She smiled. ‘It will be strange to see you free again, and dressed again’. She stood, pulled a set of small silver keys from her pocket and walked towards me, sorting through the keys as she came.

'Madame, as I understand it, my bills here can and will continue to be automatically paid to you in full, as my wife would have wished if she were still alive. And if the Contract could be signed by another Lady,  that would maintain its legality, as my wife would certainly have wished.  I believe that my wife intended that I should be kept here permanently, and she would wish the Contract to remain in effect’. 

She halted before me, the key to my shackles ready in her hand.

'All that is correct.....but who would sign the Contract......"

'Madame, I humbly request that you will sign the Contract, and take over the legal authority for my imprisonment here. I will verbally consent, and you can sign the Contract here and now. You just need to call two witnesses, and it can be legally revalidated in less than five minutes'

Ms Grange took a step back. She put the keys back in her pocket. 

'I’m tempted to accept your offer, Mr. Crowne, but are you perfectly sure about this?  We can certainly do what you suggest very easily, it would just take a few minutes as you say.  But I must make it completely clear..... you will remain a prisoner here, exactly as before. Everything will be as before,  except I will decide how you are treated, and when you should be released, if ever! Do you understand?’

'Dear Madame Grange, yes, I do understand. I have come to know and admire and trust you, and I am content to submit to your authority. I do belong in bondage, I know that, and I humbly request that you put me back in my bondage. Please do it now, right now, before I have second thoughts. Please'.

Ms Grange lifted the phone. 'Susan, would you and Mindy come to my office right away please? It will just take a minute of your time’.  

'Two witnesses will be here in a moment, Tommy.  Thank you for doing this, it will help me financially a great deal.’

Before I could reply, Susan and Mindy entered. They looked astonished to see me in Ms Grange’s office.  I think that they thought I had must have broken out of my cell, because they began to move towards me.

'No, everything is fine, I just need you to witness a verbal affirmation that Mr. Crowne is about to make, just like you do when new inmates arrive here'.

'Very well, Ms Grange'.

I looked at Susan and Mindy.  It was nice to be able to look at them freely. In my cell, they had almost always kept me with my nose to the wall, and had rarely permitted me to look directly at them…. except for that one memorable time with Susan. They both had short blond hair, blue eyes,  about 5’10”. Ms  Mindy had more generous breasts and wider hips than Susan. They both smiled at me when they saw me looking at them. They were both very pretty.

Ms Grange turned to me.  She looked me straight in the eyes, then raised her voice, and spoke clearly.

'Mr. Thomas Oliver Crowne, in the presence of these witnesses, do you now consent to be committed to the care of this Institution, for a term to be determined by the undersigned, under conditions to be determined solely by the undersigned?’ 

I took a deep breath…. then spoke equally clearly.  'Yes, Madame, I consent.' 

'Then so be it'

She pulled the Contract out of the folder.

'I will countersign. There, I've signed…. Now, Susan and Mindy,  witness all three copies please’.

‘There. All is completed. The Contract is legally enforceable again'.

Ms Grange replaced the Contract in the folder and put it back on her desk.  She got to her feet, with what seemed to be some pain, then walked over to me, leaning on her walking cane.  She halted, just outside my reach. My cock stirred, and I was suddenly very aware that I was naked, and still shackled. 

'Well, its done, darling Tommy. I have wanted for this for a long time.  In case you're wondering, I've checked the "until release is authorized by undersigned" box on the contract, so you are legally committed here.  I do hope you enjoy being here as much as I will enjoy having you here.  I suspect you may have some second thoughts when you find yourself locked back in your collar and chain! But that's why the collar has a nice padlock, isn't it?.... so you can't act on your second thoughts!' 

'Madame, may I ask one question, please.....may I know your first name?'  I asked.

'Prisoner, you will continue to address me as Madame Grange!  And for speaking without permission, you will be caned!  You will learn obedience here!

Let me look at my diary..... my next free afternoon is in  three weeks, so I will pencil in your caning for 2pm,  three weeks from today. I wish it could be sooner, but I'm so busy. You await your caning on your chain as usual'.

Ms Grange turned to Susan 

'please take this prisoner back to his cell, and lock him back in his collar’.

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