Chapter 7 - My Second Day In My Cell

I lay half-asleep in the straw, my cock rigid.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the bolts being drawn outside my cell door. I scrambled to get into position.

My chain jangled, then became quiet as I pulled my head up to make my chain tight. I pressed my nose hard to the wall. I made my back as straight as I could and spread my knees very slightly…. I didn’t want my rigid cock to be too obvious. 

‘At least I’ve got though the night without going crazy!' I thought. 'Maybe my wife will let me off this chain today! That really would be best....I think I've had enough of this place already. But I only have to endure a  few days at most with these people. My wife will let me out pretty soon, I know’.

The cell door swung open and I heard footsteps enter.  It was one Lady. I could not see who it was, since my nose was pressed to the wall.

The footsteps walked up to me and stood still.... I knelt in position, my nose hard to the wall, I started to tremble. Who was it?…. was it my wife? 

WHAP! A sharp, searing stroke of the strap landed across my ass..


I could not hold back the yell of agony… I just managed to hold myself in position

The band of fire continued to burn across my buttocks…. Fuck!…that really hurts!

'That position is not correct.....your asshole and balls are not clearly exhibited… get your knees further apart! ' said Ms Mindy's voice, coldly.

I obeyed immediately.

'you bitch' I thought 'I'll get you back for that!'

“Your asshole and balls must be clearly visible, prisoner!” she said “You are just a chained animal here! We want to see you well displayed! Prisoners are allowed no privacy!”

‘And I see you have an erection, animal…..have you been touching your cock? You do remember that that isn’t allowed, don’t you?’

‘No Madame, I swear I haven’t’ I begged.

‘If I ever catch you touching your cock, I’ll give you twenty with the strap…remember that!’

Twenty! I shuddered at the thought of even one more stroke. My ass was on fire after just one stroke!

‘Lie down, prisoner, keep your face to the wall. Put your hands behind your back.’ She handcuffed my hands behind my back.

She lifted the padlock on my collar, then let it fall back. 

"Good boy. You'll get used to your collar, in time" she laughed.

She walked back to the cell door, then came back

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw water being poured into a depression in the floor beside my ringbolt.

'There’s your water, animal! Drink it, wash in it, piss in it, shit in it...........whatever you want…...I don't give a fuck........but you don't get any more!’

I closed my eyes.... God…..she's a fucking sadist too, and she’s in complete control of me!

‘And here comes your yummy feed, animal'.

She held a can down alongside my face, so I could see the label out of the corner of my eye. It was an 8-oz can of dog food, the very same as we give our own dog at home.

I groaned quietly.....'Oh my God.....I can't eat that.....'.

She pulled open the peel-back lid and let the contents slop onto the cell floor beside my ringbolt.

'That's all you get here. Ms Grange will only buy the cheapest. Get up on your knees. Eat it up! Like a dog!'

I felt the cool strap pressed against my ass. I obediently put my face down to the food, but  was immediately so repulsed by the strong, vile meaty smell that I instinctively turned my face away.....



The strap seared my buttocks again, but even worse…. exactly the same place as the first stroke! I could not stand it…..the pain was excruciating! Tears swam in my eyes, and I sobbed quietly.

I took a deep breath, held it, and put my mouth to the food, and started to suck up the repulsive food.  I tried to breath out slowly, to keep the smell away.



'Faster, animal! I like to see my animals hungry and eating fast!  Aren’t you grateful for your yummy food?’

I realized there was absolutely no choice for me…..I was helplessly chained and cuffed at her feet, and I could not bear to get another stroke of the strap!……

I forced the dog food down as fast as I could, then knelt, gagging , over the stain on the white floor where the food had rested.



I howled like an animal as another white-hot band of pain seared across my ass…

'I didn't tell you to stop, animal! Lick that floor clean!'

I licked the floor until it was spotless. I kept licking.  I was so scared she would not be satisfied! I could not take another stroke of the strap!

‘That’s enough! Back down on the straw’.

With her boot on my neck, she unlocked my handcuffs,  and stepped back behind the yellow line with them.

'Position, boy!'

I scrambled up into the position or respect as fast as I could, and pressed my nose hard to the wall. I dared not breath.  I knelt, naked. Chained.  She held the strap.

I heard her step behind me. I knelt, and prayed. Please….not the strap!

I spread my legs further, and pushed my ass higher.

She reached down and fondled my balls. I kept rigidly in position. Then I felt her press her strap against my balls! I wanted to scream. Please don’t let her strap my balls!!!

She laughed and  let my balls drop.

'Good boy.” she said.  “I like a boy who can hold position when I feel him up!”.

I heard her step back.

“All my prisoners get yummy dog food. Every day!  Get used to it, American boy!

She left, the door closed, I heard the bolts being slid into place.

The cell was silent except for my sobbing. God! My ass was so sore!!! I could not bear that strap!!!.

I drank some water to get the foul taste from my mouth, slurping up the water from the depression, like a dog.  I didn't want to use my hands to scoop up water, because my hands and whole body felt filthy, from the straw and my sweat.

I became aware that I urgently needed to go to the lavatory. Where the hell was my wife.... I must get out of here!  For a moment I considered the crazy thought of shouting to attract Ms Mindy's attention, then  I realized of course that she was the last person who would help me.  I remembered her strap…, I don’t want her coming back with that strap!……anyway, I was in a soundproof cell so there no way anyone could hear me….. and even if another Lady guard happened to look though the peephole and saw me shouting, she would probably just ignore me.  

‘I have to use this embarrassing hole-lavatory .....I can't wait any longer..... ’.

I got up on my hands and knees. The hole was narrow, about three inches in diameter.  It was going to take some care to get my ass accurately over the hole. I shuffled round on my hands and knees until my ass was roughly over the hole.  The hole was only about 24 inches from my ringbolt, so it was difficult to get my ass close enough. I fond that by adopting a kind of crouch, on my haunches, facing towards the side wall of the cell, with my head up as far as my chain would allow, I could bring my ass or cock over the hole.  I was embarrassingly aware that I was completely exposed in full view of any guard looking in through the peephole.  So I was to have no privacy even on the lavatory here!  I blushed and looked at the door…it was impossible to tell if a guard was looking in through the peephole or not.

I positioned my cock over the hole and started to piss. I heard a faint splashing from deep down the pipe.  When I was done, I moved my ass over the hole, released the shit, staring at the cell door.

‘God, I just hope no one’s watching me……Oh God, maybe my wife is!’ I felt so degraded and humiliated.

The aroma of piss and shit from the lavatory hole mingled with the smell of the straw.   I pulled my face as far away from the lavatory hole as my chain would allow, and lay down in the straw. 

All the rattling and shifting around in my collar and chain had left me hot and sweaty and sexually excited. My cock was hard and throbbing, and I wanted desperately to wank. 

'Oh God, please don't let my wife come back and see me like this!’

The thought of my wife finding me chained like a beast, with a rigid cock, made my cock grow even harder.

I desperately needed to masturbate! I had gotten away with it the first time. But I would have to be extremely careful...Ms Mindy said I'd get 20 from her strap if she caught me!

I cautiously put my hand to my cock, and let it rest there as if by accident.  I waited five minutes.  I rolled over so that my back was to the cell door. Nothing happened. I gently moved my hand up and down my swollen cock. Oh, it felt so good…. I rubbed more vigorously….. again......climaxed......the cum spurted onto the straw.

With a rattle of chain, I rolled over on my back on the straw, content, suddenly sleepy.... I had hardly slept last night.  I was hot and sweaty.... I smelled of sweat and straw and shit, and that smell that steel chains have when locked on a sweating prisoner.

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