Chapter 16: My Sentence Continues

The time passed slowly.  I never was able to gather enough courage to ask Ms Susan to take a message to my wife…I was too afraid of getting another caning for speaking without permission. I waited chained,  ravenous for the same awful food Ms Susan brought me every morning. The days passed slowly,  locked up alone in my soundproof cell, helpless on my chain.  Apart from occasional screaming fits at my chain, I lay quietly on the straw, or did pushups and leg lifts. My ass stopped hurting in about a month, and no marks remained after about 2 months.

I tried very hard to be completely and totally obedient….I knew that with my ass healed, I could be caned again at any time. 

Ms Susan strapped me every day.  Every small slip earned me the strap.  Even if I made no slips, she still strapped me, ‘to remind me’ as she put it..  Mostly she gave me just five or six strokes, but sometimes she gave me twenty. 

I came to understand that her strappings were a great help in preventing me from going insane from boredom, chained alone in my cell. Her strap kept my attention painfully focussed on the reality of my situation, and kept me very attentive to perfect behavior, preventing me from drifting off into a lunatic world of dreams and madness.  After each strapping, it felt so wonderful to be allowed to lie quietly on my straw, with the pain finally stopped, and just the quiet chink of my beautiful chain when I moved. 

The days slowly passed, every one the same. I mostly did my exercises. I was in wonderful physical shape.

After months, about two I think, one afternoon my cell door opened unexpectedly. In strode Ms Grange, in a black leather miniskirt, leather halter and high-laced black leather high-heeled boots.  I was taken by surprise, and although I scrambled desperately to get into position, I still had not quite reached the position before the cell door had opened.

'Position, animal'.

I knew I would be punished for being slow. I knelt, in the position of respect.  I was completely broken.  My only wish was to be completely obedient.

I heard her approach me and stop.

'You were slow, prisoner. I will instruct Ms Susan to strap you. 20, I think'  she said.

I groaned quietly. It was so unfair!

'Goodness, you smell like an animal!.... I will have you hosed down and given fresh straw'.

'Straighten your back, you smelly, chained animal! Keep your buttocks still!  I need to see if they are healed yet.  Good. I'm pleased to see that your buttocks are ready for another caning!  And you are well overdue for another caning! What have you to say to that?'

I was hopeless...I was chained at her feet, and I knew she could do whatever she wished.

I spoke respectfully, from my heart.  'Madame, thank you very much for allowing me fresh straw. And I am so grateful that you will cane me. I know I deserve to be caned, because you have told me I do, and it must therefore be true. I only wish to serve you and to satisfy your every wish.  I'm completely obedient now, Madame, I truly am, on my honor'.

Ms Grange was silent for a minute.  Then she replied.

'Thank you for saying that, Tommy. I can tell that you are sincere. I am very pleased by your attitude now. You arrived here as an arrogant, self-centered, disobedient American, but I see that 18 months in my prison has improved you greatly.  I have always firmly believed that a heavy collar and chain, together with my strict disciplinary techniques, will improve even the worst male.  I am very pleased that my methods have produced such an improvement in you. As a reward, I will delay your caning.......for the moment'.

I was so grateful! I would have kissed her feet, but I did not have permission to leave position, and my chain was not long enough anyway.

“You may remain here, on your chain, whilst I decide when your next caning should be”.

I heard her leave and my cell door close and lock. I lay on the straw. I was so happy to be left chained, safe in my cell, without having a caning scheduled.

An hour later, Mindy and Susan entered.

'Take these bags, prisoner, and put your filthy straw in them'.

I filled the plastic trash bags with handfulls of the filthy straw, and picked up all the small straw pieces until the floor was completely clean. 

'Here comes the hose, prisoner'.

A hose was used to hose the cell and me down. The girls laughed as they sprayed me, tying to hit me in different places. The water was cold, but felt wonderful. The water continued until I and the cell was clean.

I was left alone in my cell, still locked on my chain of course, as the cell and I gradually dried out.  It was the first time I felt clean since I had been chained up, eighteen long months ago.  I wondered if the padlock on my collar would still work….maybe it was jammed with sweat and straw….it had not been unlocked since I had been put here.

I knelt naked on the bare concrete floor, warm and  dry, enjoying the luxurious feeling being clean.

Clean  straw was brought and heaped up over my ringbolt, and I was left alone my cell. I lay down on the fresh straw. I dimly remembered that I had found straw uncomfortable when I was first put here, ages ago.  That seemed so strange now. Straw is wonderfully comfortable. I guess I had changed a lot.

I moved my collar to relieve the weight of the chain on my neck. 

I felt so good! Ms Grange was so kind and so beautiful!  If only I could be more fully obedient, as was my duty! Then she would not punish me. I would try much harder from now on. I would behave perfectly, and she would love me, as I loved her.

I fell asleep. Naked and chained. Curled up, comfortable on the lovely sweet fresh straw.

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