Chapter 13: The Second Eighteen Strokes

'You do not need to count any of these last eighteen strokes, boy. You may devote all your energy to your yelling! '

I was helpless. My striped buttocks were still strapped perfectly in position for caning!  The seconds dragged by, and the room was very quiet. 

Then I heard Ms Grange move. I clenched my teeth desperately. I had to do something!!! I could not take more strokes! I simply could NOT take any more! It was impossible for me to take any more! She could not possibly…….

Then her cane whistled through the air.

Agony blazed once more across my rump.

A frenzied howl of pain erupted from my throat.  Agonizing, deep, searing pain..... absolutely unendurable torture.

I strained at my immovable straps. No man or woman could endure such pain in silence . . .  eighteen more strokes like that would be impossible to take. But I was well aware that I would get every one, every last stroke, each laid on with all the force at Ms Grange's  command.

The whistling cane was laid on at the same steady pace as before. My howls grew louder and my cursing more foul and obscene. The torment grew worse and worse.

Ms Strange did not seem to be tiring at all, she continued to lay on each stroke steadily and accurately, in the same measured way. Even over my howling and the laughing and cheering from the audience of sadists, I could hear her grunt with effort as she lashed the cane down with all her might.  Each stroke brought a new mountain of pain, each more intense than the one before.  I could not stand it.  Each stroke was unendurable. But each unendurable stroke was followed by another. 

I strained at the wide, tight straps with all my strength. If only I could shift a little, I could at least prevent the next weal from landing on an earlier weal that was already white hot with pain......I strained with all my might at the straps.....I could not move, not even slightly.

My shrieks changed to begging, then sobbing, then frenzied cursing.....but my shouting didn't make any difference.....the cane continued to be steadily applied. It was literally unendurable….but I was strapped down, and had to endure it!

You bitch!  STOP!!!  Fuck you!…. My yelling was obscene by now. She had given me permission to say anything, but it still made her angry.'You foul mouthed shit! How you’re you speak like that! It’s obvious that you deserve this punishment! And you'll get it all! No matter how much you yell!'

"Merceeeee!" I heard myself shouting, wild and hoarse.

"Merceee . . . eeeee!"

At last Ms Grange stopped. She stood quietly behind me. She waited until my howling subsided down to an intermittent sobbing.

Then she spoke...

“I hope this caning has taught you a lesson, Mr Crowne. In my Institute, it’s complete obedience, or the cane! It’s your own choice!!”

“Here come your last two strokes, Mr Crowne' she said in a calm voice....

The audience became hushed, but I erupted in a screaming frenzy...... completely out of control.....beside myself with agony......I could not bear any more, not even one more....

"NO MORE!!!. . . . . merceee . . . . merceee . . . merceee......pleaaaasse.......pleaaaasse.......NOooooooo!" 

Ms Grange took no notice.


'Noooooo moooore.......pleaaassse......pleaaassse........pleaaassseeeee....

"NOoooooooo . . . . . merceee . . . . merceee . . . merceee......



'That should encourage you to be obedient, boy,' Ms Grange said, inspecting my shuddering buttocks with satisfaction. ‘If you are ever disobedient again, I will be happy to cane you again! And don’t forget, it will be twice as many strokes next time!!"

My buttocks were lined with red and purple weals, forming parallel ridges across my ass, with two scarlet diagonal weals where the last two strokes had been applied. The weals were arranged precisely and symmetrically across my buttocks. . . each weal a line of pure torment.

I lay sobbing, completely broken. The pain still burned across my ass, but the agonizing peaks of unendurable pain had stopped at last. I knew I could not have possibly endured even one more stroke. I would do anything, anything, anything at all, rather than have even one more stroke.

I knew Ms Grange would keep me chained, and would not hesitate to cane me again, if I intentionally broke even the smallest rule! I had to be absolutely and totally obedient from now on! I knew Ms Grange would be waiting for any excuse to cane me!!!

I had, at last, been taught obedience.

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