Chapter 11 - The Trestle

The day of my caning had arrived!

I had spent the week quietly in my cell, being as obedient as I possibly could. 

I was assigned two Lady Guards all that week, both Ms Mindy and Ms Susan. Prisoners awaiting caning were especially desperate and frantic to escape, and would sometimes try to scratch or kick their guards,  especially as the punishment day drew near. So Ms Grange assigned two guards for the final few weeks before a caning.  Ms Susan  stood back,  just behind the yellow line,  with her strap at the ready, whilst Ms Mindy attended to me. Ms Susan was ready to help Ms Mindy, if it became necessary.  But I gave them no trouble. It would clearly have been futile.  I could not escape. Any resistance would have just got me another strapping or caning. I knew that.

Ms Mindy was extremely strict with me all that week. She strapped me hard for the slightest error. And if I made no error, she still strapped me! She kept my ass red and sore, all week. I so dreaded the strap!

The day arrived.

Shortly after my feeding time, my cell door opened.

With my nose pressed to the wall, I heard Ms Mindy's steps and two other sets of footsteps enter my cell.  It sounded like they were dragging a heavy wooden object, I heard the scraping of wood on concrete.

I kept my nose pressed to the wall.... perfectly in position.  The last thing I wanted was another strapping. My ass was still red hot from the strapping I had got thirty minutes before.

'That ass looks very sore! And he's keeping position well. You have him well trained, Mindy'  I heard a female voice say cheerfully. I did not recognize the voice.

'I try' said Mindy

'Do you need more of the strap, prisoner?' called Ms Mindy.

‘Please, no, Madame…please’ I moaned.

The Ladies laughed.

'Yes, very well trained' said one  the unknown voice. "His ass is looks so sore already.....the cane is going to make him yell, for sure! Is he going to be gagged?"

I clenched my teeth. ‘Oh God!’ I thought. ‘Please don't give me the strap again !!!! I had done nothing to deserve it!  The sadistic bitches!!!!’

But I was at their mercy.  As long as I was on my chain, obedience was my only possible defense against the strap!  If only I could get off this chain!!!

'No, Ms Grange likes to hear them yell, when they feel the cane.  He won't be gagged' said Ms Mindy.

‘Now...lift up your ass, prisoner, Get it right up, as high as you can’ Ms Mindy ordered.

I obediently got off my knees and straightened my legs, so my ass raised up as high as I could go.

I felt a wooden trestle slid under my upraised stomach.

'Let yourself down, slowly....down on to the trestle, prisoner'

 I let myself slowly down, and felt a leather-padded wooden beam under my stomach.

'Relax your legs.....let me move your ankles, prisoner'

I felt my ankles lifted off the floor, and spread apart.  I lay supported on the trestle. I felt straps being cinched tight around each ankle. Then straps were tightened around my lower thighs, then around my wrists, then my upper arms.

“Hold this in your mouth, boy”

I obediently opened my mouth. Ms Mindy put her strap between my lips.

“Hold that! Don’t you dare drop it! And if I see any teethmarks on it, when I take it out, you’ll be very, very sorry!”

 Ms Mindy passed a wide, heavy strap around my waist.  'Breath out, boy!'  She pulled the waist strap fully tight, and buckled it securely.  It could not have been tighter. Then, she tightened both my thigh straps another notch.  My buttocks were stretched over the bench, held securely by the waist and thigh straps. I could not move my ass at all, I realized.  I could tighten my ass muscles, but not move at all.

Ms Mindy saw me tightening my buttock muscles. She laughed. 

"Just relax, boy.  The straps will ensure you can't move your ass when you feel the cane. Ms Grange likes her prisoners' asses tightly strapped down. She insists on straps at the waist and the thighs. She's very particular about accurate placement of strokes" she said kindly “Its for your own good really”.

She took her strap from my mouth, then pushed my face into a leather mask, and fastened straps around my head.  The mask had holes for my mouth and nose, but none for my eyes.  Then a strap went around my neck, and my head was pulled hard down to the trestle.

I was now strapped tightly across the trestle, my ass raised high, my arms and legs spread and strapped.  My head was strapped down facing the end wall of the cell. My chain dangled loosely from my collar down to my ringbolt. I could not have been more exposed, more helpless.

I heard more footsteps and the sounds of more wood on concrete....'we'll need one more chair…there are five Ladies coming' I heard one say.

At last I heard the Ladies' steps recede amongst their laughter, and the cell door closed and bolted.


I experimentally strained at the wide leather straps. Just as Ms Mindy had promised, the waist and thigh straps prevented me from moving my ass, not even an inch.  I was strapped so that I could move nothing at all, except for my hands and feet, which hung free in the air. I waved my hands wildly, and found nothing but empty air and the hard, smooth oak of the bench I was strapped to. I strained to touch the floor with my feet.... my toes could not quite touch the floor.

I was more helpless than I could ever remember!  My face was strapped  into the leather facemask,  and I could see nothing.

I lay quiet, breathing slowly. Although I could not move, I was very comfortable...the smooth wood and leather was much more comfortable then the coarse straw!

I thought of the Ladies who would soon come to watch me being caned.  At the thought,  my cock began to harden.  I realized  that I was strapped in a position so that any erection would be obvious to all the Ladies who sat behind me. The thought made my cock harden even more!

I was left strapped across the trestle for hours. Three or four I think.  It was hard to tell. Time goes so slow when there is nothing to see, and nothing to do.

At last I heard the doorbolts being pulled and several Ladies’ footsteps entered, too many to count.  I could see nothing. There were many Ladies voices, talking and laughing.  I lay quietly across the trestle, my ass to the door, strapped in position. I knew that my hard cock was completely obvious.

I heard some excited laughter as they came in and saw me. A few clapped their hands. A lot of chatter, some laughter,  a lot of animated conversation. The sound of scraping of chair legs on concrete floor of the cell, as they adjusted their chairs for the best view.

'Good afternoon, Ladies'

I heard Mrs Grange call out. Her footsteps approached. I recognized her step. Ladies voices were raised to greet her.

I heard her come up close behind me. She walked slowly. I remembered that she had needed a walking cane to help her walk.

'Hello Mr Crowne'  she said  loudly. She wanted the watching Ladies to hear her. 

'Have you enjoyed your time here so far?  We've been very gentle with you so far, just some gentle strapping! Which you well deserved! But today, I will take you to a new level. Today, I'm going to give you a real punishment! A nice, hard caning!'

I felt her hand gather my balls... then pass to my hard cock. 'Pooh....You smell smell of sweat and straw! But that's not unexpected, after six months on a chain, I suppose!' 

'And you are sexually excited I really are such an animal!  It  was very appropriate that your wife had you  chained!'

The Ladies laughed and tittered.

I felt Ms Grange’s gloved hand leave my cock, and move gently over my buttocks.

'Madame Mindy has warmed your ass up with her strap, I see. Its a bit red. But that's nothing compared to what I'm going to give you now. Believe me. You will find this is something....special'.

'Have you been caned before, Mr. Crowne? Did your wife ever cane you?'

'No Madame, never the cane, just gentle spankings. She mostly enjoyed teasing me while I was chained'. 

'Excellent! I like having inmates who have never experienced a hard caning. It's such fun to give a man his first hard caning!  I love to hear them howl as I cane them!  Since they can’t move, they can only howl! It’s so delicious!'

'I will tell you my methods…… you will suffer more if you know what’s coming to you!’

'In my Institute, the strap is used for poor performance, and caning is reserved for deliberate disobedience. For a first offense, the punishment is 36 strokes of the cane.  One stroke every 30 seconds, no faster, no slower'. 

'I use a 30” 7/16” diameter rattan cane, soaked in cold water for 48 hours and dried for 6 hours'.

'I require inmates to count each of the first six strokes, aloud, in a nice clear voice, and also say “Thank you Madame” . If the prisoner fails to do this properly, within 10 seconds, the stroke is repeated. I am completely strict about this rule, so don’t forget to count! I do not require my prisoners to count after the first six strokes. I’ve found it’s impractical. They are always screaming too much by then'.

‘I do not gag my prisoners during caning, because I enjoy hearing them yell as I cane them. I get the most amusing begging and howling from some prisoners! The quiet ones often yell the best. You seem the strong silent type, but that sort of man often howls really well. I am looking forward to making you howl!’

‘So during caning, the rule about speaking is suspended. You may say anything you wish whilst you are being caned. That’s mainly because you simply won’t be able to stay quiet. But also, I'm always interested to hear what a man says under the cane…some come out with the most rude and surprising things. It really makes me blush sometimes!’

“However, if you do say anything that annoys me, I may add additional strokes to your punishment! So be careful!”

'I place the first eighteen strokes standing at your left side. I place the strokes closely spaced. I have had a lot of practice at caning men, and I'm very accurate and precise. The strokes will cover your buttocks, starting from just below the tailbone. I don’t cane the thighs unless the sentence is for a much larger number of strokes. You only have 36, so they will all be on your buttocks.  .

'This will be a new experience for you. But I've done this many times. You will think that you can't take it.....but you will! That's why you are strapped down!'

‘I take a 15-minute break after the first eighteen strokes, because I like to have a cigarette and a glass of wine at that point.' 

‘Then... I will give you the second set of eighteen. The second set of eighteen will be given from the opposite side, and will be placed across the same area as the first set. The second set always hurts much worse, since the strokes will cover the area already red and sore from the first set.’

‘You will remain strapped down throughout your punishment. Your straps will only be released after you have received your full number of strokes. There is no mercy, and no appeal. You may beg all you want, but it won’t make any difference. As you probably have guessed, Mr. Crowne, I am a true sadist, as are all the Ladies here, so no amount of begging will do you any good!  You will get your full sentence, all 36 strokes, no matter how much you beg’.

‘The other inmates will hear this.  I have had all their cell doors opened, just  for this, so they will be able to hear you howling.  They are safely chained to their cell walls, of course.  The sounds they will hear will be an excellent reminder to them, of their own precarious position here!’

‘Now it's time, Mr. Crowne. It's time for your caning to start. Are you ready?’

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