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The Convict

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Chapter 6 - Arrival At The Californian Institute

I  woke up. It was hot and noisy and pich black. I was in some kind of box. I felt around my box with my hands. It felt like steel. It was about 5ft long and 4ft wide and deep. As m eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I saw a horizontal row of small lights at one end, close to the floor. They were the 1/4” ventilation holes in the door of the steel transport box that I was in.

It was noisy and bumpy.  And very hot. I gradually realised it was the sound and vibration of a transit van driving along the highway, echoing into the steel box.

Once I understood where I was, I forced myslef to relax a little. It would not help to panic! Nothing was going to happen to me for a while, until I got wherever it was I was being taken. A transport box is a small steel box used to transport slaves, in the mythical world of Gor. But this box was very real. Anyway, I knew what was going on, and there was nothing I could do....so I slept. In my dream, I was free.

I awoke. The shaking and noise had stopped. We had arrived! The slave box had 1/4” diameter holes in the steel door, but they gave hardly any ventilation. I tried to peer out through the holes, but they were set too close to the floor of the box, and it was totally impossible to see out.

I heard the rattle of padlocks, then the steel door to my slave box was swung open. The sunlight was dazzling.

Hands reached in, and pulled me out of the box, onto the concrete outside the box. I was still in the cuffs and shackles that they had put me in back in SF. I was still dazzled by the light, but gradually saw I was surrounded by black-uniformed blonde women guards.

I knelt on the concrete, It was hot. I was naked and chained, a convict. I saw I was in a stone-flagged courtyard, with a high stone wall around me. A stone building rose at the far end of the courtyard, with small barred windows. 

Suddenly I felt cold water....it was a shock initially, then felt good, I had been so hot in the box. I washed myself off as best I could, in the shackles. The guard holding the hose played it over me until I looked fairly clean. I could see that she was enjoying it too.

“Enough. He's clean enough!” I heard a Lady order. The water stopped. I knelt, chained and naked, waiting for the lady's next command.

I heard the order. “Bring him to my office.”

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