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The Convict

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Chapter 10 - Ms Mary Keeps Me In Order

My life continued, day after day, chained in the cell. I gradually got used to sleeping naked on the the floor. The concrete obviously had some internal heater, because the floor always felt warm. My neck was sore from the collar, but gradually I got used to wearing it, and hardly noticed it after a few days. 

Ms Mary would carefully inspect my collar and its padlock every few days. I don't know why she bothered...the collar was thick steel and the padlock safely locked, so there was no way I was going to get it off. When she had checked the collar was locked, she would tug hard on the chain, then let it fall.

I did test Mary again in the first few weeks. I thought she might get less strict about the rules, so I experimented to see how much I could get away with. I tried not being in position when she opened the door. She immediately stopped that...five quick lashes with her whip! I tried speaking without permission. I much regretted trying that! Seven lashes for that! I will not do that again! I found Mary continued to be absolutely strict! She even seemed to be using her whip more!!

After I realised how strict Mary was, and found she never hesitated to use her whip, I stopped testing her, and my behaviour rapidly became perfect. As long as I behaved perfectly, Mary rarely used her whip. But she did still use it occasionally, just a lash now and again, without any explanation or reason, just 'to remind me of what it felt like' she said. Just in case I ever thought of being disobedient. Her method was very effective! I became completely obedient.... I was always kneeling, facing the wall, by the time she opened the cell door. And I never moved or spoke without permission. Of course,  she never gave me permission to speak! So I was never able to make any requests, none at all. Occasionally, she would ask me a question, and that was the only time I was allowed to speak.....and then I had to answer briefly and respectfully and to the point. She had me tamed!

I lost weight rapidly. Even though I was only given bread. I realised that the bread of the water must have vitamins included, because I seemed to be in perfect health. In fact, I felt better than I had when free. To pass the time, I began to do simple exercises in the cell, as much as my chain would allow.

About evefry 10 days, Mary would put handcuffs on me while she shaved me with a hand-held electric razor and cut my hair back, which I always keep very short anyway. 

Weeks passed. Then months. My daily routine was never changed. Whenever I accidentally slipped from her strict standards of behaviour, Mary corrected me immediately with her whip. She rarely used less than 10 hard lashes now. Her whip hurt so much! Like fire. I absolutely dreaded her whip! I knew so well the quiet 'click' that meant she was unclipping it from her belt!

Chapter 11 - Ms Wilson Inspects Me

Ms  Mary  surprised me one morning by opening my cell door. She came in. I was kneeling of course, with my face to the wall, my hands behind my head. I did not speak or move.

“Good, convict” I heard Mary say, approvingly. “That's a perfect position!” I felt her run her fingers around my collar, then pull at the padlock. She tugged hard at my chain. Satisfied, she stepped back. I heard the faint click of her whip being unclipped from her belt! I tensed....what hd I done wrong? Why was she here?

She paused. I held my position perfectly. I had long since been taught not to move without permission!

“Good, convict!” Mary said “I see that my discipline is producing results! However......”

I heard the rush of the whip through the air.

“CRACKKKK!!!!”  a line of white hot fire burned across the back of my legs! She always whipped me there! I swayed slightly, but then became still again.


I got two more lashes. I was breathing hard and sweating now, but stayed in position. I knew if I moved I would get extra lashes!

Mary spoke “That is to ensure you remember clearly what my whip feels like, convict! I want to be sure you are on your best behaviour today! Because Ms Wilson will come down an inspect you this afternoon! I want you to think about my whip.....and what you will get if you are not PERFECTLY behaved to Ms Wilson! Do you understand me, convict??”

“Yes, Ma'am!” I answered, holding my position perfectly.

I had become a well behaved convict! The collar and the whip had taught me that!

“And wash yourself, Convict! You smell! Ms Wilson will not be pleased if you are dirty!”

Mary went out, and I heard the cell door close, and lock.

I was left alone. I ran my hand across my legs. I felt three raised weals where the whip had struck, across the backs of my thights, just below my butocks. My buttocks felt smooth otherwise. The weals from Ms Wilson's caning had completely disappeared long ago. I suddenly realised why Mary never whipped me on my buttocks! She wanted my buttocks unmarked, so Ms Wilson could have an unmarked ass, if she chose to cane me again!!!

I wshed myself as thoroughly as I could in the small steel wash basin provided in the cell. Then I sat down with my back against the cell wall, and waited.

Hours later, I heard the cell bolts sliding back. I immediately got into position.

I heard the door open and Ms Wilson's voice.

“Which is this one, Mary?”

“This is number 26131, Ma'am. If you remember, Ma'am, you caned him yourself when he arrived. Sentenced to life without possibility of parole, in a strip cell. And to be kept on a chain. He's been kept exactly as you ordered, Ma'am. His records are all there, Ma'am”

I heard the rustle of papers.

“I remember this one now. I did cane him. It was his first caning, wasn't it? Any trouble from him since, Mary?”

“No Ma'am. He needs a few strokes now and again, as they all do, but he's very docile, now he's on his chain. Completely tamed! The chain always tames them”.

“So, convict” Ms Wilson said “Your guard tells me you are tamed now! Is that correct?”

“Yes, Ma'am” I answered, keeping position perfectly.

“So, twelve months on a short chain has improved your attitude? I knew it would!”

Ms Wilson turned to Mary. “He looks good now, Mary. And I think his atittude has been improved enough that we can make more use of him. I want him brought out and exhibited at the Open Day next month! Make sure he's unmarked when he's brought out!  Give him extra food too....and make sure he doesn't masturbate from now until Open Day.....I want him frisky!  The Ladies might want him at the annual dinner in the evening!”

“Now, who's next?”

“The convict in the next cell is......” Mary's reply was cut off as the door closed, and the heavy bolts slid back into place. The door was almost completely sound proof. I heard the clank of the heavy padlocks falling against the door. Then silence.

I collapsed on the floor, my chain jangling. What was this Open Day?  And what was this annual dinner? I had no idea. But Ms Wilson might at least have given me some better treatment for my good behaviour! Just a few hours off this chain would have been enough! She had hardly spent 30 seconds in my cell! The cruel bitch!  She had kept me here 12 months now! I could not stand any more time here! I had to find a way to get out! I HAD TO!!!

I was furious! I had behaved perfectly for months now, and my reward was only to be left chained!  I tried to stand, but my chain jerked me down. I desperately looked for something I could do to show my anger! I had nothing in the cell. Only my chain. I gathered the chain and swung it against the steel toilet. It crashed loudly on the steel. I paused. I heard nothing from outside the cell! I did it again, then again. Stll nothing! They could not hear me! I knelt and screamed at the top of my voice.  Then again and again and again. Nothing. Nobody came. Nobody could even here me! I was chained naked, and nobody was interested in what I did. All they cared about, was that I remained chained. And they had made very sure that I was securely chained!

Mary came back hours later. She had no idea how angry I was. I forced myself to kneel quietly, on my chain, in position, although inside I was boiling. Ms Wilson had been right! I had been tamed... by the chain!

“Ms Wilson was pleased with how I've managed you, convict! You will be happy to know I will be getting a pay rise!” said Mary happily.

“Now...keep still!” I felt her close behind me. I felt a handcuff snapped around one wrist. She pulled my cuffed hand down, then expertly pulled the other hand down behind my back and cuffed the other wrist. She double locked the cuffs, then stood back.

“Ms Wilson has ordered that you not be allowed to masturbate while you wait for Open Day. So your hands will be cuffed behind your back until Open Day! That's three weeks from now. And I will be making visual inspections through the door viewport at random times! It will be better for you, if I don't catch you trying to wank! I will release your handcuffs for a few minutes each day, but you will be closely supervised then....

“And here is your supper...”

She went out, and closed and locked the cell door.

I looked around as soon as she had gone. My usual slice of bread lay on the floor where she had left it. With a small piece of chocolate on it! I reached out with my feet, and pulled it across the floor to me. I gobbled it down, like a dog, my hands cuffed behind my back. I finished it, and still was hungry. It tasted so good!

I had behaved well, and got a treat for supper! Suddenly I felt really angry....that was my reward?....just a small piece of chocolate? I had hoped I would be let off my chain, or at least be allowed a longer chain! And now I was to be kept handcuffed! It was completely unfair! I was on the verge of tears now.

The cell lights went out.

I could not stand this cell another minute!  I had to get out, now!  But how?

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