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Chapter 4 - My Day In The Cell

The cell light stayed on all night, behind a steel grille high in the ceiling, out of my reach. And there was no clock, and no sound from outside the cell. I soon had no idea of the time. I paced the cell, then lay down. I could not sleep. It was excited to be in a real cell. It was part of my fantasy. But I had also been scared by Sandra's speech before she left me. He had been very realistic! For a few seconds, she had me convinced she planned to leave me here! But now I'd had a chance to think, I realised she had just been teasing me, to make me think she planned to leave me here. But she had forgotten that I knew about the note she had put in my Prison folder! I relaxed. I was safe. I could always ask the day guard to look at the note in my folder.

Then I suddenly realised....I hadn't seen the note. Who know what she had written! And I only had 's word that she had put a note in my Prison folder!  Maybe there was no note! Maybe the Prison folder simply contained the details of my sentence! A sentence she had intentionally kept secret from me!

I racked my brains...I would still ok. I could simply tell the guard my real identity. I knew  had used my real social security number in the Prison folder....so all I had to do was to ask the guard to check that number, and they would discover my real identity, and find that I had no criminal record. It would be embarrasssing, but if  really didn't let me out, I still could get out by confessing to the Guard. But  had obviously just been playing a mind game with me! She didn't really plan to leave me here! But she had had me convinced for a few minutes! We'd laugh about this tomorrow.

I eventually fell asleep.

I was startled awake by a loud metallic sound. I saw that a small slot, about 3” high and 12 wide,  had opened at the foot of the door. I had not even noticed it before.

Two slices of dark bread were pushed into the cell, though the door slot, onto the floor of the cell. I lay down on the floor, brushed the bread aside, and looked out through the slot. I could see a woman's feet, in black leather shoes. I could see that it wasn't Sandra's feet. It must be the morning guard. “Please, Miss! I need to speak to you about.....” The hatch was slammed shut, cutting me off in mid-sentence. I heard the muffled sound of the bolt and padlock being locked, then silence.

The bread was two slices, with the facing surfaces covered with a thin red jam.

I ate it all in two minutes. I was still hungry.

I banged on the door, and called out. There was no reply.

The day passed very slowly. I got lunch and supper in the same way.   It was always two slices of bread, with some kind of jam. I could see that this would get very monotonous. After supper, I got a toothbrush, with the order to pass it back out as soon as I had brushed my teeth.

Apart from meals, there was nothing to do, nothing to look at, nothing to hear, noone to talk to. My efforts to speak to the guard were ignored.

After supper, I sat on my bunk. Soon, it would be evening, and  Sandra would be back for the night shift! This must be as Sandra had planned. Her speech was obviously to try to scare me. Sandra would let me out! This had been a very intense experience. Almost too real. But once I was out again, I knew I'd probably want to do this again. But I really wanted to get out now! I was still slightly nervous about what Sandra had said.

Time went by. I had no idea how much time. I eventually dozed off.

I was startled awake by a the hatch opening. The standard breakfast bread was pushed through the slot.

Oh No! The whole night must have passed! And  hadn't let me out! 

I lay on the floor and shouted though the slot.



The hatch was slammed shut, and locked.

Lunch arrived.  I felt so helpless!  Sandra hadn't let me out last night, as she had said she would! Then, when would she let me out? It had to be tonight! It had to be!

But the next night also passed, and breakfast was delivered again. And Sandra didn't come. I would soon have to make the guards listen to me!  Sandra had said that Ms Smith would get the Prison folder after about three days! Then, it would be hard to cover this game up without some considerable embarrassment! I'd have to explain my game to Ms Smith.

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