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Chapter 12 - Open Day

I did get better food for the next few weeks. But I was kept handcuffed, except for a few minutes each day, when Ms Mary kept a careful watch on me to ensure I didn't try to touch my cock. So I was soon feeling extrememely frustrated.

Ms Mary briefed me on what was expected from me on Open Day. I would be taken out and locked in some kind of pillory, alongside other prisoners, designed to enable visitors to walk around and inspect the dangerous prisoners as closely as they wished, in perfect safety. I was warned that I would have to be obedient at all times, and all prison rules, such as not speaking and keeping eyes down, would still be in force. And Ms Mary said that I might be selected to appear at the annual dinner that same night. She didn't explain any more about that, she just said to be obedient, 'or else'. I knew what she meant.

I didn't care about all that.....the only thing I cared about was that I would finally be let off my chain! I had been locked on my chain for the last 12 months! I would do anything to get off my chain, even for just a few minutes! And I would at last be taken out of my cell....the first time for a year!

The day before Open day, Mary hosed me down and shaved my head. I was given good food for the evening meal, then handcuffed for the night. I could not sleep that night. I could not wait for tomorrow. I was finally going to get out of my cell! After a year!

Early next morning, Ms Mary came down to my cell. I knelt facing the cell wall as the door swung open. I heard the steps of several other guards with her. The guards strode into the cell and stood each side of me, I felt their gloved hands pressing down on my shoulders. Ms Mary checked my handcuffs were locked, then snapped shackles on my ankles. Then I felt her hands on my collar. I felt her lift the padlock, and heard a click. The padlock fell to the floor, and my collar was pulled open and off my neck! I was out of the collar! I almost wept with joy! I had desperately longed for this, every moment for the last year, and Mary had done it in just a few seconds!

I was pulled to my feet, and was turned around to face Ms Mary, a guard holding each arm in a tight grip. I could now see them, two powerfully built blond women, in shiny black leather uniforms. This was the first time I had been allowed to look directly at Ms Mary. Up to now, I had only been able to catch glimpses, without looking directly at her. She was very pretty, early 20s I'd guess, with short blonde hair. Mary pushed a black plastic baton up under my nose. “This is a shock baton, convict! When we leave the cell, I will be right behind you, and I'll use this on your balls, if you give the slightest resistance to your guards! Do you understand!?”

“Yes, Ms Mary!” I gasped. The baton really scared me! And I knew Ms Mary would not hesitate to use it! One of the guards laughed. I knew she was hoping I'd need to be shocked!

“Good” said Mary. She lifted a black hood. She pulled it over my head, with the effortless grace of someone who had done it many times before to other prisoners, and cinched it around my neck. It was totally black in the hood. I was totally helpless. Naked, cuffed and shackled, hooded.

In the hood, I was totally blind. I heard Ms Mary move to the side, and I was pulled forward by the guards. I dared not resist.  I was pulled along a concrete floor, and up some steps, then I felt cool air on my naked skin. I heard a bird sing. I was outside! I was out of my cell, at last, the first time for a year! I heard other women's voices. They were directing where I was to be taken.

“Put him alongside the others” I heard a woman say. “Get his ball ready....put it in immediately his hood is off......and where is his card?” It sounded like Ms Wilson. “Then get the others up here......the visitors will be arriving soon!”

I was pulled forward. I was forced down on my knees. My ankles were moved and I felt smooth steel surfaces for them. I felt another smooth steel piece swung down, and fit snugly around my ankles. I heard a bolt sliding, and a padlock being locked. I was kneeling, my ankles fitted tightly into some kind of steel pillory, my bare feet in the air. My head was pushed down, and my neck locked into another steel pillory, almost right down on the concrete floor. My hand cuffs were unlocked, and my hands pulled forward on either side of my head, and my wrists each separately closed and locked in the steel pillory.

My hood was pulled off. I was in bright sunshine. My sweating face was a few inches from the concrete floor. As my eyes adjusted, I saw black leather shoes a few inches in front of my face. A woman's hand pushed something up into my mouth. I knew better than to resist. It was a smooth rubber ball. It filled my mouth completely.

I started to panic...I was suffocating! “Breath through your nose, boy! Calm down! There....thats not so bad, is it?” I started to relax. I could breath, through my nose, and also there seemed to be some small holes in the ball, because I could take in air there too.

The woman stepped back a little. I knew she was looking down at me. “Good...just relax...breathe through your nose. You will hold  your ball in your mouth, until given permission otherwise! If you drop it, you will be punished! Severely! It will be better for you not to drop it! Do you understand?”

With the ball in my mouth, I could not speak, I could only make a kind of moaning grunting noise, so I did that.

She laughed. “Good boy!” she said.

I saw her shoes move away. I was left kneeling, naked, my ankles and wrists and neck locked in the steel pillory, my face held down a few inches from the ground, efficiently gagged by the rubber ball.  I realised my ass was held up, my ass and balls exposed to anyone standing behind me. There was nothing I could do. I was secured and gagged and totally exhibited to the Ladies. Totally helpless.

The rubber ball filled my mouth and kept my tongue pressed down. If I made the slightest attempt to speak I knew I would certainly drop the ball. It would roll away, evidence of my disobedience, and I'd be left to wait for my punishment, naked, totally helpless!

I tried not to panic. I knelt as still as I could. I was breathing ok now, but was starting to dribble saliva around the ball. And my jaw was beginning to ache. I had been biting hard on the ball in my terror of dropping it. I forced myself to slightly relax my jaw. I just held the ball lightly in my mouth. The aching started to decrease. But I had to be careful...I had to be sure I didn't drop the ball!

I tried to turn my head, but found there were metal plates set in the concrete on each side of my head that prevented that. I could only see the concrete floor directly ahead. But from the gasping and moaning sounds to me left and right, I knew prisoners were secured alongside me. I was in a row of naked prisoners, secured naked, kneeling in steel pillories! I could hear the other prisoners grunting and gasping into their gags. None of us could say a word, or even see each other!

I considered spitting out my gag ball. I decided it was not a good idea. I could see that if I dropped the rubber ball, it would roll away, and there would be no chance that I could put it back in my mouth. The guards would NOT be pleased if they came back and found that I had dropped my ball gag, I knew. But my jaw was starting to ache, and I was dribbling on the concrete.

Two other prisoners were brought up and secured in pillories far off to my right. Then the guards seemed to go away. We must all have been put in position, I thought. It was quite hot, now the sun was getting up. I tried to get more comfortable. It was impossible to move more than a few inches. All I could easily see was the concrete floor immediately in front of me. How long did I have to be here like this? My cool cell did not seem so bad, now.

Suddenly I heard a yell. It was a prisoner somewhere a few places to my left. With my narrow blinkered field of view, I could not turn my head, but I suddenly saw his gag ball go rolling across the concrete. It was soaking wet, and left a trail of spittle as it rolled.  “I won't take this!” he yelled. “Come on guys!....spit out your gags! Do it! I did it! Let's show these bitches that we are men!” he yelled. “If we ALL do it, they can't punish us all! Come on! Give me some support! Spit out your gags too!!!”

But noone us dared do that! I certainly wasn't going to! I did not want to be punished!

I heard footsteps approaching. I just gripped my own gag ball even tighter!

The prisoner to the left heard the footsteps too. He started to cry.

“Please, Ma'am.....I didn't mean to......I dropped my gag....it was an accident.....please.....” he sobbed.

The lady guard walked over to the ball and picked it up. She walked back to the prisoner. “Here....take it back” she said. She pushed it into his mouth. He obediently took it. He was gagged again.

She walked around behind him. I heard the click that I knew well....the sound of the clip on the short black leather whips that the guards wore attached to their belts.

'I'm going to give you twelve” I heard her tell the prisoner. “And if you drop your gag ball before I finish,  it will be double”. I cringed. Twelve! My god! That was severe! I knew what that whip felt like! I could not possibly bear twelve! I was so glad that I had not dropped my ball!

The prisoner took five before he dropped his ball. After that, it was just awful to hear him screaming. At last the guard finished the 24 strokes. She calmly walked around him, and put his ball back in his mouth. That quietened most of his sobbing, although he still moaned through the gag.

“Drop your ball gag again.....and I'll be happy to repeat that lesson” she told him calmly,  as she stood up.

“And that goes for all the rest of you too!” she called.

She walked along in front of the row of prisoners, carefully checking that we each had our ball gags in our mouths. We did.

She left us.  A row of naked, gagged, helpless prisoners, sweating in the sun, our asses high and our balls displayed for the visitors, staring frantically at the concrete floor ahead of our sweating faces.

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