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The Convict

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Chapter 9 - I Start Serving My Sentence

I woke several times in the night. The first thing I felt, when I woke, was always the collar. This definitely wasn't a dream! And I was hungry too.

The light suddenly came on.

I scrambled to my knees, and got into the position Mary had told me to be in. I waited. Nothing happened. I realised the cell lights automatically turned on and off at the preset times. It had to be 6am.

So I lay down again, and tried to sleep some more. But I was too hungry, and the light was too bright to sleep, even with my eyes shut.

Hours went by. Where was Mary? Why didn't I get any breakfast? I was really hungry now.

More hours passed, I think, it was hard to tell, in the cell.

“Ms Mary!!” I tried shouting. There was no response.

Hours and hours passed. I tried pulling on my chain. I was securely chained.

More hours passed! What was going on? Where was Mary? Had there been some problem in the outside world? Were all the guards busy? Why did no one come????

Then I heard the cell door bolts being drawn. I scrambled to get into position. I faced the wall, kneeling, my hands behind my head. I remained as still as possible. I kept my back straight.

I heard the steel door swing open.

“Good position, Convict” I heard Mary say, approvingly. “That's what I want to see everytime I open this door! I'm pleased!”

I heard her step into the cell. Then I heard her step back out into the corridor, and the door swing shut. The bolts were slid back into place! I heard the padocks being locked! Then silence! Had she gone so quickly?

I waited. Was I allowed to move now? I held my position. I could not risk a punishment!

After about 30 minutes, I dared to move. I got onto my hands and knees, and looked towards the door. The cell was empty. The door was shut. On the floor behind me, lay a single slice of bread. It was out of reach of my hands, but I was easily able to pull it towards me with my feet. It was a slice of dry bread. No butter or jam, just bread. I was so hungry that I gobbled it down in 10 seconds! I was still hungry, but slightly less so. I drank some water. I looked carefully, maybe Mary had left something else for me to eat! No. There was nothing else!

The cell lights went out.

The whole day had passed! I realised the bread was my meal for today! Just one meal a day, close to the lights-out time! I would wait all day, every day, naked and chained, for this single slice of bread!

Now I had the entire night, then all day tomorrow to wait before I got my next bread! Jesus! These women had everything worked out to make me suffer! The bitches! 

I was angry! I pulled at the chain. I so desperately wanted to get off the  chain! If I could only slip the collar, I would have a chance to overpower Mary and make an escape!

I lay awake all night trying to think of a way to get the collar off. I was too hungry to sleep anyway. And too frustrated! I racked my brains all night, drifting in and out of sleep, trying desperately to think of some way to get off the chain! I sat up, and pulled madly at the chain. It was hopeless! There had to be some way to escape! But how?

The cell light came on again. I knew it must be 6am. I just continued to try to sleep. I was so hungry!

The collar had been rubbing on my neck all during my sleepless night. It was rubbing on my neck everytime I moved. I could not stand it a minute longer! I got to my knees and shouted “Ms Mary! Ms Mary! Ms Mary! PLEASE LET ME OUT OF THIS COLLAR!!! PLEASE!!!!!!”

I jerked on the chain. I pulled desperately at the padlock on the collar. I rolled on the floor, kicking my feet, trying to reach the cell door with my feet.

I had to attract someone's attention! It was so frustrating, being locked up and ignored! I could not stand it any more! I HAD to get Mary's attention! I could not stand being ignored!!!!!

Ms Mary! Ms Mary! PLEASE Ms Mary!!!!!!

I shouted and shouted and shouted. There was no response. They probably couldn't even hear me, chained in this cell!

“Oh God! I can't bear this! Please, someone.....please let me off this chain!” I sobbed, tugging on my chain. The chain was so hard to bear! If only I could get a longer chain, it wouldn't be so bad!

Nobody came.

I lay down on the concrete floor, chained, naked, sobbing.

Nobody came.

They had me locked in this cell, and they didn't plan to let me out! I had a life sentence!

The day passed very slowly. There was nothing to do, in the cell. Nothing to look at. I was securely chained.....

At last.....I heard the door bolts being drawn back again1 It was meal time!

I got back in position. But I was trembling. I could not stop myself shaking. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I was so hungry.

The door opened.

“Good position, Convict” I heard Mary say.

I heard her footsteps. I knelt, naked and chained! I kept my eyes on the wall, as she had told me!

Why are you trembling, Convict?” Mary said. Then “you may answer!”

I had been given permission to speak!

I kept my eyes to the wall, but began to babble uncontrollably.....“Ms Mary! Please let me out of this collar! I can't bear being chained like this! I can't! Please....just a longer chain would help! Please!.......”

She interrupted me. “No more talking, convict!” she said angrily “I don't allow my convicts to make complaints! If I want to chain you differently, I will. I have no interest in what YOU want!”

I was immediately silent. I was afraid! She was angry.....I would get the whip!

I heard her walk behind me. I heard the sound of her whip being unclipped from her belt!

“When I ask you a question, Convict, your response must be short, truthful, and confined to my question...it is not permission to complain!” she snapped.

“Here is something to help you remember the rule!”

I heard her swing her short black whip....

CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!!  CRACK!!!!!!....She gaved me three quick hard lashes across the back of my thighs, sharp and closely spaced.....like fire....

“ OHHHh......” I  groaned....it REALLY hurt!

“And also, you will have no supper today, convict!”

She stood behind me.

I sobbed. I kept my face to the wall, kneeling. I dreaded being whipped again!

“Very well! I hope you have learned your lesson!” she said.

I heard her leave the cell. The steel cell door closed and was locked.

I looked around.  My chain jangled as I moved. I saw that she had left me no bread! My one daily meal, and she had taken even that away!

I sobbed. I understood now, for the first time clearly: I was a convict! I was chained! I was sentenced to be chained in my cell!  For life!  No parole! 

And Mary really meant to make me obey the rules! I was totally at Mary's mercy! I now knew she would not hesitate to punish me! I would have to obey her completely from now on!

The light went out.

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