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Chapter 3 - The Holding Centre
Two nights later, Sandra let me into the Holding Institute. It was exactly 11pm when she cautiously opened the heavy steel door at the back of the building. I was waiting outside, in the cold night air, just she had arranged. I knew she had everything well worked out. That made me feel less nervous.

I stepped inside. To mysuprise, Sandra was in her uniform. White blouse, black tunic and skirt, black leather belt, black leather shoes. I had never seen her in her uniform before. A pair of steel handcuffs  was clipped to one side of her shiny belt, and a ring of keys on the other side.  With her black hair, pulled back, the dark uniform suited her wonderfully. The only color was her red lipstick. There is something so sexy about a girl in a tight black uniform!

A folder was under her arm. She showed me the label on the cover. It read “J T Smith, 26131”

“This is your Prison folder, Peter....I made it carefully.....its perfect in every detail. I made sure it's totally perfect! I want no mistakes, with you!”  Sandra said smiling.

'What's the name on the cover? Smith?” I asked, trying to concentrate.

“Oh....yes, that's Ms Smith. She's the Administrator here. Remember that I told you about her? She's a good friend of mine. She is one who these folders go to when its time to send prisoners on to their next place. But Ms Smith won't look for your folder for at least three days.....I'll have let you out before then”.

“Ok....Ms Smith....” I said. I felt slightly uneasy about involving officials, we were dealing with the prison service here..... but Ms Smith would never see the folder. Sandra was an insider, and she knew what she was doing.

Then, still thinking about the folder, I asked “Did you remember to put the note, the note we talked about, in the folder, Sandra?”

“Of course, Peter! I have taken care of everything, I assure you”.

“Good.  And.....what did you say my supposed crime was? And what sentence did you think of?”

 Sandra smiled “Not yet, Peter....you will find out all that later.”

I didn't pursue the question, because I was so incredibly excited by now, that I couldn't wait any longer to see the cells! Sandra knew this. She smiled. “Come along, there's no point in wasting time. Let me show you the cells!”

“Yes, I would like to see it....thanks so much, ” I said. “But, can we have some time...for....you know....you look so good in that uniform!!!”

“Not now, Peter! Control yourself! We're not here for that....I want you locked in the cell!”

I was put off.....she saw that..... she softened her approach.... “We'll have plenty of time when you're out again...think about that.....it will be great!”

“Oh...I'm not sure I can wait......” I said

She became more serious. “Peter! I've put a lot of work into this! You are making me angry now! Do you want to play or not? Do you want to see the cell I've chosen for you, or not! You can leave right now, if you're not serious about this!”

I was chastened. “Yes, I want this......”

'Then come along, Peter.....let's do it! This way.....”  

She led me along the corridor to a grey steel door. She entered a combination into the data pad along side the door, and swung the door open. It showed a steel staircase leading downwards.

Sandra waved me through. “Go on down, Peter. Watch your step, please. Real prisoners are cuffed and shackled when they are taken down, so we use the elevator to take them down. I'd like to have done that for you, too, but I don't want the night guard at the guard desk wondering who is using the elevator at night.  We'll use the stairs”

I went carefully down one flight of stairs, with  following. I came to another steel door.  stepped past me and this time used a key from her belt to open the heavy lock. She pulled the bolts, and pushed the door open.

It led to a bare concrete corridor. In the corridor side wall, about every 10ft, was a cell door. The doors were grey steel, with two bolts secured by heavy padlocks. Small hatches were set in each door, about eye level and waist level, but were closed, bolted and padlocked. A tiny glass view port, about 1/4” diameter, was alongside the upper hatch. The corridor was totally silent.

“Go to the right, Peter” said  “Stop at the first empty cell you come to. That's the one I have chosen for you”.

A few seconds after she spoke, I heard muffled shouting from inside the first cell, and the soft sound of bare fists beating on the thick steel door.

She laughed. “Ignore that, Peter. That one gets excited when he hears a woman's voice outside his cell. It so amuses me! Don't worry, he can't get out!”

I walked along the corridor until I came to one cell door that was wide open. Inside, I saw bare concrete walls, floor and ceiling, painted white. It was about 10ft deep and about 6ft wide. Most of the cell was taken up with a grey steel bunk bolted to the left wall. On the far wall was a steel toilet and washbasin. I saw a grey prison tunic lying neatly folded on the bunk.

“Ok....time to strip off, Peter! Just drop everything in the corridor. I'll take them and keep them in my locker until tomorrow night.” I started to strip. “wrist watch and spectacles too, don't forget! And when everything's off, face the wall and put your hands behind your head, legs apart”

I obeyed. When I was naked,  pulled on rubber gloves, then quickly and efficiently searched me. Completely. It was done so fast that I could see she had done this many times. I thought she said she didn't deal with the prisoners! That puzzled me....

 It was more real than I had expected! I was off balance now.

“Sandra....please....that surely wasn't necessary......”I said weakly. But it was already done.

“Yes Peter, it was necessary! This has to be real! Think Peter....if the day guard finds you have smuggled something into your cell, there will be a huge fuss! They's find out about our game! Do you want that? I have to be sure you accidentally don't keep something that a real prisoner shouldn't have. I had to do a real search!”

“No, of course not. You're right. I have to seem just like a real prisoner, but.....” I said weakly,

“Good Peter! And you have nothing on you, I know that now! So.....provided you still want to do this...... you may enter your cell! I'll lock you in!” she smiled that smile at me.

I hesitated.

“Well, Peter? I know you have always wanted this! Are you going to turn back now?”

But I still hesitated. This was almost too intense! Something in the far back of my mind knew that something didn't seem right.  But..... I had wanted to experience being  real prisoner for so long...... I would never get a chance like this again...... I simply could not pass up this chance!

I decided to give up thinking, and just do it!

I stepped forward, into the cell.

I felt a draft of air as the steel door swung closed behind me. It closed with a dull thud. I heard the bolts being slid into place. Then I heard the rattle of the heavy padlocks being locked.

The steel hatch swung open at eye-level.  looked in. I saw that as well as thick glass, there were steel bars welded across the opening.

I heard her voice, muffled, through the glass. “There. Now you are locked in your cell! A real cell, Peter, just as you asked! This is so great!”. 

I heard her laugh excitedly, as she watched me  through the glass. Her dark eyes were sparkling.  She was as turned on as I was! She was moving erotically. I knew she was playing with herself!

 “Oh..Peter..... You are locked up...for me! I so love seeing you naked and locked up! Peter! You're locked in the cell! And you did it for me!  Its so erotic! I'm coming! Oh......Peter!!!!!“

I was aroused also, but scared too! “Let me out, Sandra! Please! Just for a minute, please!” I pushed my face to the glass. She had moved down the corridor, where I could not see her.  I shouted “Sandra! Let me out! Please!”

Silence. I pressed my face to the glass. Had she gone?

I was still naked.... I turned into the cell. I had expected to find a prison uniform in the cell, but there was nothing. The cell was completely empty. And I was totally naked.

Sandra walked back along the corridor into my view, smoothing down her black uniform skirt. She looked at me. My hot face was pressed to the glass. She looked so sexy! She smiled.

“That was very good for me, Peter! Thank you for calling to me......that really took me over the edge. We each have our pleasures, you and me! That was great! Thank you! Did you wank in your cell? I hope you did! It will make your imprisonment harder to take......! Ohh....”

She turned away from the door. It was frustrating, when she walked away.

“Wait, Sandra!  Dont go! Wait.......”

I had to think of some reason for her to stay, to unlock the door....

“......wait.......................................shouldn't I have a prison uniform to wear?” 

After a few minutes, she looked back in through the glass, smoothing her black hair.

“Alright Peter....this has been great for me!.....I will always think of this, in the future! But I am going to go now!

Oh....to answer your question......no clothes for you, from now on!”

“I've classified you as 'violent and dangerous'  and 'an escape risk'. Its all in your Prison folder! Violent prisoners are always confined in strip cells! That means solitary confinement,naked, in a completely bare steel and concrete cell. No clothing, and no loose objects in the cells! Just a concrete bunk and a steel toilet! So, sorry. I can't give you anything to wear, or a guard would wonder and ask questions. So you stay naked!”

She was smiling as she said that, and I could see that she was very much enjoying her game! I guess I was too, except that it was almost TOO intense!

“But I'm not really violent ...can't I have some clothes. You can change the folder. Its embarrassing to be naked!”

“Peter! Please! Stop going round in circles! You aren't getting out! And you aren't getting any clothes! You are now a violent convict! Violent convicts are confined naked!' she said sharply. There was a sudden hard edge in her voice. “And I'm certainly not going to change your Prison folder! I took a lot of trouble over that folder! Its just as I want it! That folder is your reality, now!”

She seemed impatient now. I was so frightened now! She seemed to be treating me as if I really was the convict she had created in the prison folder.

“Sandra, its me....please let me out! I've changed my mind. You know I'm not a real convict! Well, maybe I am, for one day” I tried to grin......but I was scared now.

She looked at me carefully though the glass. “Do you really want to get out, Peter?”

I hesitated. I didn't, really. I had always wanted this. And though I was scared, I wanted to go ahead.

She smiled. “Sorry Peter....I can see you don't want to. You are a convict now! Get used to it! Its all in your prison folder! Its all completely official now!” she laughed with delight.

“Goodbye... convict!” she said, looking at my face pressed to the glass. “But before I go, I have a confession. Something for you to think about, in your cell! I hope this will help you understand why I'm doing this”.

“I'm going to tell you something secret, about myself! I can tell you, because you are safely locked up and can't tell anyone else now!

....... the truth is....I planned all this! I totally love to get men locked in cells!”

“I have my fantasies, Peter, just like you and everyone else. Your fantasies are pretty extreme, Peter, but mine are equally extreme. And you have had the misfortune to meet a woman whose fantasy matches yours, and wants to grant you your deepest fantasy! I get my pleasure from locking men up!....not just for play...for real! For life! So I search out men like you, men who are willing, and I get them locked up! Its true that they probably regret it afterwards, but that is no concern of mine! They enter into the arramgement willingly! Just in case they try to cause trouble for me afterwards, I always get them locked away in solitary confinement, so they can't ever tell anyone!

“You are not the first man I've tricked into becoming locked up! I've done this in several cities! And you will not be the last either! Those other men are still safely locked up, in my favourite prison in california, serving life sentences in solitary confinement! And now, I've added you to my list of victims!

“I loved them all! And I will be thinking of you too, as the years pass!”

“It will so amuse me to imagine you as a Convict! You will look out through your cell bars and will remember that it was me who put you there! And while the years pass, locked in your cell, I hope you will think of me too, outside, free, living high on your savings and those of all the other men I've locked up! I just love the thought of you knowing that! I'm a sadist, to be honest. But its ok, because I only take men who come to me willingly, and beg me to allow them what they want!”

“So you now will suffer, for my pleasure! Poor Peter! I know you like bondage, and I've tried to accomodate your bondage wishes within my own fantasy desires. I think I may have had to take you a bit beyond your own wishes, but frankly, they are still your wishes, and when it comes down to it, my desires are infinitely more important to me than yours! When the day guards come on duty tomorrow, they will find a dangerous convict locked naked in this cell. And they will find a Prison folder for that convict. And I've inserted your sentence in the Court computer too!  The paperwork will all be in order, and they will find YOU locked in this cell tomorrow!  Its all perfect! I love it! There is nothing you can do now. Try to explain, if you want. I assure you, no one will believe you. I've seen it all before.”

She smiled at my face staring madly through the bars, and began to slowly swing the steel hatch cover closed.

“So goodbye......Convict!!!” she said, grinning “Enjoy your life... in prison!”. 

The hatch closed across the bars. I heard her lock the hatch with the bolt and padlock. The sounds were very muffled, now the cell door was completely closed. With the solid steel door closed, the cell was almost soundproof.

I sat down on the steel bunk. I was in shock. It was totally silent in the cell. I was completely astonished by her sudden confession! I could still hardly know what to say! And now it was too late!

At last I recovered from the surprise. “Sandra!! Wait!!!” I yelled. I pounded on the steel door. It was so thick and heavy that my bare hands hardly made a sound. I shouted again. No reply! I put my ear to the steel door. Silence.

She must have gone! Or was she laughing outside the cell? I'm not sure I would have heard her, with the heavy door shut. Maybe she was watching me right now, through the glass peephole!

I had to resist the urge to panic! Panic would do me no good! As I calmed down, I began to be able to think. I am sure (I told myself) that  was just playing a mind-game with me! She would let me out the next night! She had promised! She was probably watching me! I had to pretend not to be frightened!

I realised I was still naked.  I looked around the cell. It was completely empty, just concrete walls, a steel bunk and steel toilet and handbasin.  Light from behind a steel grille in the ceiling. Air vents in the ceiling too.  I could feel warm air coming from one vent. There were no loose articles at all. Not even blankets on the bare steel bunk. I was completely naked, in the bare cell. So this was what a strip cell was like! I had read about such cells being used for violent prisoners. But I could already see that I wasn't going to need clothes or blankets, it was so warm in the cell, maybe even too warm. I already felt hot and sweaty. I went to the sink. There was a steel button on the concrete wall. I pressed it, and got a dribble of luke-warm water. I splashed it on my face. I realised there was no soap or towel. The cell was indeed bare.  The toilet under the sink was smooth bare steel, no seat, and was filled with blue water. I noticed there was no toilet paper. When  said I'd have nothing in the cell, she meant it!

I looked around the cell. There was nothing to see, only concrete and steel.

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