Chapter 13 - The Visitors

About an hour passed. Then I heard ladies voices and footsteps. The women came walking along the line, chatting and laughing. I heard the clink of glasses. They were drinks of some kind. All I could see was the shoes of the women who passed directly before me. I could see nothing left or right, and could not look up.

One lady stopped before me, and made some comments about me. She dawdled by me, then moved down a few yards, then came back. I heard the sound like a wine glass being filled.

She finally said “This one....this one.....he has a good body....what does his card say? What's he in for?” 

Another woman's voice said “Its here....oh my god.....he's in for rape! He's a serial rapist!”

There was a pause. Then the first voice again, angry this time.

“He's a rapist? The pig! But he's not marked! Is he new here? Well! You just can't tell, can you! A rapist! It's good to see one of them under lock and key!”

She stepped forward, and kicked me, hard, with her hard black shoe.

I think she intended to kick me in my mouth, but she got me on the side of my face. My ball gag was knocked from my mouth. I was so glad to have it out of my mouth....but then instantly realised I was in real trouble.

“Guard! This prisoner has dropped his ball gag!” the Lady called out.  She stooped down, and spoke quietly in my ear. “Now.....I'll make sure you are WELL punished! rapist!”

She stood up, and kicked me again.  Her shoe flew off. She was obviously slightly drunk.

“Guard! Guard!” she called out “This one just spoke to me....without permission!”

A crowd of ladies had gathered. I heard the word 'rapist' being repeated between them. The voices grew agitated, arguing, demanding. One of the ladies threw some cold liquid over my back. Another walked behind me, and called out “he hasn't been marked yet....all lifers are supposed to be tattood! Its an Institute rule!” that started an even louder chatter of conversation.

“Yes, Ma'am? How can I help?” I heard Ms Mary's voice. I was so relieved!  I knew she was fair and honest!

“This one...where is his gag? And he spoke to me...” the lady said

“Yes, Ma'am” said Ms Mary. “Here is his ball....did he drop it?”

“Yes....he did”

Mary stooped down, and pressed the ball back into my mouth. I accepted it obediently.

“There...he's gagged again” Mary quickly checked the padlocks on my pillory. “And he's perfectly secure! How did he drop his ball...did you see it happen?” Mary asked

“He spat it out, then cursed at me!” the lady said.

“ I see...” said Ms Mary

“And.....he's not marked! Why not!” the lady went on. A murmur of agreement came from the ladies standing around. “He's a lifer! I demand that he be tattooed!Tonight! During our annual dinner! Then whipped!” The ladies chorussed agreement.

Tatoo?!!! Whipped? I hadn't done anything! I did not want to be tatooed! Or whipped! I sweated, totally helpless.

“Ms Wilson will hear your proposal for marking him tonight, and it shall be voted on then” said Ms Mary. “And as for his insolence to you....I suggest that you also vote on a punishment tonight! Whatever you decide, will be administered immediately!”

“Excellent! I will propose his punishment personally!” said the lady. The other ladies laughed and cheered. “We know how to deal with rapists!” one called out “the Institute tattoo on his buttock, the whip across his back, and then marched back to his cell for another year, to be chained, naked, on bread and water!”

The ladies cheered.

Ms Mary stooped and whispered in my ear “It will be better for you, if you keep calm.... don't do anything stupid, Peter. It won't help!”.

She stood back and called out “You may all vote on this after dinner, Ladies! But for now, please pass on to the picnic area, where wine and strawberries are awaiting, and several prisoners are secured for whipping practice!”

The ladies moved on, chatting cheerfully.

Ms Mary remained, standing before me. She stooped and caressed my cheek. “Well done, Peter! You didn't panic....I thought you would. You are a very strong man!”

Ms Mary called guards, and had the other prisoners unlocked from their pillories, and taken back to their cells. I was left in my pillory.

A few hours later, I heard footsteps approaching. Three ladies. I could only see their shoes.

“So he knows what the ladies are asking for, does he?” said one Lady. It was Ms Wilson.

“Yes, Maam, he knows!” said Ms Mary.

Chairs were pulled up, and the Ladies sat down in front of me.

“You may remove his gag, Mary” said Ms Wilson.

Mary gently took my ball from my mouth. My jaw was aching, and I was terribly thirsty.  Mary held a glass of cool white wine before my face, and let me drink. It was so good! I felt the alcohol immediately run through my body. I was so much fitter and healthier now, that any stimulant like acohol affected me much more.

“So Peter” said Ms Wilson. “Did you enjoy the thought of being tatooed and whipped?”

The ladies giggled. What was going on?

I was in a state of 'high anxiety' to put it mildly. I was going to be marked, and then whipped! How could these women ask if I enjoyed it?

“Come now, Peter...we all know that you are a hopeless masochist....surely you must enjoyed this.....maybe just a tiny bit?” the ladies giggled again. “We certainly enjoy it! The Ladies of this Institute are all Sadists, of course. But we are 'moral Sadists'....we only accept men who accept that they are masochists, and express a wish to experience what we offer. Its true that the men we accept often change their minds once they get here, but that is all explained to them ahead of time, so it really is their choice. And that allows us to ignore their whining when we give them what they asked for!”

I was feeling a lot better, with the wine. And it was true, I was a masochist. But to get a tattoo? No! I could not enjoy that!

I tried to look up, so try to see who the third lady was. But my face was held down to the floor.

“Please, Ms Wilson...”

“Yes, prisoner? Speak up...” Ms Wilson laughed. Why was she laughing?

“I repeat...did you enjoy that, even a little bit? I DO require an answer, convict!”

“Please....yes, I did....” I reluctantly admitted.

“Good Peter! We must speak honestly now...its important, for you, that we do. We are well aware that you are a masochist, and are also well aware that you are not a rapist. We are aware that your imprisonment was arranged by Ms Sandra”

I was speechless. They knew?!!!

“Yes, we all knew. Of course we did. Didn't we, Sandra?”

“Hello, Peter” said Sandra, quietly. “Are you enjoying being locked up?”

Sandra was the third Lady!

I sobbed. I realised now this had all been arranged.

“You tricked me!” I shouted “How could you do that! I've been here for a year!!!!”

They waited silently, while I sobbed, in the pillory. At last I grew calmer.

“I know this is a shock for you” said Sandra. “ But I did this for us both, Peter. I hope you will understand, when you have a chance to think it over. I knew you were a masochist. You told me you wanted to be in a cell. I wanted that too, so I decided to help you do what you deeply desired, but did not have the courage to do unaided! I did this for you and me!”

She sat quietly, looking down at me. “You do remember admitting that you're a masochist, don't you, Peter?”

“I want an answer, Peter!”

“Yes, Ma'am” I said reluctantly. It was of course true, but I didn't like to admit it.  It was true that I deeply desired to be imprisoned. And Sandra was right, I could never have had the courage to do this myself.

“Good, Peter. I wanted you to say it. Its nothing to be ashamed of. And its not anything you can change. Its how you are made. Its a part of you, just as everything else about you is. And like everything else, it's something that can be managed, if you have the right partner.”

She was being reasonable. Maybe I could get out....

“May I be released from this pillory, please” I said as politely as I could.

There was a pause. I heard Sandra say something quietly to the other ladies.

“Not quite yet, Peter” said Ms Wilson, after a while.

“You see....we first require a decision from you, Peter.” said Ms Wilson. 

“Now you know everything.....what we have done, what you have done....and you have experienced the reality of your most extreme fantasy desires. We have watched your progress, and have talked about what is best for you. At this stage, we have decided to offer you some choices. Knowing what you know now, we now need to hear what you want.”

“First....we offer to let you remain as you are.......confined in this Institute as a convicted rapist. Judging by the reaction of the Ladies today, they will most certainly vote to have you tattooed as a rapist, then whipped, then put back in your cell, on bread and water, for the rest of your life sentence.”

“Our second offer is this....if you request, Ms Sandra will allow you to become her slave. That will mean that you will belong to her completely and absolutely. She will have complete control over you. You will have to serve her, and only her, in any way she wishes. Whatever she wishes for you, you will have to accept. If you choose to become her slave, it will mean all that.”

“So, Peter....listen very carefully.....we want to hear your true desire. You have heard the two choices we offer. If you choose one of these alternatives, you shall have your wish!”

There was silence. The ladies waited, seated before me. Thinking their thoughts. I wished I could see their faces, but I could not.

My mind was in a whirl. But, strangely, immediately, even without thinking, I had no doubt, none at all. It was immediately clear which alternative to choose!  There was a central truth at the heart of the whirl. I now knew, for the first time clearly, that I was a masochist, and I could only be truly happy in bondage. But I definitely could NOT go back in my cell here! Not back on that chain! And I certainly could NOT bear to be marked! No! But I WOULD love to be Sandra's slave! So the choice was obvious. I was back where I started a year ago....wondering if to trust my fate to Ms Sandra! But now, with perfect clarity, and no doubts at all, I knew I truly wanted to make that commitment!

So it was with relief flooding though my veins, that I spoke...

“I have decided. I choose to become Ms Sandra's slave.”

“Very well, Peter. We asked what you truly wanted, and you have told us. So be it.” said Ms Wilson. “I offer my congratulations, Sandra! From what I know about you both, I think you and Peter are very well matched!”

“But's something for you to think about, in the years ahead.....we didn't say that you didn't have a third choice!......for example, you could have asked to be released.....we merely asked for your true desire”.

What? I could have asked to be released? Ms Wilson hadn't told me that! Or did she? I was sure Ms Wilson had tricked me! She had made me think I only had those two choices! Oh, God! What had I done? Why didn't I take time to think before answering?

Ms Wilson spoke. “Ms Sandra. My congratulations. He's chosen slavery to you, voluntarily, and we all witnessed him say it. So he's legally your property now. What are your wishes for your property?”

Ms Sandra stood up. I could only see her shoes.  I was now her helpless slave, locked down at her feet. I felt so helpless! Too late now! But....Ms Sandra would be kind to me! She understood me! We were friends back in SF!

I knelt naked, locked in the pillory, at her feet, sweating, waiting for her decision. I could only see her shoes....

Her shoes turned away from me.

“First, put his ball gag back in, please, Mary! I want him silent! Because he isn't going to like what I have to say!”

Mary stooped down and held the ball to my mouth. I gulped. But I had no choice! I obediently took the ball gag into my mouth.

“Drop it, and I'll make sure you regret it!” she said quietly. I shuddered. I knew what that meant!

She stood up. “He's silenced, Ms Sandra”

“Thank you Mary” said Sandra.

 “Peter...I've been reading reports on you for the last year. And now I've heard you ask to be my slave...I'm sure. You are a true masochist! So, I'm going to be 'kind' to you!”

I gasped with relief. She was going to let me out!

“My decision is.......... that there will be no change in your sentence. You will remain locked up, in this Institute, under maximum security.”

“You're going back to your cell, Peter!” she said quietly.

What???  No!!!!!  I had to say something! But I dared not drop my ball gag! 

I moaned madly through the ball gag. I heard the ladies titter.

“Serves him right” one lady said.

“Excellent decision, Sandra!” exclaimed Ms Wilson. “Do you wish him taken back to his cell now, or do you wish him to be exhibited during the dinner tonight? Some Ladies are asking for him to be given his prison tattoo during dinner, and a thorough whipping too!”

“Please exhibit him during the dinner, Ms Wilson.  And if the Ladies vote for him to receive a prison tattoo, and be whipped, then of course he must! Put him back in his cell immediately the dinner is over” said Ms Sandra “And he must never again be allowed out of his cell. He's got what he wanted! Now he musn't be allowed to talk to anyone.”

“Very well. But I will vote that he should be caned at the dinner tonight” said Ms wilson “And I volunteer to administer the caning.”

“Whatever the ladies vote for, that is what he shall have!” said Sandra.

Sandra's shoes turned towards me.

“I'm going to enjoy this evening, Peter, although I'm afraid you may not”.

“I'll say 'goodbye' now, Peter. I'm moving to another city.”

“I won't be visiting you again.”

The End

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