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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 1 - Norseland, The Earthly Paradise

I would like to tell you about my experiences with my friend Angela Spiteful the Norse Woman and Valkyrie. I would like to describe her adventures since she has been here in England and how I have effectively become her personal slave.

I have known her for a year now, ever since I have corresponded with her in Norseland the country she comes from. It all started off when I joined the Norselandic Admiration Society which exists for people all over the world who admire Norselanders and want to go to Norseland. As a result she became my pen friend; the Society has over 60,000 members worldwide.

In case anyone does not know, Norseland is a country situated in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles north of Hawaii. I have never been there though Angela has invited me over and I would love to stay in her flat. It is apparently a very beautiful country. The whole island is a little bit smaller than Britain with a population of nearly 70 million which makes it one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

The name of the whole island is Pacifica. It shares the island with a smaller country called Papia. The capital is Stefansholm. There are many other large cities such as Vikingsborg the second largest city; Varense, the main industrial city; Kristianskobing a major port and Haraldshus a major meatpacking centre in the agricultural area of the centre known as the Prairies. The country is divided into 21 Provinces

I have seen pictures of it and it is a lovely tropical island with palm trees, white sandy beaches and mountains and plains in the interior. It is a country that is beautifully clean and tidy. It has the highest standard of living in the world and it is a country where everyone is affluent; where there is no poverty or unemployment.

It has had a Social Democratic Government for the last 84 years. The Government ensures that everyone is cared for from the cradle to the grave. There is excellent free education; everyone is educated to very high level, everyone is employed and is paid well in the jobs they do. It is a country where everyone is well housed in subsidised State accommodation. There is an excellent National Health Service. It has a clean efficient and subsidised public transport system that is the envy of the world. The streets are pristine clean and there is a £100 penalty for dropping a scrap of paper on the pavement. It is enforced ruthlessly by the Police known as the Judges. This is a country where everyone is rich and there is no real inequality, where it is illegal to not work, to be homeless or to beg on the streets and the penalties are very severe indeed for breaking the Law!

It is also a country where crime is practically non-existent. This is not only because the population are educated to a very high level where they are taught to be social to their neighbours. It is also because the Police have total and complete power. They operate as judge, jury and executioners having absolute power. If a criminal is arrested he or she is taken to the Judges' Headquarters where he or she will be punished for his or her crimes.

All crimes have a statutory penalty e.g. jay-walking gets 6 strokes of the leather crop administered by a Judge at once. More serious crimes such as burglary get 50 strokes on the first offence and death on the second carried out by strangulation with a leather chord. Judges have total power to administer the Death Penalty. There is a policy of total Zero Tolerance.

In such a society there is no need for courts. Prisons are called Detention Centres where prisoners are subjected to a living Hell of beating and torture by the Judges that makes the Nazi concentration camps look quite pleasant! Norselanders cannot understand criminals having rights such as defence lawyers and police being cross-examined in court. As far as they are concerned if you are arrested by a Judge, the Judge is infallible and you will be found guilty as charged and punished at once. They cannot understand terms such as being 'innocent until being proved guilty’. As far as they are concerned if you are arrested then you are guilty; it is as simple as that!

Naturally, the Judges will not tolerate any misbehaviour from foreign tourists especially Australians, English or Americans. What’s more, misbehaviour includes being scruffily dressed such as wearing tee-shirts and shorts or getting drunk in public.

Recently Angela told me of an incident where an Australian and an English tourist were laughing at the line dancing organised for tourists. They were immediately arrested by a Female Judge, called Judge Helga Langstrom. She took them to the Judges' Headquarters and gave them 15 strokes each with a leather crop; they were screaming with pain. She then tied them up on her motorbike, took them to their hotel, ordered them to pack, stamped their passports and threw them on the next plane out of the country all on her own! It just shows how much power a Judge has!

What's more, Norselanders abroad all come under the authority of Norselandic police not the local police. This is called the Royal Overseas Judges. They will not put up with foreign police arresting their own people! Recently 2 Norselanders were arrested for disorderly behaviour in a pub in London. They were taken to the local police station. Naturally the ROJ did not tolerate this and went immediately around to the police station and demanded their immediate release. They were taken away from the police station to the ROJ headquarters next to the Norselandic embassy and given 15 strokes of the crop and punished properly for their misdemeanours! The Norselandic Government warned the British Government this was a serious breach of the Anglo-Norselandic Treaty and threatened military action and economic sanctions.

The Norselandic Government will not tolerate any hostile activity by a foreign Government against Norseland. For instance, if the Norselandic Queen Goddess Anna Christiana visits the UK and there are hostile demonstrations then the Justice League, an anti-terrorist force, will take hostile measures against the ringleaders of the demonstrations including arresting them and if necessary kidnapping them and taking them back to a Detention Centre in Norseland. If there is any trace of anti-Norselandic activity in the UK the Justice League will be prepared to go as far as kidnapping a Minister in the British Government if necessary!

As far as life in Norseland is concerned I have already said it is a Social Democratic or Socialist state in the true sense of the word. The State looks after its Citizens. It not only ensures every one of its Citizens is well cared for and educated and housed, it also looks after the social needs of it’s Citizens. Social Workers in Norseland do not just look after the needs of a few unfortunate people as they do in England; they look after every Citizen's needs. Every single person in the country has a Social Officer and most Social Officers, just like everyone else in authority, are women - a subject I will deal with later. Their job is to look after the social needs of their subjects. A Social Officer will ensure that her/his Subjects are healthy, happy, socially well balanced and live clean and pure lives.

A subject will be visited regularly by his/her Social Officer. The Social Officer will ensure that his/her flat is spotlessly clean. The view taken is that your flat does not belong to you but to the State, even if it is privately rented. This is because even if you rent the flat, it is part of the Nation and therefore should be spotlessly clean and tidy, and there is no dirt anywhere. It is actually illegal to live in squalor and persistent offenders can get up to 6 months in a Detention Centre as punishment.

The Social Officer will also ensure her/his subject is patriotic to the Nation. That means that all flats/houses must have large portraits of the Queen Goddess and the National Flag which is a green cross on a white background. The portrait and Flag must be treated with respect at all times. It is illegal to be unpatriotic and severe disrespect for the Nation and the Queen Goddess carries the Death penalty and is equivalent to Treason

The Social Officer will also ensure her/his subject is well balanced physically and mentally. She/he will ensure that her/his subject is healthy and doing regular sports. Norselanders are health and fitness fanatics. That means anyone not having a sport of any kind is considered a social deviant. Also the Social Officer will ensure that her/his subject is eating a proper diet that consists of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, brown bread, fresh meat and fish.

Most important of all the Social Officer will be fully trained as a psychologist and therapist she/he will ensure that her subject is treated if they are suffering from any kind of depression or mental illness. If her/his subject has sexual problems the Social Officer will refer her/his subject to a Sex Therapist free of charge. As well as enjoying good health, diet it is considered so essential that every Norselander should have a healthy and fulfilling sex life too!

As for the history of Norseland, I will give a brief background. I have already said it is situated in the Pacific Ocean. The original inhabitants are the Papians. These are dark skinned Polynesian people. They led a peaceful life in their island paradise of fishing and farming rather like the Caribs did in the Caribbean. The first White People to arrive were settlers. The founder of the country was Jan Stefan from whom Stefansholm the capital is named who arrived with 20 Settlers on May 13 1650. These White Settlers came from Scandinavia mainly from Norway. They came to escape the poverty and cold of Norway at that time. Like their descendants, the Vikings, they were anxious to explore the world.

The Papians offered almost no resistance to their White conquerors. Not only were they naturally non-violent and quite weak, they saw these White people as being so much bigger and stronger and more advanced than them. Some resistance was offered by the Papians but it was brutally and ruthlessly crushed. What chance did these simple, peaceful Polynesian people stand against the mighty descendants of Vikings? They were amazed by the sheer size of these Norse Settlers especially the women who called themselves Valkyrie and were as hard and tough as the men and in some cases even tougher.

Soon, the whole island was subjected to the rule of these settlers. More and more Scandinavian settlers arrived and the island came under the control of Sweden, as Norway was a part of Sweden then. The Papians were turned effectively into slaves of the settlers who made them work on the plantations, farms and mines. However, their treatment was nothing like as severe as that given to the blacks in the American deep south. The settlers treated their slaves more in a paternalistic or, more essentially, maternalistic way.

Soon these settlers developed a desire to be free from Swedish rule just like the Americans wanted freedom from British rule. They were extremely intelligent and energetic people and developed industry and agriculture all over the island; cities like Stefansholm, Vikingsborg and Varense were becoming some of the largest in the world.

A revolt broke out in 1815. The Swedish Imperial army was easily defeated by the Norselandic forces that were composed half of women the Valkyrie.

Independence was declared at the Congress of Svedensborg, a Monarchy and Constitution were instituted. The country’s name was changed from Pacifica to Norseland.

Soon the country became one of the most industrialised and prosperous in the world, by the end of the 19th century industrial production was overtaking all countries in the world except for the USA. This resulted in its citizens enjoying a very high standard of living as well as vastly superior levels of education and heath care.

In 1918 the country was the first to elect a Socialist party to Government, the SDP. Once in power the SDP carried out a sweeping programme of social reform that included full trade unionisation, health and safety provisions, free health service, almost free public transport and housing and free extensive education to make Norseland the most socially advanced country in the world! The SDP has won every single election with resounding majorities. The SDP permeates every single section of Norselandic life. It is almost impossible to get a job in the Civil Service, the Army, the Judges at senior level or to be a senior Director of a company without being a SDP member.

The official title of the country is The Queen Dom of Norseland. The Head of State is Queen Goddess Anna Christiana. She is worshipped and adored by Her Subjects rather like the Japanese emperors were. Even though the country is a democracy She is the Supreme Law of the Land. Everywhere She goes Her Subjects must bend down in adoration. Pictures and statues of Her are in every house and business and most streets.

She is also the Queen of the Papians, who must lie prostrate whenever She appears. Criticism or disrespect of Her is treated as Treason and carries the immediate Death Penalty. She is certainly She Who must Be Obeyed! She has the power of life and death over all her subjects. In fact, She has shown mercy and has only ordered 3 deaths since Her reign began in 1963. She relates very well to the Government especially to the present Premier Patricia Ingvoll who has been in power since 1990.

As for the position of women in Norseland it is the most advanced of any country in the world. Women or Valkyries, after the Norse goddesses and fighting women in mythology, effectively dominate all aspects of Norselandic society. Women have had the vote since 1815, the first in the world. Most Members of Parliament, Judges and top Civil Servants are women. Women predominate at University and in most of the professions.

It is now the case that women are physically on average stronger than the men. Girls compete with boys at school and generally win especially in athletics, swimming and martial arts. That does not mean that Norselandic men or Norse Men are weak in any way. They are in fact the strongest men in the world with gorgeous rippling muscles, huge penises and faces that are as handsome as the women. This means that the Valkyrie are the strongest people in the world!

All Norselanders are blonde with blue eyes. If a child is born with dark hair the child's parents are ordered to have it died blonde at once. It is just in the Land of Giants the Giantesses are even bigger than the Giants! The women get on very well with their men and will only have full sex with a Norse Man. That is why when I meet Angela we may touch and caress probably but she will never have sex with me or anyone but a Norse Man.

The goal of every Valkyrie is to develop massive muscles and to have a gigantic Norse cock up her vagina! No Norse Woman would even contemplate having sex with any foreigner or Oslander. In Norseland there is no such thing as marriage: there is partnership whereby the couple have children together. The children may live with the woman or the man. They are brought up in State run crèches so that the women can work. There are no such things as one parent families.

The national costume is leather or rubber which Norselanders wear all the time. The actual national costume is a cowboy or cowgirl outfit with leather hat, jacket, trousers, boots, gloves and whip and a holster. It is actually quite difficult to tell men and women apart. I saw a Noreselandic couple the other day at Wotan's a bar in London. They both looked beautiful, very tall with blonde pony tails; they were both so very fit and attractive.

There is so much more I would like to tell you about Norseland but I would like to finish by telling you about the Papians and my membership of NAS.

Many people criticise Norseland for being a racist country because of the treatment of the Papians which is compared with the treatment of aborigines in Australia. I believe as a member of NAS this is total nonsense. In the first place hardly any Papians were killed by the Norse Settlers randomly as were aborigines in Australia or Indians in America. They were made subordinate to their Norse Masters and Mistresses who were generally kind but very strict with them.

What is more, standards of living in Papia itself far exceed standards on Indian or aboriginal reserves where large numbers live in poverty suffering from alcoholism. None of this exists in Papia or for Papians living and working in Norseland .They are all given free health care, education and hostel accommodation. Although their standard of living is not nearly as high as Norselandic jobs it far exceeds standards in any Asian or South American country which would be a fair comparison.

It is true that a Norse Woman/Man is allowed to own a Papian slave. However the conditions for having one are very strict. The potential Mistress/Master will be visited by an official from the Ministry of Papian Relations. The MPR who will inspect the premises and interview the person concerned. Although the Mistress/Master will be allowed to beat the slave, the punishment must be permitted by Law and must not be excessive. Otherwise he slave will be taken away and the perpetrator will face a Detention Centre sentence.

What is more, Papians are quite happy to serve their Norse Mistresses and Masters. They know that they are totally inferior physically and mentally. It is an honour to serve a Norse Master/Mistress and they have known nothing else. That is why attempts to organise resistance from the Papians always fails miserably.

Papian women are generally very attracted to Norse Men whom they see as so much bigger and stronger than their own. In fact it is an honour for them to be screwed senseless by a Norse Man or several Norse Men if possible!

As for the NAS I have been a member for over a year now and it is a wonderful organisation. It has enabled me to meet Norselanders and to learn all about the country. I have visited Wotan's, a Norselandic bar in Kensington in London and have met so many gorgeous Norse Women/Valkyries who are so big and muscular and strong. I am not homosexual in any way but I do find the leather clad muscular Norse Men really impressive too.

Most of the membership of NAS is female as there is nothing many English and American women want more than to travel to a tropical paradise like Norseland and meet gorgeous leather clad Norse Men to make passionate love to them!

I have also changed my diet to Norselandic food which is so much healthier than any other by fresh fruit. I love eating out at Wotan’s and eating healthy Norselandic food. I was there the other day and started my meal with smorgasbord, a huge open sandwich on rye bread. I had 2 huge bratwursts with onion gravy and lashings of salad and fried potatoes followed by tropical fruit. It was lovely!

Last Saturday I went to a Cowboy barbecue at Wotan’s. I was given an invitation as a NAS member and for only £15 I could eat as much as i liked and have a jug of beer or one bottle of wine. I was greeted by the Manager Christina who stood at the entrance dressed in the leather national Cowperson costume with a big badge 'I'm Christina the Manager - please speak to me'.

As I entered there were large char-grills where gigantic hunks of steak, pork chops, chicken, tropical fish, horsemeat and venison were being cooked almost to a cinder. There were also piles of potatoes, salad and beans almost going up to the ceiling, as well as every type of tropical fruit imaginable. It was a veritable feast and I could only manage 2 helpings. I had to eat the meat with my hands in true cowboy style. I was dressed in the obligatory check shirt and Stetson. There was a country group called The Valhallas playing country and western loudly. It was obligatory to dance and take part in the Line Dancing as the waiters/waitresses called Marshals would make sure of that!

I was asked to dance by 3 huge Valkyries called Hilde, Martha and Laura. They all looked very much alike in their lacquered blonde hair and leather Cowperson costumes. They were very big and tall. They all worked for a bank called the National Commerz Bank and had come over to learn English; they were very forward and friendly. By the end of the evening they all had their leather gloved hands hard down my crotch having a good feel that I was powerless to resist.

There were strict rules enforced by the Marshals such as no smoking, no drunkenness and no fraternising with the Papian staff, who were there to do menial tasks such as clearing tables and washing up. As a result of this Norselandic diet I have become much bigger and healthier though I will never be as strong as a Norse Man!

Angela will be coming tomorrow. I really look forward to seeing her I will make sure my flat is pristine clean for her and her Papian slave Mina Popatoa.

I will tell you all about her and her first adventures in England in the next episode!

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