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The Valkyrie

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The Bossy Bank Women

Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 10 - Angela Hands Out a More Severe Thrashing

Angela and Mina took a taxi to the pub. Angela decided they would hire a car or motorbike later on to travel to the pub. She also wanted to hire a motorbike that was the biggest machine on offer. Her ultimate aim was to take a holiday in a few weeks' time and tour the whole of Britain on a huge motorbike like a Harley Davison.

She walked to the front of the pub crop in hand with Mina next to Her. She looked inside and could see Marlena cleaning the windows, Marta cleaning the tables and Rick on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. She listened to see if she could hear any talking. She could!

Marta was talking and laughing with Rick who was on the floor cleaning. So they thought that just because their Manager and Supervisor was not going to arrive until 11.00 pm that She would not know they had been talking!

Angela waited outside the pub for some time looking in and making sure that She could not be seen. Marta and Rick carried on talking oblivious to the fact that their Manager and Supervisor were watching their every move.

Suddenly She burst into the pub with Mina right behind her. All 3 staff looked totally petrified.

'Right you two! I thought I said quite clearly no talking So what the hell do you mean by talking? What's more Marta I saw you stopped work as well. What the hell do you mean?'

'I'm sorry Miss Spiteful I did not mean to stop. Please forgive me! Please don't thrash me Miss Spiteful!'

'Of course I'm going to thrash you, you stupid girl!' She shouted screaming in her face.'

'You thought that just because I was away you could be disobedient, well I'll teach you!'

She was blubbering with sheer terror as this mighty Norse Woman lifted her right up from the ground by her hair.

At the same time She lifted Rick up from the ground by his hair.

'Well Rick I've punished you today already! One beating isn't enough for you!'

'Please have mercy on me Miss Spiteful. I didn't mean it. I stopped work for a short time. I'll never do it again!’ he screamed.

'You're damned right you won't.You're getting six hard strokes and I'm going to make sure they hurt like absolute hell!'

'Marta, take your knickers down and position yourself right over the bar. Rick you do the same. You're going to get your bottoms well and truly tanned! DO IT NOW!'

'Marta you're getting three strokes and Rick you're getting six!'

'Mina would you like to hold Marta down; she's getting it first!'

'I'd love to Mistress Angela' said Mina as she grabbed Marta hard by the hair.

'Mina, I will teach you all about Thrashing as you will need to learn how to do it as my Associate Manager. As you know I'm an expert at Thrashing and really love it!'

'First of all you position the crop on the buttocks and move it up and down. It's all part of the anticipation as your victim does not know when you will strike next. You then take aim at a tender part of the bottom. The best part is here, just above the legs. You must make sure your victim's bottom is positioned right up in the air so they can feel as much agony as possible.'

'Then you bring the crop back with full force and bring it down crashing as hard as possible. Remember a Thrashing must hurt like Hell or there's no point in giving it!'

With one mighty stroke she brought the crop down hard onto Marta’s cheeks. She screamed so loudly that she could be heard right across the street.



'Marta bellowed.

'That was a brilliant stroke, wasn't it Mina?'

'It certainly was Mistress Angela I've experienced so many thrashings from you and know just what agony they are!'

'Right I'll give the next stroke just above the last one so she has three weals across her back. If she faints with the pain just throw a glass of water over her!'

Angela positioned the crop so that it was just above the weal. She brought it down with even greater force. It came crashing down as hard as possible.



The pain was so terrible that she fainted on the table. Mina revived her with another glass of water right in the face.

'Oh please Miss Spiteful, no more, I can't take any more! PLEASSSSEEEE!!!!' she screamed

'Shut up, you're getting this as hard as I want to give it to you. Now you speak only when you are spoken to, you bitch!'

'Mina, would you like to administer the last one?'

'Yes Mistress I would love to so much!'

She did as her Mistress said positioning it as she had been told just above the last weal. She then brought it down onto Marta’s bare rump.



'That was not bad Mina for first attempt. In future I want you to hit harder. I know you're not nearly as strong as me but you can do better than that!’

Marta fell on the floor screaming with pain for all she was worth. She was writing in agony clutching her naked bottom.

'God Marta what a terrible racket There's only one way to stop that!'

With that She took a rubber ball from her bag and rammed it down her throat. She then took a strap and tied it onto her securely. She was almost choking.

'Well that should stop your racket Also it means you can't talk any more Now get back to work now!'

'Right let's see if you can practice on Rick's bottom. You hold him down while I give him 3 in succession.'

Mina held him hard by the hair as he began shake with terror.

'I find with a man the area above ball sac is the best place to hit.'

'Hold still Rick this is certainly going to hurt!'

She was deadly accurate as a Thrasher. She positioned the crop exactly above his ball sac.

With terrible accuracy she brought it down three times in succession




He bellowed with all his might.


'Mina, I'm giving him the next one over the last three becasue I want to draw blood!'

She brought the crop right down hard over the three weals determined to inflict as much pain as possible. She brought the crop right back and hit him with expert accuracy right over the three weals. Blood came pouring out as he bellowed and bellowed almost with all his might



'Wasn't that a wonderful stroke Mina? Would you like to give the next one. Bring it down just above the last stroke. Bring your arm right back!'

She brought her arm right back She hit him just above the last weal. He let out another scream of agony '



'That was much better Mina but you still need to hit harder. I know you will never be able to hit as hard as I do but you still need to be hitting even harder. You’re going to have to do some exercises to develop those muscles!'

'I know Mistress Angela I will never be as tough as you and never have muscles like yours. You're a Norse Woman and I'm a Papian and I will always be totally inferior to you!'

'Mina you are right you will always be inferior, but you can still do something to develop those muscles. You're not used to Thrashing, I know, but you might if you are going to learn to deal with awkward staff and customers! I'll lay the last one on him now I really want him to feel such agony!'

With that, Miss Spiteful brought the crop down once more. It was another brilliant deadly accurate shot as she brought it crashing down hard .



Mina let him go. He rolled on the floor screaming and yelling for all he was worth. His bellows could almost certainly be heard right across the town.

Angela could not bear to hear his screams any longer. She took another rubber ball from inside her bag and rammed it hard right down his throat. She strapped it right on him as he almost choked.

She left Rick and Marta lying on the floor both of them almost unconscious with sheer pain. Then she grabbed them both by the hair and slammed them into the bar. She then ordered Arnold and Marlena to stand to attention.

'Right that's what happens to staff who are disobedient. Rick and Marta, you will get double next time for the slightest misdemeanour. If there is one thing I detest more than anything then it's disobedience. Don't you dare get on the wrong side of me ever again! Is that understood?'


'And don't let me see you stop work God I'll take all the skin off your back I'm Spiteful by name and very spiteful by nature, is that understood?'

YES MISS SPITEFUL!' they all shouted at once petrified of what would happen if they should be seen disobeying Her.

They all returned to work not darting to stop for even one second. Angela and Mina totally dressed in leather patrolled menacingly leather crops in hand.

Soon 11.00 pm came. Angela ordered her staff to stand to attention in an Inspection Parade. Marta and Rick were still in agony clutching their backsides.

'Right this pub is pristine clean just as it should have been from the beginning. It had better stay like it or there will be more thrashings. I don't care if I have to give one of you 30 strokes It's what you deserve and I will enjoy every minute of it. Tomorrow you will arrive at 9.00 am for our first day at work. I can imagine there will be the usual dirty customers coming in. I will thrash customers in the same way as I have beaten you. Do you understand?'


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