Episode 11 - Angela Displays Her Fighting Skills

Angela had ordered me to go to bed early that Sunday night. I made sure I had cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and had washed up all the plates thoroughly. I took several sleeping tablets to make sure I was really asleep when Angela and Mina arrived.

Yet even though Angela ordered me to sleep when She arrived I just could not sleep however hard I tried. Just the thought of Her and Mina looking so powerful, dressed in shiny black leather, was driving me crazy. What I found even more incredible was that I had become a slave of a Norse Woman and Valkyrie!

Just then the door opened and Angela and Mina entered. I had been ordered to sleep and yet I was still awake. What would happen to me? I saw the door open as Angela entered my room; she really looked so wonderful in that black leather cat-suit.

'Stephen, why aren't you asleep?"

'I'm sorry Mistress Angela I could not sleep. Maybe it was just thinking of you and Mina"

'You've been playing with yourself haven't you?'

'I'm so sorry Mistress Angela I was just getting so excited thinking of You'

'Stephen that's a filthy habit! If a Social Officer catches you doing that in my Nation you can be in very serious trouble. You are also a slave and those genitals belong to me! You can only touch it when you urinate otherwise the only person who will masturbate you will be me and sometimes Mina. Don’t ever let me catch you doing that again or I will thrash you within an inch of your life. Is that understood? In fact I might consider putting a restrainer on it!'

'I'm so sorry Mistress Angela I will never touch it again I promise!' I said crying with fear at this terrifying Woman.

'Just be a good boy and go to sleep!' she said as she kissed me full on the lips and gently massaged my penis.

I gradually fell asleep after the long slow kiss She had given me. I was woken up the next morning by another long slow kiss this time from Mina.

'Come on sweetheart we have to prepare Mistress' breakfast. I know you are tired but Mistress expects her breakfast at 6 AM exactly. You don't want a full Thrashing from her do you?"

'No Mina' I said as I got out of bed at once not wanting to get on the wrong side of her. She took me downstairs and made me get into the shower naked. She washed me all over cleaning out my anus thoroughly and my genitals. She then made me go upstairs and change. As I came down she held me gently by the waist.

'Stephen, Mistress has barbecued beans and toast on Mondays; she also has muesli, pineapple juice and coffee. This is all quite easy to cook so I will supervise you to make sure you cook to Mistress' requirements.'

She stood over me in the same leather sahini she was wearing yesterday. I could smell her gorgeous perfume mixed with the smell of leather. I heated up the beans to the right heat. I then made the coffee in the cafetiere and poured out the juice. I then poured out the muesli. I laid out the table making sure that the cutlery was absolutely spotless.

Mistress Angela was soon down in Her silk bathrobe showing Her incredible muscles. I could tell from the expression on Her face She was ready today for some serious action dealing with Her staff and troublesome customers.

'Well Stephen I hope you slept well. I hope my breakfast is cooked to perfection or there will be trouble!'

She went to take Her shower and then she returned to eat her breakfast. I was scared what Her reaction would be afterwards so I felt relieved when She came up to me.

'Stephen you cooked my beans to perfection. Remember that I eat beans by the ton as I need plenty of fibre to build up my muscles. You can make my packed lunch today which is tuna with pickle in brown bread and make sure the bread is fresh or there will be trouble!'

I did exactly as She said making absolutely sure the bread was fresh and the tuna spread to perfection. I knew how high Her standards were!

I then ate breakfast with Mina. We both ate the beans on toast making absolutely sure we did not eat as much as Angela because we knew our muscles would never be as big as Hers!

Soon Angela had changed and was ready for work. She looked magnificent as usual, so tall and strong! She was dressed in the same leather cat-suit as She wore yesterday. This time She was dressed in incredible thigh-length boots with huge high-heels that made her look even more impressive than ever. She walked up to me towering over me and I was really scared as She held my hand in Her leather-gloved hand.

'Stephen, I shall go after I've done my exercises. You will wash up while Mina makes my bed and I want you to come to the pub at 6.00 pm after you have finished work.'

'Yes, certainly, Mistress Angela' I said

It was time for Angela and Mina to go and they both kissed me goodbye and told me to make sure I was there at 6.00 exactly. Angela would order a huge motorbike today to take Her to work; she could not wait to feel it beneath Her thighs.

The four staff were queuing outside ready for work. They had all experienced a thrashing and were terrified of upsetting their Manager and Supervisor. She opened the door and made them all stand in a line for her Inspection.

'Good Morning staff!'

'Good morning Miss Spiteful' they all said at once.

'I want a full day of work from you. You will work all the time; if I see you slacking or talking there'll be serious trouble, is that understood? Also, you will observe the Rules meticulously and anyone I catch not observing them will be in deep trouble.'

She walked over to Arnold.

'You will get the Rules of the Bar printed. I want them to be on every single area of the bar. I want everyone to see them as soon as they come in. Things are going to change here, aren't they Arnold?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' he said, knowing that he had to obey or else. He ran out of the building knowing full well that he had to do exactly as he was told.

'I want you all to start work this minute, the first customers arrive at 11.00: get cleaning now!'

Meanwhile, at home, I had been ordered to clean the house and I did exactly as I was told, washing everything as She had ordered me to. I had to make sure the house was meticulously clean for Her everyday because I knew what the punishment would be.

I then went to work at the Tax Office where I worked. Yet all day long I could not concentrate, thinking instead of Angela and Mina both looking so gorgeous and wonderful in their leather. I could not wait to get back to the pub at 6.00.

6.00 soon came around and it was time for me to return to the pub. As soon as I walked in I saw how it had been totally transformed. Not only was it spotlessly clean and glistening everywhere but there were no dirty glasses anywhere and no ash on the table. The staff were all working away hard, not daring to stop for a second nor were they talking amongst themselves. The customers all looked so subdued and well dressed. It was clear that Angela had refused entry to anyone who was scruffy or untidy in any way.

I noticed Angela's tall frame because She was dressed totally in black leather as She walked straight towards me. She kissed me right on the lips.

'Oh Stephen it's so good to see you again! Doesn’t this pub look wonderful Stephen?'

'It certainly does, Miss Spiteful, it's such a transformation; it looked so dingy before and now it’s really wonderful!'

'It's going to change even more, Stephen. Soon it will become a Norselandic pub. I want it to become a branch of the Votan's chain. It will be just like the Votan’s in Kensington you go to. We will soon have a completely Norselandic menu and Cowboy barbecues and Viking feats. You'll love it!'

Yes I will Mistress Angela; I can’t wait!'

'You can have the first two drinks free, Stephen; you only have to pay half price for the next two as my special guest.'

'That's so kind of you Mistress Angela I'll enjoy coming here from now on!'

I sat by the bar next to Mina who would come out of the bar and fondle me gently every so often. I realised that it was early and there was plenty of time for some rough customers to appear. I knew that the Dog Stadium crowd would be here soon.

I turned around and six rough looking guys walked into the pub. I had seen them before They were regulars who came every Monday night and good friends of Arnold; they were usually drunk by the time they arrived. They all wore jeans and trainers and all had tattoos; they were also very loud. In fact they were the type of people Angela loathed.

One of them who was fat and bald came up to the bar and shouted at Mina.

'Oi darling, give us six pints of lager! I like the leather outfit! You're a bleedin Papi ain't you? (A racist term for a Papian) he said in his broad East London accent.

Angela was absolutely furious and walked straight up to him.

'Your manners and language are appalling and you all look disgusting. Leave this pub now! You are all barred from this pub for life!'

They were absolutely flabbergasted!

'Who the f--k do you fink you are, Blondie? We've been coming ere for years you can’t bar us!'

'Yeah and why are you the guv'nor, where's Arnold'

'I am the new Manager now and I will be addressed as Miss Spiteful as it says on the Rules of the Bar. Now, you will leave these premises this instant or there will be trouble!'

They were quite defiant.

'You can’t do that, where's Arnold the Manager ?'

'If you want to know, he's cleaning out the toilet; and you failed to address me as Miss Spiteful. You're in trouble now!'

'Yeah and what the f--k are you going to do about it?' one of them shouted. We aint calling you Miss Spiteful. Which country you from anyway?'

'I'm from Norseland, the greatest country in the world!'

'So why don't you just f--k off there then?'

'Because I've come to England to teach you scumbags some manners!'

'Well we aint leaving and that's it!'

'Yes you are and I'm going to teach you some manners - out in the car park now! You can choose whatever weapons you want. I'm just using my hands and fists and maybe my leather chord'.

Two of them grabbed bottles, one had a glass in his hand, two more of them had knives and the other one took a chair from the bar. They followed Angela outside. I went out to the car park with all the staff and customers to watch the spectacle that was about to take place.

Angela stood in the middle of the car park with six of them all around Her.One of them shouted out'

'Oi Gary, let's get this Norselandic bitch! Let's send her back to her own f---ing country!'

Gary was a big, fat, ugly slob. It was clear he had too much to drink that evening. It was also clear that she could deal with him quite easily. He ran towards Her, knife in hand.With total ease; She brought the steel toe cap of Her boot right up in the air hitting him hard in the hand. The knife went flying up in the air and with ease, She caught it in Her hand.

'Well Gary, you don't have a knife any more!' She smiled

With one move She slashed his face; blood came spouting up in the air.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! he bellowed and fell on the ground screaming for all he was worth.

'Who's next? If you like I won't use the knife. She dropped it on the ground and said, 'Come on, who's next?'

One of them, whose name was Jim, ran towards Her with a chair but She turned around and brought Her boot-heel into his solar plexus hard, breaking his ribs .




Another one tried to grab Her from behind but it was useless.With one swift move she threw him over Her shoulder in an incredible judo throw. He went crashing down on the ground, screaming.

'Well three down, three to go. Come on, I'm just starting to enjoy this!'

Two of them came running towards her; one had a glass and the other a bottle. The one with a glass shouted 'You f--king Norselandic bitch!'

She was furious. In one move She kicked the glass out of his hand. She then caught it by the blunt end and with one move She ground it hard into his face. He bellowed as blood came pouring out of his face in torrents.


'Don't you dare call me a Norselandic bitch!'

The other one had a bottle in his hand, he just stood there not knowing what to do. She moved towards him and with one swift move took the bottle out of his hand.

'Were you going to hit me with this? Perhaps you should feel the bottle across your head, you arsehole!

With that she brought the bottle crashing across his face.



He fell on the floor bellowing with pain. The sounds of the screams could be heard across the town. A crowd of around a100 had gathered to watch the spectacle of a Norse Woman beating the living daylights out of Her opponents. There was just one left. Angela walked towards him smiling.

'You were the first one who spoke to me and swore at me. So what's your name?'

'Geoff' he muttered.

'Geoff who?'

She grabbed him by the throat in Her leather gloved hand.

'Geoff, Miss Spiteful! he groaned.

Take your trousers down Geoff'

Yes Miss Spiteful'

He stood there showing his pants off to the crowd.

'You need some ball busting Geoff to teach you a lesson!'


She brought the heel of Her boot hard into his testicles.



He went down on the floor clutching his groin groaning in agony.

Angela had won a great victory and the crowd cheered her fighting prowess. She had won without one hair of Her hair being touched She was incredible!

'Mina, ring up an ambulance to have these bastards taken away. The very sight of them annoys me!'

'Yes Mistress Angela'

Just then a police car pulled up and two policemen walked up.

'We are arresting you now, beating people up is illegal !'

Angela grabbed him by the collar.

'Look here you arsehole I'm a Norse Woman and am immune from arrest. Don't you dare to threaten me. Haven’t you heard of the Anglo Norselandic Treaty? If you give me any trouble I'll call my friend and Supervisor Judge Heathera Vinsson to deal with you!'

'Sorry we did not know you were Norselandic .We didn't mean to trouble you!'

'Get lost now or you'll end up just like those bastards on the ground!'

They drove off not daring to confront a Norse Woman like Angela! She walked up to the crowd gathered outside.

'That is the kind of treatment I will give to anyone who comes in scruffily dressed or is rude or behaves badly. I am Miss Spiteful the Invincible. Is that clear to everyone? I am a Norse Woman and Valkyrie and I always win. Is that understood?

YES MISS SPITEFUL! they all roared back.

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