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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 12 - Angela and Heathera Fight Race Crime

As a result of Angela's victory over the six louts, everything had improved beyond all recognition at the pub. News of the fight had spread all over the town and it was reported in the 'Waltham Forest Guardian' with full colour pictures of the fight on the front and centre pages. There was a big headline:


The story had even spread to the main daily papers. It was if the whole country was learning that you don't mess with a Norse Woman! It was now becoming well-known everywhere that Norse Women were the strongest people on earth and Norse Men the second strongest. As a result of the fight, membership of the NAS (Norselandic Admiration Society) had increased dramatically because so many people wanted to have relationships with big strong Norselanders!

In the pub, the Rules of the Bar were being obeyed without question. Everyone who entered made sure they did exactly as Angela ordered. Everyone also made sure that they addressed Her every day as Mistress Angela. She made her presence known everywhere by strutting round the bar with Her leather crop. On the 3 evenings a week She went to Her English classes, Mina took over; they also made sure they greeted Mina as Miss Popatoa. Mina had learnt to develop her muscles by going to aerobics classes and bodybuilding. They were not as large as her Mistress' and never would be but they were bigger than any of the customers or staff. They looked very impressive as she strutted around the bar in her skin tight black sahini, with a slit up the side, her calf length boots and leather gloves. She could never fight or thrash as well as her Mistress but it was still true that no one messed with Mina!

The Rules for Staff were also being followed meticulously. Staff made sure they all arrived exactly on time and left when Angela told them to. They all dressed in clean, smart uniforms not daring to look scruffy. They never talked amongst themselves at all and just got on with their work. There was no doubt a New Order had begun!

Angela was determined to change the bar into a Noreslandic bar. She had written to the Manager of the Votans chain, Ms Christinesdottir, saying She wanted it to be changed to Votans. A licence had been applied for and by the end of the month a new Votans for East London would come into being. The first scheduled Cowboy Night was for the end of the month. Ms Christinesdottir said she would send 2 Cowpersons, a couple called Lars and Helga, to help out on that night and to work as Associate Managers.

At the same time Angela and Mina had moved out of my flat to Arnold's flat on the top of the pub. Needless to say they found the place a complete tip with dirt and dust everywhere. Arnold had 6 children and a wife all of whom were really filthy. As a punishment they made the whole family clean the place out on their hands and knees

After that they were ordered to leave at once! As they had nowhere to go they were housed in bed and breakfast accommodation by the council. Arnold came to work every day on time as a toilet slave when he would be trashed for the slightest misdemeanour. What a total humiliation for someone who used to be a Manager!

As the days went by there was something I wanted to talk to Angela about but I was afraid to raise it. It concerned the racial harassment of a Papian family called the Tahinis. There was actually quite a large Papian community in East London. They did a lot of menial jobs and also worked in restaurants. They were also in England partly to escape from the Norselanders and being made slaves to the Norselanders, although I did not dare tell this to Angela!

I decided to approach Angela but it was something difficult to do as I was not really supposed to speak to Her without being spoken to.

I approached Angela one evening in the pub.

'Mistress Angela there is something I want to speak to you about.'

'It's all right Stephen - don't be afraid; please tell me what's on your mind darling'

'It's just that there's a Papian family in the area called the Tahinis. I have found out from reading the papers and talking to friends that they have been subject to the most terrible racial harassment from a neighbouring family called the Hoppers. The Tahinis are lovely people very sweet and gentle according to my friend.'

'Their children are being bullied at school and called 'Papi scum'. They have had rubbish put through the letter box and 'Get out you Papi bastards' written on the front door. They have tried calling the police but they just say that there are no witnesses and their children are under age. Please could you do something Angela - this harassment is now getting rife and the police do nothing about it!'

'What you have described is absolutely appalling Stephen. I am actually very cross with you Stephen for not saying it earlier! Racial harassment is totally illegal in my Nation.The Law protects Papians from harassment and this is enforced ruthlessly by the Judges who will put anyone who upsets Papians or harasses them to death. The point is that Papians are our Subjects and we are responsible for them like parents to children. Papians are such a gentle and peaceful people and will not retaliate, unlike us Norselanders who are so big and strong.'

'I will contact Judge Heathera Finssson. She is my Supervisor and I have reported to her already. As you know, all Norselanders have Supervisors - Royal Overseas Judges - whose job it is to look after them and take care of them when they are abroad. I'm sure she will be very annoyed when she hears of it! I'm going to phone her now!' Angela phoned her at once.

'Heathera, it's Angela your client. I want to ring you about a case of racial harassment.'

She told Her all about the sufferings the Tahini family had been through and Heathera was appalled.

'We do know about this harassment Angela. The trouble is that up until recently the Anglo Norselandic Treaty, the ANT, only protected Norsleanders. However, our Premier Patricia Ingvoll has renegotiated the ANT with the British Prime Minister to include Papians as well which is what it should have done all along as they share the same island and are our Subjects. We own them and Papia too, in fact.'

'I will come round at once and deal with those bastards and if necessary take them out of the country and put them to death! I agree with you that the British police are useless when it comes to dealing with harassment. They are so concerned about the rights of the criminal and ignore the victim. I'll be around tomorrow evening at six o'clock after I've done some research on the Judge Database.'

Judge Heathera arrived as she said at exactly six o'clock the next day. She was a huge woman nearly 2 feet taller than Angela. She was dressed in the Judge Uniform which looks very similar to the Judge Dredd uniform. In fact, the Judges had more or less the same powers as the Judges in Judge Dredd being police, judge, jury and executioners and having the powers of life and death. She was dressed almost totally in black leather. She had a steel helmet on with a steel mask so that the only part of her body that was visible was the mouth.Around her waist she had a gun, a whip, a knife and a leather chord. She was a One Woman Army! (See Heather Fine's site www.foxymuscle.com)

She took off her helmet to reveal her face that was really lovely with blonde curly hair. She went up to Angela and kissed Her full on the lips.

'It's so good to see you again darling Angela!'

Angela greeted her Supervisor by kissing her too on the lips, the traditional Norselandic greeting.

'This is my friend and slave, Stephen.'

Heathera went right up to me and kissed me full on the lips just like Angela had done only this time She was even stronger.

'So Stephen you have found out that a Papian family have been harassed. Well it's good of you to report this to Mistress Angela and me. I intend to deal with the harassers this evening.'

She turned to Angela, 'I've been to the Judge Database and I've done some research into the Hoppers. Jim Hopper has a string of convictions for burglary and assault; he is also involved in drug dealing. His brother Bill is a real bastard and is also involved in crime. Jim has 3 children who have been harassing the Tahini family. I know where he lives and intend to go round there tonight to put a stop to this harassment for good!'

'First of all, I will call the Tahini family on my mobile.'

'Hello is that Mr. Tahini? It's Judge Heathera of the Royal Overseas Judges. I understand you have been the victim of harassment from a family across the road.'

'Oh certainly Judge Heathera. I'm so glad that you, as a Norselander, have come to rescue us. We have some neighbours who are making our lives a misery!'

'Don't worry Mr. Tahini your troubles are soon over! I'm coming around to deal with those people now!'

'I'm bringing a friend with me, Mistress Angela.Your problems are over!'

With that She went outside accompanied by Angela. Both Norse Women looked so impressive dressed from head to toe in shiny black leather. Angela was dressed in a black leather cat suit, thigh length boots and leather gloves. She looked so formidable though not quite as big as Judge Heathera.

They drove to the Tahinis house in a Judge Wagon which was like a large black van with darkened windows. At the back prisoners could be shackled up and tied so they could not move an inch!

They parked outside the Tahini's house. In the street they could see three dirty looking children shouting racist abuse calling out 'You dirty Papis!

They knocked on the door Mr. Tahini was quite a small man. He looked in terror at the sight of these 2 huge Norse Women especially Heathera dressed in Her Judge uniform towering totally over him and making him so small. Angela and Heathera strutted into his house demonstrating their total power and superiority. Inside was his wife Mahia and their 2 children Toni and Laha. They looked so sweet and innocent.

'Thank you so much for coming Judge Heathera'

'That's fine Mr. Tahini. You are a Papian and it is the duty of us Norselanders and the ROJ to protect and take care of you as you are so weak and gentle and we are so strong and dominant! This is my friend Mistress Angela. She has a Papian slave called Mina.'

'I am so pleased to meet you Mistress Angela' he said bending down and kissing her leather gloved hand.

'Well Angela let's get started let's begin with that scum across the road!'

They walked straight across the road. The 3 children looked in terror as they looked at these 2 huge leather clad Valkyries walking straight towards them.Heathera grabbed the 2 boys by the hair while Angela grabbed the girl They dragged then to the front door screaming with pain and fear.

'That's put an end to your revolting behaviour. Now let's see if your father is at home!' said Heathera.

She rang on the door and Jim Hopper answered. He really was a fat greasy specimen dressed in a dirty tee-shirt with an earring. Heathera and Angela looked so magnificent in comparison!

They both threw the children in the house. Hopper looked terrified.

'Who the bleedin 'ell are you?' he said sweating in terror at the sight of an enormous leather-clad Valkyrie standing in front of him with her steel helmet making her look even more terrifying.

Heathera grabbed him by the neck in her leather-clad, powerful hands

'I'm Judge Heathera of the ROJ Judge Jury and Executioner. Your crimes are at an end!


To continue reading this story, visit Episode 13.

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