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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 13 - The Valkyries Put an End to Race Crime

Heathera had Jim Hopper held tightly in Her leather gloved hands. He was groaning with pain as She held him in a terrible vice like grip.

'Right this is really the end of the road for you and I'm arresting you for harassment of the Tahini family. How dare you you bastard! These Papians are harmless law abiding people and you and your horrible family have been making their lives a complete misery! You are all in very serious trouble. I'm taking you away to the Judge Headquarters now!'

'Who the 'ell are' he said trying to sound tough as She held him hard in Her leather gloved hands.

'I am Judge Heathera of the Royal Overseas judges and I've come to put an end to your criminal activities for good. Your crimes are at an end!'

'So you're some kind of Police Woman 'he said .

'Yes I am Police Judge Jury and Executioner and you will address me as Judge Heathera in future!'

'So what country are you from?'

Her hand went crashing across his face as he bellowed in agony. He almost felt as if his head was coming off.



'You forgot the correct mode of address. Don't ever do that again! You treat me as your superior! Do you understand?'

'Yes Judge Heathera' he groaned trying his best to pronounce it.

'And if you must know I'm from Norseland the greatest country on earth.You have been harassing the Tahini family and it's my duty to protect them!Under the Anglo Norselandic Treaty ,which a moron like you has probably never heard of, we Judges have a right to protect Papians our Subjects from scum like you!I suppose a moron like you has never heard of Norseland either!'

'Sorry Judge Heathera oi aven't. Is it somewhere in Europe?'

'God you are a moron aren't you? It is nowhere near Europe you idiot it's in the Pacific Ocean and we share an island with Papia. You really are a complete idiot! Didn't you do geography at school ?'

He was shaking with fear.

'So what are you going to do with me Judge Heathera ?'he said remembering to say it in time.

'I'm taking you and your whole criminal family to the Judge Headquarters where you will be put on Trial for your crimes!'

Suddenly his brother Bill moved forwards and grabbed Heathera by the arm.

'Look ere you bleedin Norselandic bitch- leave me brother alone! Why don't you f---g piss of back to your country!'

This really incensed Angela.With one move She grabbed him by the collar and slammed him hard against the wall.He was petrified of Her incredibly superior power and strength.With one mighty move She drove Her fist hard right into his stomach .He bellowed with pain.She could hear the ribs of his stomach crack beneath Her powerful blow.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! he screamed for all he was worth.

He fell on the4 floor writhing and screaming in agony. Angela put Her boot heel right into his neck.

'Right you bastard you will apogise for speaking to a Judge and Norse Woman in that disgraceful tone .If I don't get an apology now this boot heel is going straight through your neck!'

'PPPLLLEASSE DON'T HURT ME!!!' he yelled .

'You will say sorry Judge Heathera and Miss Spiteful for my disgraceful behavior.'

'Sssorrry Judge Heathera and Miss Spiteful for my disgraceful behavior' he whined as he lay on the floor in total agony terrified of her boot heel slicing into his neck.

She dragged him off the floor by the hair .

'What do you want me to do with this bastard Heathera?'

'Here are some handcuffs Handcuff him to the wall put them on tightly.'

Angela took hold of the handcuffs and shoved him hard against the wall putting them on so tightly that his arms were bleeding.He was still groaning from the belly punching he had received from Her.

Angela and Heathera pinned their captives hard against the wall showing no mercy at all.Both of the brothers were now groaning in agony.

Heathera then approached Hopper's children who had been looking on in horror at the sight of their father being beaten and humiliated.

'So what are your names?' Heathera demanded of Hopper's scruffy children.

'My name's Sharon Judge Heathera' said one of the girls with dirty hair.

'My name's Tracy Judge Heathera 'said another girl with greasy hair and jeans.

'My name's Darren' said the boy who had an earring and looked really rough.

'Well Sharon, Tracy and Darren you're all coming with me to the judge Headquarters. You have been harassing the Tahini family and you're getting your punishment too. You see in my Nation we don't believe in' under age'. If a child commits a crime they are as guilty as an adult!'

'Please don't hurt us Judge Heathera we were only doing what we were told by our father 'whimpered Darren

'Shut up and put your hands behind your back You're coming in the Judge Wagon with me and your parents!'They obediently did as they were told holding their hands behind their backs as Heathera handcuffed them.

'Angela would you like to deal with their whore of a mother?'

'I'd love to Heathera she's probably just as guilty as the rest of the family!'

The mother was a short woman with dyed blonde hair called Mavis.She was a real chain smoker and looked a terrible example for her children No wonder they were so rough!

Angela in her black leather magnificence really towered over this wretched woman who was trembling before her'

'Please for gawds sake don't hurt me!' she groaned in terror of this huge Valkyrie who totally overpowered her.

'Shut up you chain smoking tart you're coming with me ! And you address me as Miss Spiteful whenever you speak to me do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' she whimpered as she was handcuffed securely by Angela crying in terror all the time.

'Right Angela the time had come for me to take these bastards to the judge Headquarters for Trial The Trial is due to start at 9 PM before the Supreme Judge Helga Larsson .They will meet their fate tonight .We Judges have trials at any time of the day or night.'

Heathera decided to tie all 6 members of the Hopper family all together with a long dog collar to the Judge Wagon waiting outside.

'Angela you will be coming to the Trial with me as a Witness .The whole family will be tried together before Supreme Judge Helga Larsson who will pronounce Sentence. It will almost certainly be death.Under the ANT Norselandic Law prevails at the Judge Headquarters as it is part of Norselandic Territory.The harassment has come to an end!'

'Before we go I would like you to speak to the Tahini family to reassure them that the harassment has ended and they are now safe'.

Angela walked across the road and knocked on the Tahinis' door.It was quite clear that they were overjoyed to see her and were so impressed by this magnificent leather clad Norse Woman.

'Mr. Tahini your harassment is now over .Judge Heathera has arrested the whole Hopper family.Your sufferings are over .They are to be taken to the Judge Headquarters to stand Trial for their crimes. I will arrange to sell their property and their goods and you will be compensated from the proceeds.'

'Oh Mistress Angela we are so grateful. You are really an angel sent from Heaven to save us!We will do anything for you!'

'You and your family will serve me as I am a Norse Woman and Valkyrie. I will be coming around to your house regularly and will expect you to behave yourselves and keep your house spotlessly tidy for my Inspection .Remember as Papians you are under my authority as a Norse Woman and Valkyrie .'

' I already have a Papian slave called Mina and I want you and her to make friends. I am a pub Manager and I may expect you and your family to work in the pub. You must understand that as Papians you come under my authority as a Norselander and do as I say!'

'Certainly Mistress Angela we accept our position as your Subjects and will do anything you say!'

With that She kissed all the family goodbye ,kissing the 2 children on the lips and putting Her arms around them.

Meanwhile Heathera had taken the Hopper family and had tied them all securely to the back of the Judge Wagon. They would travel in complete darkness hog tied awaiting the terrible fate that awaited them at the Judge Headquarters where they were about to stand Trial.

Angela joined Heathera in the front seat of the car. Heathera then drove off through the dark streets of London to the Judge Headquarters.

It was a large imposing building with steel shutter on all the windows and steel gates It was situated next to the Norselandic Embassy in kensington.It was known in the area as' Colditz.'

The prisoners were led out of the Judge Wagon blindfolded and taken the cells to await their Trial.They were met at the entrance by Judge Lars Haarqvist.Angela met him by kissing him on the lips the traditional Norseandic greeting.He was really gorgeous to look at in his back leather Judge uniform.Angela was so glad to meet a gorgeous Norse Man again especially one that was dressed in uniform.He reminded her of her Social Officer Jens back in Norseland whom She missed so much!

Angela was told to wait in the reception area for the Trial to begin. She had never been to a Judge Headquarters in Norseland let alone one in England as they were normally closed to the public except for witnesses. She waited there in anticipation.Suddenly She heard a call on the intercom.

'The Trial of the Hopper family will begin before the Supreme Judge Helga Larsson.'


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