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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 14 - The Trial and Sentence of the Criminals

Angela was summoned into the Great Trial Hall which was situated in the centre of the Judge Headquarters.She was led in by the Court Usher a tall Woman who was dressed from head to toe in shiny black rubber the normal attire for all Court Officials. She had a black rubber mask so that only Her mouth was showing.She was wearing a shiny black rubber cape and underneath high heeled rubber boots. She had a big name badge on saying;


'Right Miss Spiteful the trial of the Hoppers is about to begin.I know that you have never been to a Trial before. You must do exactly as I tell you.You must always face the Supreme Judge Helga Larsson.When She speaks to you you must always address Her as Supreme Judge Larsson.As soon as you enter the Court Room. you must bow your face and every time She speaks you must bow your head in submission.Remember She is the Supreme Authority and is only answerable to the Queen Goddess Herself!'

'Yes Ms Brogstad I will do exactly as you say! 'Angela was an extremely law abiding patriotic citizen and had complete devotion to the Laws of Her Nation.

She followed Usher Brogstad to an enormous door that marked the entrance to the Court room.She opened the door and and announced. 'Supreme Judge Larsson the Witness Miss Angela Spiteful'

It was an enormous room rather like a huge dungeon. On the right hand side was a large portrait of the Queen Goddess in full colour .Next to it was a large Norselandic Flag a green cross on a white background.In front of it was a tall golden throne on which sat the Supreme Judge Helga Larsson.She looked a really tall Woman and very imperious.She was dressed in the Judge Uniform of a black steel helmet and visor only showing Her mouth .She was wearing a long flowing shiny rubber cape that covered all Her tall body.She carried a long black cane in her hand.God what a terrifying sight She looked!

Next to Her were 2 lower thrones on which sat 2 Senior Judges They were dressed like Her in shiny black rubber robes On Her left sat one Senior Judge. There was a big sign above Him


Like Her He looked rally big and muscular just like all Judges!

On Her left on another throne sat the other Senior Judge. She had a big sign above Her


They all looked an incredibly impressive sight There was no doubt they would strike terror into the wretched Hopper family.

In the corner was a stenographer who had a machine that could take down the notes of proceedings in English and Norselandic. Next to him was a large Whipping Block on which prisoners could be thrashed in front of the Judges should they argue or show any Contempt of Court.

Angela at once noticed the contrast between courts in Norseland and courts in Britain or the USA.There was no concept at all of prisoners rights at all.A prisoner was guilty until he/she could prove he/she was innocent This was almost impossible to do as there were no defence lawyers allowed .If the prisoner tried to argue back he/she would be found immediately guilty of Contempt of Court and given 20 strokes of the leather crop in front of the Supreme Judge Herself.It was impossible to cross examine the Judges as they were Superior Beings answerable only to the State and the Queen Goddess only.There were no juries as ordinary people could not make judgements about the Law compared to the expertise of the Judges.The whole point of the trial was to humiliate and sentence the prisoner.

Angela bowed her head in submission before the throne of the Supreme Judge.

'Good evening Miss Spiteful 'said Supreme judge Larsson

Good evening Supreme Judge Larsson 'she replied making sure She kept her head bowed.

'You are called here as a Witness in the Trial of the Hopper family for harassment.You will take the Oath'

Usher Brogtasd came towards Her with a large leather bound Bible

'You will read this to the court'

Angela dutifully read out

'I swear by Almighty God and the Almighty Queen Goddess that on pain of my life I will tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and will respect the authority of this Court and the Supreme Judge'

Usher Brogstad took the Bible away Angela made sure She was facing the Supreme Judge all the time.She knew the penalty for Contempt of Court was 20 strokes of the crop and death on the second offence.

Supreme judge Larsson then called out imperiously


Heathera entered the Court room this time wearing a flowing rubber robe like all the other Court Officials.She led the Hopper family with a long rubber collar tied around all their necks. They looked the most miserable sight imaginable!

All 6 of them were on their hands and knees crawling along the floor their heads bowed in submission .They had spent the last half an hour in the Dungeon below locked in steel cages in the pitch dark in the freezing cold . They had been made to strip naked down to their pants and knickers and had to wait in the cold and dark unable to move an inch.It was a totally degrading experience that all prisoners had to endure The purpose was to put the prisoner through mental torture and to disorient him/her completely before the Trial began.

All the family were forced to lie prostrate before Supreme Larsson.If they moved an inch or showed the lightest disrespect Heathera was ready to beat them senseless with leather crop.

'Read the Charge Usher Brogstad!'

'The Hopper family Jim, his brother Bill ,his wife Mvis and children Darren, Shaon and Tracy are hereby charged with the Harassment a Papian family the Tahinis contrary to the Anti Harassment Law of the Nation and contrary to the Anglo Norselandic Treaty Paragraph 20 that gives full protection to the Papian community and which gives the Judges the right to protect the Papian community and which gives the right to the Judges to punish by any means necessary those guilty of harassment.'

'Good Usher Brogstad you have read the charge .' She turned to Miss Spiteful.

Miss Spiteful tell the court how you detected the crime you may speak in Norselandic if you wish.'

'Thank you I would like to speak in Norselandic Supreme Judge Larsson.The crime came to my attention from my very close friend Stephen.an English person who told me that the Tahinis had face racial harassment for a long time from the Hopper family.The harassment consisted of the use of racist terms like Papis thai is illegal ,their house being daubed wit racist slogans, rubbish put through the letter box and their children being bullied at school by the Hopper children.The Tahinis have had their lives made a complete misery

'The Tahinis like all Papans are gentle peole peace loving people and have done nothing to deserve this.The local police have done absolutely nothing saying there are no witnesses, it's their word against yours and that the children are under age. I believe they deserve the full punishment of the Law Judge Larsson.'

'That's excellent Miss Spiteful they will get the full punishment don't youworry Miss Spiteful I would like to commend Stephen for reporting the cime to you though he should have reported it as soon as he heard He will receive a fInancial settlement once the Hopper's home has been sold!'

She then turned to the Hopper famiy. They had been unable to understand a word as all the proceedings so far had been in Norselandic.

'Stand to attention NOW!' She ordered.

The whole family stoiod to attetion before Her. They were all shaking in sheer terrror.Bill did not stand straight and so received a kick up the arse from Heathera standing behind him .He let out a groan of pain as the sharp end of Her boot caught him right in the rectum.


'Right we'll start with you Jim Hopper Supreme Judge said glaring at him in contempt.

'Oi didn't mean it 'onest' he whined.

Heathera grabbed him by the hair furious .She could not wait put him to immediate death!

'If you fail to address me correctly once more you miserable specimen then Judge Heathera Finsson has my full permssion to bend you over that Whipping Block and thrash you in front of me until you bleed Do you understand?'

'Yes Supreme Judge Larsson 'he whined knowing She meant exactly what She said.

So what do you have to say for yourself you piece of garbage Jim Hopper?'

'I just didnt think they should be in this country Supreme Judge Larsson'

Senior Judge Vastergaard intervened.

'They have pefect right to be in this country They are here legally and they work hard you stinking piece of garbage! And you address me as Senior Judge Vastergaard Its pronounced FASHTERGAART'

'I'm sorry I was wring Judge Vastergaard ' he said not daring to argue wth such a dominant personaliy as Him.He could not pronounce His name either.

Judge Palme intervened

'So you do you object to them being in the country you scumbag! And you address Me as Senior Judge Palme!'

'I just don't want the country overrun by foreigners and black people. I thought they were taking our jobs! Senior Judge Palme.'

'So you are a racist and a bully They work in this country because they do jobs that idiots like you are too lazy to do They contribute to you economy you moron. You're a complete moron aren't you?'

Yes Senior Judge Palme' he said knowing had no option but to agree with Her .He knew he hd been totally in the wrong Supreme Judge Larsson then intervened 'I've have had enough of this nonsense .I am now ready to pronounce sentence. Jim Hopper you are very lucky that I have not had you put over the Whipping Block for Contempt of Court for making us listen to such drivel!'


They all stood t attention except Mavis who was slouching. She looked such a wretched sight with her miserable tits exposed and just wearing a pair of knickers.

Heathera went up to her .

'You have been ordered to stand o attention If you don't do as you're told you're over that Whipping Block you anorexic cow! 'said the Supreme judge

'I'm so sorry Supreme Judge ' she whined.

I will now pronounce Sentence

'I Supreme Judge Helga Larsson by the authority invested in me by the Quuen Goddess and the Laws of the Nation do hereby pronounce Sentence as follows.'

'For your terrible crimes Jim ,Bill and Mavis I sentence you to death by strangulation by leather chord As for the childern I will show some mercy .You will be sentenced to death by poison. Your home and possessions will be sold to compensate the victims of your crime

'May God have mercy on your souls!

She tuned to Angela

'Miss Spiteful as you have been such an excellent witness and want this evil family put to death I will allow you to watch and participate in their execution'

'Oh thank you much Supreme Judge You have done such a wonderful job in administering justice!'

'If you have any more problems you must contact the Judges Don't leave it! Crime must be destroyed at once! We will contact your friend Stephen Do thank him for his work!'


Angela followed Heather downstairs to the Dungeon Heathera led the family way with a long dog collar They were all now crying with fear at the prospect of death that awaited them. Heathera took them downstairs .She opened the door to the Dungeon .It was a huge dark old basement full of racks and torture instruments .Heathera took each member of the family and tied them securely to crucifixes along the wall. She shoved rubber balls in their mouths to prevent their screams being heard.

'Angela I will strangle Jim and Mavis You can strangle Bill .You've never killed anyone before I know Just understand you are administering justice!'

She took leather chord and wound t reound his neck. He was crying and sweating withfear.With one powerful move She pulled on the chord.


He slumped to the side dead to the world totally broken. Angela then took a chord and wound it aound the neck of Bill .Tears of terror were running down face. She smiled as She pulled the chord.


His head slumped to the side Angela had done Her work!

Heathera took the leather chord and wound it round the neck of Mavis. Her eyes showed total terror.


She was no more as her head dropped the side.

'Let's finish the children off!'

Heathera took the rubber balls out of each of the 3 chidren's mouths. She then shoved poison pellets down each mouth.She shut their mouths tightly so they would be dead within a minute. The poison had taken effect and the 3 children were dead!

The Hopper family are no more good riddance! 'said Heathera.


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