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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 15 - Angela the Judge Support Officer

Angela left the Judge Headquarters in the evening after Heathera and Her had disposed of the bodies of the Hopper family.They had all been thrown into the incinerator where the fires were like the fires of Hell itself .Their bodies had all immediately combusted .There was no more of the Hopper family .They had all been wiped off the face of the earth for good! Their possessions and house would be sold .There was about £50000 equity in the house This would be split -the Tahinis would receive £20000 ,the Judges would receive £10000, Angela would receive £15000 and I would receive £5000 for reporting their crimes!

Heathera was determined that this harassment would never happen again.Under the ANT( Anglo Norselandic Treaty) She was entitled to protect and look after all Papians in the East London area. She was assisted in this by Angela who had been appointed a Judge Support Officer by Heathera.As a JSO Her powers were rather similar to the Community Support Officers in the British police .She had extensive powers including the powers of arrest .She had to report all serious crimes to Her Supervisor Heathera and unlike Heathera did not have a licence to kill.

As She had a Papian slave already Mina ,Angela would love to control and dominate Papians.Although She was against random violence and harassment, She had no qualms about beating them and keeping them under control as a subject and inferior people, whose role in life was to serve Norselanders. It seemed that Papians had come top England to escape being the slaves of Norselanders only to face racial harassment and then find themselves slaves of the Norselanders once again!

Angela called around to the Tahinis house.She was dressed in plain clothes of a leather jacket, leather skirt and boots with a leather cowperson hat, even though she was now a JSO.

She spoke to them as soon as She entered the house.

'From now on you must understand I am responsible for you and you must serve Me! I am now a Judge Support Officer and I work under Judge Finsson.You must call Me Miss Spiteful from now on.'

'As you know I am the Manager of a pub called the Granite in the town centre. I would like you to give up your job at the Chinese restaurant where you work and start work at My pub as a chef.Soon the pub will be transformed into a Norselandic pub called Votans and will be serving Norselandic food only .We may be doing Papian food as well .Is that understood?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful. I will work for you at once and will give up my job at the Chinese restaurant as you command'.

'Good as a Norse Woman and Valkyrie you must do exactly as I say Also I am a Judge Support Officer responsible for you so you must obey My every word .I expect you to start work in 2 days time. As one of my staff you are under My authority to do exactly as you are told!'

She then turned to Mrs. Tahini

'Right Mrs. Tahini what's your first name?'

'Mahia Miss Spiteful'she answered in a submissive tone.

'Well Mahia you will work in the kitchens with your husband do you understand? You will work hard and do as I order you or else .I will arrange for your children to be cared for, don't worry!'

'Yes Miss Spiteful I will do as you say' .She was a small woman and very submissive and totally in awe of this huge Norse Woman as all Papians would be.

The Tahinis started work a few days later .He was an expert chef and could cook any kind of food at all.He knew that the bar would soon be a Norselandic bar but he could cook Norselandic food better than most Norselanders. Mrs. Tahini did exactly as she was told by Angela making sure she was working all the time.

Yet Angela noticed that Mr. Tahini or Teio by his first name was disturbed by something .She decided to summon him into Her study to find out what was wrong.

'Mr. Tahini or shall I call you Teio you are looking very depressed these days. I demand you tell Me as your Manager what is wrong'.

'I'm sorry Miss Spiteful' he said as he stood before Her at attention 'It's just I know a fellow Papian family whose daughter has been attacked Miss Spiteful. They are called the Papahuis.Their daughter Kaha was brutally forced to have sex by 3 men on her way home. She is only 16 years old.The trial has just finished and all 3 of them got off.'

'The barrister defending her made out that she was dressed in a provocative way ,as she was wearing a sahini and that there were no witnesses and she really consented too it!She is very distressed Miss Spiteful.Her father is very angry and would like to get revenge but there is nothing he can do!'

'I have seen the people who brutalized her and have followed them they go to a pub called the Crown Miss Spiteful.Apparently it is a very rough pub .I do know a Papian girl who works there in the kitchen called Anna Lahiiki and she gets regularly abused.'

'That's appalling Teio. I will contact the Papahui family and visit them .I will also contact Judge Finsson My Supervisor .We will get those bastards whatever it takes. You can go back to work now Don't worry justice will be done!'

Before contacting Heathera Angela looked at the internet at the statistics in the UK .She was quite horrified by what She saw. She looked at the statistics and found that between 1977 and 1996 the numbers of attacks reported had increased by 500%.Yet the conviction rate in 1996 was only 10%. 90% of attackers got away with it!

She blamed this on the British justice system where the criminal was innocent until proved guilty She could not stand the idea of a defence barrister being able to cross examine police and humiliate the woman in court .In Her Nation there was no specific crime of sex-crimes though there were crimes of assault that carried the Death penalty .This was partly because the women were so strong that no man would dare force them to have sex and partly because it was assumed that sex was consensual .Yet the thought of a poor woman like Kaha being attacked and forced to have sex by 3 thugs made Her physically sick!She was determined to take revenge!

She then phoned Judge Heathera.

'Heathera it's Me Angela It's another case about a Papian family .They are called the Papahuis .You might have followed the story .'

'I certainly have Angela .It is appalling what's happened .The 3 who did it are well known trouble makers with convictions for burglary and grievous bodily harm .Their names are Mike Cunningham, Geoff Mills and John Dean. Cunningham is the worst with a string of convictions.He is a leading BNP member. It's about time something was done about them.'

'What was worse was the barrister who defended them.His name is Peter Baker and he is well known to defend offenders and many criminals who have harassed Papians .He completely humiliated the defendant Kaha in the dock ,her English is not very good and made her look like a criminal.In my view someone who defends criminals is no better than a criminal himself. I am determined to bring him to justice!'

'I have found out from Mr.. Tahini the name of the pub those bastards go to.I think we should go there and teach them a lesson!'

'I agree Angela. First of all I want you to visit the Papahui family to comfort them.You will tell them that we are definitely taking revenge for the injuries suffered by their daughter.Then you must speak to Anna. You will use her as an informant in the pub .We will take care of those bastards don't you worry!'

Angela went to the house of the Papsahius the next day.She was dressed in Her JSO uniform of tight black leather, thigh length boots and leather gloves. Around Her waist She carried handcuffs and knuckledusters to make Her look like a One Woman Army.The only difference between Her uniform and the Judges' uniform was that She wore a blue helmet instead of a black one and had the words Judge Support Officer written in Norselandic across Her shoulder.

Mr. and Mrs. Papahui looked in terror as She walked up the driveway .They knew all about Judges and their terrible powers .They they had come to England partly to escape from Norselandic domination and here it was back again!They feared the Judges just like people in the past had feared the Gestapo ,even though the Judges this time had come to protect them.

They opened the door and they ler Her right into the house. She strode in as if She owned which She believed as a Norse Woman she did.They were shaking in terror at Her mighty presence as She towered right over them.

'Right you will address me as JSO Spiteful.Mr. Papahui I understand your daughter has been attacked and the attackers have got off .This is appalling .With a Judge, Judge Finsson we will take revenge and if necessary put these bastards to death after they have been tried at the Judge Headquarters.'

'Thank you so much for coming to save us JSO Spiteful'he said.

'As Papians you are our Subjects and we must protect you .At the same time you must be obedient to your superiors the Norselanders and show obedience. Do you understand?'

'Yes certainly we realise you are Norselandic we are Your subjects as Papians. Wherever we go in the world we promise to show total obedience.'

'Right I would like to see Kaha now.'

Kaha came forward .She was a small fragile looking and pretty girl dressed in a short sahini .She had long black hair. She was still shaking from her terrible ordeal.

She looked in fear at the sight of Angela who in height and strength was at least 6 times her size Angela put Her arms around her to comfort her.She felt so safe in the leather bound hands of a big strong Norse Woman.She was crying in her arms 'Don't worry sweet Kaha we'll get those bastards if its the last thing we do .No mercy will be shown I'll get that barrister too who humiliated you in the dock. How dare they my sweetheart' She said as she kissed her on the lips and put Her leather gloved hands onto her small breasts.

'Oh thank you so much for coming to save me JSO Spiteful!' she wept.

'Right I'd better leave now .I'm going round to that pub where these bastards go.This is the end od the road for them. Judge Finsson is coming tonight .They will soon all be dead meat!'

She then rang Anna Lahiiki on Her mobile at the pub.

'Anna it's JSO Spiteful I'm coming round tonight to the pub with Judge Finsson Those bastards who had enforced sex with Kaha will soon be dead .What's more we will destroy that evil pub.You'll have to find another job after tonight.'

'Don't worry JSO Spiteful .I have found another job. I can't wait to leave this rathole. All day long I hear racist abuse from these people .Also the Dog stadium crowd are here the ones you beat up (see episode 11 ). They keep saying they want to kill that Spiteful bitch!They say they want to shoot you whatever it takes.It really upsets me the way they talk about You a Superior Norse Woman!'

'That's the end of the road for then too Anna.We're coming round!'


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