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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment





Heathera arrived at last on Her motor bike ready to take revenge on the rapists and thugs who had abused the Papian girl Kaha.She was riding a Hardanger 500 a Norselandic motorbike that was in fact the largest and most powerful motorbike in the world ,even bigger and more powerful than a Harley Davidson.

She really looked a magnificent sight clad totally in shiny black leather.She had a black shiny helmet on that only showed Her mouth and Her bright red lipstick.On the helmet was the Norselandic coat of arms featuring a golden crown and a golden lion .Beneath it were a whip and a cane to symbolise the power of the Judges.

She was dressed in skin tight black leather that displayed Her incredible breasts.She was wearing thigh length leather boots with 6" razor sharp heels.She wore tight leather gloves around Her waist She carried a veritable armory of handcuffs, whips ,knives, knuckledusters and guns.She really was an invincible One Woman Army!

Angela was wearing a JSO Uniform that was almost exactly like Heathera's except She did not carry a gun as She did not have a licence to kill . She wore a blue helmet .Even though She was very big and strong. She was not quite as strong as Her Supervisor Heathera who had been a Judge all Her life.She too was dressed totally in gorgeous shiny black leather .All that could be seen of Her wonderful body were Her lips and Her shiny red lipstick.Still Her muscles protruded through all the leather!

They kissed passionately and held each other by the arms.

'Come on Angela we're heading for the pub !Now let's get going!'

Angela walked outside. She had been unable to obtain a Hardanger 500 so She had bought the latest Harley Davidson.Although not nearly as large as the Hardanger 500 it was still a magnificent machine and really clung to Her thighs!

They both revved up their engines ready for action.They took off and roared down the road to the pub..They put on the sirens at full volume and sang the 'Judges' Biking Song.'

On bikes we ride forwards
In sun warm and bright!
In days hot as Hell
Or in the freezing night
Our faces tanned and bronzed
We keep our spirits high
Keep our spirits high!
For Norseland ride forwards
For Justice we fight!

With engines a roaring
We're fast as the wind!
All criminals fear us
We're tough and leather skinned!
All criminals we'll put to death
They will await their fate
Await their fate!
For our Queen Goddess
Our Nation strong and great!

To the tune of Panzer lLied

The inhabitants of Walthamstow looked in horror and wonder at the sight of 2 huge leather clad Amazons on enormous motorbikes singing lustily!

They were soon outside the Crown which stood on Hoe St in Walthamstow .It was a large pub that stood on the main street .They could hear music blaring out it was obviously a popular local place with TV screens and pool tables .They peered inside. They could see the 3 rapists from the pictures in the papers .Angela could recognise the Dog stadium crowd whom she had given a good beating to.

They had asked Anna to leave her mobile on so they could hear their conversation .They were all very loud and drunk talking so that the whole pub could hear every word.they spoke in broad East London accents.

'Right we gave that Papi cow a good seeing to .We really got off didn't we!'

'Yeah let's do it again !We got off the last time !'

'She made out she didn't want it but she was gagging for it!'

'Why don't we go round the house and give them all a good seeing to!'

'The only trouble is there's that f------g Norselandic bitch who protects them'

'You mean that Spiteful bitch .She's a big tough Woman. The only way you can take her out is to shoot her with a magnum .She kicked me in the nuts and I haven't recovered since .I'm not bleedin' fighting her again!'

'They're all as 'ard as nails those bleedin Norselanders. I once knew this Norselandic geezer who took away me girlfriend .She kept going on how much she fancied 'im just because he was 6 foot tall and wore leathers all the time. We had a fight and he beat the crap out of me and then screwed her the bleedin bastard!'

'There's also that Police bitch whatever she calls herself .You know. She took away the Hoppers they haven't been seen since! I fink she bleedin killed 'em!

'Why don't they just kick them out of the f---g country they are bleedin foreigners They have no business telling us what to do in our country.As for the Papis I hate 'em more than the Pakis!'

'Yeah the bleedin Governments got some treaty called ANT or somefing. It's that tosser Blair letting foreigners telling us what to do in our country. That bleedin Labour government letting in all those bleedin' foreigners and Papis and Norselanders telling us what to do.I say we should nuke the bloody country Norseland and kll the f----g lot f them!'

Heathera turned to Angela.

'I've listened to this drivel long enough I'm going in to arrest them. A Judge Wagon is on its way to take them all to the Judge Headquarters. If they resist arrest we'll give them all a damned good beating which is what I want to do anyway!'

She spoke on the phone to Anna who was inside.

'Anna we are coming in now .I am going to arrest all of them including the landlord who has been colluding with these bastards.'

'Please come in quickly Judge Finssson.I can't stand working here anymore. Yesterday the landlord Jim Minter and Cunningham held me down and tried to rape me in the kitchen I started to scream.If wasn't for the customers coming they would have succeeded.'

'Right let's go in now Angela!'

Just as they were speaking a huge Judge Wagon appeared on the road .It was driven by a big hunking Norse Man called Judge Karl Laarqvist.He really was so striking in his leathers and long blonde hair in a pony tail. Angela was getting really excited.

'It was good of you to come so quickly Judge Karl. You will stay in the Wagon while JSO Spiteful and I go in and arrest the criminals. Later on you can come into the pub and beat the shit out of that landlord. He tried to rape a Papian girl called Anna.We will watch as you beat the shit out of him Karl.You can watch the fight take place from the window!'

'I'd love to beat the shitout of him .How dare he even touch a Papian women! They are our property to be debauched by us Norselanders only! I would love to see you and Angela beat those bastard senseless!I would love to do it myself!'

'I'm sure you would as your so big and muscular and have such a huge bulge beneath those leather pants! You could take them all out with one hand tied behind your back you gorgeous hunk!'

It was clear that She was a really attracted to Him as was Angela .She kissed Hm full on the Lips and put Her leather gloved hand on His huge bulge. Angela really wanted Him too especially as he reminded Her of her Social Office Jens back in her home own of Varkjaa in Norseland.

'Right Angela lets go in now!

With one move She kicked in the door hard with Her mighty boot.Angela came behind Her.

'I am Judge Finsson of the Royal Overseas Judges.I am arresting all of you for Violent Sexual Assault(the Norselandic term for rape) Seditious Talk and Threatening Violence all of which are serious crimes in my Nation'

Angela walked over to the 6 whom She had beaten before. They walked way from Her still frightened they had the mark of the beatings all over their faces.

'So we've listened to every word of your conversation .So you really are going to try to shoot Me What a bunch of cowards you are! You can't beat me in a fight at all so you are going to try shoot Me instead!'

'I'll tell you what I'm going to do with you all .You have committed serious crime of Threatening Violence and Seditious Talk about my Nation which I will not tolerate.I am now arresting all of you You will be taken to the Judge Headquarters to stand trial.'

She walked up to all of them as they were quivering with fear. She walked up to the first one.His face was covered in stitches from when She had pushed a glass in his face.She walked up to the second. It was clear he could hardly stand up after She had broken his ribs .She walked up to the third one backed away in fear after he had experienced being thrown cross the room. She walked up to the fourth one His face too was covered in stitches and he had lost the sight of one eye.The fifth one had stitches all over his face after She had bought the bottle crashing down on his face .The sixth one could hardly stand after She had busted all his balls!

'Right all of you stand to attention and put your hands on your heads!'

They did exactly as She ordered immediately knowing the terrible penalty of disobedience.

Suddenly Mike Cunningham came forwards He was big fat man with tattoos all up his arm.

'What the f----k going on 'ere Why don't you bitches get out of 'ere now before I bust the bottle across your 'eads!

To his right Geoff Mills had a glass in his hand and to his left John Dean had a knife. Heathera stepped forwards

'If you really want a fight you can have one We would love to beat the living daylights out of you!'

With that She grabbed Cunningham by the collar in Her leather gloved hands.He could not move under Her powerful grip.

In the corner stood Anna Lahiiki .She was very pretty girl in her sahini with long flowing black hair.Angela walked up to her putting Her leather bound arms around her.

'Don't worry Anna your sufferings are over You can leave this terrible place now!'

She walked over to the landlord Minter and grabbed him with Her leather gloved hand.

'You're under arrest you bastard!You tried to rape this poor girl and you collude with rapists and thugs.You will be taken to the Judge Headquarters for trial.Before that my colleague Judge Laarqvist will beat the living daylights out of you .I will watch Him do it feeling so pleased !

With that She grabbed his arm and handcuffed him to the bar.

'You're not going anywhere !And you address me as JSO Spiteful!'

'Yes JSO Spiteful 'he said utterly humiliated.

Heathera held onto the neck of Mike Cunningham. Angela walked forwards to confront Mills and Dean knowing they were no match for Her.

Heather then shouted out to the customers.

'Get out of here now !This pub will cease to exist after today as we're going to smash it up after we've beaten these bastards!

All the customers ran to the door.It was ike a scene from Kill Bill!

'LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!' shouted Heathera.

To continue this story, click Episode 17

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