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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 17 - Angela and the Judges Beat Their Victims

Angela and Heathera stood there ready to confront their victims.Heathera had Her powerful leather gloved hands hard around the neck of Her victim Cunningham.He was desperately trying to remove Her fingers wincing in agony as She dug Her nails hard into his neck.

'For Gawd's sake your bleedin hurtin' please let go!' he groaned eventually.

'I'm not letting go of you you bastard You're a rat and I want you to feel lots of excruciating pain .After I have given you a good beating I will take you to the Judge Headquarters where you will stand Trial for your crimes .You will almost certainly get the Death Penalty which I would love to carry out myself!'

NOOOOOOOO!!' he groaned as Her terrible grip of torture became worse and he started to go red in the face .

Heathera turned to Angela .

'Angela I would like you to demonstrate your fighting skills to me by taking on those 2 arseholes over there.First of all I want you to take out that arsehole Mills over there with the glass.Then You can take care of that other idiot there with the knife Dean.Both of them will stand Trial at the Judge Headquarters for their crimes and also for the crime of Threatening a Judge or a Judge Support Officer '

'Also make sure the 6 men over there whom you beat up in the pub continue to stand to attention.They are standing trial too for threatening a Norse Woman.Finally we will call in Karl to give the landlord Minter a good hiding .I love watching him beat the shit out of a criminal. It really tuns me on! We are going to have such fun!'

'I'd love to show you my fighting skills Heathera.I'll just start by making sure those 6 over here are standing to attention like good boys. They were all standing there shaking with fear remembering full well the beating they had received from Her and dreading the prospect of another one.She noticed one of them Geoff was not standing to attention .She grabbed him by the neck.

'Look here Geoff that's the name isn't it? I remember giving you a good beating.I ordered you to take your trousers down and then I gave you a good hard kick in the balls didn't I Geoff?.

'Yes Miss Spiteful I couldn't stand up properly for days' he groaned dreading the prospect of another kicking.

'Well I can kick you even harder than that next time I will make you a permanent cripple do you understand Geoff?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' he groaned.

She stood in front of all 6 of them imperiously.

'If I see any of you move an inch you will get 6 strokes of the crop over the bar Is that understood?'

'YES MISS SPITEFUL 'they all said at once.

Suddenly Mills shouted out.

'What's wrong with you you tossers she's only a woman!'

Angela turned to him.

'I might only be a Woman but I can beat you at any time- do you want to try Me?'

He made a desperate lunge towards Her with his glass.It failed miserably as She easily parried the blow With one hand She grabbed him by the arm.

'So you want to hit me with that glass do you?'

Her grip on him was too tight as She twisted his arm round in Her powerful hand. He screamed with agony as She twisted hard suddenly the glass came right out of his hand as She brought Her hand down hard with Her superior strength.


'So you were going to put this in my face were you?'

He looked in terror as it was clear She was about to shove the glass hard into his face.She held it menacingly smiling as She did so.Suddenly She lunged forwards.It went straight into his face as blood shot up into the air.Fountains of blood spurted onto Her leather cat suit

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!' he roared in utter torment. rolling around the floor screaming as bits of glass were embedded in his face.

'So I'm just one woman am I you thug.You're in absolute agony and you deserve it you bastard!'

She walked over to Dean who was standing in the corner

'So what are you going to do with that bottle?'

His hand was shaking as he realised just how much taller bigger and stronger She was.He looked around at his colleague Mills who was still reeling around the floor yelling ,his other friend Cunningham being held in a vice like grip by Heathera, the 6 thugs in the corner with their hands on their heads standing to attention and the landlord Minter handcuffed to the bar .He knew that the game was well and truly over.

He made a pathetic attempt to lunge at Her with the bottle .It was a total failure .With one move She kicked up in the air and the bottle went flying up in the air. He let out a piercing scream as the boot heel hit him hard in the hand breaking half his bones.


She brought Her boot heel up once more .It connected exactly with his jaw. He literally took off in the air like a catapult and went crashing across the floor and hit a table right across the pub.What fighting expertise!



Heathera looked on in admiration as She continued to hold Cunningham by the neck

'That was absolutely brilliant Angela I know you will make an excellent JSO!You really have shown Your fighting skills completely!'

She kissed Angela on the lips while She continued to grind Her nails into Cunningham's neck.

After they had finished kissing Angela walked over to the 6 who were standing in the corner.

'So I'm a brilliant fighter aren't I?' She looked at them all sternly They did not dare to disagree.


'Would any of you like to challenge me?'

'NO MISS SPITEFUL!' they all said as one, after experiencing Her fighting skills them selves., They looked at Mills still screaming on the floor and Dean who was now unconscious on the other side of the pub.

There was only Cunningham for Heathera to deal with and Minter the landlord for Karl to deal with .He was still peering through the window after enjoying every minute of the fight.Both Angela and Heathera thought He was a really gorgeous hunk looking so much like Nicole Bass like so many Norselanders ,with his muscular frame long blonde curly hair tied in a pony tail with His strong muscular face and the huge bulge in his crotch .They could not wait to see Him going to work on Minter for having the audacity to touch a Papian woman .He had debauched so many Papian women himself that He was furious that anyone should dare touch one of them!

Heathera gripped Cunningham even harder by the neck in Her powerful leather gloved hand. He began to groan in absolute agony and dreaded the fate that awaited him!

'Well what am I to do with you?' She said feeing so powerful.

'Please don't squeeze so hard !'he groaned

Her hand went crashing across his face .


'You address Me as Judge Finsson -is that clear?'

'Yyyess Judge Finsson' he groaned clutching his swollen jaw.

'You're nothing but a racist thug!' .

With that She brought Her fist right back and brought it crashing down hard into his ribcage. He went flying back hitting his head hitting the bar.




She picked him off the floor as if he was just a sack of potatoes.He groaned in pain as She lifted him from the floor

'Not so strong now are you Cunningham when you screwed that Papian girl!'

She was still furious .With one mighty blow She drove her fist hard into his face. Blood and teeth came shooting out as he flew across the room landing in an unconscious heap by the bar.



All 3 of the thugs lay on the floor.Mills was still screaming as blood came pouring out of his face in torrents.Dean and Cunningham lay unconscious on the floor totally beaten.Angela stood guard over Her 6 victims who stood there in terror of Her shaking with fear terrified that Her crop would strike if they moved an inch.

There was only Minter left to torture.He stood there at the bar sweating ready for his beating at the hands of Karl who could not wait to get His hands in him.

Karl walked in looking so impressive in His skin tight Judges uniform with His black steel helmet and only His mouth and long curly pony tail showing.Heathera walked up to Him feeling so attracted to Him.

She went up to him and kissed Him full on the lips.

'Oh Karl let's have a Sex and Violence Session(SVS) .Can we beat him up together and fondle each other at the same time!'

'Yes certainly Heathera! 'he said as She fondled His crotch with Her leather gloved hands digging Her nails in and making Him groan in ecstasy.

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! He groaned as S wanked him furiously.

They both went up to Minter He was now sweating in buckets as Karl held him in His massive hands choking him.He was terrified as Heathera stood on his right and Karl on his left.

'Please 'ave mercy for Gawd's sake! 'he groaned.

'I'm having no mercy on you you piece of shit You tried to have sex with a Papian women. They are our property to be debauched by us only!'

It was clear Karl had debauched so many Papian women Himself and they were really attracted to him He was sure Anna Lahiiki wanted sex with him desperately.

'And you address me as Judge Laarqvist pronounced LAWRQVISHT'

Yes Judge Lawrist' he said making a pathetic attempt to pronounce it.

'God you can't pronounce it at all you really are a moron!'

Heathera walked up to Him and felt His bulge getting so excited.

'Please Karl smash him in the ribs -break every one!it makes me so excited watching you beat the living daylights out of a criminal'

'Certainly Heathera I'd love to !'

He brought His mighty fist right back and with incredible power slammed it into Minter's ribs. He had broken every single one of them.



He fell on the floor as Heatherea kissed Karl on the lips passionately .His very size and power really amazed Her.

'Come on Angela join in the fun' She said as She stamped the razor sharp heel of Her boot hard into his testicles


With Her leather gloved hand Angela dug Her nails into Karl's crotch.He groaned with mixture of pleasure and pain as She moved Her hand up and down bringing him to a climax all over Her leather gloved hand.

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! He groaned in ecstasy.At the same time he brought His boot heel down hars into Minter's stomach.


At the same time Angela carried on wanking Him and brought Her boot heel hard into Minter's face.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!' he bellowed as the pain was unbearable.

All 3 of them were really enjoying their SVS .Heathera was kissing Karl passionately on the lips while She dug Her heels into Minter's testicles making him scream and scream.Angela was moving Her hand up Karl's erection causing him to get so excited. have another massive climax and bring His boot down hard again into Minter's stomach.All of this was at Minter's expense who was writing in agony on the floor while all 3 made love above him!

They carried on like this for at least half an hour oblivious to the screams coming from Minter. They were thoroughly enjoying them selves and the more agony he suffered the better!

Soon Heathera said ;

'I know we're enjoying ourselves but we'd better get these bastards to the Judge Headquarters to stand Trial.Karl go to the Judge Wagon and bandage up Mills' face so he is ready to stand trial or he'll die of blood loss before he can stand Trial!'

Karl bandaged up Mills' face They then threw cold water over the prostrate bodies of Cunningham and Dean to revive them. Angela then led all 6 of the Dog stadium crowd into the Judge Wagon.Cunningham, Dean and Mills were all dog collared together to be taken into the Judge Wagon where they were trussed up, blindfolded and hog tied together.

Heathera returned to the pub with Angela and Karl.

'Right Angela first of all we'll wreck this pub right in front of Minter the landlord.Then you will go to Barker the defence lawyer's house in Chigwell, beat him senseless and then bring him back to the Judge Headquarters on your motorbike'

'Id love to beat the shit out of him Heathera'

Heathera turned to Angela and her lover Karl.


To continue this story, click Episode 18

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