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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 18 - Angela's First Mission Alone

Angela Heathera and Karl took Minter the landlord back to the pub to see the whole place being systematically wrecked.He was already in total agony after all 3 of them had put him through a Sex and Violence Session.His balls had been completely busted by Heathera, his ribs and stomach had been totally smashed in by Karl. He had lost several teeth after Angela had stamped hard into his face.He was a total human wreck.

Now he was going to see the 3 tormentors break everything in his precious pub that he had taken so many years to build up.He would then be taken away in the Judge Wagon to face Trial before the Supreme Judge with his associates Cunningham Mills and Dean.They would pay the penalty of their crimes for ever!

Minter was ordered to sit down as he was incapable of standing after the ball busting he had been through.He sat there shaking with pain as the 3 of them began to demolish his pub.

'Right Angela and Karl we'll make this bastard watch while we systematically break everything. Angela I want you to break every single glass .I will break every bottle.Karl I want you to start smashing every window and all the television screens.Then we will all go to work demolish the tables and chairs and pool table.'

She grabbed Minter by the hair.

'We're going to totally destroy your pub then I will arrange with the CoUncil to have the whole place totally demolished.Under the ANT (Anglo Norselandic Treaty) any place that harbours criminals who harass Papians or who talk seditiously about our Nation can be wiped off the face of the earth You brought this on yourself Minter!'

He began to burst into tears after she had totally humiliated him.He was in such pain after the SVS he really wanted to die.

Angela began the orgy of destruction by taking 6 glasses from the bar and hurling them against the wall in a fury.Heathera took 2 bottles of spirits and hurled them with full might right against the windows which smashed in at once .Karl took His mighty boot and smashed every single window around the pub.He would pause every so often to kiss Angela on the lips or fondle Heathera's breasts. He was determined to have another SVS with these 2 gorgeous Norse Women.

Angela carried on hurling glasses while Heathera threw one bottle after another against the wall.Karl picked up every table and threw it hard against the windows making sure every window table and chairs was wrecked totally.He then proceeded to break every television set by bringing His boot right into the screen.

After that Angela then proceeded to break every pool cue while Karl took the pool tables in His all powerful hands and hurled them against the walls .They were really having the times of their lives in an orgy of destruction!

'This den of iniquity has been wrecked! I will contact the local Council and a demolition company to have it wiped off the face of the earth!' said Heathera.

She then spoke to Her lover Karl.

'Karl darling You did a wonderful job smashing up this shithole. I want you now to take this shithead into the Judge Wagon with all the rest of them ready to stand Trial.I want to have a word with Angela.'

Karl took hold of Minter put him over His shoulder and threw him onto the Judge Wagon where he trussed him up with all the others.

She spoke to Angela in Norselandic their own language.

'Angela your Mission now is to go to Chigwell and deal with that bastard Baker the defence lawyer.He has defended enough criminals and it's time his activities were brought to an end!I know from a Papian informant called Toni Uakatua who works at a chef at a Chinese restaurant called the Loon Hong that he is at the restaurant now.He is a close friend of the owners James and Bill Hong. They are in fact well known criminals them selves being members of the Triads .They are well known to give thousands of pounds to the Triads and the Snakeheads in China itself ,who are engaged in drugs and in bring in cheap illegal Chinese labour.

'Under the Chinese Norselandic Treaty (the CNT) the Judges and the Justice League(see episode 1) are determined to eradicate the Triads and Snakeheads at all costs and have been very successful The ROJ (Royal Overseas Judges) in Hong Kong have killed hundreds of Triads as killing them is the only thing you can do!

' Baker has defended and managed to persuade juries to free the Hong brothers.I want you to go to the restaurant and arrest Baker and the Hong brothers and bring them back to the Judge Headquarters. You will bring Baker back on your motorbike while I will send a Judge Wagon to collect the Hong brothers and bring them back for Trial.'

'Naturally this will involve a fight in the restaurant. The Hongs employ 6 staff all of whom are Triad members. They are all criminals and they will stand Trial.They will use every weapon against you and they all know kung fu.I believe you will win given your size and strength and fighting skills as a Norse Woman You are bigger and stronger than any Chinese even if they are black belts!I expect you as a JSO (Judge Support Officer) to win hands down! I don't want to see one bruise on Your body .Is that understood you are invincible or you're out!'

'I know this is the first time you are in England and You don't know the way.It's quite simple .You go up Hoe St to the a junction where a pub called the Bell is situated .You then turn right down Forest Rd until You reach Southend rRd .You go onto the M11 Motorway and take Junction 5 to Chigwell.The restaurant is very posh and many footballers and celebrities go there .It's situated on Hainault Rd next to the station.You can't miss it!'

'I know you will be victorious. I expect you to fight alone .If you are in trouble I'm sending Judge Leif Rohlstrom. However He will only help You if You face certain death. Otherwise He will expect you to fight alone .What's more even though You don't have a licence to kill You have my full permission to kill if Your life is threatened. May God and the Queen Goddess be on your side on Your Mission!'

They kissed passionately as Angela left to begin Her fist Mission alone. She knew that as a Norse Woman and Valkyrie and that no number of Chinese could beat Her no matter if they were black belts In China itself Norselanders especially the Justice League and the ROJ had a reputation for being invincible There was a Chinese saying;

' Kung fu is useless against a Norselander as it would be against a tiger. A fight between a Norselander and a Chinese is like a fight between a tiger and a cat'

In fact in China Norse Men and Norse Women were known as Tigers and Tigresses the Tigress being even more vicious!

Angela then kissed Heathera goodbye on the lips She would really miss Karl and hoped that Leif would be as gorgeous. She really loved big strapping Norse Men .English men looked such complete wimps in comparison!

She rode alone against the night sky.She turned right onto Forest Rd following the instructions.As She rode exceeding the speed limits .She sang at the top of he voice the Judges Biking Song

On bikes we ride forwards
In sun warm and bright
In days hot as hell
Or in the freezing night
Our faces tanned and bronzed
We keep our spirits high
Our spirits high
For Norseland ride forward
For justice to fight!

As She was increasing Her speed oblivious to the world a car passed Her by just as She was entering Southend Rd after the roundabout.Someone shouted out from the window.

'Oi darling I like your leathers . They're really kinky. Like your singing too !Have you been drinking?'

She was absolutely furious No one speaks to a Norse Woman like that and gets away with it!.She picked up a rock from the road side. She followed the car taking a note of the registration number that She would report to the Judge Headquarters .She was rode on beside the car.The man who had shouted at Her shouted again

'Oi it's you darling Why don't you give us all a song!'

With one move She threw the rock straight into the window.The window shattered as glass went all over the passenger. She could hear his screams as some of the glass was embedded in his face She then drove round and forced the car to stop . She ran out of the bike and forced the door of the car to open .She dragged the passenger out of the car.His face was bleeding as She could see bits of glass embedded in it.

She slammed him against the car and drove Her fist hit him hard into his stomach.



He rolled on the ground in agony clutching his stomach.His screams could be heard a mile away!

'That's a lesson for anyone who insults a Norse Woman!'

His friend came round from the driver seat.

'Oi you what you doin' to me mate?'

'I'll do the same to you you bastard!'

With one move She brought Her knee hard into his testicles. He let out a piercing scream.



She smiled as She looked at both of them writhing in agony. She left them by the road side as She went back on her bike.As She rode down the motorway She could still hear their screams.

She was soon in Chigwell after coming off the MII.She rode into the centre of town.She could see the restaurant in front of Her.It was very large with a neon sign outside.


She got off the bike and stood outside.

'Right Baker and the Hongs and all you Triads!'


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